Saturn Death Cult

I want to bring a certain website to your attention, which i found interesting. All the author says about the Illuminati, especially Hegel, should be handled with care. Nonetheless he paints a good picture.

And to relax ouselves a little bit from all the shit going on, some music. Norwegian black metallers and church burners Immortal shall scream out what the order of the Illuminati has to say to all its enemies: ALL SHALL FALL


6 responses to “Saturn Death Cult

  1. I LOVE debunking conspiracy theories. All “holy texts” should be burned: Bible, Torah, Koran, along with “buddha”-ist writings, and the zen buddhists talking about cutting through the “illusion” of living. Don’t forget Confucius, Lao Tzu, etc.

    They all need to be “saved.” LOL
    They are the real “kaffirs”

    Thank you for bringing sanity into an insane world.

  2. Excellent material m6667. There is without a doubt that Abrahamists are Saturnic agents. They are beings of lead. The element of Saturn is lead. Saturn has a hexagonal storm pattern at his north pole that is a cube when projected into 3 dimensions. Cubes are a sign of devil worshipers. The Qabba in Mecca is a black cube that Muslims revolve around. Jews wear black cubes on their heads when they chant their evil prayers. Fight the black cube death cultists.

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