The day of the dead

The Day of the Dead has come…

It truly has.

The “world” with a gone “” website is truly dead. My own site is such a little spark of light in the surrounding darkness, compared to the ultimate and immense information on our “AC” website. IF it never reappears, what have really learned from all of it? Are we wise enough to follow the path? What when we ALL disappear? Well, this will not happen. All information of the order is available via pdf files or amazon and the likes. It is and was always our “fate” to spread illuminism. Why? Because we never accepted this world and “life”, we always knew that there must be something totally wrong with all this shit we call life. So the walkers of the ancient paths found the Illuminati, few of them, us. The truth is within US, if we take care of anything, not being a moron, and always asking ourselves is this the right thing i am doing, thinking, etc. right now? Always question ourselves and our aims. Many ways to rome – only one way to Hyperborea.

…but it has not yet gone.

Adam W.Eishaupt, ancient order of the Illuminati


14 responses to “The day of the dead

  1. I was very sad to see that the page had gone down yesterday, but I see now that they have reset all the pages and plan to delete the AC site for good. It includes this passage –

    “On November 2, 2015, the Day of the Dead, we deleted the AC site, with the exception of this page. It will never be returning.

    This page will be removed on November 14, and replaced with a short commemoration to Leibniz, who died on that day. By the end of January 2016, the AC site will vanish entirely.

    Also on 14th November, the God Series will be terminated prematurely. “How To Create The Universe” will be the final title in the series. The author name “Mike Hockney” will then be permanently retired. There will be no further books by Mike Hockney.

    In December, we will release “The Case For Meritocracy” and “Crapitalism” by Michael Faust. The author name “Michael Faust” will then be permanently retired. There will be no further books by Michael Faust.

    In January, we will release the final book associated with the AC project. This will be “Contra Mundum” (Against the World) by Adam Weishaupt. The author name Adam Weishaupt will then be permanently retired. There will be no further books by Adam Weishaupt.

    We had planned to release 100 books in total, to reflect the 100 cantos of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Due to recent events, we shall now be stopping at 80 books.”

    Does this mean they will keep the books out that are already associated with the names? Either way it is sad, since I know without that page many people will never stumble into rationalism. It is sad to lose such a prodigious source. I just wish people would not have taken it for granted.

  2. This is truly sad. Though I’ve read all the articles, some many more than others, I always find myself going back there, as there is always something new to learn. I suppose this means we will never see the release of “the soul camera”. Jake you were right, too many people not only took the site for granted, but went out of their way to attack it.

  3. The AC site was the most important page in the entire Internet. I myself am personally responsible for its demise. I never joined the sniping trolls at the Movement and I never corrupted ontological mathematics for my own egotistical purposes.Treason is not my path.

    However, I did not speak out. I never tried to defend the AC from its attackers. I did not contribute my own knowledge to the arena. I took the site for granted. My silence is damning. Except for posting here at m566s webpage I have remained silent. Now I will be silent no longer. It is game time motherfuckers. I know that out there in the vast wastes of this planet there are many others just like myself who have spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours studying the AC website and related literature without mobilizing. My excuse is that I wanted to understand ontological mathematics in its entirety before I began to work. I thought that if I could not immediately render a proof that unified the Four Fundamental forces incorporating complex numbers and the appropriate philosophical dialogue my ideas would be pointless banter. My fear of error and fear of lacking the appropriate knowledge rendered me idle.

    It is up to us now to carry the spirit of the New World Order. We are Contra Mundum. We will see each other on the field of battle in triumph soon enough.

    • It really was the most important page. Like you said, we must remain silent no longer. We need to act. Since I posted I have been feeling out an application for The Gnostic Legion. I encourage you and Mike to do the same. Hopefully we can bring illuminism back into the publics view in the future.

      • D-503, I feel the exact same way as you. My inactivity may as well have been another nail in the coffin of the AC site. Like many others, I assumed it would be there forever. Though truthfully, I had no idea that the site had THAT MANY trolls and haters. I’m aware of the Gnostic Legion, as I “follow” them on Facebook, but I’m not on facebook (or the internet for that matter) enough to read and follow all the Illuminism stuff from either the fakes or the true supporters. Months ago, I contemplated joining the Movement Rebooted, but thought to myself “what could I possibly have to offer?”. My own negative thinking betrayed me, thus I betrayed myself. We truly are our own devils who make our own hell. But by that same token, we can also be our own Gods who make our own heavens. For the longest time I was content with just reading, studying, and making music in my free time, never once thinking about ways to bring about true change in the world we all live in. What happened today has truly been eye opening. For one, I had no idea there were all these fake illuminists out there. And an Illuminism CONFERENCE? Really?! This I’m sure is the type of shit that make the real Illuminists slap their foreheads. After reading the latest and last article, I know I can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch this world sink even further into hell.

      • I have applied for the Gnostic Legion as well. Much like Esoteric I had no idea that AC had attracted such vile people. I was of the opinion that it was one of the least frequented sites of the internet. I was not aware at all of what was going on with the Movement, nor was I aware of organizations such as the Gnostic legion. If we combine all of our efforts together we will be unstoppable. I look forward to the change we will bring the world.

  4. Thanks Illuminati. Time for change.


    Time for usage principles Meritocracy.

    No Nepotism

    No Cronyism

    No Discrimination

    Equal Opportunities

    Rewarding Merit


    Three steps to the target


    Magic 10 (%)


    Magic 100 (%)

    100% tax heritage


    Thanks&Regards for Daniel Groover (YouTube Pawnshot7 guitar artist) “Fortuna favet fortibus”


    postscript: AC & M.H. check database. Who seeks finds

  5. Hey!

    At the beginning, I thought everything looked promising that I read what you posted (lots of fancy logos and writing!). Then, I discovered something that upset me. I’ll just keep it to myself. Anyways, I thought this song was appropriate. Since everyone is posting, why deny myself?

    • We all are upset from time to time. The Illuminati are not here to collaborate. We bring truth. We do not want anything from anyone. Giving people only the chance to know what is really going on. Of cousrse – so we “upset” maybe millions of people from everywhere. We just let people know, they shall make the best of it. If not, leave us. Of course i am also aware that i am not “perfect”, i am learning too.

  6. You are a modern Socrates, you bring truth, but most people dont like truth. You will be persecuted for it, just like Socrates. Your work contains a threshold, and once one steps over the threshold, it can be looked at objectively. Before one steps over the threshold the work is too offensive, it irritates our Pathos minds, just like Socrates did. To claim mathematics as the fundamental truth instead of reason, is too much for most people. Even if its true its too complicated to attract a mass. Your books are the best thing I have ever been reading.

    • “You will be persecuted for it, just like Socrates”


      …fortunately i have the ability to nail someones head to the floor.
      You are wrong.
      I am not like old Socrates.


    • By the way: i never wrote a book (yet).
      And does not Adam W.Eishaupt differ from Adam Weishaupt, and does this Adam not differ from the 18th century grandmaster of the Illuminati? “Research”, has to be done well, unless you do not anyone will “promote” you.

      • Next year seems cold, Its the 2016 olympics. Ioannes Adam Ieshua P.T.W. but PTW wouldnt make sence in german. His Godfather got the same forenames. Well, it is as it is.

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