Daesh = extremist = untermensch

The warriors of god. Look at them. This is the enemy (one of them for us) this is a joke, isn’t it?! Kinda this people are the horrible ISIS? *LAUGH* this IS a joke. They even won’t fight some average western hooligans or bikers for example. Absolutely laughable. These dudes on video would be erased in a second all at once by some men who know to fight and are not drug addicts, as all islamists, like the knights templar of the 21st century. They are weak, small, dumb and uninteresting men, so that they hate women, just like their cockless god does, like all fucking abrahamists do. Abraham the whore of satan. Well, here a vid i have found via some patriots site “patriotnewswire.com”:

Females in ISLAM are less than human, this is nothing new. And it’s nothing new that, basically, Muslim men will have sex with any female that has a vagina, despite the young age of the vagina owner. Watch these sick pigs talking about the young girls they are going to buy at this sex slave auction, and pay special note when the man says that “if she is 15 I must check her teeth,” because, apparently, 15 year old girls are already past their prime. What sick bastards!

From 800 a.d. – 1.500 a.d. ( the time of the european “dark -religious- ages”) the muslims were the intellectual and scientific center of the world. THEY invented alcohol, hospitals and believe it or not, some kind of today simple “robots” for personal or public use. It is known that even their prophet said, that god can be found through science. So, what happened?
History repeats itself some say. So know the muslims have their dark age.
This world is/has become hell, whatever.
Every “believer” is a demon of satan.
There are billions of demons here.
Where are the angels?

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