Good Girls

Today it is time for art.

I want to introduce to all my fellow readers some 2 great examples of free women.

  1. Metal Sanaz. Somehow a “superstar” in metal music journalism. She still dreams the the dream i am dreaming too – the worldwide unity of musicians/metal musicians/all artists in general. Well, that is not the case. She does the shit for some decades now, and she is from IRAN. Yep, “love you girl” – even if you never heard of my band, which simply does not matter. Regarding to her vid here: Reach her @

Anneke Van Giersbergen. The Siren. A goddess to some, a bitch to others. Great song. Turn up your stereo with full bass and treble and the amount of power you allow yourself to fuck up your neighbours.

Watch jesus rise – if he ever did”                                                                      

Strange machines
it has always been in the back of my mind
dreaming about going to the corners of time
i always wanted to fly in strange machines

i wanna do centuries in a lifetime
and feel it with my hands
touch the world war II and Cleopatra

could it be that my dream would come true
building a machine that would actually do
what i want it to do

russian revolution, let’s do that in one day
Beethoven and Gershwin i think that would be o.k.
more than anything i wanna fly in strange machines

i wanna do centuries in a lifetime
and see it with my eyes
watch Jesus rise, if he ever did

i wanna do centuries in a lifetime
and feel it with my hands
touch renaissance and Chaka Khan


11 responses to “Good Girls

  1. Good post. I’ve heard of Metal Sanaz before, never heard of the other woman and her band. It’s good music, not quite my style of metal, but I enjoyed that song, I’ll check out more of their work. It would be nice if there were more females in the metal scene, especially ones as attractive as these two. Unfortunately the metal scene has a bad reputation of being somewhat bias towards women and also being very elitist in general. Sanaz makes a good point about people’s egos dominating their personality. Many so called “big bands” are like that. Sure they are good musicians, but they should know that doesn’t give them a right to be an asshole. Personally, I make music for myself, as part of my “great work”. I don’t do it for fame, money, or ego gratification. More often than not, being in a band and playing music actually costs me money, but I do it anyways because, as Pho said in one of his songs, “You do it for the love (of music), you do it cuz music is a drug.” It would be nice to see all artists/musicians worldwide unite, but sadly I don’t see it happening anytime soon, because a lot of people in the music/art scene would rather compete against each other instead of support one another. The metal scene where I live is like this, none of the bands support each other, with the exception of about 2 or 3. By the way, if I may ask,( I understand if you cannot or will not talk about this) but will the next album still be out by the end of this year? I noticed the bands facebook page is no longer on there, any reason for that? I read about the departure of Rittmeister, I imagine that may have slowed things down a little. In my opinion though, he was a good vocalist, but he couldn’t get his lows (growls) as low as you did on the previous releases.

    • yep man. music also costs me more money, than getting something out of it.
      i think nowadays there any many women in the metal scene, and lots of attractive ones. see wacken or something compareable.
      i like pho – but i “hate” rap music. damn metal elitists.

      in germany is a big and cool underground scene still.

      to answer you question. the exit of rittmeister does not slowing us down. It is more that our decade long drummer has left the band due health problems. We soon start to record the new album, we will use ezdrummer, which is no problem for recording the cd. 2016 will be the release of the new (double) cd. by the way – wanna play drums? unfortunate that you are not living in germany.

      thx for posting.

  2. I’m sure worldwide there are more women getting into metal, but in the U.S. or at least where I live, there are not many women in the metal scene. I’m sure that in Germany, and in Europe in general, the scenes are much bigger due to Europe being more metal and producing better metal than America. I also do not like or listen to any rap music, with the exception of Pho. I’m am sorry to hear about about Abaris, I hope he makes a good recovery and can come back to playing drums. I’m flattered you would ask me, though I’m pretty sure you were more joking than serious. Either way, I would consider it an extreme honor to be able to join the Brotherhood of the Serpent. I would almost consider leaving everything behind and coming over there for a month or so (or however long it would take) to record the album. I do have relatives in a couple German cities. But surely a good drummer can’t be that hard to find in Germany, is it?

    • hi mike.
      wow. your offering kicks ass. you do not have to leave “everthing behind” for hammering in the drums of the new album.
      you have a computer.
      install multitrack prog “reaper” – you can evalute this thing forever.
      do you have a drumkit, digital or real?
      Further “dropbox” needs to be installed.
      after finishing all needed installations, we can use our “reapers” as one, in realtime.
      over the online “dropbox” anything one of us records will be automatically updated for all other members of “our” dropbox.
      you can also program you drumlines via ezdrummer or something compareable. we are ready. what do you say?
      you know me mike, i wanna know you. do have a video of you playing, or a recording with a band where you did drums?
      would like to see/hear that.

      • I actually have a cracked copy of reaper, version 4.77. I don’t know if this one would work or not, but if need be, I can always get the “multi-track prog” version. Any idea how much they cost? Currently my band uses “Studio One 3” with a 2 port ( 2 mic) Presonus audiobox. That means when doing the drums I can only mic the bass drum and use a second mic as an “overhead”, which seems to pick up snare, toms and crashes ok. And yes, I have a real drumkit. The only problem is I don’t have internet access where I live ( I know, how barbaric), I actually mostly use it through a god damn smartphone. Now I have a laptop which I can take to somewhere with internet, no problem. But would I need to be connected to internet while I record, or could I record, and then connect to internet for you guys to hear the tracks? If it is necessary, I could always have the internet installed in my home. I do not have a video of me playing, but I do have recorded material from both of my bands. I can send them once I figure out how to upload them to internet. I do have Yog’s email, shall I send them to him? You should know my email, feel free to contact me through there. I would like to make this happen, but I would insist all you guys hear my material and then tell me if all of you would think me good enough. I’ll await your reply before I do anything.

  3. As much as like metal music I am going to post something off topic. Has anyone checked the armageddonconspiracy site lately? It simply has the heading Thermidor and “November 2nd the Day of the Dead”. For those who may not know the Day of the Dead is celebrated amongst the Mexican people to honor those who have left this realm. It is heaps of fun. The parades are awesome. What should we make of this brothers and sisters?

    • I actually do not see this. When I go there I see the full article as normal. Must be because I’m using a smartphone? Is the article not there at all for you guys?

      • No there is no article at all. I am accessing the site from a laptop. Maybe the smartphone has something to do with it. For them to announce a specific day that is so close to the present is quite interesting. I agree with M, we should be ready for whatever.

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