The “human” being, Man-gods, and the bastards of religion

The human being:

Look at yourself. Created in gods own image. “God” must have been an complete moron to “create” a being like the human one. What are you? “God” hates you with all his power. Get into your car. Drive out into nature. Get out of the car and leave everything and also all of your clothes behind. And then go. Naked, defensless, helpless, you won’t survive a single night, and be happy if its not winter. So, what god would create such a useless fleshy container? Well, satan does. Trapping those who try to become god. So, our only way of survival is to create and build and think about things. But it is said that humans being made. So if someone creates something, it is surley also known, how to be destroyed. How far can you go as the unfortunate thing your are at this moment, until you reach “gods barrier”? Everything is based on mathematics. Understanding ontological math is the goal. Regardless what has been “implanted”, through ontological math, you can “hack” yourself free and boundless.

Men as gods:

The only gods mankind should honor are those men and women who brought enlightenment, freedom and revolution for the bettter to every single person (on the planet). All others are butchers, and not being worth to be mentioned here and all they have done to us and left for us, shall be erased from history forever. Of course all Grandmasters of the Illuminati should be honored here, and all other “comrades” too, of course.

The bastards of religion:

It is insane to talk, discuss, even fight, about and over religious issues in the 21st century:


…and being replaced by ILLUMINISM, the religion of the ILLUMINATI.

All religions are of satan: allah, christ, shiva, etc.. All religions are “a men’s world”. *LAUGH* What men? I do not see any. I only see deep inside fearsome perverts, womenbeaters and cocksuckers. Those of this kind are not worth to breathe the same air as me. They are not worth to breathe the same air as every free human being does. They are pestilence, stealing our air to breathe. Religion is the graveyard of intelligence and reason. They are all zombies, the living dead.

And we are the zombie hunters.

Anno 666



2 responses to “The “human” being, Man-gods, and the bastards of religion

  1. First sorry for my bad english,i hope you understand!

    mmmm i’m not sure…
    Demiurge=Colective Ego….or real and conscious demon/god?
    I think the first option is LOGOS and second only MYTOS,but of course i’m not sure 100%.
    A.W.E in his books, says reality is created by our minds,so the Demiurge are ourselves and not an external being(SATAN)!
    But please,explain Hex666(I know you don’t have any obligation to do so),i’m very curious,and you are an iniciated Illuminatus!!!

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