Sylvester Cologne Germany 2015 and the rise of the New Nazi Empire

Here a vid from a new poster, describing in short the sylvester “event” in cologne, germany 2015:

It’s from “Bill Still”… *laugh* – what a fucking name is this? At the end of the vid “matthew” from satan’s bible is cited. Fuck off christianity and all other religions, except Illuminism.

The “refugee problem” will give rise to a united european neo nazi empire. Without question. Every right wing extremist parties all over invaded europe are connected and are gathering and millions of europeans will vote for them in 2017, at least in germany. Germany has been “sold” finally to the old world order and germany shall be brought down and be slaughtered. World war III will of course happen in europe, as always. Lucifer’s heritage = germany, and we are fucking proud of this. All hail Lucifer, all hail Abraxas. Very powerful people are behind this plans and actions, those who know and hate the muslim order for centuries. Which makes them surely not a hint better than the “enemy”, just remeber the abominable KZ’s of the nazi order. The IS could learn much regarding inhumanity and drug driven perversion from their greatest enemy. Of course, in the nazi vision, all “oil eyed” people will die and tortured in the new nazi empire concentration camps. “Arbeit macht frei” – you remeber that.

What is happening in europe/germany can be surely and simply called TERRORISM. So, you fucking jewish bitches of the american government and their executioners, the us army – why do you not move your fucking asses right over here and blast the fuckers to hell?  Well, why should you? It couldn’t be better, the juwes think right now…  It is easy now to imagine a “jewish” conspiracy behind all this. Nazis and muslims hate each other, but both of them hating the juwes. So, let the white nazi folk and the oil eyed muslims kill each other – big problem solved, and they would be the laughing 3rd ones. Of course the owo is behind all this, and they give a fuck about your religions. Thomas Barnett… – someone should shoot the motherfucker.

So. What now?

You cannot even imagine how it is and feels these days, to “live” in germany. Fear and insanity – classic tools of the owo.

My statement as an teutonic Illuminatus, 1st grade of the “new” 5:

Try to survive and keep the knowledge and let your knowledge rise every day. Try to do not let your emotions take control over your logic, reasonable thinking and doings. Be clear in your mind/monad. Do NOT take part in joining warfare, you will die, useless.

The old forces want to bring us back to the middle ages, some kind of neo medievil times.

WE, won’t let this happen.




9 responses to “Sylvester Cologne Germany 2015 and the rise of the New Nazi Empire

  1. Good to see you again man!

    Great review! But maybe this is not the beginning of new Nazi Empire,but dissolution of EU.
    Many people and countries are against Merkel politics.
    Please,you can do a review of “National Front” in France, and “Podemos” in Spain?

  2. A.W.E.

    Unfortunately, I think you are exactly right in your prediction of what is going on and what will inevitably happen as a result. The pendulum swings both from the extremes of left-to-right without any real sense of moderation in the center, tempered by reason and rationality. Instead, the masses point at whoever the media are portraying by their masters (archons). Its too predictable. How can anyone deny that this is the way the game is played and how it has been played for as long as we can remember? All the more painful for those who have woken up to see it unfold…

    Yes, we will see a rise of right-wing extremism. It is the natural response to the extreme left-wing politics that have been dominating your country in particular for the past decades.

    P.S. Glad to see you are back. It must be hell over there though.

  3. Welcome back A.W.E!

    This most recent post of yours has confirmed my greatest worries about the current situation in Europe. I too have been carefully observing what is occurring in the heartland of our beautiful Europa. It is painful to see the same shit reoccur not even 100 years later. These muslim idiots run into northern europe to be killed in the most brutal ways. I suspect that Sweden after centuries of neutrality will be a slaughter ground.

    I will fully follow your First Grade Teutonic Illuminatus advice. It is very difficult for me living in the neo-Confederate states to keep my cool when I am surrounded by thousands of OWO assholes. So many times I want to pull out a pistol and put and round through the head of an old, fat, fucking idiot who has too much money and power and no soul. I could do so but, as you said, it would be illogical and I would die useless. I will continue to preserve our knowledge, and gain even more!

    WE won´t let this neo-medieval times happen!


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