Kill “Cypher” – The Gnostic Legion

The Mediocre Minds

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” – Einstein

S: “Of course relativism is popular nowadays as it demands very little merit. It is easy to say ‘I don’t know’ and that there are no absolute truths, only different perspectives. One can never be wrong in such a scenario! It’s child’s play. Taking a solid stance on the other hand and developing a concrete theory on the absolute aspects of existence demands courage and comes with risk. The risk of being wrong. It is not easy and therefore contains more merit (if the theory is reasonable of course, not like Abrahamism). But what else can we expect in a world where feelings matter more than logic?”

“Most people don’t know what they’re doing, and a lot of them are really good at it.” – George Carlin

“It is the natural tendency of the ignorant to believe what is not true. In order to overcome that tendency it is not sufficient to exhibit the true; it is also necessary to expose and denounce the false. To admit that the false has any standing in court, that it ought to be handled gently because millions of morons cherish it and thousands of quacks make their livings propagating it – to admit this, as the more fatuous of the reconcilers of science and religion inevitably do, is to abandon a just cause to its enemies, cravenly and without excuse.” – H. L. Mencken
The Trolls

“We keep the trolls around so everyone can see exactly what we are up against: small minded conspiracy theorists who have nothing better to do all day than come on here and berate us on our own page. We invite healthy skepticism and debate. But most of the time the trolls come here to spew forth their conspiracy bullshit and to thwart what we are doing. Little to their knowledge, they are nothing more than the foot soldiers of the Old World Order, pawns in the hands of powerful men who could give two shits about them. They seem to lack the ability to reason, and even worse lack basic common sense. They shout obscenities and curses at us for actually trying to do something. They accuse us of being ‘controlled opposition’ when in reality they are the ‘controlled opposition’. They rant on and on about insane conspiracy theories and miss the biggest conspiracy right in front of their face: the conspiracy to control the world’s economic policies and put the world in the hands of a few wealthy, individuals. But we want you to be able to see these things. The Old World Order is very powerful, and has such tremendous influence over people with weak wills. Wacky conspiracy theories play right into the hands of the Old World Order, because so long as you are thinking about Lizard people, and shape-shifters, you wont see the truth about what is really going on. They accuse of us trying to create an evil, fascist New World Order, but say nothing about the actual evil, fascist Old World Order that they have been living under their entire lives. When was the last time you questioned your lot in life? When was the last time you spoke up for yourself, your family, and your friends? When was the last time you put the bong down and engaged someone in healthy debate? Probably never. We are all just sheeple and slaves in your eyes, even though it is you that are the sheeple and the slave. These trolls know absolutely nothing about the admins of this page, nor the members of the Movement who are giving their lives to make this world a better place for us all. They don’t know the risks many of us take on a daily basis, the friends and family we have lost, the careers we have given up, the anguish we have gone through to come out of the religions we were raised in, simply because we care about this world of ours. So, keep trolling our page, you are an example for what we are up against.” – The Illuminated Society

“Then you get people who suck the life out of a room. This Movement is full of people who are drainers. Until they’re cleared out and there’s a freshness about, it’s not going to get any better. We need to get rid of all the trolls, snipers, saboteurs, Ignavi, Fifth Columnists, and all the people who have long since run out of energy, passion and enthusiasm.” – Anonymous

“Have you ever had someone post on a thread you created who is mean to everyone trying to have a conversation – name calling and ridiculing, or just plain lying about the information? Have you ever had someone who contacts everyone on your friends list and tells them lies about you? Have you ever had someone who just about every time you post a new thread they’re the first to reply – posting nonsense, or attacks? Have you ever had someone make repeated comments to a thread while never seeming to stay on topic?

“If you can say yes to any of the above questions, you’re likely a victim of paid online cyber-bullying: trolls, gang-stalkers, and counterintelligence agents.

“After going through many hundreds of friend requests each month on Facebook I’ve learned to spot many, not all, but many paid cyber-trolls, gang-stalkers, and counterintelligence agents. I’ve decided to share this information with the public to help you identify them as well, if you too are experiencing the problem. Even if you aren’t, the tools here will be useful to you and your friends to help identify these potentially unsavory types in the future. The more Facebook and internet users learn to identify paid trolls, gang-stalkers and counterintelligence agents, the less we all have to deal with them. By exposing and sharing their methods we make them impotent and ineffectual.

“In this day and age of high technology it’s important that we all realize the reality of, and learn to identify, expose, and stop, cyber-bullies, trolls and counterintelligence – for many reasons. Trolls, cyber-bullies and counterintelligence agents waste billions of your tax dollars to intentionally mislead you on serious public matters. Trolls, cyber-bullies and counterintelligence agents waste huge amounts of your time in productivity, etc. By learning to identify trolls, cyber-bullies and counterintelligence agents, and expose them, we lessen their cost and impact on the rest of society. By exposing trolls, cyber-bullies, and counterintelligence agents, we also expose their misinformation and attempts to mislead us where correct information for proper decision making is of great importance to everyone.

“While this article focuses specifically with Facebook, many of the tools provided here will be relevant across the internet: on Youtube, Twitter, internet forums, news feeds, etc. Please share this article with everyone you know so that we may all benefit and prosper by the identification, and especially removal, of these counterintelligence infestations.

“Psychology: The basic psychology of the paid internet troll, gang-stalker and counterintelligence agent is essentially of someone who gets off on kicking over sand castles and trying to destroy what others build. They’re psychopaths and pseudo-psychopaths (someone under the influence of a psychopath), and, surprisingly, they’re quite often paid for misleading others online.

“Most trolls and counterintelligence agents seemingly have no talent or ability of their own, or at least they haven’t fostered any – but lying, cheating, and misleading – and various other forms of sophism. Often because of their lack of talent or ability, they take jobs with the government. They live off the backs of others who create and do hard work. But their psychopathology leads them to think that they’re doing good by manipulating, rather than uplifting, ‘the herd,’ hence trolls and counterintelligence types are more often than not paid by governments.

“Identification: There are many ways to help you identify trolls and other government employee unsavoury types. Troll, gang-stalker, and counterintelligence agent interactive online tactics include:

“1) Being the first poster on a new thread, and will typically post up irrelevant information, or snide comments to prevent others from commenting or following the thread.

“2) Comments will typically avoid any data or material actually presented. Trolls, cyber-bullies, and counterintel agents will nearly never say anything intelligent about the material itself. Like telemarketers, it’s not about original thought, so they stick to a script – what I call ‘Sticking with Stupid’. Their script says name call, ridicule, lie, etc, but it doesn’t say consider any fact or comment you’ve raised rationally.

“3) Scripted comments will typically attack the presenter with name calling, ridicule, and other fallacious attacks, or just any bit of irrelevant nonsense. Often they seem incapable of even the slightest bit of critical thinking.

“4) Gang-stalkers and cyber-bully agents will often harass other members on your friends-list. They may send your friends direct messages, name call at them, talk shit behind your back – such as try to win them over with some made-up lie that they’re spreading about you or your work.

“5) Counterintelligence agents, trolls, and cyber-bullies, love to hide amongst those who’re misinformed so that they can continue to mislead them – and it gives them a cover – hiding in plain sight. Again, it’s a psychopathology and provisional self-esteem issue, their own and the victim’s, which they love to play on.” – Jan Irvin

“Internet trolls are narcissists, psychopaths, and sadists. Trolls will lie, exaggerate, and offend to get a response.” – Jan Irvin

“How Covert Agents infiltrate the internet to manipulate, deceive, and destroy reputations.” – Jan Irvin


There is no innocent trolling. Trolls are a malignancy, a cancer.

The Holy Glimmers of Goodbyes

On November 2, 2015, the Day of the Dead, we deleted the AC site, with the exception of this page. It will never be returning.

This page will be removed on November 14, and replaced with a short commemoration to Leibniz, who died on that day. By the end of January 2016, the AC site will vanish entirely.

Also on 14th November, the God Series will be terminated prematurely. “How To Create The Universe” will be the final title in the series. The author name “Mike Hockney” will then be permanently retired. There will be no further books by Mike Hockney.

In December, we will release “The Case For Meritocracy” and “Crapitalism” by Michael Faust. The author name “Michael Faust” will then be permanently retired. There will be no further books by Michael Faust.

In January, we will release the final book associated with the AC project. This will be “Contra Mundum” (Against the World) by Adam Weishaupt. The author name Adam Weishaupt will then be permanently retired. There will be no further books by Adam Weishaupt.

We had planned to release 100 books in total, to reflect the 100 cantos of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Due to recent events, we shall now be stopping at 80 books.

The Wreckers and Thought Polluters

To all the people who spent their time trolling us, sabotaging us, undermining us, campaigning against us, bitching about us … well done. We’ve gone!

But now you will have to find a new target. What’s for sure is that none of you will be putting up a free site of two million words on the internet for seekers of the Truth. That’s the difference between the creators and the destroyers. The destroyers are entirely defined by the creators because the destroyers can’t do a thing until the creators build something for the destroyers to attack and wreck.

We could scarcely be more sick of the whiners, whingers, Ignavi and Last Men who have trailed us around for years – stalked us – while they bleated about their hurt feelings because we refused to agree with their self-indulgent, self-serving drivel.

The great thing about being on the side of the creators is that we can bring any of our creations to an end without warning, whenever we like. We can then go and create new things. That’s our nature. As for the destroyers, they are now forsaken. What are they going to attack now – a cyber echo? Well, that’s no fun, is it, guys? No, some other group of creators will now have to suffer from the malignant attentions of these destroyers. The irony of course is that the destroyers will initially claim to be creators too and to loyally serve the cause. But they will never produce anything, and as soon as they don’t get their own way, as soon as they are offended, they will start devoting all of their energy to bringing down the very thing to which they once swore their loyalty. For these people, the destruction of what they once believed in but now reject becomes their only concern. They can’t move on with their lives. They are incapable of being positive people.

Only the creators can change the world. Only they have the vision. The task of the destroyers is to stop them. As Schopenhauer said, “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

The destroyers rule during stages 1 and 2, but in the end some creator somewhere proves victorious. Those who succeed are those who gain enough support to overwhelm the destroyers. If you can’t, you are doomed. The AC project never managed to gain enough support to shake off the destroyers, so deserves to perish. That’s the law of the dialectic. We simply didn’t attract enough of the right people, and in fact we attracted legions of the wrong people. So it goes.

How many people have come to us saying they want to support meritocracy, getting rid of the Old World Order, and promoting reason and mathematics, yet have ended up doing nothing at all to contribute to any of those things, and, instead, have put intense effort into attempting to sabotage us? Way to go, guys. The way to change the world, apparently, is to join a group that wants to change the world and then do everything in your power to destroy that group as soon as it hurts your poor little feelings and self-delusions. The most dangerous enemy of many movements is not the army on the other side of the valley, but the miserable, sad, negative, traitorous cunts in their own ranks.

People wonder why the Illuminati recruit so few people. Well, you have to be intelligent, honourable, noble, loyal, trustworthy, reliable and rational. If you sign up, you can’t then throw your toys out of the pram. Those requirements eliminate about 99% of wannabes. Put it this way, would you recruit you?

Are you one of the people who has plotted and planned to bring us down? Who would ever want someone like you on their side? Even the rats in the sewers would turn away from the likes of you. Diseases would be afraid that you would infect them, rather than the other way around.

For those who are angered that they will be denied the final twenty books we had planned, keep in mind that the destroyers were responsible. If you ask them nicely, perhaps they will write the books. Or maybe not. Some people can do things; others can merely bellyache about those who have the guts to try. High quality books deserve a high quality audience. We found too many of the wrong audience.

The Sinister Elements

We received the following message: “I am sorry for bothering you with such insignificant things. But, when people try to misrepresent the AC site with personal agendas and attribute quotes to the representatives and writers of the AC site, especially when these people claim to be the true representatives of Illuminism, it is worthwhile and valid for you respond to such manipulations. … There are those that are trying to define Illuminism and meritocracy with personal agendas, and, as such, they are trying to adulterate the truths expressed in the AC site and book series with their personal biases and subjectivities. And, of course, there are those people like ‘X’ that are using the ideas of the AC site, while mixing it with his own personal mythos and biased interpretations, to make money and gain fame. And I sense that there are other people that may try to use certain truths expressed on the AC site and in the book series as weapons to try to not only destroy the truths expressed in these materials in the public domain, but I sense that such people could even have more nefarious agendas. And for this reason, among many others, it it crucial to keep ultimate truths secretive, while giving a glimpse of the correct path to follow for the true seekers with the material on the AC site and in the book series. All of this goes without stating the obvious, but, for my personal growth and becoming, I will pursue and try to truly understand the original source material that is represented in the AC site and book series on my path of discovery. And I will refer the true seekers to this source material. Not only does this material ring the bell of truth in my soul, but it answers questions for my seeking soul, as I am sure that it does for many people.”

Our correspondent has detected the toxic machinations being directed against us from within the ranks of those claiming to support us. It’s time to bring this farce to an end. You must make your choice. If you want to have any association with us, you must reject those who are patently following their own agenda, which has no connection with ours, and is often the opposite.

We envisage, and we seriously hope, that 90% of the people associated with our movement will now leave it. We only want serious movers and shakers, not clowns jeering from the sidelines, and trying to sabotage everything we do.

Our movement cannot succeed until all the false friends – the people smiling at you while they stab you in the back – are purged. We are removing ourselves from the equation to defuse the laughable claim that we are some kind of cult. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh ran a cult. When have you ever found us asking you to buy us gold Rolls Royces? How can a cult be based on anonymous people who haven’t asked you for anything, and haven’t asked you to believe in anything? Since when did cults vanish in front of your eyes? How can ontological mathematics and the Principle of Sufficient Reason constitute a cult?


The problem of existence is the problem of math. According to science, some mysterious, indefinable and inexplicable thing called “matter” is what existence is all about. Science has never once attempted to address the unarguable case advanced by idealists that scientific matter doesn’t exist, and, even if it did, we could never know anything about it since it would always be mediated by our minds and thoughts, and we could never have any knowledge of what it is like in itself, independent of how our minds represent it. According to Abrahamists, some mysterious, indefinable and inexplicable thing called “God” is what existence is all about. According to Eastern Religion, some mysterious, indefinable and inexplicable thing called the Oneness is what existence is all about. Mathematics alone can tell you what things actually are. Mathematics can define and explain. Nothing else can. Whenever science seeks to say anything meaningful, you can be sure it will be using mathematics. Religion never says anything meaningful because it never uses mathematics. Religion is what science would be if you removed mathematics from it.

It’s the human tragedy that people are willing to use mathematics without having any clue what it is, where it comes from and how can it exist at all. The commonplace idea that math is a manmade language is comically dumb. We know what manmade languages are like: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, and so on. None of these has any resemblance whatsoever to math. How can a human being invent pi or e? How can a human pluck Euler’s Formula out of nothing? The reason why people are so keen to say that math is manmade is because if they’re wrong then the converse is true: man is mathmade! That is, of course, exactly the position of ontological mathematics, and it represents the highest possible wisdom. Anyone who opposes us opposes reason itself, and we simply have no time for the irrational.

Don’t bother with meditation or prayer. If you want something to contemplate then contemplate mathematics. To all those who doubt mathematics, we simply ask, “Why?” What possible reason could you have for thinking that anything other than math is the basis of existence? Anything you propose as an alternative to math will be irrational, illogical, inconsistent and incomplete. So, if you want to be supporting a rational, rather than miraculous, answer to existence, you have nowhere to go but math. Science is intelligible only to the extent that it uses math. When it strays from math, it starts saying insane things such as that existence randomly and magically erupts out of non-existence for no reason, via no mechanism, for no purpose. It then tries to suppress all analysis of this ludicrous stance by making yet another ludicrous claim that it’s invalid and meaningless to refer to anything “before” the Big Bang. The scientists who say this ought to try studying philosophy before making absurd philosophical assertions. “Time” and “space” are not ontologically and epistemologically defined in any way by science (they are “defined” instrumentally, which tells you how to measure them but not what they are), so how can you say that you can’t refer to anything preceding time if you haven’t bothered to explain what time is? Where have you proved that a time precursor doesn’t exist (this being the very thing that gives rises to time)?

Time is in fact created by mathematics. It’s simply a mathematical property associated with imaginary numbers. We would like to see any scientist on earth prove that time doesn’t derive from eternal mathematics and imaginary numbers, and, if they can’t, they should shut their mouths about whether it’s valid to ask what comes before the Big Bang.
The Fifth Column“A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group – such as a nation or a besieged city – from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine. Forces gathered in secret can mobilize openly to assist an external attack. … Clandestine fifth column activities can involve acts of sabotage, disinformation, or espionage executed within defense lines by secret sympathizers with an external force.” – Wikipedia


One person can take the primary “credit” for our decision to delete the AC site. We shall not name this person. He’s the sort of egotist who would love his name appearing on the AC site. We shall instead refer to him as “Cypher” because he’s a nought, a nothing, a nobody, a nonentity, and he’s rather like the creepy traitor in The Matrix who preferred living in a fantasy world to the Truth.

We wouldn’t normally bother in the slightest about the bleatings of this pathetic clown were it not for the fact that he happens to be the organizer of a proposed conference about “Illuminism” in America.

The fact that this person wasn’t laughed off the stage means that the online Illuminist community is rotten to the core, totally fucked, and absolutely worthless. And that means that the AC project, in its public aspect, has been a grotesque and monumental failure. It has, after all these years, become inverted. It has turned into a platform for a person whose “philosophy” (if one can dignify it with that word) is the opposite of ours. We have simply wasted our time. We have been pissing into the wind. So it’s time to bring down the curtain on this tragi-comedy.

We shall call this person’s “philosophy” Cypherism. It’s the usual mixture of empiricism, relativism, solipsism, nihilism, New Ageism, and total anti-rationalism. This person’s strategy is as follows. His task is to redefine our work as “Hockneyism”, as he calls it, while he declares his Cypherism to be the real “Illuminism”. His proposed conference is where this plan is to reach its culmination.

Here’s a flavour of Cypher’s hatred of our movement: “If you ever find that you have the stomach to actually read through all the Hockney books and write a criticism, WDL, I’ll be happy to assist in what ways I can.”

Cypher: “I’ve decided to steal an idea I’ve seen employed elsewhere, and reply to my emails in the text of an ebook that I will make available for purchase from Amazon. The text will include misleading and non-contextual excerpts from the original messages, followed by my scathingly insulting and dismissive replies. I’m calling it ‘The Illuminati Series.'”

This, believe it or not, truly is the person behind a conference purporting to promote our work … and fully accepted as such by people who claim to support our work.

As we have said, his plan is to use the platform afforded to him to trash our work, and replace it with his personal ideology of Cypherism.

A correspondent sent us the following profoundly disturbing message.

“I hope that I am not bothering you with what may seem like an irrelevant question at face value. However, for me, this question holds a degree of relevance, and if you could answer this question for me, I would greatly appreciate it.

“To give some background information about the question that I would like to ask you, I will simply say that I was taking a counter position to some people in The Pub Reloaded with respect to Brent Paris and his form of Illuminism. One of the present administrators of The Pub is promoting (along with a few other people) a conference in Colorado next September, and I gave some open objections in The Pub against the organizers of the Illuminism Conference for not including one of our best people in ontological mathematics as a speaker at the conference, and I suggested that Brent Paris did not follow the true form of Illuminism represented in The Armageddon Conspiracy website and in the book series. And, as you can imagine, a bit of a firestorm erupted among the organizers of the upcoming Illuminism conference when I gave my objections, for they are using forums like the Facebook group The Pub Reloaded to advertise their conference, and, as such, they did not like what they considered my deconstruction of their proposed plans to use Brent Paris to interpret Illuminism at their conference. And even though I only gave weak objection to their motives with respect to their agenda for the Illuminism Conference and their inclusion of Brent Paris as a representative of Illuminism, the extreme response of the organizers of this conference to my in initial faint questioning of the inclusion of Brent Paris as a representative of Illuminism was revealing to me.

Why am I bothering you with all of this? Well, one of the present administrators of The Pub, who also happens to be one of the main organizers of The Illuminism Conference in Colorado next September, sent me a quote from a letter that he received, and he said that the quote was meant for me. And he did not directly say that this quote from this letter was from you, but he implied that you may have been the author of this letter and and quote. And he said that the following quote was meant for me and that it referred to not only me but that it also referred to the person in our group that I was in support of because I think that he has a good grasp of ontological mathematics and that I think that he would be a better representative of Illuminism than Brent Paris at the Conference. Here is the quote in question:

“Get real, grow some fucking balls ya twat. Stop sabatoaging (sic) the efforts of others simply because some cunt of a ego stealer – yes – a man who claims to be an expert on MY work is a stealer – though the currency he seeks is reputation and adoration – he has no FUCKING respect for a pissant bleater like yourself. So get a fucking life. We have no interest in simpering fools”

May I ask you, if you are indeed the writer of the above quote in question? And may I ask you, if you are indeed the writer of the above quote, was the quote directed at me?

I am embarrassed, for I cravenly capitulated with respect to my objections in The Pub to Brent Paris’ form of illuminism and to he being the keynote speaker at the Illuminism Conference after the present administrator of The Pub implied that the above quote was included in a letter to him from you and written for me. And I am basing how I will proceed with this administrator and with my future posts in The Pub when I receive confirmation from you if the above quote was written or not written by you and directed or not directed to me. I suspect that this quote was a feeble attempt by the present administrator of The Pub to shut me up and keep me from giving objections in The Pub to Brent Paris as a keynote speaker at the Illuminism conference. If anything, if you did indeed write the above quote, I sense that you would write such a quote about Brent Paris.

I feel a need to apologize to you for bothering you with this minor and silly drama with some stupid Facebook group. And I already sense what is going on with the administrator that sent me the above quote. However, before I proceed with my plans, I thought that it might be a good idea to get your feedback on the above quote and to find out if it is indeed you who wrote the quote. I sense some manipulation going on by the present administrator of The Pub, for he has an agenda, and before I proceed further with my response to his tactics, I need to he sure if the above quote was or was not written by you.”

We reassured our correspondent that we had absolutely nothing to do with the pathetic and demented comment directed at him. The savage, ridiculous message he received shows how warped and despicable is the controlling mind behind this proposed conference, and how no tactics, no matter how loathsome, are off limits to this person. We have seen plenty of evidence of the creepy, sly, vile way in which this person operates, all fully concordant with the disgraceful message sent to our correspondent. It’s shameful to us that such people have been allowed to take such a grip on our online movement. Well, not in our name. We utterly repudiate these people. If this cancer cannot be removed then the movement must die.

Our correspondent was of course right on the mark. This conference has nothing to with our work, and will be about discrediting so-called “Hockneyism” while establishing an entirely different version of Illuminism based on Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Mythos, and totally rejecting ontological mathematics, i.e. it will be the usual New Age, hippie, psychonaut crap. Sadly, many self-declared “Illuminists” are much more receptive to this ancient, idiotic drivel than they are to hyperrationalism and ontological mathematics. They would much rather close their eyes, meditate, and chant “om” than pick up a book on Fourier mathematics.

What has been definitively proved is that the person who messaged our correspondent is someone who is prepared to fake material in our name to serve his own ends, and you can be sure that he will now be releasing a deluge of similar fraudulent material. Fake accounts will be popping up everywhere, but you will know exactly who is behind them: Cypher and his little gang of plotters. As the Duke of Wellington said, “Publish and be damned.” We don’t care what these insects have to say. One day they will crawl back under their stone.

These are exactly the scumbags and vermin who block the path to progress. They have no interest in bringing down the Old World Order, but plenty of interest in bringing us down. In fact, it’s their sole obsession. And they will be redoubling their efforts now. They will be doing it 24/7, and thinking of nothing else. So it goes with these talentless nobodies with no ideas of their own, no principles, and no honour.

It’s no accident that ontological mathematics does not feature at all in the agenda of this ludicrous conference. After all, this is what Cypher has to say about ontological mathematics: “Ontological Mathematics remains an irrelevant model, irrespective of its truth. What’s relevant to my life is the set of things I can actually experience.”

Cypher has zero understanding of mathematics, and no comprehension of ontological mathematics. He wants to take Gnosticism back to the Dark Ages of Mythos and mysticism, which is the comfort zone for all charlatans. When it comes to math, you actually have to know what you’re talking about. You can’t bullshit. You can’t talk about your feelings and experiences. These are 100% irrelevant. Cypher has no leverage and power when ontological mathematics is on the agenda because he knows nothing about it.

Here’s Cypher’s “philosophy”: “Though it may seem hard to believe, there is no single correct way to understand the world. Different people will interpret the same set of signals in different ways, and there is no reason to believe only one will be right. As long as your perception fits the facts of your experience, you can base it on whatever assumptions you care to make. Interpretation is completely yours to control, which means your perception of the world is open to modification. It is determined by which framework of beliefs and assumptions you choose to apply. These affect how you understand your situation and how you perceive the options available to you. The decisions you make – and therefore, how you manifest your Free Will – depend on what you choose to believe about yourself and the world. Thus, the next step on our path to self-empowerment is to examine our beliefs and see if they’re worth keeping. To do that, we need to consider how we acquired them in the first place.” This is the ridiculous, irrationalist, relativist, empiricist twaddle that Cypher seeks to promote. It’s not even worthy of a Freshman. This is Cypher’s ontology and epistemology, the words of “wisdom” with which he will supposedly change the world.

Cypher’s tragedy of course is that he is all too aware that he lacks the intellectual horsepower to be a player, but he certainly doesn’t lack the malice and spite to be a destroyer and wrecker, and that’s the role he has chosen for himself.

Isn’t it amazing that people can watch The Matrix and swear, “I will never be like Cypher”, yet that’s exactly the person they turn out to be: the vile, loathsome traitor.

A man’s character is his fate, said Heraclitus. Cypher and his gang are the lowest of characters, consumed by pettiness. The moment they felt slighted by us, they abandoned the cause of overthrowing the Old World Order and acquired a new cause … overthrowing us. That’s what these people are like. They are ruled by their feelings. They have no principles. They play at having a cause when their only real cause is the preservation of their own vanity. If you embarrass them, they don’t try to get stronger and better, they just become sneaky and creepy, and start hatching their pathetic little plots. Cypher began explicitly plotting against us in May 2014, and found a little clique of similar malcontents eager to assist him. These Last Men all felt equally insulted by us, and their only motivation in life is to avenge themselves. That’s the level at which these nonenties work. Emotion is everything to them. They are totally estranged from reason and from any sacred cause.

Cypher’s fate is to always be a maligant footnote in the history of the AC project. Every movement needs a loathsome rat that everyone can point to … and Cypher has provided ours.

The most depressing aspect is that Cypher’s plan is so amateurish. Although he often operates covertly, he just as often openly attacks our position, yet only a handful of people, such as our correspondent, seem to be aware of this. (We must congratulate our correspondent for his astute insights into what was really going on in “the Pub”.) How can a person who has campaigned against us for years and who has a pathological hatred for “Mike Hockney” be entertained as an organizer of a conference on our work? It’s self-evident that it will be a hatchet job on our work, yet barely anyone notices or even cares. Of course, not a single thing we say will actually be debated or refuted. It will simply be the usual ad hominem onslaught … the desperate tactic of those who have completely lost the argument.

Cypher and his gang are beneath contempt. It appals us that we ever attracted such people. How we wish that these people had attached themselves to something else rather than ruining our work. But what’s done is done, so now we’re moving on. New projects will appear in the future, but we will never again be allowing irrational, emotional, bleating little dogs to gain any traction. We now know exactly what to look for … the fundamental character flaws in these people that, in retrospect, were obvious from Day One.

All of the people who plotted against us were the same people who years ago wrote to us saying how inspired they were by our cause, how eager they were to help, and how they pledged their loyalty to our cause. Well, as the saying goes, with “friends” like those, who needs enemies?


It’s extraordinary that the Cypher Gang ever imagined that they could get away with this fraudulent conference, supposedly being conducted in our name. Why would we ever approve of anything involving Cypher? We dread to imagine how many obnoxious messages Cypher sent to people, claiming they came from us, and trying to bully them into compliance. Thankfully, our correspondent didn’t fall for it. Top marks!

The Error

We committed a disastrous tactical error in believing that followers of Eastern religion could migrate to mathematical, rationalist Illuminism. We have discovered that these people are some of the most irrational people you can possibly encounter. So, we now have to declare our absolute contempt for all anti-mathematical Eastern religions, with all their mystical nonsense that has failed, failed, and failed again for thousands of years. You cannot be a rationalist Illuminist if you subscribe to the empiricist, relativist garbage with which Eastern religion is full, and which Cypher loves so much, as all bullshitters do … because no one can contradict your own personal experiences. All the followers of Eastern religion should go and join Cypher’s clique.

Dunning-Kruger Effect

Our work naturally triggers the Dunning-Kruger effect in wannabes … people who imagine themselves much more significant than they actually are. Wikipedia says, “The Dunning-Kruger effect is a cognitive bias wherein relatively unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability to be much higher than is accurate. Dunning and Kruger attributed the bias to the metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their own ineptitude and evaluate their own ability accurately. Their research also suggests that conversely, highly skilled individuals may underestimate their relative competence, erroneously assuming that tasks that are easy for them also are easy for others. The bias was first experimentally observed by David Dunning and Justin Kruger of Cornell University in 1999.

“Dunning and Kruger have postulated that the effect is the result of internal illusion in the unskilled, and external misperception in the skilled: ‘The miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others.’

The people who most hate our work are the most incompetent. They are the people who most believe their own propaganda. They can’t actually refute anything we say. They just call us cunts as loudly as they can. These clowns actually believe they can bring down ontological mathematics and the principle of sufficient reason. That’s how irrational they are. They are always driven by their emotions.


PJ: “Most people just don’t get AC. It’s too much for them. Those who understand something of it often enter into state of cognitive dissonance. Then they regress to a previous state, where they were more sure of themselves. They often try to fight AC to kill their deep conflicts. Two qualities are needed to understand AC: intelligence and honesty. Many people accuse AC of being blunt and judgmental, Hockney of being a cunt. The truth is that those people project the slaps that they should be receiving, and disguise it. Hockney is a cunt, they say, because his work hurts others. Bullshit. They call Hockney a cunt because his work hurts them and they can’t deal with it. If those people were honest they should be seeing this.”

PJ is exactly right. The worst thing of all for these people who project their shit onto us is that our opinion obviously means so much to them. They would love us to respect them, and they are devastated that we have no time for them at all.

If you don’t want people to call you a cunt, be an inoffensive sheep all your life, and let people walk all over you. If you’re sick and tired of all the bullshit, then know that you’re definitely going to offend the weak and the meek, the rich and the powerful, the established interests, and you’re definitely going to be called a cunt. All the shit in the world will come your way.

Nietzsche would certainly have been called a cunt if he were writing today. As he said in The Antichrist, “Pity preserves things that are ripe for decline, it defends things that have been disowned and condemned by life, and it gives a depressive and questionable character to life itself by keeping alive an abundance of failures of every type. People have dared to call pity a virtue… people have gone even further, making it into THE virtue, the foundation and source of all virtues, – but of course you always have to keep in mind that this was the perspective of a nihilistic philosophy that inscribed the negation of life on its shield. Schopenhauer was right here: pity negates life, it makes life worthy of negation, – pity is the practice of nihilism. Once more: this depressive and contagious instinct runs counter to the instincts that preserve and enhance the value of life: by multiplying misery just as much as by conserving everything miserable, pity is one of the main tools used to increase decadence – pity wins people over to nothingness! … You do not say ‘nothingness’ : instead you say ‘the beyond’; or ‘God’; or ‘the true life’; or nirvana, salvation, blessedness … This innocent rhetoric from the realm of religious-moral idiosyncrasy suddenly appears much less innocent when you see precisely which tendencies are wrapped up inside these sublime words: tendencies hostile to life.”

We don’t always agree with Nietzsche, but what an inspiration. We would rather stand alongside him as one of the cunts than stand with the pusillanimous herd of Last Men: the politically correct who take offence at anything at all, those who revel in the culture of outrage. They always feel they are being harassed and bullied, and never once question or admit their own disreputable conduct.

Ken Wilber

The New Age thinker Ken Wilber has been hounded by a Dutchman called Frank Visser for many years now. Visser was once Wilber’s biggest fan, and now he is his biggest enemy. According to Visser, he is advancing Wilber’s cause. In fact, he is doing nothing but harming it. Wilber, rightly, despises him. Visser is only interested in serving his own agenda, yet is entirely parasitical upon Wilber. No one would have the slightest interest in Visser’s own ideas. We see exactly the same type of thing in relation to our work. If you have your own agenda to espouse, go and do it … on your own. Don’t attach yourself to our cause and then do everything you can to subvert and undermine it, while you promote yourself. We’re sick of the various Vissers who have stalked us for years, always seeking ways to big themselves up and bring us down. The wonderful thing is that we don’t have to put up with it any more. We can simply stop. And that’s exactly what we are doing. Now all the rats will have to leave the sinking ship and swim for it. Either support a cause, or don’t. Don’t claim to be a supporter and then, like Visser, do nothing but attack the cause.

Killing God

Only a God can kill a God. You must become a new God before you can destroy the old God. Nietzsche, when he killed God, ought to have proclaimed himself a God, but Nietzsche was an atheist. Since he did not believe in his own divinity, yet he knew that only the divine can assassinate the old divinities, he went mad.

The “Superman” was Nietzsche’s version of a God. If he hadn’t been an atheist, he would simply have called his Superman “God”. After all, by way of eternal recurrence, the Superman enjoys eternal life. You wouldn’t find many atheists – certainly none like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris – advocating immortal, indestructible super humans caught in an endlessly repeating time loop. God seems a whole lot simpler!

Ontological mathematics – a self-solving, self-optimising, living mathematical system – ensures that we all become perfect in the end … mathematically perfect, which is the only actual perfection. Objective mathematical perfection is subjectively experienced by mathematical souls (monads) as divinity. The End of the Universe, the Last Judgment, is a purely mathematical exercise, and corresponds to perfect mathematical symmetry across the entire universe and all monads. Whether you like it or not, mathematics is going to cure you of whatever nonsense you subjectively believe in. Math will judge you and remedy you all of your ills. Math will turn you into a God – a fully optimised monad – inhabiting a universal Community of Gods, all living in a perfect paradise. Mathematics is the instrument of divinity.

Mathematics, ontologically, is made of monads, and math can convert each of these monadic souls into a God by allowing each and every monad to find the answer to itself (the meaning of life!), and thus fully actualising its potential. Math, the cosmic Alchemist, turns base metal into Gold, bare souls into full souls, and full souls are Gods!

The Replacement

We hope all the followers of Cypher’s gang – the operatives of the controllers of the Matrix – are happy with the destruction of the AC project brought about by them. You can be sure no one will be interested in whatever pathetic, half-baked New Age bullshit they will attempt to put in its place. The good thing is that now their that plot is fully exposed, they can no longer hide behind us. They now have to state what they actually stand for. Don’t hold your breath. These people stand for nothing other than their united opposition to us. When we are gone, the vacuum at the core of these people will be all too evident. They are wreckers, not builders. Look at how productive we have been over the last seven years. What about them? Where are their achievements? There aren’t any.


All revolutions have to deal with the counter revolutionaries … the traitors and saboteurs, whose only cause is their own ego.

The Plotters

Now that the plot against us has been revealed, all of the plotters will have to defend their plot and state their agenda and “philosophy”. Above all, they will have to state why instead of campaigning for meritocracy and against the Old World, and for introducing a New Age of Reason and Enlightenment based on ontological mathematics (the replacement for atheistic, nihilistic scientific materialism), they have instead chosen to devote their energy to overthrowing US. Way to go, guys. Well, we all know why. You all felt individually insulted by us and, like all the Muslim morons who engage in “honour killing”, your absolute compulsion became that of bringing us down. What a pathetic, embarrassing, squalid little gang. We sought rationalists, and we got these vile emotional pygmies, all puffed up with their own imagined self-importance, despite having no achievements to their names. Here’s a news flash for you, guys – meritocracy is about doing great things (such as providing 2 million words of the highest wisdom for free on the internet), and supporting all talented people. It’s not about sordid, grubby little conspirators, wallowing in their own talentlessness and raging against anyone who slights them.

Go on, treat our audience – the exact one you are hoping to steal – to your wondrous, inspirational vision. And, of course, you mustn’t make a single reference to anything espoused by us because that would simply be preverse and perverted. You see, we already know three sure facts about you: you are talentless, you are without honour, and no one could ever trust you. You are nothing but the lazy cut and paste gang. And that means you will never accomplish anything. We are so glad we are not people like you. Every day we would vomit whenever we looked in the mirror. You are hero wannabes, but heroes have dignity, courage and talent. They can actually do things. They can carry out the hero’s journey instead of joining a cause and then betraying it because someone offended their vast egos.

We are immensely looking forward to Cypher’s two million words on Cypherism. Will Cypher be the new Buddha? Maybe the new Osho?


We proposed a revolutionary 100% inheritance tax to get rid of the rich elites once and for all. For our troubles, we attracted a group of conspirators who willed the 100% destruction of us. We must ask for whom are these people working. Are they actually paid agents of the OWO? Are there groups like this all over the world, attaching themselves to resistance groups then destroying them from within? These people should all be called out and made to explain themselves. We have provided 8 million published words detailing our position. Where are the published words of these creepy stalkers? Are they carrying out an OWO sabotage script?

We have striven to bring about a New World Order, fair and just to everyone, and allowing the genuinely most talented to reach the top. What have our enemies striven for? To stop us! Go figure.

All talentless people are threatened by talent, which is why they try to crush it. Our talentless opponents have nothing to offer. They are thieves in the night, and lowborn scoundrels and malefactors. They are black hats, serving the agenda of the ruling elite.

Nowhere To Hide

The plotters have now been revealed for all to see. They have nowhere to hide. You are the ones who will decide their fate. You will either keep them as friends and support them, or you will cast them into the outer darkness.

The Opposite of the Hero

Just as the hero has a journey to go on, with all of its various stages, so does the traitor (the Cypher) … the sworn enemy of the hero. Whatever the hero builds, the traitor seeks to wreck.

Which journey are you on? Are you singing the hero’s song, or have you been playing the traitor’s tune all along? That’s for you to make clear.

No Force

It’s a simple fact that there is no motive force in this Movement without us. There would be nothing without us, if we had not gone to all the effort, trouble and sacrifice to create it. When you have written eight million words in eight years, you are qualified to tell us something about what is involved in such a monumental, astounding, unprecedented task. Otherwise, shut your fucking mouth. Walk the walk, or get to fuck. We’ve all heard your silly talk, now back it up with something substantive or fuck off back to your sewer.

A conference about Illuminism that does nothing but attack us is a contradiction in terms. Go and create your own cause. Stop being parasites. Do you have no self respect? But that’s the whole problem … you are talentless nobodies without honour and without dignity. You can’t bear our creation, so you have to drag it down to your gutter level.

The Dead Day

On this Day of Dead, everyone who has come to our cause and then betrayed it is dead to us forever. There is no way back.

If you somehow got innocently caught up in the plot and didn’t see what the plotters were up to, then now is the time to denounce them. If not, you have shown which side you are on.

The Chance

The wonderful thing about exposing treachery is that it allows for total clarity. Everyone gets to see what is at stake, and what the opposing sides are. Everyone is forced to make a choice. They have to come off the fence. They can no longer follow the path of the Ignavi.

Well, what choice have you made?

No Thanks

We put two million words for free on the internet, and the only thanks we got was to be trailed around for years by creeps, traitors, stalkers, weirdos, trolls and saboteurs. Who would be a creator in a world of destroyers?


Those people who have plotted against us should, if they have any integrity at all, now leave our movement entirely, remove any material they have used that involves our work, and get on with their lives. Of course, that’s never going to happen. These people have no integrity and won’t be going anywhere. They are trivial people with trivial lives, pointless people with pointless lives, poisonous people with poisonous lives. They are low lives and pond scum.

No Achievement

If you have no interest in doing anything with your life, don’t come near us. If you love sabotaging things and wrecking stuff, go and join Cypher and his gang.


If you are people with a serious cause, rather than just larking around on Facebook and passing the time of day with vacuous nonsense, go through all of your Facebook friends and check whether or not the conspirators are prominent “friends” of yours. Well, what are you going to do if they are? Pretend that nothing has changed, or unfriend them, and block them forever? It’s entirely your choice, but your choice says everything about what kind of person you are.

The Future

The AC project will now be giving way to a new initiative. A new group of heroic, talented, smart individuals are carrying forward the cause. We wish them the very best. They are in the position to avoid all of the mistakes we made. They are the mighty Gnostic Legion.

“The Age of Aquarius, the promised Age of Reason, has been born into a Dark Age of Reason. Scientific materialism fights tooth and nail to have no god, and to do so it has resorted to denying life, mind, and free will. Human life is reduced to a mere mechanism. This dehumanization forces the mind to resign itself from the world and from looking for anything more, and plays perfectly into the hands of decadence. Materialism reigns, and its adherents strangle life and mind just to turn a profit. Countless millions are asked to swallow austerity so that the few can carry on business as usual. The biosphere is being destroyed for the sake of a bank balance. Religion today stands opposed to rationality. Spirituality is sold for rocks and it worships obscurantism. Faith is promoted as a means to secure unjustified and manifestly false beliefs just so that you can have the feeling of being right. Monotheism poisons the minds of a myriad. Our world is dying, and instead of being revived by an Enlightenment, it is being choked by an Endarkenment. It doesn’t have to be this way.

“Gnosticism has always been a radical and revolutionary religion and worldview, but it’s rarely stepped out of the shadows to assert its place in the world. Gnosticism rarely presents itself in the form of activism, but we’re flouting esoteric tradition because the world needs a tangible alternative to scientific materialism and faith-based religion. Science and religion are complementary within the mathematical idealism espoused by the Illuminati, and all of the insights of Gnosticism are preserved and extended through the emphasis on mathematical intuition. The fourfold virtue ethics of Aristotle are a sine qua non of the Gnostic life. Environmental devastation is inexcusable, and so is austerity and decadence. Moderation, fairness, and justice are all essential to Illuminism. Illuminism is the worldview that undoes the twisted falsehoods promoted by popular religions, by misled scientific materialism, and by cynical politicians and businessmen. It is mathematical Gnosticism, expressed through ontological mathematics. It’s time to begin the Luciferian Rebellion, and in the name of humanity, we shall set the world aright.

“The Gnostic Legion is the radical activism wing of Illuminism, and is run by radical Illuminists. The Egyptian god Set was once portrayed as a heroic warrior in service of Ra, and would spear the great serpent Apophis every night. We are Set, and materialism and monotheism is our Apophis. We will raise a grass-roots, popular movement across all four corners of the world. This movement is to spread Gnosticism and Meritocracy, and resist monotheism and capitalism. We will ensure fairness and secure justice, and resist the tyranny of greed and faith-based religion. We insist on a world of free-thinking and autonomous individuals. We will protect the vulnerable and bring exploiters to justice. We are the front line of the Second Enlightenment.

“The Gnostic Legion is dedicated to finding activists around the world who have read and engaged with the entirety of the Illuminati’s material. Those who have read and broadly agree with the thoughts espoused on the Armageddon Conspiracy website are free to apply. Knowledge, however, is not enough. Acting upon the will on its own, too, is not enough. Knowing and doing together constitute the power of the revolutionary. Joining us entails that you will be trained and built up for successful activism work. Provided that you pass our tests and show your worth, the successful applicant will be entrusted with roles in their respective division and with specific tasks.

“You can find us here:

The Movement by The Gnostic Legion

On the AC/GS, the reader will come across “The Movement” as being frequently mentioned. The Movement was a name broadly given to anyone and everyone who wanted to join in trying to change our world under the principles of Meritocracy. It was the word of the revolution. We say “was,” because The Movement is well and truly dead – and it died long before our arrival.

The AC site was released in 2008, and since then, three authors (Mike Hockney, Adam Weishaupt, and Michael Faust) have been hard at work writing over 70 books in total so far, with more coming. The Movement, on the other hand, has produced absolutely nothing of note. Some may dispute as to what and who The Movement is. Since there is no definitive distinction (because it was a catch-all name for the revolution), it is indeed difficult to define. When we refer to “The Movement” in this article, we are collectively including everyone who is associated with these books and various pages in any way – every online group, every page, every person (simply for ease of definition). Here, we will outline the problems with The Movement, what it has become, why it has failed, and why The Gnostic Legion even exists.

(Note: There are several exceptions here. One is the group known as The Movement Rebooted. To our knowledge, these people are not attached to the others in any meaningful way, and have produced a few quality things so far. We would consider working with them in the future if a common purpose were to arise. The following piece does not apply to or reflect on them, despite their name. We consider them to be a group that is capable of achieving great things if they become more organised.

The others are the Meritocracy International and their website,, which are featured on our page, but these are individuals who have already distanced themselves from The Movement, and even the AC a while ago, so are not a part of it by any definition. They only grew from the context of The Movement several years ago.

Lastly, an honourable mention goes to certain individuals who have done some positive work here or there of their own accord. The sites we feature and support are the works of such people. Collectively, however, all of the aforementioned groups and people who have made significant contributions constitute no more than perhaps 20 individuals at different points in time over the years, all of them scattered here and there. It is the hundreds and hundreds of others who have swarmed online Illuminism/Meritocratic activism that we refer to in this article.)

A newcomer reading these words will be caught up on the history of events thus far. It is with honesty, integrity, truth, and justice that we write the following. Any tyranny opposed to the people must be vanquished, and The Movement has indeed turned into a tyranny.

“He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster … when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you” – Nietzsche

That sums the members of The Movement up rather well. They have become the monsters they sought to fight.

In the video game community, there are people known as “modders.” These individuals make mods (short for “modifications”) to video games, such as adding extra content, extra characters, extra areas, etc.

They don’t do it for any monetary reward. They don’t do it for anything, really, except their love of the game. Other people can then download and apply these mods to their video game, enhancing and enriching their gaming experience. Super-talented modders are sometimes recognised and hired by video game companies in light of their outstanding work.

Modders sometimes work solo, sometimes in teams. A talented writer or visionary may not have any coding skills, and so, works with another individual who has that know-how. Mods can take many months to produce, sometimes even years. They take dedication, long-term planning, teamwork (where applicable) and hard work.

Modders are the Wikipedia equivalent of games – people who produce something that others can freely enjoy for no reason other than a labour of love. It is a truly noble undertaking. They do it in their spare time so that others might benefit. They seek no reward.

Modders often form tightly-knit, supportive online communities with one another where they often team up for further projects. One modder might say to another “Hey, really loved your work on project X, care to team up for project Y, since I think your skills could be put to good use?”

The modder mentality is missing from The Movement. The Movement has failed due to the inability of members to work together, utilise/identify what skills they are best at, because members have no long-term goals, drive, or vision, and will not put in any hard work. If every member of The Movement had done just ONE MINOR project each, there’d be either a Meritocracy already, or the propaganda would be so widespread that a revolution would be well on its way. Instead, it is dead. Worse than dead, in fact. It is dead but unburied, polluting the air with its foul stench. It is time someone disposed of the corpse.

To achieve anything, an individual must have:

(1) A vision/idea. This is the first step. What are you trying to achieve? What do you need to do to achieve it? Why? Is the project standalone, or a step towards something further?

(2) A plan. How to implement the project? Do you have the skills necessary to do it alone? If not, who can you get to help you? What do you need to do to develop the skills you need for a project?

(3) Communication. If you cannot do it alone, it is necessary to reach out to others and attempt to form a network with them.

(4) Delegation. This should come from the person who had the idea and is working with others. The people who freely sign up to help the visionary should expect nothing less than to be delegated tasks to. If you don’t like it, then don’t sign up to help. Certainly contribute ideas and assistance, but don’t think yourself above taking orders. You aren’t. People should both lead and follow where required. It depends on the task at hand. No one can be great at everything so there must be a time when you simply fall back and let those more competent lead or assign tasks. That is the true meaning of the round table mentality. Each leads when their time comes, when they are best suited for it.

(5) Initiative. Once communication/delegation of tasks is established, and each person has their task set before them, it is important to have enough initiative to be able to complete the task you are set, without constantly being prodded and poked into action. After all, why sign up for something you had no intention of completing?! Need your hand held? Are you an adult or a child?

(6) Hard work. Speaks for itself. Put in the effort or fuck off. Shouldn’t even need to be listed as a rule, but that’s the world we live in. There you have it.

(7) Problem solving. Problems WILL occur during any process. Failure is always a possibility. The ability to solve and resolve problems separates the winners from the losers. Most people balk at the first sign of trouble, tuck tail, and run. Such people are losers. Winners are those who zero-in on a problem and eliminate it, working with others as necessary to do so.

(8) Maintenance. Once a project is established, it is important to upkeep it. In the modding world, bugs arise. In the real world, unforeseen circumstances can occur. It is not enough to complete the project – one must stick with it afterwards and maintain whatever it was set out to be.

How many individuals possess these traits and abilities? Barely any. We have noticed nothing in the way of leadership or even activism within The Movement, no one who inspires others or actively reaches out to them. No one who says “Hey, great work doing X, I had an idea of my own, we should team up to do Y.” That would take initiative, which is in short supply. In fact, it would require an “X” to exist in the first place! But no one does anything, so nothing exists. All there has been is a handful of copy + paste websites. Utterly uninspired trash worthy of no one’s time or attention. Just read the AC/GS; it will provide the same and better information, since they are the ones being plagiarised. This is not a success by any sane person’s definition. Of course, there have been countless chat groups – that is something these “revolutionaries” love. None of these groups have any objective, however, so they all go nowhere. Not once have they set a purpose or goal. People will ultimately build idols to whatever it is they worship, so is it any surprise that their biggest achievement in seven years was creating a forum? The divine altar to their Lord Chat, where they can continue talking with no purpose or goal, forevermore. But even this is not enough for them. They must reify their God Chat in the form of a conference, where a select few of them will meet to chat live. Their target not being to spread the word of Meritocracy or change the world – only to glorify each other and pretend they are doing something worthwhile, while listening to their “leaders” prattle on about fuck-knows what. Were the speakers meritocratically chosen by the community? You must be joking. Cronyism shouts as loudly within The Movement as it does in the real world. In the few circumstances a genuine leader has attempted to arise within these nauseating groups, attempting to lead this or that project, it is impossible and fails because others refuse to put in any work towards it. They refuse to collaborate. And then they call themselves “equals.” LOL! Equals to whom exactly? Certainly not to those with vision, drive, and talent!

If you haven’t done anything for the world at large, you simply haven’t understood the first thing about the AC/GS. You really haven’t. You can “get” all the math, all the science, and still, you remain a blinkered ignoramus since you plainly do not see the bigger picture of what is being taught. You have zero vision. You haven’t done anything to earn anyone’s respect, so by what right are you an equal? By your witty banter and endless chit-chat? By your hypothesising and prestigiously learned university background? By your “educated” approach, which is poorly masked as an attempt for others to take you seriously? By your sharing of the current ills of society, which is just a rinse-and-repeat, endless cycle? (Go join Occupy!) By being “well-informed” about “everything?” By constantly commenting on this or that to prove how “wise” you are? By putting mathematical equations as your display and cover photos on social media? Get fucking real. Only morons and hippies consider everyone to be absolute “equals” (ie, a gray world where everyone is an amorphous blob, not a unique individual with unique talents). This is not a meritocratic stance at all.

On that point, The Movement espouses meritocratic values. For merit to exist, it must be recognised by others. Currently, no one recognises anyone’s merit (just like the world at large), and so, no one is able to lead anyone else on any projects or towards any achievements. Barely anyone involved with The Movement should call themselves a Meritocrat since they aren’t one.

The Movement is BADLY in need of leaders. None can arise in such a meritless system because no one will recognise their potential, and in any case, they’d be too incompetent to achieve anything with such unmotivated louts backing them. This is provable by the fact that no one has. Anyone entering The Movement would be quickly disillusioned by the apathetic mess it lies in. They’d come in with fire in their bellies and find it swiftly doused. The Movement has proven entirely adept at scaring away, bullying, and discouraging newcomers who may have had immense potential if nurtured properly. These are the sorts of issues that The Gnostic Legion will address. We are nothing less than a complete overhaul, re-evaluation, and rejuvenation of a failed undertaking that drew in way too many apathetic losers who simply needed to identify with something.

The Movement has been around for seven years and has produced absolutely nothing of note (aside from a few sites, as mentioned, but these were achieved by a small group of people, and so, cannot be attributed to The Movement at large – only to those individuals. In any case, they are plagiarised garbage and not worth considering as a successful venture). They are thus PROVEN and DEMONSTRABLE failures. There is no debate to be had on this point – no ifs, whys, or buts – it is an obvious statement of fact. They have achieved nothing. The millions of words they have typed endlessly chatting to one another could have been time spent creating something astounding, but that would actually take some vision. Of course, we will name no websites or groups, because we don’t want to lead people to these non-achieving narcissists, and we aren’t in the business of promoting failure, but let the intrepid reader be warned – The ONLY sites/groups you should support are the ones mentioned on this site. These are the authentic representatives of the ideals outlined in the AC/GS. All others are in the hands of these nutcases. Of course, if you wish to go to them and see for yourself, we can’t stop you. But you’ve been warned. When they resort to bullying and harassing you for disagreeing with them on something, don’t come crying to us. You’ve chosen your side. Women in particular should stay away from them, as countless women have left their groups out of pure disgust for the maltreatment they’ve received.

In the gaming world, at least the gamers praise and promote the work of the modders. The community supports those who lead it. In The Movement, there is no such camaraderie, or even basic respect.

These people don’t respect each other, let alone the world they are trying to change. They arrogantly and frequently call themselves the “finest minds of humanity,” but what are they doing with such fine minds? Well, they endlessly bicker, despise women, despise any voice of dissent, bully others, belittle newcomers, abuse anyone and everyone, and use the gang-mentality to shut out any mavericks. They may as well go to their local Church, get baptised and make it official- they are Abrahamists, since their mentality reflects the Abrahamic one perfectly. They have created a NOWO of The Movement. They are the new Freemasons. They have proven entirely competent in only one area – gossiping and chatting.

If you do happen to run across one of their moronic copy/paste websites or pages, compare their work to the work on this site, our allies at Pythagorean Illuminati, The Gnostic Age, The Movement Rebooted, or the writers at These are all high quality works from individuals who have banded together to CREATE something worthwhile. They are the quiet achievers, those who don’t need the approval of groups or have the desire for endless, non productive chit-chat. It is evident who the real deal is. These individuals go forth and create something wondrous. The few pages of work from The Movement may sound impressive, but remember – it is all literally copied and pasted from the Armageddon Conspiracy website and God Series, word for word. None of them have the brains or motivation to put anything else together. They can only copy. Change or creativity is nonexistent among them. Their groups are nothing more than feelings-based echo chambers, where they only wish to hear the established, dogmatic opinion, again and again.

Thus, The Gnostic Legion was born of absolute dialectical necessity, is run by individuals who have seen what is wrong with The Movement (or rather, the morons who currently run it), and ditches its failed ways. We will take what works and proceed forward. We will pry the torch from these reeking corpses who have proven incompetent to implement any real change. Their time is over.

We view these people with nothing but contempt, and it is entirely justified in every way. They are our enemy because they are the enemy of the people. We might sound like we hold great animosity towards them – and we do – though it isn’t for personal reasons. It is for the same reason we hold Abrahamists, capitalists, and celebrities in contempt – because they are an obstacle to a positive change for the betterment of all. They are the worst among humanity, for they have completely hi-jacked the single most important endeavour in human history and established a hierarchal online “boy’s club,” to whom any newcomer is sure to be exposed, since there is no other outlet for Illuminism online (until now!). How dare they halt the progress of humanity? How dare they stand in the way of change? By what right? These misogynistic assholes have thus created an entire monopoly. Anyone who aligns with them will find themselves quickly disappointed, and thus, nothing will ever happen.

Change can never proceed while they are blocking the path forward. They are the first obstacle to be cleared, and we’ve come in with a bulldozer. For the first time, newcomers now have an alternative as to which side they will join: The rational, supportive Legion, or the primitive, woman-hating bullies of The Movement. It’s hardly even a choice.

The Movement had noble goals, and was ruined by ignoble parasites that have sucked the life out of it. We will carry on with these goals, though we leave the name behind.

Any and all people are welcome to apply for The Legion – except anyone involved with The Movement of old, of course. They all know who they are and will find no welcome here. We spit on all of them, their “intellect,” their rhetoric, and their cowardice. The “leaders” of The Movement are small in number, but have a congregation of ass-licking, glad-handing, “yes men” who do whatever they are told by these psychopaths. They never disagree with them and always go where the crowd goes, just like the sheeple they are. Exactly the way the OWO operates. The rest are Ignavi, lingerers who are too scared to speak out either way, and they are just as useless. None of them would fit in with us or need apply. We seek only dedicated individuals who actively seek to make a positive change in the world.

We might sound angry, and we make no apologies for that. We are. This is a serious undertaking and there comes a time to get serious, remove the bullshit, and speak plainly. They played their hand, and here we play ours. That is the way of the world.

The Roman philosopher Cicero said, “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

That is exactly right. And betrayal has always been considered the gravest of all crimes. These people are all guilty of it by doing nothing. They have enabled evil to thrive before their very eyes and haven’t lifted a finger to stop it. If we are all rats in a cage, then the members of The Movement are rats who are AWARE they are trapped in the cage and don’t seek an escape!! WTF! They are thus guilty and stand condemned. The lowest circle of Hell in Dante’s “Inferno” is reserved for traitors, for treachery is the vilest of crimes.

They have betrayed humanity with their apathy. Have they honestly ever asked themselves why the AC/GS was written? Was it so an Illuminist group could pop up every other day on social media, with the same, tired old faces joining? Was it so people could endlessly chat about revolution, and Gnosis, and the flaws in our world? Was it so these so-called “Illuminists” could bicker among themselves ad infinitum?

Or were they released as a tool to kick-start genuine global change and send humanity to the stars? Were they released to awaken people from their slumber and get them active to save this fallen world of ours from the greedy bankers, psychopathic religious nuts, mass stupidity, and nauseating consumer culture we all currently endure? Were they written to instill righteous fury within people, showing them how they have been lied to their entire lives via every facet they thought was “good and true”?

The answer is self-evident.

If you are currently a member of their groups and run in their circles, you will likely find that our words resonate with you (unless you are part of the ass-kissing crew, in which case you would be opposed to what we have said). If they do resonate with you, then it’s time to declare where your allegiances lie and join one side or the other. One cannot sit on the fence. Ignavi are not tolerated.

In Weishaupt’s final book (written in 2012), his last words were:

“From now on all my writings are fish-hooks: perhaps I understand fishing as well as anyone? If nothing got caught I am not to blame. There were no fish.” (Nietzsche)

When we embarked on this task, our aim, from a communications perspective, was to build a huge, creative crowdsourcing army that would change the world with its prodigious and wondrous output. Oh dear, what a joke!

So few fish!

We imagined hundreds of people reviewing our books and getting others to read them. We imagined people creating songs, videos, magazines, starting political parties, getting active, getting committed, getting out on the street. We imagined online activists going on raiding missions to other forums (religious forums, political forums, conspiracy theory forums) and swamping them with messages about the Armageddon Conspiracy website.

Ho, ho, ho!

None of it happened. With a few splendid exceptions, whose work we have featured on our site (AC), everyone else just didn’t get it, or totally lacked all imagination and creativity. They couldn’t engage their brains and their fat asses other than to send us messages about pyramids or whatever. Yeah, like THAT’S going to change the world.

In relation to our website, crowdsourcing is dead. There hasn’t been any: at least nothing that anyone would notice.

Bitter? Hey, not us. We’re all grown-ups. We play our cards. It’s not our fault the world has so few world-historic figures.

From now on – now that we know that crowdsourcing is complete nonsense and achieves nothing at all when it comes to any genuine radicalism – We are on the lookout for world-historic figures and no one else. They are rarer than gold, but sooner or later they will find their way to our banner.

We pronounce our website a truly spectacular failure. Almost laughably bad. It’s a monument to grand folly. Approaching two million dead words falling on deaf ears. In so many ways, a gargantuan error. A fuck-up of quite breathtaking proportions. Four years (now seven) poured straight into a vacuum.

No fish, we tell ourselves.

What a fucking world!”

We share these sentiments entirely. We have observed nothing but apathy from almost every member of The Movement. The sheeple out there have an excuse, since they don’t know about anything and feel powerless to implement any changes as a result. The members of The Movement have no such excuses. They know, and yet they still do nothing.

As we have said, The Movement died years ago. See for yourself. From the AC website: “That’s why it’s critical for all sensible people to be ready to speak with a single voice and promote a single clear agenda. That’s why The Movement proved a monumental disappointment. Instead of preparing the agenda for a New Society, the members blabbered on about New Age bullshit, hippie crap and 9/11 garbage. In the end, several members of The Movement thought that their most important task was to investigate other members of The Movement and pronounce McCarthyite denunciations. What the fuck! When a group starts eating itself, you know it deserves to perish. That’s the fast road to nowhere. We hoped people would write constitutions, declarations, that they would set up political groups and stand in elections, that they would seize the chance to prepare to implement a New World Order. Ho, ho, ho. No chance of that. It takes talented and smart people to do such things: a rare commodity within The Movement. Instead, there were legions of self-indulgent fantasists and bullshitters caught up in their own tiny, unimaginative worlds.”

There you have it. Straight from the horse’s mouth. Despite this statement, Weishaupt’s declaration mentioned earlier, and a slew of other criticisms, nothing has changed in years. The members of The Movement are still unmotivated, delusional slobs who are not only incompetent but outright toxic to world change.

Thus, this isn’t sour grapes. This is a cautionary tale for what has occurred so far, laid out honestly and openly for anyone to see. This article stands as a totem of warning to the dangers that lurk behind the scenes, as well as providing a guiding message to all those who wish to leave failure behind and embrace success via joining a serious group that will actively facilitate world change.

We seek to catch the best fish. Our purpose is to fight for a world with the intellectual and meritocratic ideals as set out in the Armageddon Conspiracy website and God Series. They are the greatest gift ever given to humanity, reconciling everything imaginable, from the ideal political system, to answering every question regarding life, mind, consciousness, psychology, the soul, and the ultimate purpose of the universe. They have backed it up with credible knowledge, ranging in all subjects, but heavily rooted in deep philosophy and of course, mathematics – the only subject you can be certain never lies. No faith required. Only knowledge.

“It is wisdom above all that our guilty enemies would drive from the republic. To wisdom alone it is given to strengthen the prosperity of empires. It is for her to guarantee to us the rewards of our courage. Let us associate wisdom, then, with all our enterprises. Let us be grave and discreet in all our deliberations, as men who are providing for the interests of the world. Let us be ardent and obstinate in our anger against conspiring tyrants, imperturbable in dangers, patient in labours, terrible in striking back, modest and vigilant in successes. Let us be generous toward the good, compassionate with the unfortunate, inexorable with the evil, just toward every one. Let us not count on an unmixed prosperity, and on triumphs without attacks, nor on all that depends on fortune or the perversity of others. Sole, but infallible guarantors of our independence, let us crush the impious league of kings by the grandeur of our character, even more than by the strength of our arms. Our blood flows for the cause of humanity.” – Robespierre

That is exactly right. That is how it should be. This paragraph emphasises all that the AC/GS stands for. But Robespierre goes unheeded. The greats of the past remain ignored. The best way to honour the heroes of yesterday is to be a hero today. Alas, there are none to be found within The Movement, just as there are none to be found in the world at large.

If you can answer our ten questions but don’t consider yourself an activist, have no ideas about how you could help change the world, or are refusing to put in any work towards global change, you need not apply. Don’t waste your time and ours. It is firebrands we seek, not intellectual posturing. The questions are simply there to ensure that a candidate is capable of coherent thought, able to digest and process information, and actually read the AC website (unlike many in The Movement who are barely familiar with it).

We are compassionate and kind to all those who are themselves thus. We fight for truth and integrity, equality and freedom, light and wisdom, love and compassion. By the same token, we are merciless towards people who have shown they like to have power over others, abusing and belittling them constantly. We despise all tyrants, no matter where they arise. We are retaliators to the nauseating oppression we all currently endure, wherever it may arise.

Many will bemoan our words. They will proclaim us to be upstarts, beat their chest, and say how worthy they are, how everyone should take them seriously and dismiss us as renegades. They will no doubt try to attack us or undermine us or post angry rants about us. Like we give a fuck. It is exactly this kind of loudmouth loser we seek a separation from. It is exactly these kinds of self-important, posturing dipshits that have stood in the way of a noble undertaking for too long, unable to look at themselves in the mirror and reflect on what failures they really are. They lash out rather than reflect and consider the possibility of truth in a point that doesn’t “sit right” with them. If you are this type of degenerate, consider if your time might be better spent CREATING something, and thus being immune to such criticisms? Consider how your long-and-angry-post might be converted into a constructive piece to bring about a Meritocratic Revolution and equal opportunity for all people instead. Isn’t that what we are all supposed to be fighting for? Or are you such a self-involved, narcissistic, pathetic cunt that you feel the need to lash out because someone finally dared to point out the truth?

If by some miracle this causes a stir within their groups, causes them to awaken, change their ways, revalue the piss-poor values they currently operate under, and begin to create and achieve, then we will certainly promote their work. We aren’t afraid of being proved wrong. In this case, we would happily WELCOME it. The more revolutionaries the world has, the faster a revolution will come to pass. Thus, this isn’t some high-school feud, it is simply pointing out facts of what has gone by since the AC emerged onto the world stage. It is written out of necessity for a better world. This is but the first step of many. In a good world, The Legion and The Movement would align and fight the good fight as allies, side by side. But we aren’t holding our breath. It is after all, not a good world.

Lucifer, the Archangel of Light, saw “God” for what he really was and rebelled against him. In this very same manner, we are rebelling against the tyrannical “Gods” of The Movement.

Lucifer convinced one third of the angels of Heaven to rise up. One third were rebellious and free-thinking enough to separate themselves from Yahweh, while two-thirds remained submissive. Can we do the same? Are there enough free-thinkers within The Movement, those with the eyes to see what it has become? Or will they remain chained, blinded, and enslaved to their “Gods”, cursing us as “demons,” and casting us out of their “holy presence”?

Will fear of their “Gods” prevent their uprising? Or will they say “no more,” and get off their knees to do something worthwhile for the world, and for themselves?

Will they declare us “Satan,” to be feared, avoided, and shunned? Will they declare themselves to be the ONLY truth, the only avenue to which all should subscribe, and all those who disagree should be condemned as heretics, infidels, and traitors?

Time will tell, but the door is closing soon. No one tolerates the Ignavi, the uncommitted neutrals who never choose a side, or only pick the winning side when the outcome is all but decided.

It is time to choose. The Legion, or The Movement. Lucifer, or Yahweh? What’s it to be?

Those who do not choose have already chosen.

However this tale plays out, we will go our own path and leave them to theirs. Let achievements speak for themselves from here on in. No more words. We wish to have no further interaction with them, or even mention them beyond this piece. We’ve had our say, and have spoken for the voices which have long been suppressed by these tyrants, people who have been silenced and unable to defend themselves.

We hereby declare ourselves independent from The Movement, free from their bullshit, apathy, chatting (especially chatting), and tyranny. Our emancipation is total and immediate.

We are on our own path, and we invite you to join us in our noble struggle for a better, more rational, Meritocratic world.

In the light of wisdom and integrity, The Legion shall march ever forward.


In retrospect, we should have killed off the AC site in 2012, and we should never have publicly released the God Series. It should have been reserved strictly for people capable of understanding it.


An organisation is only as good as its people. Nothing is more important than excluding undesirables, wasters, wreckers and talentless people who imagine themselves talented.


The Gnostic Legion is absolutely right about “modders”. That’s precisely the culture we had hoped to foster, but it certainly hasn’t turned out that way. Or, rather, we have attracted anti-modders who have attempted to ruin our “game” rather than enhance it.

We imagined talented people taking our ideas and adding to them, embellishing them, making them beautiful and shining, putting their own creative spin on them while retaining the same spirit.

We hoped for a worldwide movement of creative talents. Instead we got bizarre, embittered, petty, pointless debaters, mostly interested in the redundant, failed ideas of Eastern religion, and enraged when anyone told them they were wrong, and definitely not on the path to Enlightenment, knowledge and the Truth of existence.

If you think the Buddha worked out what reality is, you must be the most stupid person in the world. He’s about as right as Moses, Jesus Christ and Mohammed, i.e. as wrong as it’s possible to be. Buddhists, like scientific materialist atheists, don’t even believe they have soul. That makes them zombies! Meditation is worthless … unless you are meditating about math! Mathematics is what existence actually is. If that concept’s too difficult for you, soz! Who said the secrets of existence should be available to any old person? Anyone who says that anything other than mathematics is the answer to existence then has to explain what mathematics actually is, and who or what produced the numbers pi and e. Good luck with that!

“Treason From Within”

Not only did the Movement prove hopeless and worthless, in the end its only discernible goal was the overthrow of the AC/GS project … the very thing that its members claimed to support. That’s when you know the world has gone mad.

Now’s the time for all the hidden Cyphers in our movement to join their leader and make their own way in the world. Knock yourselves out carping about us. We know what you are against, but what do you stand FOR? That’s a much trickier question to answer. Do you stand for anything other than your hatred of us? Had you people just gone away years ago, when you started to dislike our message, we would never have arrived at this stage. But you people never go away. You are the guests who don’t care that they’re not welcome. You are the ghosts that refuse to be exorcised. You love destroying things. It’s what gives you your thrills.

We are ushering in a revolution in human thought – putting self-solving mathematical minds at the heart of reality – and yet our great enterprise is dogged by people such as Cypher who just want to bang on about their feelings and experiences, about relativism and their “own truth”, about Buddhism and Taoism, and all that anti-mathematical ancient crap that has never accomplished a single thing for the world. The only subject where you can’t bullshit is mathematics, which is exactly why all the bullshitters despise it. The Age of Mathematics represents the end of the Age of prophets, gurus, priests, charlatans, bullshitters and conmen.

We have to get rid of every endarkened, dinosaur thinker from our movement. All the people who support the bad old ways, and childish, falsified beliefs from millennia ago, have no place in the Bright New World.

Cypher and his ilk loathe mathematics and say it has no relation to their experience of life, hence, they say, it’s necessary to reject rationalism and go back to the sad, tired old nonsense of empiricists such as the Buddha who did nothing but introspect and obsess over their feelings, mystical intuitions and personal experiences. David Hume showed exactly where the Buddha’s empiricism leads – to skepticism, nihilism, solipsism and the absolute denial of any possibility of authentic knowledge and an answer to existence. Maybe Cypher should spend more time reading the books in his library, and less time conspiring against us.

Mathematics is the only subject that deals with definitive, analytic answers. When you oppose mathematical rationalism, it simply proves that you have no clue about the nature of existence, and no interest in an answer to why you exist, and what the purpose and meaning of your life is. If you don’t know what existence IS, you can never find the answer to existence.

Cypher and his clique chose not to go away. No one invited them to come to our work. That was their choice. They came here voluntarily. Are they not accountable for their own choices? Do they not take responsibility for their own lives and own decisions? When we wrote things they didn’t like, why didn’t they simply leave? Why did they continue to hang around our work and our movement? They chose to start campaigning against us. They claimed we had “brainwashed” them!!! How can words on a website brainwash anyone??? They claimed we are a cult. How can we be a cult if we are anonymous? They claimed that people need to go into “recovery” after “escaping” from our ideas. How can you need to recover from ontological mathematics and rationalism? These people are fucking weird, and totally moronic. They are the enemies of reason. They will say and do anything to try to undermine us … because of their hurt feelings (the poor little lambs). They will of course now immediately retaliate and produce all the crap they can about us. Ludicrous faked Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, and websites will pop up everywhere (these people have infinite energy for attacking us and none for getting rid of the Old World Order). So be it. Do your worst, you cunts. You think we care? It will be so much worse for you. Everyone knows who’s behind your campaign. You have been revealed in all your pathetic “glory”.

Your most rational move is to go away now, have nothing to do with our movement, and get on with your lives – before you do yourselves any more damage. But we all know that’s never going to happen. You call yourselves enlightened Buddhists and the like, yet you are inextricably attached to your ego, your anger, your hate, your thirst for revenge. You are defined by your emotions. Reason is the last thing you would ever embrace. If you had any relationship with it, you would have found a cause you can support, rather than one you can’t.

How irrational is it to hang around a cause that you have rejected? What do you imagine you are going to accomplish? Let’s imagine you succeeded in your campaign against us. How would that help you? How would that improve your life? What do you do then? Just sign up to another cause and then soon enough start campaigning against that too? What are you hoping to achieve? This is total nihilism. All people who have no cause of their own – nothing they can support – but are committed to the destruction of other causes they dislike are the saddest and most negative people on earth.

So, now it’s time for the inevitable civil war within our movement. You must either stand with Cypher and his gang, and cease having any connection with our movement. Or you must stand with us and get rid of Cypher and his collaborators from our movement. They can scuttle off like wood lice and set up a “recovery group”, or whatever else it is that Last Men do because they can’t take any responsibility for their choices in life, and need to find others to blame.

Never forget, these people chose to come to the AC site. No one forced them. No one made them stay. If they didn’t like what we had to say, they should just have moved on, as any rational people would. Why didn’t they? It’s because these petty, vindictive people are defined by their emotions. As soon as you offend them, they will make it their “sacred cause” to get their revenge. That’s the nature of Last Men. It’s all about them and their tiny little perspective. Their feelings are more important than the world. Their feelings ARE their world. They are consumed by emotionalism.

Why are there are so many in and around our movement who do nothing but bitch and carp about us, and have nothing positive to contribute? If you don’t like our cause, LEAVE. Why do you need to hang around pouring out your negativity? What’s wrong with you? We need a 100% expulsion from our movement of all those who plainly reject our cause. When you have endless bickering and debating about our movement going on in online forums, it simply proves that there is no real interest in our cause. If you support a cause, your discussions revolve around how to advance that cause. They don’t revolve endless feuding and point scoring.

We’ve written eight million words in our books. If you haven’t got the message by now, you’re never going to. If, after eight million words, you haven’t worked out if you support our cause or not, but still need “clarification”, the problem is with you and not with us. No sane person can be in any doubt what a group stands for after eight million words. If you have doubts, our cause is not for you. It’s as simple as that. Go and find something you don’t doubt. If you can’t get over your doubts, go and join a group of skeptics, nihilists and solipsists. Become a Buddhist and try to free yourself from your own mind!

We need to purge all the debaters, the nit-pickers, the doubters, the people in need of clarification, and so on. These people are a dead weight. Movements succeed when they attract the right calibre of people. Otherwise, they are doomed. The problem with any movement being conducted online is that it attracts sightseers, the mentally disturbed, people looking for a thrill or a laugh … and, worst of all, trolls and saboteurs who malignantly want to destroy the movement, and are willing to devote plenty of energy to doing so. These people would be marvels if they could direct their energy to anything positive.

Women And Illuminism

There’s no doubt that women have had an appalling time of it within the Illuminist Movement. That’s a truly shameful thing … and a recipe for failure. Sadly, the best way forward is probably for women to run their own Illuminist sites and pages, and show the men how to do it properly.

The following documentary by Adam Curtis shows what goes wrong in unstructured environments:

Wikipedia says, “In 2003, a wave of spontaneous revolutions swept through Asia and Europe. Coordinated only by the internet, nobody seemed to be in overall charge, and no overall aims except self-determination and freedom were apparent. This seemed to justify the beliefs of the computer utopians. However, the freedom from these revolutions in fact lasted for only a short time. Curtis compared them with the hippie communes, all of which had broken up within three years at the most, by ‘the very thing that was supposed to have been banished: power.’ Aggressive members of the group began to bully the weaker ones, who were unable to band together in their own defence because formal power structures had been prohibited by the commune’s rules, and even intervention against bullying by benevolent individuals was discouraged. Adam Curtis closes the piece by stating that it has become apparent that while the self-organising network is good at organising change, it is much less good at what comes next; networks leave people helpless in the face of people already in power in the world.”

The Babblers

Plato said, “An empty vessel makes the loudest sound, so they that have the least wit are the greatest babblers.”

Cypher actually believes that he is a world-historic figure – the Voice of Reason, no less (his version of reason, of course, and not actual reason, of which he has zero understanding) who has the right to rubbish our work, while he promotes his own. His supreme desire is to suppress our work entirely, to see it vanish from the earth.That’s what he is campaigning to achieve. He has already succeeded to an extent since we have had to delete this site. If it is attracting an audience like Cypher then it’s an abomination, and doing the opposite of what we intended. However, our books speak for themselves. Read our books and read Cypher’s and decide for yourself who is living in a total fantasy world concerning his abilities. Cypher has only one talent. Like so many of his kind before him, he is excellent at destroying things of which he has no understanding, and of which he is terrified.

People such as Cypher have no conception of the amount of effort and sacrifice that goes into producing a free site of two million words. He certainly won’t be replacing it. Thanks to him, all new seekers who would have come to the AC site have now been denied that possibility. That’s always the “gift” of people such as Cypher. Wherever they go, they leave ruins in their wake. All that matters to them is their own ego, and whether or not someone has offended them. They would destroy the earth to get their revenge.

We can’t be bothered dealing with these ill people any longer. We have lost all motivation for having an online presence. Had our movement grown fast enough, Cypher would have been submerged. As it was, it grew so slowly that in the end it was Cypher himself who was in the position to organize a conference fraudulently claiming to be about Illuminism. That’s the way it goes. When a movement has become absurd, and is an inversion of what it’s supposed to be, it must end. It has become a mockery of itself. It is achieving the opposite goals.


The remarkable thing about Facebook is that it’s so easy to see your enemies. Cypher’s multitude of comments denouncing us were “liked” by people claiming to support our cause. That’s blatant bad faith. What we’ve come to realize is that Orwellian doublethink is all-pervasive. Irrational people imagine that they can support the friends and the enemies of a cause at one and the same time, without any contradiction. Sorry, we are rationalists, and we don’t ignore contradictions. How can you be of any use to a cause when you’re as likely to support its enemies as its friends, or perhaps are too stupid to know the difference? Is it that you’re just incredibly dumb, or that you just don’t think at all? Have you got any idea what you are doing, or do you just drift around “liking” whatever takes your fancy at the moment, or because you feel sorry for someone?


Nietzsche said, “Disgust at mankind, at the ‘rabble’, has always been my greatest danger…”

Boy, we sure know how that feels. Bizarrely, if Nietzsche were alive today and posted that comment on Facebook, he would get loads of “likes”. Then someone else would post a Facebook comment saying that Nietzsche was an arrogant, elitist, bullying, judgmental monster (a cunt like Hockney!), and that comment would get even more “likes”, and many of those liking it would be exactly the same as those who liked Nietzsche’s comment. Hardly anyone suffers from cognitive dissonance these days because that would require them to recognise a contradiction. The other-directed herd doesn’t have the ability. All that matters is being in accord with your friends, no matter what they say.

It’s dialectically inevitable that poorly organized movements will generate traitors, malcontents, the disaffected, the half-hearted, the easily swayed. That’s why civil wars and purges are necessary. Only genuine activists have any value to a cause. All the rest are just background noise, achieving nothing. Most people have an image of themselves as heroic. In fact, they are double dealers, “shape shifters”, hypocrites, doublethinkers, Last Men and Ignavi. They play at making a difference in the world, while in fact their lives are consumed by the humdrum banalities and tedious details of their everyday lives.

Some people have given years of their lives to betraying our cause. Why did they bother? Why didn’t they do something else with their lives? Well, that’s for them to answer.

The Farce

“History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” – Karl Marx

Why is this true? It’s because pompous, self-inflated narcissists such as Cypher – who have no achievements at all – perceive themselves as big movers and shakers, and believe themselves entitled to something. If they can’t create something then they will “make their mark” by destroying something. Cypher, and his collaborators, have zero respect for the AC site and its associated books. They have zero respect for the eight million words we have produced over countless hours. They can’t refute a word we have ever said, of course, and they have no comprehension at all of ontological mathematics, but, hey, what do they care? All they know is that they despise us and it’s their right to take us down and sabotage our work. We’ve seen it all before, of course, but now we have run out of patience. We don’t want to encounter the Cyphers of this world ever again. We can’t abide these talentless people who infect the world and wreck everything. The whole point of meritocracy is to ensure that people with actual talent succeed, and those who wreck talent fail. If you have spent time plotting the downfall of the AC site and inventing Facebook accounts, Youtube accounts, Twitter accounts, websites, blogs, conferences and so on – the only purpose of which is to sabotage our work – then YOU are the talentless scum we are talking about. Why can’t you create your own cause? Why are you parasitical upon ours? It’s precisely because you ARE talentless. Kicking stuff over has never required any merit. But that’s how you make yourself “big”. Even if you have no ability to create, you at least have the ability to stop others from creating. Way to go. How proud you must be.

We cannot have a single talentless person within our ranks. They are unacceptable. We will never have another Cypher anywhere near us.

Your Choice

You can choose to do something significant with your life or you can dick around on the internet, plotting to wreck things by anyone who dared to offend your tiny little mind.

There are people out there who claim to admire the likes of Nietzsche. Yet, if Nietzsche were in the world today, these people would almost certainly be plotting against him, sabotaging his work, and calling him a syphilitic nutcase, misogynist and Nazi.

Get Real

It’s time to get real. You either want to achieve something with your life, or you don’t. Are you on the side of the creators or destroyers? The big objective is the overthrow of the Old World Order and the maximization of the potential of everyone on earth. However, most of the people involved with our movement would rather endlessly debate, bicker, score ego points from each other, and achieve exactly nothing. We can’t have these trivial people around us any longer. If you can’t make a positive contribution, if you can’t create, if you can’t do things, fuck off! You are a total liability. Go and join Cypher and his clique and waste their time rather than ours. Immerse yourself in trivia, pettiness and gossip. Complain that you need to go into “recovery” after reading the AC site. Whine, whinge, bleat and bellyache, just like Cypher. Sing “Kumbaya”, hold hands, and blabber on about peace and love, and being “lightworkers”.

If your response to all that hippie, New Age brain rot is, “Fuck that!” then maybe you’re one of us. But don’t come near us unless you have the highest ambition possible – to change everything, once and for all. Look around at all the sites vaguely associated with our cause. Aren’t the vast majority total crap? We searched for Nietzsche and we got Coco the Clown. Screw that! Fuck everyone who doesn’t aspire to greatness and to really making a difference. If you think we’re arrogant and judgmental cunts, go and sign up with Cypher and enjoy your fake steak. Cypher will tell you that whatever you say is right and enlightened, and your own subjective feelings and experiences are the only Truth. We won’t tell you any of that.

The Mistakes of the Past

The AC site will be removed, and our book publishing will cease, but our movement will not be vanishing. It’s time for a fresh start. The mistakes of the past will not be repeated.

The Denouncers

As soon as you denounce our movement, you have ipso facto demonstrated that you do not support our cause, so you must leave. There must be zero tolerance for the debaters and doubters. You either want our cause to succeed, or you don’t. If you do, you will be intent on making a positive contribution, not endlessly debating and doing nothing. If you don’t, go and campaign elsewhere. Join Cypher and become part of his strange and worrying obsession with “Mike Hockney”. Cypher sought us out. We had zero interest in seeking him out. That tells you all you need to know.

The Conference

Cypher is the main organizer of a proposed conference on “Illuminism” in America in 2016. You really have to laugh. It’s when this inversion of our message takes place that we have to leave the building. Not in our name! If such a conference ever takes place – and we sincerely hope it does since it will be the farce of all farces when they run out of insults to hurl at “Mike Hockney” – it should be called Anti-Illuminism, and it will be nothing more than a bitch fest about us. We will be the “absent presence”. The attendees will have zero in common apart from their loathing of us, and opposition to us. That’s how it was always intended to be by its organizer.

But here’s a word for all these people. If you succeed, we become footnotes in your path to success. If we succeed, your names will be immortalised forever as toxic obstacles in our path. So, look at our output, and look at yours. Which do you think stands most chance of success? Choose wisely now, if you’re capable.

Side with the destroyers or the creators. Side with the likes of Cypher … bitter, toxic malcontents bearing permanent grudges and refusing to do the rational thing and leave movements that have rejected them. Or side with us.

The AC site has gone because we, unlike Cypher, simply can’t be bothered wasting time and energy on people we despise. We have better things to do with our time than provide food and opportunities for trolls. It appalls us that we have had to give attention to this nonentity on this page. However, since he has chosen to destroy this project because of his egotism and vanity (who on earth calls themselves the “Voice of Reason” – especially when they actually reject rationalism and subscribe to anti-mathematical empiricism), it’s only fair to frame his example as a case study so that when a new movement arises Phoenix-like from the ashes, it will be able to see at once the enemy within.

The task of any healthy movement is to keep out unhealthy people. Unhealthy people are those who go to a site of their own free will, with no invitation, become inspired by it temporarily, and then later, when they have become disillusioned with it, refuse to leave it and get on with their life, but instead start devoting all of their energy to campaigning against it. It’s simply bizarre to hang around something you have rejected. If you have rejected Catholicism, you don’t then seek to become the Pope … unless you are planning Catholicism’s total destruction. Cypher rejected online Illuminism and then hatched the perverse plan to take it over and turn it into Cypherism. Well, he’s entirely welcome to all those who want to follow him. These are exactly the people we want to remove from our movement.

It’s right and fitting to now have a total schism. All false friends and people living in bad faith can play no part in our movement. It’s real simple. You either understand and support our cause, or you don’t. Don’t come near our cause if you’re merely bored, and have read a few words here and there that you quite like. You can be absolutely certain that the more you read of our work, the more you will hate it … unless you are a very specific kind of person: rational and logical, with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, understanding and Truth.

The vast majority of people seek emotional sustenance and reassurance, and religious and spiritual mysticism. Sorry, you have come to the wrong place. We are the mathematikoi. Our Truth is that of ontological mathematics as the explanation of everything. Ours is the position of hyperrationaliam, the most rational and logical position you can possibly get, which has no place for faith, empiricism, mysticism, randomism, or anything opposed to a rational, intelligible, analytic answer to existence.

If you’re not a rationalist, bye! Go elsewhere and believe whatever you like. Say, “Our own experiences are the only truth”, and, “We all have our own path to enlightenment”. Say, “Love and light” over and over again. Proclaim yourself a “lightworker” and “psychonaut”. Engage in total relativism and political correctness. Say that all religions contain a part of the truth and must all be respected (rather than that all mainstream religions are evil, utterly false and totally mad, as history has so vividly and unarguably demonstrated!) Say that all “wise” people sit cross legged under trees in meditation, and never get angry. Say whatever comforts you. Who cares? Believe whatever Mythos makes you feel good about yourself. Buy into whatever identity suits your self-image. Tell yourself whatever lie you need to tell yourself. Why should the Truth concern you? It’s so much easier to believe the Lie. The Lie, unlike the Truth, is whatever you want it to be, whatever serves your ends.

The Ego

Cypher seeks to replace Illuminism with his absurd personal philosophy, which is just the usual New Age, irrational bullshit stolen from Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism. Funnily enough, Eastern religion tells you to detach yourself from your ego, not to inflate it to megalomaniacal proportions, to such an extent that you believe yourself the Messiah to save the innocents from the evil “Mike Hockney”. Cypher offers a recovery support group from “Hockneyism”. You really have to laugh. Cypher, the person you have to recover from is yourself. Get over yourself. Try meditating! Isn’t that what you advocate?

What is truly astounding is that Cypher is explicitly referenced in the God Series as someone whose views are totally opposed to ours. How can this person then be taken seriously as an organizer of a conference on Illuminism? Clearly, those who support him have either never read the God Series or actively agree with his views, in which case they have chosen to oppose us. As we’ve said, we hope as many people as possible from the online “Illuminist” community go to the conference on Cypherism since then we will be getting shot of all the people who have dogged our work for years and destroyed all of its momentum. If, in the unlikely event that some people have unwittingly fallen into Cypher’s orbit through being unaware of his machinations, well it’s time to disown him … or explicitly sign up to his cause. From now on, no one will be in any doubt about the status of the participants in the Cypherism conference. They have chosen to oppose us and do everything in their power to stop our project. That’s a cold, stark, irrefutable fact.

Your behaviour defines you, not what you say you will do, or what you claim to stand for. We have made things real simple: Cypherism or Illuminism. Now choose. If you choose Cypherism then you must of course cease to have any association with our cause, and remove anything currently linked to our work. You can badmouth us all you like on the Cypherism website.

The Monsters

The Old World Order

Why does the Old World Order always win? It’s because of people such as Cypher. Consumed by their own vanity, they simply cannot walk away from something that has proved not to their liking. They hang around like a bad smell, trying to get their revenge, to draw people over to their side and support their grievances. They always poison whatever they touch. They are the King Midases of toxicity. Any online group that sets out to achieve anything is certain to attract people such as this, and when they don’t get their own way, they soon enough ensure that the group gets swallowed up by infighting. The Old World Order have complete unity of purpose. Those opposing them do not – because of this Fifth Column that always wrecks everything. Divide and rule has always been the guiding mantra of the Old World Order. They scarcely need to do anything. Their opponents will soon enough fragment as soon as anyone gets hurt feelings and then feels compelled to plot his retaliation and revenge.


What does “Cypherism” stand for? Well, nothing at all other than its opposition to us. It’s a wholly negative movement, an anti-movement, a protest against something else, which completely defines it. You will not find any books by Cypher putting a radical new paradigm and set of ideas in place. All of his beliefs revolve around rehashing and reheating decrepit old religious beliefs, linked to fallacious scientific materialist speculation … the usual hokum produced by all followers of New Age drivel. Reason is rejected, logic is rejected, mathematics is rejected. It’s all about personal “truths” and relativism.


One of the tasks of the AC project was to repair the reputation of the Illuminati in the public sphere. We obviously haven’t succeeded, but at least we’ve stated our position. The terms Illuminati and Illuminism have become so badly corrupted that it’s impossible, as we’ve discovered, to get a rational hearing. They only serve to attract an irrational bunch.

The Sparks 

“You’re answering questions that have not yet been asked.” – Editors

“All sparks will burn out in the end.” – Editors


Anthem For Doomed Youth

By Wilfred Owen

What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?
– Only the monstrous anger of the guns.
Only the stuttering rifles’ rapid rattle
Can patter out their hasty orisons.
No mockeries now for them; no prayers nor bells;
Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs,-
The shrill, demented choirs of wailing shells;
And bugles calling for them from sad shires.
What candles may be held to speed them all?
Not in the hands of boys, but in their eyes
Shall shine the holy glimmers of goodbyes.
The pallor of girls’ brows shall be their pall;
Their flowers the tenderness of patient minds,
And each slow dusk a drawing-down of blinds.

Who Are We?

We are the outsiders, the heretics, the rebels, the revolutionaries, the blasphemers, the outcasts, the infidels. We are the resistance. We are the Truth seekers. Who the fuck are you? Whose side are you on … that of Morpheus and Neo, or Cypher and the Agents? Remember, the Agents could impersonate anyone, and that’s exactly what we discovered … enemies in our midst pretending to be our colleagues, simulating that they were on our side, while sticking the knife in. Sadly, such vermin will always be with us. They get their kicks from sabotage and destruction.

The Case For Meritocracy

In The Case For Meritocracy by Michael Faust, part of the book will be devoted to the admirable efforts of “JC” to spread the word. We shall perform a case study of a radio discussion in which he participated.


In making the case for meritocracy, the first thing we have to identify is the cancer at the heart of meritocracy. Meritocracy – incredibly – is staggeringly close to its opposite … inheritance and privilege. The reason for this is simple. Once a person has worked hard and accumulated wealth – once they have demonstrated their merit to the world – they are then in the position to betray meritocracy. When a rich person is on their death bed, they are faced with a stark choice: will they support the meritocratic principles that they themselves exemplified, or will they suddenly do a 100% volte-face, and hand over all of their money to their children who did zero to merit this money?

Being related to someone is not “merit”. That’s heredity. Death is the moment when meritocracy is tested to destruction because it’s exactly then that meritocracy is thrown out of the window, and wealth and power are transmitted down bloodlines, hence have no connection at all to merit. This is the world we live in today.

Even worse, a system of privilege is constructed whereby the rich pay for the finest schools and teachers for their children – to which the children of poor parents have zero access – and thus the children of the rich achieve an enormous and insurmountable advantage. No matter how inherently smart you are, if you are denied good schools and good teachers, it’s extremely unlikely that you will outperform mediocre children with the best of everything at their disposal. Even if you pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, you will then find yourself confronted by the “soft power” of social and cultural capital rather than the “hard power” of economic capital (brute wealth). Social and cultural capital represent the “code” of the elite, and allow them to identify and reject anyone who is not onboard with their agenda.

A very smart working class kid is, at best, likely to end up as a servant of the elite, but never allowed to actually become one of the elite, or to define and construct a new elite consisting of his own kind.

In a system of inheritance, privilege, nepotism, cronyism, cultural and social capital, “meritocracy” becomes a tainted concept. The ostensibly most highly qualified are actually those who have been the beneficiaries of the most thoroughgoing, systematic rigging of the system in their favour … the opposite of meritocracy. However, they then don the mantle of meritocracy and claim they are the best qualified.

We call this “pseudo-meritocracy”, and it’s the type of meritocracy espoused by right wingers. It’s a false meritocracy hardwired to privilege, i.e. anti-meritocracy.
The only true meritocracy is left wing meritocracy, which is predicated on the total destruction of privilege, nepotism and cronyism, and the imposition of 100% inheritance tax, and a 100% prohibition on inter-generational wealth transfer, and the elimination of “snobbery” – cultural and social capital – the secret “code” of the elite to keep out others.

A huge confusion arises when right and left wingers discuss meritocracy as if they are referring to the same thing. Meritocratic Facebook pages often attract the support of extreme right wingers who despise the Government and State, and want unregulated free markets. The “market” is simply the means by which the economically powerful bypass government and democracy, and run the world in their own interest. They are unaccountable to the people, they cannot be voted out by the people, and they are so vastly wealthy that they can simply buy the government, and make sure that only people favourable to their agenda are ever put in office. Their media machine – their propaganda attack dogs – destroy anyone or anything that seeks to challenge their hegemony. All interesting people have got into scrapes of one sort or another, and these scrapes will be used to assassinate their character in due course. The public have been primed to believe that only saints should be in office, and sinners must be excluded. The irony, of course, is that no saint could ever get anywhere near the pinnacle of power. The establishment choose which sinners they won’t destroy, and which they will. Their choice is very simple: if you support their agenda, you will be green lighted. If you don’t, you will bundled into the gutter.

The Meritocracy Party

The world deserves better leaders. Humanity’s supreme tragedy is that we have collectively chosen for ourselves leaders who are incompetent, who don’t care about us, and who have no interest in the public good. Poor leadership means poor laws, and poor laws instill a disrespect for the law itself, thereby undermining public trust in the very means by which we can correct our wayward course. Hope, however, is not lost on us.

We can get ourselves out of this mess, and the way forward begins with better leaders and better laws. But democracy on its own won’t do it. Our political systems today are structured so that we ignore the invisible influence of closed-doors agreements, implicit alliances between politics and business, and the scourge of patronage and inheritance. This is what is more commonly referred to as the Invisible Hand of the market. Well, the time’s come to pull down the curtain hiding it and make sure that never again will governance be corrupted by selfish cunning and realpolitik. Democracy today is a game made by the rich, and even if you win that game by getting elected, you don’t beat the rich. You’d be playing by the rules they made, rules that are designed to protect their wealth and power.

Meritocracy provides the answer to the problems of politics, government, and leadership. Meritocracy begins by breaking privilege, and it does this by legislating for the end of inheritance and the end of corporate patronage of politics. Meritocracy will make transparency a constitutional tenet. Election becomes a matter of talent and demonstrable merit: no one can get into government on a populist ticket in a meritocracy. Think of academia: you don’t become a professor without having significant education and without having completed significant projects relevant to your field. That very principle applies to a meritocratic government, and by ridding ourselves of corporate patronage, this system has the ability to deliver excellent leaders. A constitution and stipulated social contract ensures that leaders deliver upon the best of humanity and not turn the Ship of State to the rocks on a whim. We have a way forward, we have a way out now. We can end the inequality, injustice, exploitation and ecological devastation, and meritocracy delivers the solutions.

The Meritocracy Party is the online interface for the Meritocracy International. Our task is to deliver informative content to persuade everyone to join us in the promotion, implementation and development of meritocracy. We want to get our people elected into governments, and to begin showing the world that meritocrats working by our standard and ethos can outperform and outmaneuver any old democrat. We’re going to deliver smart government, equal opportunity, and the best public education system that the state can offer. We’ll do this by instituting a 100% inheritance tax above a reasonable threshold in order to end dynastic wealth. We will end austerity by challenging the public debts instilled by bailouts, and erase them – no more exploitation of the people for the bankers. We’ll nationalize banks while retaining the benefits of private competition within them. It’s time to harness the economy for the good of the people, and not impoverish millions for the sake of the economy. All this puts us on the path to the Meritocratic Republic, a place of social and ecological harmony, of scientific and technological progress and genuine freedom.

The Meritocracy International needs people from around the world to start parties, design, write, edit, translate, research, provide IT support, and much more. We work in tight knit groups and have systems in place to ensure that productive people go forward and our systems can correct bad dynamics. All we need are inspired, transformative individuals to bring the ideal of meritocracy into reality. The world needs better leaders, and there’s nowhere better to start than with you.

Join the Meritocracy International:

Bad Faith

We see tiresome cretins setting up sabotage pages on Facebook and elsewhere, trying to undermine our work. These same people, and their allies, at other times claimed to be among our most ardent supporters. What a farce. That is what you call living in bad faith.

If you don’t like what we say, go somewhere else. Live your own life, by your own values. Stop being a parasite. If you want your own audience, go and build it yourself. Don’t piggyback on us. What lazy, inept cunts. Of course, these people know that they have zero charisma, and no one would ever take an interest in their work if they stood by themselves. Their only talent is for mischief, malice, and sabotage as they try to get their own back for hurt feelings. These are truly the Last Men. They are beneath contempt.

When you come across any sabotage page, make a note of everyone associated with it, and get rid of all of them from your friends list. Or join them and become Last Men just like them. It’s nauseating when we find people who claim to support our cause being friends with those who actively try to wreck our cause. Get a life. Make a choice. You can’t ride two horses at once.

The False

Our stomachs churn at the thought of the low character of some of the people who have sneaked into our movement with their false hearts and wrong heads.

Logos Religion

Anyone who imagined that Cypher was saying anything remotely compatible with Illuminism obviously never understood Illumininism. Illuminism is a Logos religion, which means it must be intimately linked to physics, metaphysics, and, above all, mathematics. Illuminism is about showing to the world that Logos religion is the quintessence of rationalism. You simply cannot get anything more rational. Anyone who wants to turn Illuminism into a dumbed-down Mythos, and to drag in the nonsense of Eastern religion, is an enemy of everything Illuminism stands for. Our mission is to replace atheistic science with ontological mathematics that supports a rational definition of the soul, and makes it the centrepiece of reality (as it is in Leibniz’s Monadology).

Illuminatus Pythagoras

The Pythagorean Illuminati

Laibach “B-Machina” Music Video

Working with the Gnostic Legion will be a new cell of the Pythagorean Illuminati:


The Pythagorean Illuminati is a web archive and communications cell run by three Illuminati mathematikoi. We officially represent the Order of the Illuminati and have played a supporting role to the AC team. We are taking over their communication role, with an enhanced emphasis on Logos.

Our task is to present a rational and broad intellectual base for Pythagorean Illuminism. Our express purpose is to facilitate communication with world-renowned intellectuals with compatible ideas, and to set up real-world presentations of Illuminist thought to the public.

As an archival project, our task is to deliver a concise, publicly accessible archive for gifted people who have gaps in their education. As polymaths and lovers of learning, we will provide guidance towards learning the deeper aspects of ontological mathematics and Illuminist philosophy. Thus, we’re tasked with helping the best and brightest benefit from a centralized repository of Pythagorean knowledge.

Given the extent of our project, we will not be placing substantial content up on our website until summer of 2016. In the meantime, all available communication channels will be open with us, and we will any inquiry deemed relevant.

You can find us here:

(Adam Weishaupt, Michael Faust and Mike Hockney will not be involved with any of the content provided by the new communication cell. It is an entirely new initiative that will not be repeating the errors of the AC project, and will be explicitly on the lookout for saboteurs of Cypher’s ilk.)

Self Respect

Very high calibre individuals are associated with the Gnostic Legion and Pythagorean Illuminati sites. They are ideal successors to Adam Weishaupt, Michael Faust and Mike Hockney. Don’t waste the talent of these individuals. Don’t waste their time. Contribute, or leave. We have no time for the endless debaters. We have no time for those who tolerate trolls, snipers, saboteurs, malcontents and Ignavi. All such people drag down everything with their negativity. If you don’t like our message, move on. Don’t hang around, trying to poison everyone with your toxic personality. Don’t you have any self respect? Where are the constructive, positive things in your life? What is the healthy cause you’ve committed yourself to?

The Mystery of Self Awareness

“What others think of us would be of little moment did it not, when known, so deeply tinge what we think of ourselves.” – Paul Valery

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is continually fearing that you’ll make one.” – Elbert Hubbard

Winter Timber by David Hockney

The Illuminati Authors

Michael Faust:

The Divine Series

The Hero-God Series

The Political Series
Adam Weishaupt:

The Illuminati Series

The Anti-Christian Series

The Anti-Elite Series

The Sex Series
Mike Hockney:

The Coded Novels

The God Series
The Cause

Either the AC site and the books by Adam Weishaupt, Michael Faust and Mike Hockney have generated a group of people capable of advancing the cause, or they haven’t. If they haven’t, the cause will soon enough disappear entirely from the public view. What’s for sure is that our movement must be purged of all the trolls, snipers, Ignavi, trivialists and pointless debaters who have plagued it from the beginning.

The Hour

The Golden Hour of the AC site has been and gone. Now we are in the Bronze or even Lead Hour. We are involved in anti-alchemy, turning gold into base metal. When you can no longer produce gold, stop digging. If we can’t have a gold audience, we want no audience at all.

The AC site has been moribund for some time. It has far exceeded its sell-by date. It has become a stagnant pool, in which pond scum float. Anyone new who comes to the AC site soon enough finds all of the idiotic debating sites surrounding it and gets sucked into the pointless nonsense – the mental vacuum – of these sites.


The AC site has gone, just like six of the Sibylline Books. What must go next before you realize the value of what you have lost, and of what remains? The clock is ticking.

People become very complacent. They believe that things like the AC site will be there forever. Why should they? Why do such sites exist at all? Who puts in all of the effort to make them happen? Who pays for it? If you don’t do anything to support them, you guarantee they will be taken away. Why should we provide millions of words for free on the internet just to be trolled for doing so? It’s always a mistake to believe that you have unlimited time to commit yourself to a cause. You don’t. You either join up and help it, or you stand by and watch it die. There is no middle position. You are either supporting it or you are opposing it. To sit on the fence is to oppose it.

Any social networking undertaking that fails to escape the “Troll Brake” – i.e. the deadly negativity that all trolls deploy to destroy anything they don’t like – is doomed. For a project to succeed online, the supporters must enormously outnumber the trolls. In our case, the trolls outnumbered the advocates of our cause. That situation is getting worse, not better. Trolls, saboteurs, fifth columnists, and traitors are everywhere, doing everything they can to undermine the AC site. The purpose of the AC site is not to provide a platform for trolls to infect the world with their destructive bile, so we are removing the AC site, and they can now find something else to project their psychosis onto.

The AC project long ago failed to keep generating growth. The online Illuminist community has been a zombie army for years. So, the AC site has to remove itself from the equation. It now has too much “baggage”. What remains of online Illuminism must sink or swim. Either people will rise to the task of replacing the AC site with bigger and better things, or they will shrug their shoulders and move onto the next thing that catches their eye. That’s life.

We failed to gather enough momentum to achieve escape velocity from the Troll Division that relentlessly stalked us. Even worse, we noted that the worst trolls were often listed as the “friends” of those who claimed to be our most loyal supporters. If you can’t work out who is helping our cause and who is harming it, how can you be of any possible use? If you befriend our enemies, you are no friends of ours. You are living in bad faith if you claim to support a cause, while also supporting those who oppose that cause. Look through your friendship list. Are there people in there who have openly trolled our work and denounced us? Well, now you have a choice. Unfriend them, or unfriend us. It’s entirely your choice. We will ignore everyone who is openly friends with certain individuals who have attached themselves to our work for years, intent on sabotaging it and undermining us by whatever means. These people are in no way difficult to identify.

The AC site, in its active phase, has failed. That’s an unarguable fact. It may have more success as a ghost, as a mere cyber echo. Just as we have clearly failed to motivate and inspire our audience, our audience has failed to inspire and motivate us. We have put in a simply staggering and unprecedented amount of hard work, and got almost nothing in return as far as our public audience goes. Such is life. Now it’s time to leave the stage. Samuel Beckett said, “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” We have failed, but we will fail better next time, and eventually we won’t fail at all. The AC project will never be coming back to life, but something else will emerge from the ashes. That’s the nature of the phoenix. To all the people who “got it”, thank you. To all the rest … whatever. Who cares.

The Traitor’s Kiss

“And all men kill the thing they love,
By all let this be heard,
Some do it with a bitter look,
Some with a flattering word,
The coward does it with a kiss.” … Oscar Wilde

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry…” – Oscar Wilde

The Spartacus Project

Self-evidently, you cannot be associated with our cause, and also be part of the Cypher Gang, and so now you must choose. If you don’t choose then you have chosen. There’s no neutral position.

Our aim is to attract the most talented people in the world. If that’s not you, bye! We’re sure you’ll find a happy home with Cypher and your life in the Matrix. Mmmm, that steak is truly delicious!!


People say, “I’m very talented, just give me a chance.” Very well, he’s your chance. We have identified the simplest way to get rid of all the dead wood, all the people who can’t do anything (who are the people who inevitably turn to destruction and sabotage).

Next year, we shall be bringing out a final book in the AC project … by our audience. It will be called The Citizen Army, and the author name will be Brother Spartacus. This was Adam Weishaupt’s adopted name within the Illuminati.

The task is simple. We want you to write a few hundred words regarding anything that you think would make a worthwhile addition to the books by Adam Weishaupt, Michael Faust and Mike Hockney. To accomplish this task, you will obviously have to be creative, intelligent, talented and have something worthwhile to say.

If you want to show your support for the AC project, and your detestation of the Cypher Gang and their machinations, we would like you to set up a Facebook page, Twitter page or something similar, and post a picture of yourself with a caption underneath saying, “I am Adam Weishaupt”, or “I am Michael Faust”, or “I am Mike Hockney” as a tribute to the famous “I am Spartacus” show of solidarity. (We don’t care what age, race, sex or sexuality you are. All we care about is whether you have any talent or not. And definitely don’t supply your own name. The name of the page or account should be the name of the author you have chosen: Adam Weishaupt, Michael Faust or Mike Hockney.) Dare we say that Ayn Rand fans have used the same tactic by getting people to say, “I am John Galt” to honour the hero of Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged.

Then add the content that you would like us to include in the book. If you wish, you can post three messages, one for each author. By 31 December 2015, notify the Gnostic Legion or Pythagorean Illuminati sites of the page you have set up. They will collate all the different pages and send us the results. If we get enough contributions of sufficient quality, we shall proceed with the book. Otherwise, there will be no final book, and no say from our audience. We do not expect to have many contributors. If you ask people to put in any creative effort, and say anything considered and thoughtful, you automatically rule out about 90% of the population. However, given that the only people we want to have associated with our project are those who can create, we don’t care if no one’s up to the task. Then we don’t have to waste any time on them.

It’s up to you. This is a sure means to rule out the kind of people who will subsequently betray us and sabotage us, and who have ruined the Movement. The Movement must die now,  or get rid of everyone who has sided with Cypher and his plotters.

We are glad a crisis has come. It allows us the chance to start again, and get rid of all the people who held us back.

Whatever Happened To The Movement?


“I made a model of you,
A man in black with a Meinkampf look

“And a love of the rack and the screw.
And I said I do, I do.
So daddy, I’m finally through.
The black telephone’s off at the root,
The voices just can’t worm through.

“If I’ve killed one man, I’ve killed two–
The vampire who said he was you
And drank my blood for a year,
Seven years, if you want to know.
Daddy, you can lie back now.

“There’s a stake in your fat black heart
And the villagers never liked you.
They are dancing and stamping on you.
They always knew it was you.
Daddy, daddy, you bastard, I’m through.”

Sylvia Plath, Extract From “Daddy”

The End of an Era

So, it’s the end of the AC era. It plainly outstayed its welcome. It’s time for new voices and visions. For new talents and new creations. Over to you.

Do wonderful things. Make the world sit up and take notice. And never waste your time on the snipers, trolls and saboteurs. Stay well clear of all negative influences, and all petty people.

Nothing has been more shocking to us than the fact that truly vile people managed to take over our online movement. It’s horrific to ponder the things they have got up to in our name. We are truly embarrassed and ashamed. Something must have been very badly amiss with our writings given the ugly, twisted people who came our way and inveigled their way into influential positions.

With the death of the AC site, we have created the opportunity to get rid of all these ghastly people from the online movement once and for all.


Thanks to Cypher, all of the artists who had their work showcased on our site have now lost that platform. Well done, Cypher. That’s what happens when a community prefers malice, gossip and destruction to talent, art and accomplishments. How dare people call themselves meritocrats when their pathetic little feelings and vanities overcome everything. It’s not about what you say you can do (talking the talk), it’s about actually doing things (walking the walk). We have hordes of talkers coming our way, and virtually no walkers. Well, it’s time for the talkers to walk on by and join the ranks of the talentless where they belong. Stop pretending that you can do anything interesting and creative. Where’s the evidence?

Contra Mundum

Remember, our final AC book – Contra Mundum – will appear in January 2016. We will then have the opportunity to comment on the revenge campaign that our enemies will now seek to unleash. All those who do not walk away now shall be immortalised in our book. Is that how you want your name to be forever remembered … as the pathetic counterrevolutionarlies who tried to sabotage the Second Enlightenment? Go away and you shall remain nameless. Do the rational thing, if you’re capable of it. We seriously doubt it. If you were rational, you would never have behaved as you have.

You Piece Of Shit


To all of our detractors and enemies, FUCK YOU!!!

Adam Weishaupt
Michael Faust
Mike Hockney

This has been a HyperReality Production by a communication cell of the Illuminati.



“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” – Aristotle

“Nothing is more conducive to peace of mind than not having any opinion at all.” – Georg C. Lichtenberg

“The world will be the dwelling of Rational Men.” – Adam Weishaupt

“How much truth can you bear, how much truth can you dare?” – Nietzsche


The Armageddon Conspiracy: The Plot To Kill God


© The New World Order


2 responses to “Kill “Cypher” – The Gnostic Legion

  1. Okey where to start here, well, these latest treacherous acts are completely fucked up in all aspects. I cannot even begin to imagine how much the central message of the AC have infuriated the assholes that tried to blow up the Illuminati. I experience a certain butthurtness of extreme character in these types, also some retardation such as, “experience over reason” you know the buddha worshipper and assholes of that ilk. I used to see how these talentless parasites discredited Hockney at each and every occasion they could. No more, thats for sure, anyone attached to Cypher was instantly deleted. Second thing is simply this, I FUCKING LOVE UR WORK HERE ON THE BLOG AND AC AS WELL. B4 rearranging myself into an Illuminatus. I was inside the satanworshippin nut of abraham, Islam. Which is truly the worst kind of retardation one can know, trust me I experienced it (Is what some guy like buddha would say) Cypher = Buddha here (also tried communicating this message, to some old allahworshipper friend i had. but they declined, even though they see the reason and i shut them up so efficiently. They disgust me right now actually. Their eyes are closed and their ears deafened, by what u call “the holy shit koran” which is btw, a fantastic description). Third thing is, I am DOWN with ur shit. The Legion and the PI that is the only way forward. I tried going into the dead facebook today, and get some people over to the Legion and PI for I know they want the real shit. But unfortunately many of them are still stuck on old forums and others seem to be in passive mode. How much I hate that mode, I must admit I am also in passive mode a little too often. However passivity is simply bullshit, and breeds ignorance, so fuck that. Id rather produce some real shit, I would love to see the queer of denmark hanged and gangraped, (I truly would) as well as some of our retard politicians. But being on the side of light, one must always contain oneself and so forth. So Meritocracy with 100% inheritance tax in Denmark would be great. Too keep this short now, I say ur message is not lost. Never shall be. I shall prove to any skeptic of mine, with time. Gotta go now, and smoke a blunt while fucking my head up to some nice psychedelic trance music. Much LOVE for ur shit, but more REASON of course. Thank u the articles here are great (both for laughing and intellect). And the AC was the true GOD!. Greetings from a neighbour and brother from the north, who originated in the south or whatever. And simply, thank you for all the great enlightening info. Saved my ass from Muhammad and Allah or simply goatfucking pigs!

  2. What an ignorant scumbag. Too many of this type are around in the world. So we fight an uphill battle.

    A tragedy… Yet, from the ashes new creation arises.

    More souls are unplugging from the Matrix, despite the traitorous efforts of the likes of “Cypher” and his ilk. If somebody like myself can be unplugged and awoken than that means there is hope for many, many more. Of course the AC and the enlightening works of Mike Hockney and his cell were instrumental in this, but the work continues.

    It is inevitable that we will win this fight.

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