World Wars III, IV, and V

Hi all. I made the decision to return. How could i not? The things in the last couple of weeks, made me vomit (literally). How can i stop spitting in the face of evil every day, kicking religious items like gravestones and crosses. “All is number” grandmaster Pythagoras tought us, and the number is 666. Please share my dream of burning churches, synagoges, temples and mosques. We, the Illuminati told you how to become free. But most of “you” did not listen.  “God is dead”, like Nietsche said, well, unfortunately “God” is alive more than ever. Satan sends his bloodthirsty armies over the globe. Fuck you satan! Piss off, kill yourself right now, and declare to your world religions who you really are, and how your minions love to be enslaved, braindead assholes. Of course “he” is not god, but an archon, the only god we know and accept is Abraxas. The war is on, if some of you did not realised this yet. And yes, it will come to your town too for sure. Please share my dream of burning and destroyed government installations, army troops installations destroyed, the monoliths of the banking system fall forever and the destruction of the “blue blooded” families and their fortresses. Let the free ones, from every corner of this fucking globe, RISE. We, the Illuminati, invite YOU to this historically remarkable event. Let us use our combined intelligence, mathematics and logic, to set us free and let all the religious ones, the owo, and all the other morons back alone on earth, with a scream locked on their faces, when we leave into the universe to a “better place” and showing them the finger. Stop fighting for the “King” – start fighting for yourself. “The world is full of kings and queens, who will blind your eyes and steal your dreams – Ronnie James Dio RIP”. Yeah. I am back to tell the world what i ever told to it: FUCK YOU !!!

Let’s have a war – Carnivore (/pre-Type 0 Negative)

A bomb hits the city all life instantly vaporized
but I’m not so fortunate burning right before my eyes
stumbling I trip over pieces of descending flesh
leaving a pile of smoldering humanoid mess
coming in waves
leading me to
a nuclear grave
Are you ready
will you be
will you fight WW III
are you ready
are you sure
will you fight WW IV
Humanity somehow stood up on its mutated feet
reeling with pride man just would not accept his defeat
into the missiles deadly disease and poison gas
launching them off terracidal journey kills the last
vomiting blood
I choke on my tongue
the gas from above is filling my lungs
Silence and darkness the species of man is extinct
the boiling oceans into which the continents sink
gravity gone the moon collides with a dead earth
flaming world out of orbit flying into deep space
prey for your death
if you survive
you’ll die in pain
in world war V




4 responses to “World Wars III, IV, and V

  1. Check this out:

    And fuckface liberals still want to tell me that they’re not the outright ALLY of Islam? I hope all liberals like this fuckface mayor of Cologne meet many, many, many Muslim men without their security. German women: YOU must change your behaviour for Muslim men! WTF! German women: groups of North African Muslim refugees are not refugees, just your imagination! WTF!

    Is there no force in this universe that can kill all these liberals and Abrahamists? Are they the most powerful, unable to be defeated? Fuck this stupid world, made more stupid by these liberal fuckfaces who make it even worse. Where the fuck is the power to defeat them!?

  2. Hello there.

    It is me your old friend Elder Vampire.
    I lost your e-mail in transition and i can’t get in touch with you.

    Come to ” Merit Clan su ” site login there with your account and send me a PM on the forums.

    I managed to get the latest books so you can update your archive on hex666 site too !

    Best Regards and i hope you are well.

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