It’s the JUWES !!! (Jews) Thomas Barnett

Anyone outhere knowing “Thomas Barnett”?

Well, you should know this criminal asshole, who clearly is in bad need of a mindfuck, a good psylocibin or LSD trip would surely help this braindead motherfucker out. He is an arrogant arse blah-ing, moaning out crap like how the world should be, in his childish brain. A “globalist”, a dangerous criminal, a liar and the FDR’s own man. Fuck the FDR, time for your “exorcism”. He also claims that racial mixture is a “super thing”, and everyone on this fucking planet should breed with anything possible. The “immigration problem” is for him also a “super thing”. Well, as an Illuminatus i agree so far. BUT: there are uncrossable differences. His version -as the fucking whore of abrahamism he is- is of course rape and unwanted gangbangs. So, all true men know that women are “bitches”. And? NP. We are all motherfuckers, so come down, bro’. There is surely no need to torture and kill some female(s). If you do or did: you are a whore of satan, and “hell” awaits you. You have been lied to. ALL religions lie. Because they are the devil’s own creation to enslave every mind/monad, soul to make you understand. So, wanna be an dumb asshole or a cool hero fighting for the freedom of all mankind? Choose.

( A short lesson in violence: being a metalhead for 3 decades by know, many people came across my ways, from nearly every country in this world. And as we all being metalheads, there was, and there will never a problem ever between all those different incarnations. I knew lot’s of german couples and one of them let a bad reminder of useless shit,  back in my head. To make it short: all thought there were normal guys. Well, at least HE wasn’t. After an argument and some screaming the decision was made to leave each other for good. HE was not amused and killed his yearlong girlfriend with several knife hits. What i am trying to say, is never ever, judge a book by its cover. You will maybe lose your life. And you do not have to be a religious moron to being stupid and do some mindless, useless killing. Fuck your emotions!)

But now, back to our today’s menue.  Supercocksucker barnett also explains the actual immigration waves all over europe. He wants to beat all europe down, a mixed brown race, too stupid to understand, intelligent enough to do work. IQ 90%. Yep, that is what he, his jewish conspirators and the FDR have planned for you and all of us. He also claims, that president obama is ajew. To me he looks like a muslim. Do you agree? Well, as the free thinking being you are, you are not even being able to agree to such moronic ideas of an abrahamist in its worst case.

So. What is this now all about?


“Satan” will let his religions crush into each other. As always, the goal is money, power, the supreme elite – and they are not “religious” at all. All men and women who die now in the created wars all around us, are nothing but cannonfodder dying for the glory of the FALSE new world order. ISIS is a tool of the jewish american conspiracy. I whish back Illuminatus like Thomas Jefferson. He smoked pot like me. Great friend.

This is the truth, brothers and sisters. As always the old evil forces play their deadly game, and we are the chess figures. The game of the kings. KILL the king(s).

Fuck computers.

Fuck Aarpa.

Fuck the (deep) web.

We should disconnect.

We should meet.



14 responses to “It’s the JUWES !!! (Jews) Thomas Barnett

  1. Great post. I have never heard of this Barnett person, but that is probably for the best. Tried to watch the video, but I do not speak German. You say he supports the idea of racial mixing. In theory that does seem like a good concept. If all humans on this planet were of the same race, it would be one less thing to kill each other over, right? There are already so many things that divide us, and skin color is among the top 5, especially here in America. However, that could be used against the people, or against souls, in the way you describe, if the goal is to create a human “too dumb to understand, but intelligent enough to work”. Such a paradox. As for Obama, I really don’t care if he is a Muslim or a Jew. Either way, he is just another tool of the elite.

  2. (First of all sorry for my incredible bad english XD).

    Think again…..100% mixture of race NEVER happen…”pure” people will suffer discrimination too.
    The illuminati program is not mixture,union,multiculturalism……is separatism,cultures, diversity in harmony,competition,collaboration and peace!
    Cities black,white,liberal,comunists,democrat,meritocratic…
    The best system,race and culture win!And will be imitated for the rest!Think about it!
    Black people are a intelectually inferior than other races(maybe for climate casualities),if all of us mixture with them,all contributed in “involution” of biological bodies.
    And that,my friend,is the Jewish plan!
    Our fight is for the best,for the clever,for the progress,justice,and yes,for the illumination…..not for the compassion,weakness,inferiority…Every person in the world deserves the same respect and rights but not the same consideration!
    Think something,maths are perfect! If all of the races of the world in the past has the same intellect,who work in the mines?little and weak whites?
    All races have their purpose!All animals have their purpose!All insect have their purpose!All organism have their purpose!
    Help the superior organism to arrive on his perfection and so on…!
    In a meritocratic city,blacks(not all of course),work in a mines!And that is justice!
    So yes,meritocracy is a Nazi system refined!But this is the dialectical evolution!This is Nietzche!This is Darwin!The Order of Illuminati only introduce justice,regulation and acceleration of evolution!
    The illuminati objective is not equality for all,is the equal opportunities for all!
    The sillies and thiefs rich of the world deserve to wash toilets and a “genius worker” deserves to be rich!
    Of course is only my opinion!And maybe I’m wrong!

    • as a free man, you have the right to speak free.
      i disagree in the points “blacks are inferior” – to me clearly a question of culture and education, and i also disagree to 100% that the ancient order of the Illuminati are nazi. We are not bound to hitler (maybe an incarnation of fucking jesus puke) in any way, we are the heritage of abraxas = simon magus = the beast of the apocalypse = 666.


  3. SALUS Adam W. Eishaupt!

    The Abrahamists cannot allow women to be free with their sexuality. It is the devil worshipers nature to mutilate, torture, and crush that which is bountiful, beautiful and productive. In my evil homeland of the Confederate States of America it is all too apparent that women are suppose to be ashamed of themselves and submissive to limp cock bible morons who are terrified by women and free men. Soon these devil worshiping idiots will be destroyed. They will try to kill me and I will take as many of them down as I can. I know that when my body dies here on Earth my true essence will continue on forever away from this shitty planet. Slaves of Yehosua ben Yosef will come back to this hellhole until they figure out what they are and why they are here. Same as it ever was.

    e^ix +1=0

    • hi D
      stop talking shit man. do not go to war, do not let your emotions triumph above logic. i know its hard. When you die one more free monad is gone. This is not the plan, we need all enlightened minds badly, and so yours too. Find another way to erase, battle, laugh about the old shit in all its incarnation. Worthless and evil they are. Be arrogant, be yourself, spit on them and you are and were never alone. We all were never alone. We meet again in this life, via the fucking web. cool, somehow, isnt’t it?


      • Your argument is sound. I came here to liberate this planet. It is important that I stay here until the war is won. I chose the hard path so there will be no quick outs for me.

        Thanks for your support A.W.E. It is interesting we meet again in this life on the Internet. The infinite complexity of the universe is awesome. When I see the Infinite All with my mind no other beauty can compare. Something is nothing. Perfect balance.

  4. ““Satan” will let his religions crush into each other. As always, the goal is money, power, the supreme elite – and they are not “religious” at all. All men and women who die now in the created wars all around us, are nothing but cannonfodder dying for the glory of the FALSE new world order. ISIS is a tool of the jewish american conspiracy. I whish back Illuminatus like Thomas Jefferson. He smoked pot like me. Great friend.”

    Idont know, I dont Think I care anymore. Let people Believe in what they want, why bother? Lets build mosques everywhere, lets have minarets, and adhān shoutings five times a day. Who cares? The Elites has thought this all through, its probably for the best. The old religions will kill eachother, so why bother? We will probably all die of global warming anyway. Ill just hide myself away and stop caring about anything at all. The universe is in permanent change, there is nothing to hold on to, Everything Changes. In fact its irrational to try and hold on to something.. so why bother?

    • welcome cleitus
      somehow your “bothering” thoughts are right. Why choose, and or do anything at all? I surely asked this question myself more than once. Well, the simple answer is: i can not stop. I can not stop to “fuck off” and threatening the old system all the time. Our thoughts and ideas are energy. Proven. So, let OUR minds and dreams fill the “void”, and let the old void become destroyed and ereased. I can not stop spitting on these assholes. Of course you do not have to, you can also sit in a hole or cave and wait for your death, but i am somehow sure that this is NOT your true vision of living your life, at least you talk to the Illuminati – how many can say that from themselves on this planet? My thing as a black metal musician is clear: burn down every church, temple, synagoge and mosque. FIRE

  5. @ D-503, do you by chance live in the south? If you do, then you know things here/there are more backwards and regressive than other parts of the country. Colorado seems to be on the right track, and not just because of pot legalization. @ Cleitus, the things you say are things that every Truth seeker thinks at one point or another, as AWE points out. But we must not let these thoughts bring us down. That is what the OWO wants. @ AWE, wouldn’t it be nice to see the activities of the early 90s black metal scene done all over the world, to ALL places of worship? It is curious how such things do not seem to happen nowadays.

    • yes. i only can sign this. does the black metal scene has become weak? i hope not. me and a couple of young metalheads at the age of 17 – 19 or something, we burned down our local cemetary. this was in the 80’s! the phrase black metal was only known through venoms 2nd album called black metal. and yes, the mighty mercyful fate were around these days, hellhammer, and today total unknown or forgotten bands. anti establishmen, anti religion was and is in our “blood”, of course in our minds/monads. i remeber the “good old days” well. on the other hand it is easy to burn down churches in norway, scandinavia in general. they are made of wood. try to burn down a gothic cathedral. i even cannot imagine the amount of kerosin needed to realise an action like this. bombing religious buildings from the sky with gps tracking would be much more effective. and fuck off religion. there is much more in the need being blown up for the “greater good”. bank buildings, army bases, government buildings and all the shithole rest of the old world order. fuck shit, it would be most of the planets areas. and of course the “innocent” would die, while our real “targets” sitting relaxed drinking champagne in some cool underground safe installment. maybe it is this: the BM scene has of course also evolved. for the good. many of the scandinavian “cult” people were complete morons, barely could spell their own names. always remember that. if they would see deep as we do, the burning of wooden churches is a nice symbol, but finally nothing but laughable in the war against the owo. by the way, many BM “stars” are nothing but owo celebreties. fuck rockstars.

    • @EsotericDrummer
      Yes I live in the south. I live in Texas so there is no doubt in my mind who the OWO agents here are. In fact, the city in which I live in has the reputation of being “in Texas, but not Texas”. This is superficially true. If one has the eyes to see and the ears to hear it is very obvious that a privileged Anglo elite, specifically Scots-Americans, have a monopoly on power here. Presbyterianians ( a uniquely evil Calvinism) as well as other Christians have seminaries here where they seed the minds of their slaves with evil. My city is laden with fifth-columnist Tories and the sad irony is most of them do not even know it. If there is one thing I truly despise it is US apologists for the British system and their horrid ways. Most US people do not realize that Imperial money has hijacked our country and uses it for OWO world domination. Many USA people admire the English queen and consider the British government our oldest ally. What stupid trash. The US system as it currently exists is completely fucked and has to be done away with. It is completely beholden to the trans-Atlantic OWO power core.

      Colorado does sound nice. My most recent visit was in Spring 2011. Interesting that you mentioned that state. I might move there with a friend after she returns from traveling South America. The Rockies are beautiful.

      Death to Tyrants

  6. “We should meet”. We should definetely meet sometime, this must be actualized reality between Illuminists so we can start doing something now, rather than just writing updates on Facebook or whatever or Tweet Illuminati signs. And im not referring to these weird, psycho-stalkers and moronic, narcissistic and self-proclaimed Illuminatus types (who in reality have a very sore ass still from Mike Hockney’s God Series). The type who likes to play two horses at once and follow the stream, waiting for the winner to emerge before supporting. I telling you my friend, if you go to Facebook and traverse into the Illuminism community there, you will mostly find there is a shitload of people claiming to be Illuminists, but are almost all total faker hypocrites in reality. Really last-man’ish, and some shit-faced Masons too that just talk shit about how great they are, and how they are the real Illuminati and blablabla. It is truly a fucking amazing mystery of un-explainable kind how ontological mathematics has not blown the scene yet to fucking dust. But these fuckfaces are so slow to understand the real thing, or maybe just will not admit that Masonry or Discordianism or whatever shithole they belong to is not a complete fraud and that Illuminism has nailed all of that shit to the cross, so to speak. Narcissistic psychopaths indeed, of which being the Illuminati is more important to them, than actually setting free Mother Gaia and its children and securing the future from the Old rinkled, bastard fuckers of the OWO. Then even also destroying, discrediting and intentionally totally ignoring the genius work of the actual Illuminati? Bro these fuckers are truly some weird beings, who like to be stuck with lies and hypocrisy, which is just pure disgusting rat human nature. Most never like the real truth, only censored and half-truths. So Ontological Mathematics and Illuminati-Meritocracy is totally ignored by almost all of the deluded pricks. This really is some shitty situation, where some dickhead fuckers lie must be protected so badly, that the truth must be supressed, and ignored. This is basically what all Discordant, Masonic bitches have done to online Illuminism. They truly to all in their power to supress Hockney’s work, and then come up with some RAW shit, or some Aleister Crowley or Albert Pike or whatever. Like Hockney pwned them all fuckers, and you know it, but they will still not give due credit where it belongs. They remind me of Hollywood stars, with the narcissistic psychopathism and self-worship hidden behind the altruist cover and philanthropist title. Fuck them ALL!
    This revolution in the social media section has died, except for G300 which is now (sorry to say) but totaly shooting themselves in the foot. In my subjective estimation with relation to tangible revolution (not just R=0 social media revolution) they are also dead now. No hope in this social media. But I do not know if G300 is planning real life actions.
    We need to fucking meet, learn eachother, talk and develop new ideals for the revolution, discuss, create bonds, progress dialectically and create something in the real world, a group of enlightened autonomous and heroic Meritocrats, who are all for the NWO. Real Illuminists only, and no more of this Masonic Zionist and Discordian pacifist bullshit. No more of this exchanging messages online, riddled words and trolling shit, no more NOT understanding and organizing eachother under the banner of the greater good. Fuck social media, we need to organize in real life and work from there. Only that way can we create the real connections and organized network of people, plus it is no more trolling. People do not have balls in real life for trolling the Illuminati, becus they are directly and verbally owned. Not behind a screen where they can set up thousand profiles and shit. Also solving issues and disagremeent in real life is much easier. But it must ofc not be for those that are not welcome, and seciruty measures must be taken for that.
    I truly hope at some time that we can meet, an group of Illuminists together in real life and no, not to kill the Illuminati – I am no idiot after all!

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