Anonymous choosing sides… ?

This cannot be. Or?


4 responses to “WTF ?

  1. Anonymous is just a “name” for a fascist “left-wing” right-wing political movement masquerading for social justice. If they don’t like you, you are done for. Also, they are quite incompetent. What are they going to do? Hack the twitter accounts of random members? They’re just trying to be popular and exploit the moment for personal gain.

    They probably imagine themselves as being “celebrities” or “true revolutionaries.”

    “We are free” – no body tells us what to think! (HAHAHA!)

      • They don’t care about helping people (most of them). They just want to be celebrities. I probably shouldn’t say anything since I am speculating, but, that is what I think.

        Also, I think people are born good or evil, but, I think some people have the discrepancy to not be as evil as they could be. It’s just my observation!

    • And “evil” meaning their behavior and not anything else. More like complete destruction. It is like they’re operating as robots just like you said earlier.

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