America. Land of the free, home of the brave, still?

Hello American readers.

I did watch my stats today and i checked back a year from this day. 3.278 people read my blog in this year. What the hell are you doing the whole day? Spanking the monkey? Are you a fucking member of the OWO, or simply wimp? I want ALL of you to post here! Friend or foe, it does not matter. You know how fast a friend/beloved can become foe and vice versa. So many americans read and study this blog without posting. Do it. Information exchange is of highest priority!

Of course the few american brave posters here, are not meant above.

How often do you amricans hear the word “America”? Ask yourself this. “They”, the OWO, are always talking about the U.S. , not even mentioning the “A” in U.S.A., AMERICA. The new atlantis it should be once, free from the old world order horror of old europe. A new place to go for every free thinking soul. THAT was the idea of “Merica”, better known as A merica. The great A, buddy. Build up by the order of the Illuminati, with an ages long support of our own knights templar and our old friends, the viking navigators. To all REAL americans, i will bring back this one to you attention:

georgewashingtonYep, that is correct.

How could you even think for a second it was not?

What is a real american?

Please allow me to answer this question as being of german origin and an Illuminatus:

The real american, is the american patriot. Abrahamic religions free ones, of course. I know i just lost the half of the supposed readers of this post. A man with a weapon is in a much better position, if some “forces” arise, than the one without the manstopping gun. I clearly say yes to weapons for one and only reason: Self defense. Protection. I know, this is heard way too often. The world around us all, created by the murderous OWO forces, calls for protection/self defense of every free thinking soul. A weapon is made to kill, without question. Metal is made by the devil himself, and this is not legend, but truth. But you can control the devil -if you want to, being powerful enough to- control the dark forces within you, it is all part of us and we have to master everything. Shoot him in the leg, not in the head, this is the most simple example to give. This is called MORALITY.


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  1. I only comment on here when I feel I have something worthy to contribute. Sometimes I do, sometimes I do not. Strangely, even though I was born in America, I never really identified as a “typical American”, probably because I’m a first generation American, meaning my parents were born outside the U.S. I prefer to think of myself as a citizen of the world. As for America nowadays, I think it is a double-edged sword. On the one hand we are great in many ways, but in other ways, we are completely backwards compared to some parts of the world. I think the people who made the plans for the “new merica” would roll over in their graves if they saw it today. If I may ask, have you yourself ever been to America?

    • hi mike.
      thx for taking part again.
      Yes, the old creators would surely roll in their graves.
      I was never in america, yet.
      And i still dont know to which part of it i would go then.

    • Same here. I also agree that america is a double edged sword- I think in some aspects it is good (although these aspects are always seemingly declining due to our overconfidence as a nation and our society being disillusioned) while in some ways we are definitely backwards. I mean no healthcare, no tuition? A lot of Europe is way ahead of us- especially Germany.

  2. hey!

    I think what I enjoyed about America the most is the type of discrimination I face. I won’t go far into the details of my life, but, because I’m “different” (here anyways) I often get a lot of comments on my appearance (ethnic background), name, and religion (oh boy). Within the last year, it got really difficult for me. Someone I was forced to meet commented on my religion within the first 10 minutes of meeting me and I think they developed an extreme bias against me which might affect me adversely. They started being extremely “nice” (disingenuously) to me, which is a red flag for concealing something, and, then I of course, to save myself, reacted in a defensive way.

    Usually, when I think of America, I think of what happened to the native Americans. I usually also think of how the economy was developed off of racial slave labor (blacks, chinese, irish, poor “whites” etc.). In other countries, perhaps the serfs do it, but, race takes it to another level (based on Biblical authority). But, what is also really cool, is that you get to meet people from all backgrounds in “America,” although now more than ever because of what happened to me, I feel really apprehensive talking to anyone I see as strange. It doesn’t seem fair how their whole land was taken from them. Whenever I think about it, it seems more of an occupation than claiming the land.

    I learned a lot, but, I hope to, after finishing my “education” (only because it is perceived as being prestigious if it is American – even if it is not – and if I can even muster the effort to deal with the people in my life), to return home, and just live a life where my name and appearance are not “different.” Oh how nice would it to be to not to met with dead silence because of a name! I come from a country that is not European (whatever that means, isn’t it Euro-asia?) but is (or should I say was?) C-E-N-T-R-A-L to world history and intellectual advancement! (It’s not India, Japan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan or China!).

    I guess someone who “hates” you is basically in serious conflict with themselves, but, science to me seems like a continuation of Biblical Authority. When I think of science, other than the modern internet age, I think of eugenics and race “purity” myths. I also think perhaps I am the only one who thinks of science like this. It also passes over into other “technical” fields (e.g. engineering), where somehow race and IQ are correlated (what a retarded joke). Also, make no mistake, all of them who make comments start sentences like this: “I’m not racist, but …”

    I think a lot of people don’t realize how dirty and rotten science is from the inside out. A ton of people think science is better than religion because they deal with “facts” (right …) and they “test” things (whatever that mean). I think science is much more dangerous than religion is at the moment and might become more dangerous because of how infallible it seems. Just look at how many scientists would do anything for money!

    Here are similarities between scientists and what some religions have done in the past:

    (a) do almost anything for money

    religious people have told you horrible things about yourself to get you to fork over your money.

    some scientists (or should I say most?) try to make data fit their hypothesizes to gain more funding, which is fine until they create stuff they know is toxic or help create things that harm others (you know what I mean – I hope)

    (b) set a hierarchy that is arbitrary

    if you don’t come from a correct background and you don’t follow the orthodox methods, you’re excommunicated from the scientific community.

    you basically cannot be successful unless you go to a prestigious school and even if you’re talented and you end up going there, what is the point if you worked hard? The whole atmosphere sounds to me like one where you brag about achievements of years gone past. Give me someone who doesn’t join these hierarchies and makes something magnificent, that I can get behind.

    each congregation, mosque, and synagogue, temple of a goddess, temple of a spirit, zen Buddhist temple and so forth has a hierarchy that involves arbitrary hierarchies

    (c) Rampant discrimination and bias

    Both religious and scientific communities have serious biases against whatever group they perceive as a threat.


    Either way, thanks for listening if you have read this! I have a feeling that my country (once known as the “the country more divine than any other” in some ancient texts) might become that one great country. You seem to talk a lot about how smart “Europeans” are and everyone talks about the “1st world countries” (that includes America), but all I see is people obsessed with their past “achievements” and contempt of everyone else who they see is inferior. In addition, tons of people who made their decision and thrust their entire efforts into preserving the status quo in the so-called countries. They will never let go, they’ve stolen so much from the rest of the world that any change will come from without. Although, I could be wrong. They will never see value in something that was and could be again, while they’re stuck getting the newest gadgets at the cheapest prices! (although I have to confess I might miss not being able to get some of the things I want back home, that is a caveat).

    Of course, all of this cannot be done without a lot of divine energy, but I’m prepared to be that energy! What is and what was can never go away even if it is repressed.

    My advise to you as someone who can go where that person wants to go in the world and live “free,” is to go to the poor cities and see how those who don’t have much live. These are the real people of America. Or, you can just drive to the nearest luxury shopping mall and buy Gucci, Fendi, Apple, … products and eat at the trendiest restaurants and then take selfies at beaches and so forth. Don’t forget to post on twitter and facebook with the newest “social” cause and the coolest hashtags or follow a celebrity and start flame wars.

    • Hello “Plot-in-us”

      thx a lot for your remarkable comment.
      at first: do you know our “motherpage”
      you should.

      nonetheless your thoughts are great, true and i will try to answer some questions.
      1. i guarantee you that my appearance is absolute alien to average german (and mostly other…) folk. i know what you are talking about.
      2. i was referring to the plan of new atlantis, america. unfortunately the plan has gone wrong. We wanted to end slavery. But the new slavery of all arose soon.
      3. you are talking to the Illuminati.
      4. old europe(ans) annihilated the natives. we wanted to get rid of them. there is a “bad” europe. the ancient bloodline of fucking jesus christ.
      5 i don’t give a fuck from where you are from. it does not matter to me. only your outout is nurturing.
      6. fuck “education”, as we know it. a shitty piece of paper with a symbol of the old crap forces on it. we do not need it, we do not want it, we just want intelligence/enlightenment for all people. And the Illuminati are not without god, we are the only ones who are with god, ABRAXAS. There is a religion for all mankind: Illuminism.
      7. i come from a poor family for european standards. i know how shit tastes. i know hunger. i know pain. i know death. i know lonelieness. i know betrayal. i know evil.
      8. science is the same shit doctrine like every soul enslaving religion. fuck science as we know it. fuck religion as we know it. read the above why.
      9. fuck and destroy the old world order
      10. i have read every single word with great interest.
      11. fuck the 1st world countries. they have lost everything for materialism. we regret so called western, juwes/christian cultures. And all other religion build upon abraham the fucking “cunt”, the child slayer. without discriminating womenhood at all.
      12. the most interesting point of your views for me: what do we mean when we talk about the “world”? yes, mostly about the fucking “1st world countries” – which are lost and shall be without question. The world has so much countries who somehow never really appear in any form of western media. I must admit that my posts mostly regarding the 1st world countries, because i am “living” (what a fuck…) in one of it. I am fully aware of most countries of the globe through the web, because i am intersted in all human being and culture. Do not think that i think i am free and can do whatever i want, can afford everything. nope, sir. I have no holidays (being relaxed at the beach somewhere for example) for 14 years now. I could go to nearly every place on the globe, for once, but without a return ticket.

      You are talking of divine energy?
      who is your god?
      is it in, or outside of “you”?

      I do not have a twitter, nor fuckbook account.

      Nothing is social. The world is hell and we know it.

      If you wanna talk to the Illuminati again, cleanse your hatred soul.


      • You are talking of divine energy?
        who is your god?
        is it in, or outside of “you”?

        I’m a rationalist. I don’t believe in empiricism. Also, plotinus is an ancient greek philosopher, not “plot-in-us” (not sure if you were playing a joke on me or mocking me or you thought I was plotting against you :p).

        He is “Plotin” in german.

        I also read the “Apophasis Megalê of Simon Magus” and I am big fan of his precise and language and I think he is a cool and fascinating person.

        ^This is what I mean by divine energy.

        And, so, also in case you thought I was because I didn’t mention it, I’m not from Israel (or the diaspora) either. I never thought of that.

        Thanks for sharing interesting stuff. Your reply was nice in the fact that you preach that background and appearance is irrelevant and that is why I read your blog (plus the fact that you’re a rationalist). Also, in the fact that you believe that people who have the most experience should be in positions of authority not based on connections.

        Also, something that fascinates me (you don’t have to answer), if there was an ancient “evil” “race” in Europe, why were they not studied? If you’re scared of something, you shun it away, but if you are not scared of something, you try to understand EVERYTHING about it (I don’t mean scientifically, just intellectually).

        Cheers and thank you for answering (and you definitely deserve a vacation (who doesn’t?) – you can’t go 12 hours without sleeping so how can you go so long without a vacation!)

      • *laugh* – i know of course who plotinus/plotin is – i was playing a letter-joke.
        I am very sceptic about the supposed words of Simon Magus.

  3. I HATE to double post but I regret commenting here. I’m not hateful, I’ve had enough people accuse me of stuff for no reason in my life (maybe because I’m confident and they always assume the worst). “Plot-in-us” is plotinus (the philosopher) and 20 is a reference to 2.0, which “hints” my homeland, and I find him to be inspirational and awesome. I love everyone, I don’t advocate any kind of hatred for anyone. “RevengeSeeker” is a reference to that I will succeed even if I fail, it isn’t a personal attack against anyone.

    I don’t have time for hatred. People always assume the worst and being called a “hatred soul” has had me on the verge of not being able to feel safe inside. I won’t be posting here or reading here anymore or any of these affiliated sites because I feel unsafe. Just leave me alone (after I defend myself)! I can’t handle insults, I didn’t even call anyone anything horrible in my original post, I was just expressing my feelings and what I observe without judgement. My “divine” energy post was about being able to do things yourself and achieve great results. Just leave me alone and if possible, delete all my posts. Good-bye! What a huge mistake to post here to get insulted.

    People always assume “immigrants” are “losers” and are jealous of their success and are trying to buy a life they couldn’t get (aka economic migrants) and steal jobs (i could care less – i love being a nobody in a 3rd world country). Or people who comment on inequalities advocate desperate measures. Not every one is like that. I’m guessing you probably work somehow connected to the refugee crisis and this is coming through to you as if I’m hateful (i’m not from those countries either). Also, I don’t care about any “organization” and I am not smart enough for you (don’t they all say that!). I’m fine with being a pathetic loser.

    • did you had a bad day, dude?
      your 2 posts differ immense.
      I am not with the rich, not with the west, etc.. – I am with the Illuminati.
      There are many immigrants who need help.
      There are many immigrants who seek bloodshed, religion, back to the middle ages.
      I “filter” them, and i am fearless.
      I know my fate as an Illuminatus.

      of course i am going to delete your posts, if you whish.
      please confirm it.

      • Hey!

        I just saw your comments.

        The thing is, if you ask someone if they believe in Jesus, etc., it is useless because it really doesn’t mean anything because it’s just words. Words are meaningless. Anyone can ace a test if they memorize the answers.

        As for me, I really like what I’m studying and it concerns the “secret to life” and I’m really good at it (I hope). I understand that the matter world is dead, and it seems to make sense. I’m on to great things I hope. I don’t have cognitive dissonance (say one thing but act another way). I have never read the “sacred” texts (Bible, Torah, Koran) and I find them stupid and pointless. I don’t answer questions about them and give blank stares.

        If you wanted to know if there are tons of people like that in America (“smart people”), yes, there are tons of people like that. Unfortunately, the “smart” (logical people) are quiet most of the time.

        What bothers me is the “racial” hatred of people and assuming things about others. I don’t just hate the white supremacists but the other ones as well and I’m aware of them all and I despise them. I know of PEGIDA (Europeans Against Islamization of Europe), UKIP, Front Nationale. I am also aware of the other hateful blogs. An example of this is the blog (an american one) on tumblr called “whatwhiteswillneverknow.” (Oh I bet they know and already read it).

        The reason I decided to post again is that if someone insults you, I feel like you have to defend yourself. I get called a lot of mean things (everyone does), and I think most of these people are “haters” but I have a lot of insecurities on how to handle it (if im quiet and ignore it – am I confirming it rather than ignoring it? (I think so)).

        I think is I didn’t post because I didn’t want to “offend you” and then you call me a “hatred” soul. And what hurts the most is that you said it at the end of your post. Reading it through it, oh this person understands me completely, and oh no, this is is happening again and I feel sad. Not everyone who doesn’t post is a “wimp,” people have correct intuitions on how others will react. I’m not “spanking the monkey” either, some people don’t have time for that (not that I judge others or even care if they do). Unfortunately, ever since facebook and twitter, the internet has become this horrible place mostly but I know how to get around.

        At least unlike other people, you replied and were kind in your other replies, therefore I’m not as angry as I could be. Usually, I think first impressions are what I by, but I’ve had times where I hated something because I didn’t understand it, but then I stopped disliking it.

        So, since you replied in a different way than I expected, no don’t delete it. I learned my lesson and asking to delete it after you explained yourself would be going two-steps backwards. I only reacted to defend to myself.

        I’m going to end our discussion with this:

        “But there is a third order — those godlike men who, in their mightier power, in the keenness of their sight, have clear vision of the splendour above and rise to it from among the cloud and fog of earth and hold firmly to that other world, looking beyond all here, delighted in the place of reality, their native land, like a man returning after long wanderings to the pleasant ways of his own country.”

        and for the important part:

        “2. What is this other place and how it is accessible?
        It is to be reached by those who, born with the nature of the lover, are also authentically philosophic by inherent temper; in pain of love towards beauty but not held by material loveliness, taking refuge from that in things whose beauty is of the soul — such things as virtue, knowledge, institutions, law and custom — and thence, rising still a step, reach to the source of this loveliness of the Soul, thence to whatever be above that again, until the uttermost is reached. The First, the Principle whose beauty is self-springing: this attained, there is an end to the pain inassuageable before.”

        I understand it perfectly. We’re not all stupid. I’m not a “hatred soul” and not because I posted some obscure ancient philosopher.

        I’m going to end our discussion (on my end) with this peaceful (it looks peaceful but it much more powerful than loud music).

        Sorry for writing so much. I have a lot to say. I’m not some “hatred soul.” I will never back down when I see people hurt innocent people (whether they “think” they’re religious or not – emotional or not), and more often than not, the person who makes a comment is reacting to how someone is behaving towards them (like when a football player tugs another’s shirt/shorts to get a reaction). I care about everyone and I don’t see anyone as inferior. I’m not perfect and I’m learning. There are a ton of really smart people and intelligent people all over the world that you may never ever get to meet that may have more answers than YOU and millions of people (at the moment). They know where they’re going and they’re going to succeed. Where I see despair, I see opportunity, and where I see bad things, I see opportunities for better outcomes. When someone does something to me I think is bad, I teach them why it is bad to me. These people who are finding their path are going to save the world and help everyone, even those that just want to take. Let them eat cake until they hate it and learn portion control!

        I’m NOT a “hatred soul.” Good Riddance and Good-Bye.

        “This is the purport of that rule of our Mysteries: Nothing Divulged to the Uninitiate: the Supreme is not to be made a common story, the holy things may not be uncovered to the stranger, to any that has not himself attained to see. There were not two; beholder was one with beheld; it was not a vision compassed but a unity apprehended.”

      • ok then.
        thank you for commenting here.
        you are not a hatred soul, maybe just someone who is missing fun, or a good laugh.
        yes, we Illuminati laugh – mostly about our enemies.
        may your ways be good ones.

  4. Hey!

    Thank you for recanting those harmful words!! (I’m really thankful. Thank You. It means a lot to me)

    I am aware of the contradictions between words and the truth. “The spirit lives, but the letter destroys” (metaphysically speaking). Perceptions can be damaging because if not stopped in their tracks, they can spread and be much more difficult to stop (cults and “religions” do this)

    In case you’re wondering I am from Egypt! Although I am sometimes seen as a foreigner in my own land since I don’t get to visit as often. If I were to born again, I would wish to be Greek during classical Greece or the Hellenistic Age. Maybe become a “hero” and found a city-state (haha!). I guess I do somehow fit the profile (dark-hair, eyes, and tan skin). But, I am definitely Egyptian! I’m “greek” in spirit! I’ll keep dreaming.


  5. Heil und Sieg m6667!

    The USA is certainly the focus of world attention at the current time. My thesis is that the USA is the epitome of “cognitive dissonance” that is prevalent world wide. Specifically, this “Merica” has been a refuge and the origin of superb Mathematicians, Scientists and Engineers. The technological expertise of the USA has been world class for at least 100 years. However, at the same time it has also been the last stronghold of sickening OWO privilege, material excess and devil worship.

    Unfortunately this unholy union of advanced mathematics (particularly applied mathematics) and an unenlightened despotic ruling class means the majority of the productive energy of the USA has been channeled into weapons to subdue and destroy the people of the world.

    Here in the USA the internal propaganda is immense. The domestic brainwashing that occurs would make both Hitler and Stalin jealous of the mind control apparatus that has been implemented here. Very few US people leave the USA in any meaningful way. Sure, some go to Mexico or Canada or the Caribbean for a week or two of drunken debauchery, but very few travel to Europe, South America, Asia, or Africa and genuinely interact and attempt to understand the people that live there and how the USA affects the rest of the world outside its borders.

    Even though the OWO has hijacked the official political and economical apparatuses of the country the power still lies with the people. This not simply a legal technicality. If the American people were to realize what (and whom) they have really been working for in the past 100 years the OWO here would be slaughtered like vermin they are in 48 hours. Most US people are slovenly, ignorant and cowardly. Nonetheless, below the surface most US people actually would agree with our Illuminist philosophy if the confusion of Abrahamism, Materialism and Capitalism were removed.

    It is painful for a Jeffersonian US man as myself to speak the truth, but the shit British royals and their banking systems were never successfully removed from the republic. After the Treaty of Paris in 1783 the Radical Republicans were never successful in removing the commercial and financial elite that remained entrenched in the Thirteen Original Colonies. The Radical Republicans were not successful in putting all of the US resources in supporting the French Revolution. To put it simply, if the US had not been sabotaged by counter revolutionaries and OWO shitheads in 1789 you and I would be having this conversation face to face on an extraterrestrial base somewhere in the far reaches of the galaxy.

    That being said we can still maximize our potential and see mankind bring reason and harmony to all corners of the galaxy. The dialectic is uncompromising. We will defeat the retarded OWO and move through the vast regions outside our terrestrial sphere. We will triumph. Our victory is inevitable.

    Annuit Coeptis

    • Best comment so far. The USA is definitely one of the smartest countries thanks to the smart people we sometimes produce in the S.T.E.M fields, but at the same time, it’s one of the stupidest countries in the world, due to the brainwashing it’s citizens are subjected to. Yet the majority of those people don’t take the time to question things or make an effort to get smarter, thus essentially allowing themselves to be brainwashed. It would help also if more Americans were more aware of what’s happening around the world, instead of just focusing on their country, which is what a lot of Americans do. As you say, more Americans need to travel to foreign countries, even if it only serves to help them understand why most countries hate us. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit South America and Europe. Travelling abroad definitely gave me a bit more of a global perspective, as opposed to a strictly American perspective.

      • Thanks Esoteric for the discourse. I would like to correct a minor error in my above post. The Radical Republicans were a generation after the Revolution and were the faction that most strongly supported freeing the slaves and punishing the Confederate traitors during the Civil War. The group that wanted to cut all financial and commercial ties with the UK and replace them with Revolutionary France were called Democrat-Republicans or Jeffersonian Republicans. These two groups, however, were cut from the same cloth.

        It is hard to see what will be trending in the USA in the next few years. Even though this the best of possible worlds and I know the Aristotelian “Final cause” for all this turbulent mental activity it is appalling to see the pure irrational insanity that is occurring at the highest levels of power in the Western World. As more and more wealth and power is concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer psychopaths at the top they will end up turning on each other. Who knows how that will play out?

    • hey you americans. without the german engineers you would still live in caves…
      STOP – I AM JUST JOKING, before you start to battle me. *laugh*.
      I think in many countries are deveolpments in all directions, see only japan, germany, russia, etc..

      Your example of meeting face to face in a far away spacestation, clearly signalizes at what cost, we have lost this battle.
      As a child i was absulutey sure that in the year 2000 is anything like in star trek, or the likes. And what do we have? The internet.
      What a loss.

  6. As an American it frustrates me to see the ‘gun debate’ being discussed so much. What’s worse, is when liberals are so keen to use it as a scape goat for crime… it’s ironic considering how much your environment/upbringing determines your character – instead of focusing on the core root of the crime problems (like poverty, bad education, abusive parents) such factors would definitely contribute to an unstable individual, especially when you put psychiatric drugs into the mix.

    Guns, while unnecessary in an ideal world, are not the SOURCE of the problem – similar to the war on drugs, except most liberals criticize the drug war, yet wage a war against guns. It’s hypocrisy. When you make something illegal, you simply create demand that the black market fills – in the modern age we have the Dark net where we can purchase guns, drugs, bank accounts etc. online. How the hell is a gun ban going to stop that? It won’t, cos like drugs, despite its tabooness and illegality ppl are willing to break the law to get it.

    If a mass murderer wanted to spray an ak-47 into a crowd somewhere, and he was fucked in the head and wanted to do it really bad, you can be sure he’ll find a way.
    Wouldn’t it make sense to prevent mass shootings and other crime? It’s fucked up how so many ppl think more jails and gun bans are the solution. It clearly isn’t working.

    So in conclusion I think many, many many Americans are lost ”somehow” – I just finished reading Prohibition A and with the election coming up soon in the US, it’s left me wondering how deep the mind control in our society goes – American ppl are some of the most happily ignorant ppl, like they’re on drugs… which is true (Xanax, antidepressants, adderall) considering how western medicine operates. People vote w/ their hearts, not their heads. They’re brain damaged at this point. Perfect sheep willing to follow whichever leader is ‘meant’ to target them.

    I do however, see a rise in libertarianism – a presidential candidate ‘Gary Johnson’ who is one, has %10 of the vote when it was well below that not too long ago. And while Libertarians have some sense w/ personal liberties and stances on being ‘anti-war’ – they won’t support an inheritance tax, and they’re fundamentally all about making money. The Libertarian party is the party of those w/ a lot of money who are inherently selfish. They love their families dearly, but aren’t capable of seeing all of humanity as one of them. Many may say otherwise, but the fact that they oppose health care for all, education for all is pure bullshit. That shit should be the modern standard. Yet, just cos they have the means to pay for the luxuries (should be rights for all) they couldn’t care less if someone is ill and failing in debt… it shouldn’t be that way. It’s inhumane. Yet, it seems the resistance in America is stemming from the Libertarians, the TEA PARTY – which by the way, is funded and ideologicaly in tune w/ The John Birch Society, of whom the Koch Brothers (billionaires who help fund conservative think tanks and propaganda) are a part of. These ppl are the most radical of the right… they want to privatize everything – and are responsible for the NWO fear mongering, watch this: – anyways, it worries me cos it entails that the owo have a foot in the ‘revolutionary’ movement in America, the working class think they will be successful rich ppl like the upper class, so they want a ‘shot’ at working their way into millions.. but chances are they’ll die poor w/ the rich fucking them over still.

    Anyways, these ppl love guns and strive to keep them legal – for a future revolution perhaps? Of course, a Libertarian revolution is what they want, and they will use the armed citizens to establish a permanent conservative party that will be this country’s fall. The Libertarians offer the illusion of material wealth, they don’t seek to empower the poor and common man – they’re in it for themselves.

    Either way both parties suck. Neither offer a solution, neither seek to investigate the problem. Ppl want a quick fix I guess. Pathetic…

      • Hi, m6667, Yes, I saw (protect yourself but don’t enjoy the glory of killing) – I was ranting in agreement – trying to put my own twist on it, as I can currently perceive it – in retrospect, I basically did say what you wrote, – albeit in my own words – though at the time of writing my post I admit I wasn’t fully conscious that I was doing that – once I began writing, I pretty much just let go and that’s what came out – it just seems every time I watch TV there’s a shooting, or they’re discussing banning guns. It’s very irrational to think that would solve anything.

        Like you said about the American Patriot being a real American – I agree, but I also see many ‘patriots’ being misled by the owo – into joining the tea party, even tho many ‘patriots’ are aware of a globalist conspiracy to ( I say end game cos we are already in slavery) usher in an end game, some kind of final push to prevent a real revolution from ever arising. If only those same American patriots could turn their guns on the REAL puppet masters, we would have a better world. I myself, although residing in the South of the USA – am not part of its southern culture, but I admire the independence and skepticism they hold over the powers that be… but again, they’re being duped into supporting their masters. Like you already said w/ different words in regards to Patriots who are not abrahamis being REAL.

        Anyways, It seems normal now to have a shooting almost daily. But we would be wise to keep our guns, yes. Btw, what does CU stand for?

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