Hyperborea and hate (Barbarious are coming)

Hyperborea – the land of the Illuminati

“Neither by land nor by sea shalt thou find the road to the Hyperboreans.” (Pindar, Illuminatus)

Hyperborea: the perpetually illuminated paradise beyond the north wind where Apollo, god of Reason, spent his winters. Illumination, the religion of the Illuminati, is the world’s only rational, mathematical, scientific and philosophical religion. We condemn all religions of faith, superstition and irrationality. We condemn the slave religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam that worship a Torture God who orders fathers to kill their children and revels in sending those who disobey him to eternal hellfire. We condemn all prophets, “holy” books and “Messiahs”. As Kafka said, “The Messiah will come only when he is no longer necessary; he will come only on the day after his arrival;  he will come, not on the last day, but on the very last.”

No one’s coming to save us. We must save ourselves. We condemn all those who claim that human beings are not potential Gods. God is not outside you – he IS you. God did not create the universe: the universe created God. The “First God” – Abraxas – is the divine template. We all have the opportunity to join Abraxas in a Community of Gods who know everything and have absolute power. Moreover, this can be proved as a matter of science, philosophy and, above all, mathematics – the sole source of absolute truth.

“Number rules the universe.” — Motto of the Pythagorean school.

What happened to Pythagoras’s mysterious secret society (whose roots extend far back to the dawn of human civilisation and whose ancient adepts included Solomon the Apostate, the genius who heroically tried to kill Jehovah, the monstrous Torture God)? It became known as the Illuminati – the enlightened ones – and it has survived to this day, despite relentless Abrahamic persecution. Mithraism, alchemy, hermeticism, the Gnostic religion of the medieval Cathar heretics, the outlawed Knights Templar and the original anti-establishment Freemasonry (nothing like pro-establishment modern WASP Freemasonry) were all guises of the Illuminati.

The Illuminati are humanity’s true hope and light, the voice of the Enlightenment. Join the army of Light and Reason. The only “sacred text” is mathematics, the language of God, of existence itself.”

Above is what i wanted my whole life and i have found it so far.

I read the armageddonconspiracy.co.uk homepage whole, read all the books (so far), being an Illuminatus of the 1st of the new 5 grades, being more or less “public” with my blog here.

But i got a problem.

A problem with hate.

Will i be ever worth to be a member of the population of hyperborea,  one of the society divine, or will i drown in my own hell, emotion: hate?

Hate is an emotion. Emotions are generally bad, logic has to be the synthesis.

Why i am sharing this thoughts at all with you all?

Because the enemies of my order are at my job, my desk, every fucking day. The creatures of satan, the monstrous horde of uneducated, blinded, religious morons. The immigrant problem in europe, you know. To be true i am aware of the forces of the OWO and psychopaths like this berrett dude, they shall fuck off and die. He claims, that with immigrant actions, the IQ of the europen population shall drown to something like 90. “Too stupid to understand, clever enough to work.” That is what he claims, for example. Whatever, living in europe these days, calls for action against the invasion of religious fanatics. “Shall drown” looks like i am using this too often -;). And here is my point: as an Illuminatus i do not kill and i do not want to. Even if someone tries to kill me, i should let him/her pass, if i understood correctly. This is hard, to be frankly. I do not give a fuck about country, so called “culture”, etc. it is all work of the matrix, the illusionist masters of the OWO. We all know that meanwhile, at least you, followers and readers of my blog. But i give a fuck about intelligence and intelligent beings, people. I sure do not wanna live in the middle ages, neither in the islamic/muslim one(s), nor the jewish/christian ones, none of the believer cult(s) versions of satan.

In my heart and soul i am with ABRAXAS and the Illuminati Order.

The “war”, WWIII, has long begun. The demiurge sends his armies of fanatic soldiers into battle. Germany is lost with government under angela merkel. She wants germany and europe being destroyed, she is of course a small part of the OWO strategic forces.

BUT all this does not change anything for me, under the circumstances right now. All what you see about immigrants on TV and YT, i see everday live in the front of my own eyes. Sure, there are definitely people who want to save their lives and family. But this is the smallest part. Religious fanatics and highly dangerous criminal forces swarming europe, especially germany, austria and sweden, because of welfare. The religious extremist despises work in western culture, they do not give a fuck. They demand all for themselves, without having done ever something for that to happen, to demand. Except bowing to their satan god, and claiming their religious scripture gives them the right to do everything, including, murder, rape, drugs, human trafficing, child abuse, violence, stalking, stealing, simply every horrible crap you allow yourself to imagine. For THEM all this is completely normal in the name of their god. Satan. So “uncool” that ABRAXAS not going to “kill” the fucker finally.

How long can i fight with “words”?

The enemy does not understand intelligent communication. The hordes want all they can get their crappy hands on. And babble meaningless mantras of death.

Even my post sounds not “that bad”, i am under strong psychological stress. As an Illuminatus the situation, i am living and doing my daily job in, becomes nearly unbearable.

What the hell can i do now?

Going into the mountains, sitting in a cave and give a shit about the world, and going the eremits way?

Should i left my friends and family alone, being aware that no matter what happens they are immortal beings, souls?

Should i go into war? Defending what? The lie of germany, europe and all other “cultures”?

Who gives a fuck when i die, who gives truly a fuck about this blog and its words?


This is what it means, for exaple, being an Illuminatus. Everthing in this world is insane.

I try to choose reason.

Will i ever reach hyperborea, neither by land, nor by sea?

The homeland of the Illuminati which i think and feel being part of?

I just can try to.



15 responses to “Hyperborea and hate (Barbarious are coming)

  1. (First,sorry for my english m6667)
    Keep Kalm and fuck OWO!
    I understand all your hate,sometimes i desire the fall of the entire fucking universe!
    But hey……you are not alone!We are the resistence!Maybe the vengance is the only way for accomplish our “OMEGA” dream!
    By the Way…..look another Illuminati creations(Not only a Web or books)(yes,i spend a lot of time):

    Ergo Proxy(anime)
    Neon Genesis Evangelion(anime)
    Pneuma the Breath of Life(Video Game)(This is very very obvious haha)
    Deus Ex Human Revolution(Video game)(And all predesessors and successors)
    Assasins Creed Unity(Video Game)
    30 Seconds To Mars(Music Group)

    Please continue your effort on this blog!

  2. Despicable me 1 and 2(Movies) too(Illumination for kids maybe?).

    • Illumination for kids maybe?

      “Megamind” DreamWorks Animation

      Story: Good and Evil & Persona & Nietzsche Superman

      Budget: 130 000 000 $

      Profit: 321 885 765 $

      Total: + 191 885 765 $

      This is crazy

      Free education versus commercial mainstream product ?

      • (Sorry for my english I hope you understand something,I don’t use google shit translator haha).

        Commercial products for illuminate all the people possible is not opposed to free education.
        Maybe the TAXES can change in a future and permit better distribution of money for better education!
        But the creators of movies or other products are not the responsables(at least,those who aim change the vision of idiotic consumers).

        One correction:Total: + 191 885 765 $/2=95 942 882.5=Real Benefit!The theaters take aprox 50%!

        But yes I agree,this is a disproportionate
        money for any work .Any way,the real responsables are the OWO and his “minions”(idiotic people)!
        The independent “minds” of greats studios influenced by illuminati are not,and I am very sure of that!
        REMEMBER,Illumination Entertainment use part of his benefit for our cause,NEW WORLD ORDER!!!!!!!

  3. Hail, Adam W. Eishaupt!

    First I must salute you for your efforts on the front-line of our ancient war. Let it be known that no matter what trials and tribulations you face there are many who have been inspired by you and stand with you in the struggle for the meritocratic future.

    As for the the scum that come to your desk every day….fuck ’em. Give them as little as is required. Smirk at their primitive faces and let them know that they will soon be facing a whole different Europe they do not know exists!

    However, if your suffering is beyond endurable perhaps you should seek out a new path. The world always has room somewhere for our people. As a Prefectus your path of nonviolence is commendable. Nonetheless, as I am sure you have already done, you should seek the fellowship of those who have the will and means to defend the Hyperboreans with deadly force if the need arises.

    Stand fast my brother as Victory awaits!

    • hi D.

      regarding “unbearable”:

      1. which organisation you are referring to?
      2. located in suisse?
      3. give me your adress so i can “flee” with my kin to a safer place *laugh* – a joke for now…

      • Hello “M”.

        1. I am not referring to any organization in particular. I am merely speculating that there exists somewhere in Europe a group of people who more or less have Illuminist ideals and also have the training and materiel to provide physical security. Sorry if I gave you a false impression that I know of a specific group.

        2. Swizterland is not my home country. My place of origin is the USA. However, I spend much time abroad. Conflict is coming and I have decided to make my stand in the land of Jefferson.

        3. My current residence is deep in the heartland of the OWO. Think of Bible loving devil worshippers with military weapons. I highly doubt you would want to relocate here unless you want to go out with a bang (literally). If the the thin façade of “law and order” breaks for any significant time it will become very violent very fast. Nonethless, extremely dynamic systems are where the most amount of change is possible…

        I really appreciate the blog and look forward to reading your thoughts, and I will continue to leave some thoughts of my own!


      • Hi D

        my 3 points were meant kinda funny, but let me answer you nonetheless.

        1. I know, but they did not contact me yet. I am fully aware of for example underground installations, and of course i am aware of the real knights templar of the 21st century. I was very close once to the so called “thule society”, for the simple reason i am the ex-webmaster of jan udo holey, worldwide better known as jan van helsing. His first 2 books are prohibited in germany, austria and suisse. But i left this path over a decade ago, for Illuminism.

        2. i just thought because of “gmx.ch” yes. good old Illuminatus Thomas Jefferson was a “cool” one. By the way, my next post will be about america and the american people.

        3. Ah, you mean some white power state like texas or something, yes, these bible bashers would kill me. But all other religious morons too. The supposed fate of an Illuminatus. I want to relocate to hyperborea.

        Heil und Sieg.
        (This is the original old german version, “sieg heil” is the perversion of it)

  4. Yes, the ideas can be seen everywhere.

    Watching Despicable Me & Minion.
    My opinion: Funny movie, but with two sides.
    Agree to differentiate: cinema ideas & story and support of commercial brand.

    For example: Minion Balloon Despicable Me, Minion banana, Minion Fart Blaster (WTF?), McDonald’s Minion …etc.

    For comparison: “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)”. Ben Stiller drama.

    • My opinion:

      OWO capitalism & OWO money system = consumerism = destroy Earth

      Home (2009) – Yann Arthus-Bertrand movie, shows the problem.

      For example: Popcorn versus Borneo lowland rain forest.

      Destroy consumerism, save Earth.

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