To my enemies

You are threatening me.

You wanna kill me.

For the words i have written.


Then come and be ready.

I am fully aware that every halftrained brute will bring me down in a couple of seconds. Bravo. That is what you have ever learned, behave like an animal. Nonetheless i can assure you that i will hurt you, and being maybe victorious at last. You really think i will “step back” because some of you fuckers wanna rumble? FUCK YOU !!! Who the fuck do you think you are? You are nothing but the fucking S.O.S. = soldiers of satan. You never even wanted to be free and see what you really are and what you as a human being are truly capeable of. But no, you are like worms sauing in shit and loving it. I will die in and with honour and i will sit at the round table of Abraxas. You will die as a machine of the demiurge, jahwe, christ, allah, shiva and all the other shithole wanna be gods, who are truly an entity called: satan. Who is satan? YOU!

I am the fucking raging beast 666 of the apocalypse, and my powers are greater than yours.

My weapon(s) is ART.

Yeah, i hear you laughing, trained dogs.

I do not have weapons, guns, knifes, bombs, the anarchist cookbook (several updated versions), mill/bills of $rs, a secret service under my command, no, nothing of the mentioned tools of the lord of this world, satan. As the tragic, unfortunate being you are, you understood simply nothing, because you are a robot, a machine, not an immortal spark of god, who wants to and will become god by him-/herself.

I have nothing more to say.

Besides: FUCK OFF & DIE!


2 responses to “To my enemies

  1. They’re every where. Any comments on anything online, they’re there. They try to overwhelm you with how many of them (the more people “say” something means it has more truth value – it doesn’t). They are perpetual actors, and they support each other vehemently. Insults, snide remarks, mocking, and it goes on and on.

    I love them and I say to all of them “I will help you”! Only if you don’t know who you are and where you are going do you become scared of them. Let them raise the white flag!

  2. What sad piece(s) of shit(s), why do they threaten, because thats all the talent they have. I hate OWO, I fucking despise these bastards and their wannabe rambo mentalities. I WILL SHIT ON THESE FUCKING ABRAHAMIC AND OWO MORONS. (Asshole narcissists who think they are something good for humanity, what a joke). And the most beautiful woman in the world, who I love and she seemed interested as well, was lost for now bcus of OWO. Every bad thing that happens to anyone, is on the OWO. I wish infinite punishment of YHWH was real for them. I know maybe such a thing is insane but so are they. In the supreme blasphemy against Allah the narcissistic psychopath, I thought what a fantastic thing it would be, to bring one beautiful sister (or more) of the middle-east to an SM event, (including using Islamic clothings for play) and have hyper-sex all the way to Abraxas in front of the shitty qoran and its passages. Then maybe use the pages of the book of the archon to cleanse sexual fluids. (Maybe a bit too extreme, but so are abrahamic idiocy). I also dislike the mammonite masons, I know hate is destructive in extreme proportions, but I seriously cannot hate anything more than a traitor, Traitors=Masons (the bad ones, the royal and rothschild asskissers and OWO ones). Your works are always appreciated, I hope your enemies/our enemies, will suffer double up all of the shitty pain they have caused in the cosmic mental asylum. FUCK THE OWO, day in and out, my mind is on how great it would be too torture them to death. I know its extreme, and inhumane, but they have killed all of humanity already. They deserve painful deaths. Infinite torture with their asshole sadist master leviathan. (I take full responibility for my words, they are mine and no one else’s) Just in case some asshole OWO sees this. Today I cannot enjoy myself and study full, smoke hashish or bust a nut. Bcus the OWO slavery is active tomorrow. I bet princeP is gonna lick QE’s vag tomorrow morning on her orders. In which case, I do not envy him at all, not even one percent. Btw if you have anything interesting on telepathy, please share, it is a subject I have been interested in lately. Peace and safety.

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