The Sinclair (St.Claire) Clan versus the Knights Templar versus the Illuminati

 A question: How can it be be that the above named clan were knights templar(s)? Well, they surely were masons, there are tons of references at rosslyn chapel. But being a mason is unfortunate these days, because they are part of the old world order and maybe ever were. Why i am asking this at all? Well, the Sinclair Clan is listet by the Illuminati as one of the 13 families: the star family, the lost kings, rex deus, the fucking bloodline of yehoshua ben joseph the jew, mostly known as jesus fucking christ, who unwillingly brought “christianity” to mankind. In reality he wanted to become the new god king of the jewish tribes, spawned from the house of david. They wanted to re-establish jewish power these days but to their own surprise they created a comlete new religion, that of jesus motherfucking christ. His “sponge” was filled with a psychoactive substance, which cheats death. But Soldier Longinus came along with one of the spears of destiny and checked if the rebellious jew was really dead with his sternum, and killed the body yehoshua inhabited. But no problem, “jumpin’ jesus” simply took over the body of a young man, even his chick did not recognize him at first, as the fucking black magician he always was and will be to this day. By the way: who do you think is jesus right now? Arch enemy of the Illuminati. Any thoughts?


3 responses to “The Sinclair (St.Claire) Clan versus the Knights Templar versus the Illuminati

  1. You say they were masons. The masons have their own knights Templar, though these fake Templars came about in the 1700s and have nothing to do with the original medieval Knights Templar. When and where was the stone in the photo carved? Assuming that the Sinclair clan were associated with the original Templars, perhaps they acted as infiltrators to destroy the order. If I remember correctly, the church brought charges of heresy against the the Templars, accusing them of worshipping false idols and trying to overthrow the church. It could be that someone in the Sinclair family helped to bring about their demise. When you refer to jesus’ “sponge” are you referring to his human body? Can you elaborate on this “psychoactive substance”? I couldn’t speculate on who jesus may be now, as I don’t follow global politics very well, but he must surely be someone on the world stage at the present moment.

    • hi mike

      you are referring to hughes de paynes and his original small group of knights. “Legend” has it, that his group was guided by one more knight, a St.claire from france, which fits in, because the original knights were from france. They did not protect anyone in the “holy land”, the did the diggigng at temple mount for the next decade. Then, naming themselves “the knights templar”, or “the poor knights of king solomons temple”. Solomon? This must have been enough for the vatican to start shuddering.

      It is the original gravestone of this member of the sinclair clan. You can find it on google images.

      The sinclairs must have been traitors to the original knights and their “masters”, the Illuminati.
      At least to my actual knowledge.

      No, i am not directly referring to his body, but as part of the whole. Illuminati gospel explain certain facts. Yehoshua ben joseph of jewish, “holy blood” origin is what we call an ARCHON. A false god to men, a liar, satans son. They wanted to fake resurrection. (by the way, resurrection in the abrahamic sense means nothing but ZOMBIE. Plenty of movies, zombie movies, show clearly the idiotical idea of resurrection from the grave. how stupid is that?!) Knowing ancient knowledge of drug use, such as in psychoactive plants and/or psychoactive shrooms, and other material, they wanted to fake jesus death, and after a while, when the drug trips down, he will wake up and all would see that he has risen from the dead. so far the plan, to restore jewish religious power again. This time in the roman empire. Unfortunately the actual caesar was surprised of hearing that the rebellious jew was “dead” after 2 hours nailed (bound) to the cross. This procedure normally takes up to 8 hours or more. So he sent out a soldier named longinus with a sternum in his hand to ram the spear into the crucified “rebel” to check if he is really dead. Well, he was then. Dumb longinus later turned into a christian, being spilled by the blood of the archon. This was not planned by the davidic bloodline of jesus. Interstingly they took maybe care of “difficulties”, but this is not clear. What is clear is, that mary magdalen and a young man were at jesus tomb. Jesus was dead, unwanted, the trick failed. What to do next? If jesus is an archon, mary wouldn’t be logically also not being un-dangerous at all. She surely was a “black witch” of some kind. Otherwise she would have not been the mistress of an evil archon. The young man then changed his behaviour and talks to mary, of being jesus, now in the body of the young man. Even in the bible is a reference to this event. mary did not recognize jesus at first. They then went possibly to france and brooded the “merovingian bloodline” with its 13 families.

      I am also surwe the “jesus” is around in some high level position.


  2. So if the Sinclairs were in fact traitors, why is this William Sinclair labelled as a Templar on his gravestone? Rosslyn chapel was built in the 1400s after the demise of the Templars. Maybe it was done as a kind of “f*** you” to the Templars? You make a good point about the Templars building their headquarters on the Temple Mount, as that was rumored to be above the remains of Solomon’s temple. No doubt that their digging yielded some very interesting finds. The church was probably shitting themselves when they found out about that. What you say about yehoshua ben yosef reminded me of stuff I read long ago on the AC site. So much material, it is hard to remember it all.

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