Royal Psychopath Prototype Prince Phillip

Somehow i stumbled upon owo monster prince p.. Penis? Pervert? Painfully dumb? Pisshead? Surely all of it. Why i mention this 94 year old husband of the queen of england, and drug addict, and surely a paedophile, here, is the following:

He is best kown for his moronic behaviour in public. Of course he just talks shit like all other members of the owo but he is always delivering a special arrogant, in his own view superior, tune.  Being a “royal” (we all know what this means: the “godgiven” (jehova=satan) right to rule over mankind.) must be horrible. Born, and then you are being thrown into total dumbness. Take a look at the clothes these creatures are wearing? What the fuck is this? No respectful person would dress up like a clown from the middle ages. They do it willingly, meaning “style”. Pffffffffff, hahahahahahahaha, *LAUGH* You motherfuckers have NO style, you look like toys, clowns, who should be erased from the universe forever. Prince p. – i mean look at this fuckface. He never worked in his life. He never achieved anything on or by his own. He never did anything else in his life besides hurting people. and being a piece of crap talking, walking shit. I really wonder why the royals have not been shot by the british people by now?! And it would be sooo easy. They always show their horrible faces into some camera. So, where should the weapon being installed to do “the job”? You guessed it by now: inside an camera objective. Click. Shoot. Done. You can even take a live picture or video with direct upload to youtube and all the other media shit. THIS would be revolutionary. So easy it could be, but hey. I understand that none of you ever came to this idea. Why? Because you are not german. And death is a master from germany, being arrogant myself this time. Besides, all royals of the UK and surely elsewhere are OF GERMAN ORIGIN. But they are of “bad blood quality”. Saxon Gotha is one of the roots, and MAYBE a connection to the merovingian bloodline of fucking jesus christ, the wanna be king of the jews. But unfortunately christanity arose because of a big fault the black magician yehoshua ben joseph had done. Longinus is the key to this file.


“Dear” Prince p.,

why do you refuse to die?

Aren’t 94 years of your meaningless and pervert existence more than enough for you?

Well, of course not.

You are a fucking psychopath, deadly, dangerous, but arrogant and dumb. Like all of your kin. The Illuminati know exactly who you are, and how you blamed us. But you fear the Illuminati. Because we are the truth of god, the truth of ABRAXAS. It is well known in these days of worldwide internet, what the words of the apocalypse really ment: 666=the great beast=simon magus=abraxas. The union of enlightened minds/souls, “sucking in” the unenlightened.

The day of LUCIFER is your greatest fear.

The end of this physical universe, engineneerd by the enlightened ones, the ILLUMINATI.

The true meaning of:


(Referring to “322”. Genisis chapter 3, verse 22: Do not imagine that any of the owo “secret societies” are with LUCIFER. They are surely not, they are on satan’s team. Of course, only number “1s”. Anything which “makes” such societies like skull & bones, are nothing but fake, and/or mockery of the “real thing”. S+B founder was in germany before he build the bonesmen and it is said that he met adam weishaupt. He was surely shocked, what adam might have told or maybe “offered” him. But it was of no use for him, for he was a slave of jahwe=satan. So he mocked everything what he knew about us, the ILLUMINATI – fortunately not much. [ if i was an native american, i would blew up the skull and bones temple and bring back the head of Geronimo.])

Adam W. Eishaupt, Ancient Order Of The Illuminati


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