The Exam

You’re in an exam – the exam of existence. Do you know how to pass it? To whom will you turn for advice? This is the strangest exam of all. You are presented with a blank sheet, and you yourself must provide both the questions and the answers. How well you do this will determine whether you pass or fail. Most people ask the wrong questions and give the wrong answers.

Know Thyself

Keep it Real

Get Real

This is the Dawn of the Coming Race, the Supermen, the Hyperhumans.

We are the Illuminati.

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2 responses to “The Exam

  1. Hail Brothers and Sisters of Light!

    Ragnarok is here. It is time for the wheat to be separated from the chaff. Klingsor’s Last Summer is now and when Klingsor finally has his cosmic orgasm (It is about fucking time the bastard got laid!) do not forget to quash his slimy OWO servants. They have shown you no mercy for millenia so do repay them the favour! The Holy Grail, Annuit Coeptis, will do what she must to finally break the dark magicians tyrannical grip.

    In Hoc Numerus Vinces

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