Only One Day… Not going to work tomorrow!

beer Hails frinds and foes, motherfuckers and bitches. Last night i had a dream about something special: all those who have to get up in the morning, or evening to doing their soul destroying “jobs” , on one specific day they are not going to work. I mean literally all of them. Worldwide. The test is easy: all those who are not have to go out in the specific timescales to survive, MUST be the old world order psychopathic assholes. Easily identified, a clear target, the killzone is then locateable. Can you even imagine how the braindead creeps of the owo would howl in their anger and agony, none serving them? They won’t survive this single day at all. The owo is made of people who are way over in their 60’s, mostly male, weak, old cocksuckers who refuse to die. Still dreaming, that they are the ultimate beings, supported by their “invisible” masters, archons, like archangel michael, cocksuckers supreme. “Demons” who tell the owo masters how great they are, but in truth their masters see only the mutated ape in them, bowing their masters, the lords of darkness, or as we, the Illuminati call them: a bunch of cockless, braindead, psychopathic asshole bitches, who have to be destroyed and erased forever at all costs. Ooops, you mind my “bad” words, my bad talk, uuuuhhuuuhhhuuu, i feel sooooooooooooo sorry for your asshole “feelings”, member of the owo, sympathisant of the owo. FUCK OFF & DIE – you know what i am talking about, don’t you, Mr. owo?! You are done. We are coming for you. We erase you. No history will be left of you, and all history done by you, will be erased and replaced by ILLUMINISM. Please, kill yourself right now. You have no place here anymore. Everybody knows now who and what you are. The owo is the target of the worlds free beings. All your weapons and so called “intelligence”, will be drowned in truth and knowledge of the greatest, the most fearless, the fierce, the lonely, the tortured, simply all of awoken mankind targets YOU, the owo. You will burn, you will be killed, hung, drawn and quaterted. You will pay, for the horrors you did to mankind. We, the Illuminati, are proud of being your killers. We can’t wait to erase you old fucks. Adam W.Eishaupt – Ancient Order Of The Illuminati, and one of the four riders of the apocalypse. The black one.


3 responses to “Only One Day… Not going to work tomorrow!

  1. Reading this post reminded me of a Slayer lyric from one of their lesser albums: “Hate heals, you should try it some time.” Anyways, I think the day you speak of is inevitable. I long for it myself, as I’m yet another slave to the fucking system. Why? Well I have to eat and keep a roof over my head, as does everyone. That being said, I look for any way I can to subvert and undermine the system, both at work, and in everyday life, though I know I don’t do enough. I would say the day when no one goes to work will probably happen in about 20 years, if not sooner. The only question is, how does it happen? What can the average person do to help? I would like to hear any and all thoughts and comments by anyone reading this.

    • Dito. Something to eat and a roof over our heads. Isn’t it pervert and laughable at the same time, destroying our lives for just these little things, which should be normal without doing a slave job for every single person on this fucking planet? Be “strong” – what else shall we do?

  2. It is perverted and laughable that we must do these things in order to enjoy a basic level of living and survival. One could almost say it’s the sickest kind of irony. I always found it fucked up that we have to pay to live on a planet we were all born on. Sick fucking world.

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