Quiz time (again)

ancient machine

The above shown picture, displays a supposedly ancient machine. It is said that hieroglyphs were also found on the machine, or better said, on every single one of the six machines. The source claims that in 1990 somewhere deep underground in the U.S.A., six ancient machines with hieroglyphs engraved on them were found. These machines dissapeared of course shortly after they where found. This is a picture of one of these machines, so the source claims. Is it a fake? Most of/on the web is fake. Is someone outhere who knows what this is? I personally have no idea (…sure i can see, that this thing can be moved to at least 4 directions), but i am not a technician or mechanic. Maybe it is some common machinebut rather seldom seen. What is your opinon?


One response to “Quiz time (again)

  1. I can only offer speculation, but the only thing that comes to mind is that it might be an antigravity machine of some kind. Some say the Egyptians knew the secrets to antigravity and used it to build the pyramids.

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