Fuck the “reptilian resistance forum” right now !

Ohhh all good forces of the actual universe: my head hurts.

Didn’t i just wrote and informed the public, that, if you think the Illuminati are reptilian shapeshifters from orion you should be as soon as possible an imnate of an psychatric asylum and that a person which managed it to at least count to “3”, knows today that the Illuminati are the saviours of fucking mankind? Well, i did.

Today i really “stumbled” over a website, a forum, which is obviously made by educated primates. Here they are:

Posted by Reptilian Resistance on April 17, 2014, 7:40 pm

Are the illuminated breaking their silence at last Beware people – Fake Illuminati website is a Hoax warning stay away from these scam artist’s they have been exposed

http://armageddonconspiracy.co.uk/ website or it numerous other sites with various names including http://www.meritocracy.org.uk/, they claim to be the Illuminati but it is a fake. They also do a fake ‘interview’ about Mike Hockney (the ‘ghost writer’ of the PDF free books they put out to promote their cult). Which they relentlessly promote on any forum they can! And they now say that the last book (Soul Camera) cannot be written by ‘Mike Hockney’ but they refuse to say why, in fact the reason why is that Mike Hockney is (or was, as he died in February 2010) a man who worked at Southampton Poly as a lecturer in psychology who fancied himself as a bit of an occultist so set himself up with a new name as Amado Crowley (the supposed son and self professed heir to Aleister Crowley – hey he went for the jackpot – LOL). He started writing self published books in the 1990s and failed to convince anyone, except his insane followers, that he was anything to do with Aleister Crowley, Pete Carroll thought he was a nutter after spending a weekend with him and was angry that Amado had wasted his time!

And there is more. Look at the Mike Hockney books and you will see a striking similarity to the books written by Amado Crowley aka Mike from Southampton. Look also at the website of Amado Crowley and you will see word for word ‘writings’ that appear on the http://armageddonconspiracy.co.uk/ website (which by the way they jokingly call the AC site – get it?) http://www.amado-crowley.net/

And the plot thickens (gosh if only Mike/Amado knew what a plot was before writing his books), lol. The books written by Amado Crowley in the 1990s were promoted and written extensively about in the books of an author called Peter Moon who wrote tons of books about the so called ’Montauk project’ (apparently he has more names than you can chuck a stick at as well) and ‘what a *coincidence*‘ that a guy that has set up a website about Montauk at around the same time as the http://armageddonconspiracy.co.uk/ starts up a website which advocates those same people and ideas. And another *coincidence* the *new* Montauk guy is also giving away his free self published books about Montauk etc. which just happen to have the same content as the previous books by Peter Moon (another *coincidence* are the publishing dates of various books but you can check that out for yourself in detail if you want, just a warning – ‘Peter Moon’ and the other *friends of Amado* appear to have the self publishing equivalent of diarrhoea (in more ways than one!).

On the http://armageddonconspiracy.co.uk/ website Amado Crowley (using his other identity) is claimed by his followers to be a member of a handful of people who run the world with secret meetings (not sure how he managed to fit that round his psychology lectures at Southampton Poly, lol) and they say you can join them (oh goody, lol) so a friend of mine emailed them to ask his he could join the Illuminati (because that is who they claim they are) and they arranged to meet him at a McDonalds – yes guys – a secret society that meets at the home of Ronald McDonald and the Big Mac. I’d tell you more about what happened but you know, what my friend told me about that meeting with the McDonalds Illuminati is probably only usually revealed to 33 degree masons or Ronald himself, but lets just say they wanted to know if he liked special sauce.

That website http://armageddonconspiracy.co.uk/ and all those associated with it are FAKE. But if you enjoy a laugh you might want to read it I suppose. If you email them you might even get a free big Mac.”

Is this “cool”, or what?!

It is unbelievable how dumb, blind and stupid people are. Amado Crowley IS Mike Hockney, and –  he is dead. You just read it above. This is so dumb it makes me puke. The Illuminati recommend the study of Aleister Crowleys work nonetheless. But that is it simply all for “AC”, you uninformed, selfish, idiots. Check it for yourself, on Amado’s site is nothing regarding the Illuminati.

Dear “mortis salutant’s” of the RRF:

Imagine the following scenario:  what you imagine is real. Reptilian, immortal monsters, technically highly advanced. Imagine a crocodile with an AK-47, and a master in technology. And now it is war time. Who will and would battle such creatures? You? I ask that question again. YOU? THIS is worth a good laugh. Listen. The only one who sat in mc donalds was you. While munching your unhealthy big mac(s), your primitive brain modeled your forum post(s).

Bon appetit, SLAVE !


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