The Universal Language – get rid of “Babble-Lon”

Music is the universal language. Through your ears right into you head and mind, causing bodily reactions, like feelings for example. In war amrican troops use rock/metal music to infiltrate, disrespect the “enemy”. I am ashamed for that as being a metal musician by myself, but my aim was never to write war songs for killing troops, but rather to say “fuck off” to the old world order. “Shine on you crazy diamond” by PF. Ever really listened to this song and understood the inherited lyrics? Well, you should. The crazy diamond is you. As a human being you are a carbon compound, a diamond is the most concentrated form of carbon, the ultimate matter, so to say. The unenlightened are the “diamonds”, stuck so deep in matter, worldy things, money, etc., that they will never find their way “out”. “Remember when you where young? You shined like the sun!” Referring to your mind, spirit and soul, who where not yet infiltrated by the bullshit of the owo, namely: education, family, religion, politics, crime, war and death. THIS is the old world order, and has NOTHING to do with the ILLUMINATI. Everybody who has learned to count at least to “3”, must know by now, that the Illuminati are not the “bad and evil shapeshifters from orion”, on the contrary, we are the fucking saviours of dumb mankind. And ever were. Ok, if you have no internet, in that case your dumbness should be accepted so far.  And FUCK YOU. We are so fucking tired of your shit world, and the robotic, dumb slaves in it, which makes me puke. LISTEN! WE WERE ALL BLINDED! In my “world” every free mind is welcome to be a brother, friend and sister. THIS is what the real NEW WORLD ORDER and the “evil” Illuminati want in truth. How can someone be so stupid to thank that the old forces of evil ever want something “new”? They STOLE the phrase “NEW WORLD ORDER” from the Illuminati, to use it for their shit. George “the ghoul” bush allows himself to blah out the NWO phrase. All conspiracists howling like a hungry wolf pack and think they finally have their answer, their blinded minds have searched for for so long. Simply another trap for the dumb.

Dear friends and enemies.

We are all have been lied to.

Adventure, knowledge, experience, TRUTH is our journey through all of our lives. We cannot remeber our past lives yet fully. Maybe for our luck. Simply imagine your last 25 incarnations were pure horror.

Let us be free.


Armageddon in its true meaning.



3 responses to “The Universal Language – get rid of “Babble-Lon”

  1. Thank you for another insightful and thought provoking post. Sadly the lack of comments on the last few posts makes me think a lot of people are not receptive to this information or the message of the Illuminati. This is unfortunate because now more than ever this shithole of a world needs them. Or rather, should I say that now more than ever the Illuminati need the people to wake the fuck up, to get smarter, and to stop putting up with the bullshit of the OWO. I think this is possible, but easier said than done. In one way or another, do we all not fall into their trap? Money is bullshit, an illusion, yet it is damn near impossible to survive without it because of the OWO. Regarding music, yes it is indeed universal, as it trancends race, religion, politics and other things which seek to divide us as humans. It has such great power that it is a shame it is not being used for more positive things. At least you, A.W.E, are using your music for the overthrow of the OWO. Not many musicians these days actively fight the system, which is a shame. Sadly a lot of “muzak” is only made to pander to the blind masses. Some metal has become that way, but I think for the most part it will forever remain an underground/esoteric genre as long as there are people who carry the torch of its true spirit.

    • i think you are right, the Illuminati need the world to be enlightened. every Illuminatus in its own fashion.
      At least me, having no other Illuminatus nearby. Damn right about the money. until now i did not find the way out of the money machine. the fucking system is unfortunately strong. in exoteric means.

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