Gender equality & the Illuminati

Fuck shit. Gender equality – a discussion for morons and perverts. Men have dicks, women have vaginas. Discussion end. We need equality in peoples minds. Intelligence, reason and knowledge. All problems solved. Illuminism ist the answer to everything. The meritocratic world state, run by the ancient order of the pythagorean Illuminati. We are superior to everyone and everything which is “in charge” right now on this planet earth. All world leaders are confronted by the order to lay down their power and give it freely to the order. Why that, someone might ask? Simple answer: those in power prove every day how dumb and pervert they are. Their time is over, they will perish from history forever. All their plans and actions prove total failure. The french revolution as a worldwide phenomenon is what we want to see. Use your “magic” – envision daily the downfall of the worlds kings and queens. Fuck your boss, your priest, your money, everything threatening you.

God (Abraxas) i hate this planet. It cannot be that some live in caves and other fly through space, population of the same planet. No. This must be gone forever. Equality for all mankind. For those who can call themselves a human, thinking being. And no, not you, religious worm and murderer – you will be washed away forever and ever.



4 responses to “Gender equality & the Illuminati

  1. Although I agree on many points that you make but I’m afraid you are missing the bigger picture.
    You can’t create an utopia by replacing the old archons with new ones even if they claim to be illuminated, and to be honest you don’t seem to be so enlightened judging from the way you express your thoughts, your hate and lack of empathy toward the unprivileged who are victims of a corrupt system of indoctrination

    “the most improper job of any man, even saints, is bossing other men. Not one in a million is fit for it, and least of all those who seek the opportunity.”― J.R.R. Tolkien

    If you are so enlightened why don’t you start by spreading awareness and understanding while targeting a wider audience, a revolution shouldn’t be started by ignorant people.
    A meritocratic state will end up being a poor version and a misapplied aristocracy, just like our so called “democracy”.
    If we are marching toward God (the monad) then it would be through conscious and voluntary understanding, not through enforced law made by a group of “enlightened” beings who just have high IQ.

    Illuminism will be another dogma.
    Your new world order is no different from the old one, I’m sorry to say this but I refuse to bow to anyone except the cosmic order.

    • hello ant9

      thx for taking part.

      my answers:

      1. the illuminati are not archons – we are the opposite.
      2. “and to be honest you don’t seem to be so enlightened judging from the way you express your thoughts, your hate and lack of empathy toward the unprivileged who are victims of a corrupt system of indoctrination”.
      to be honest on my own – did you ever read and understood anything written on this blog?
      3. we, i, the Illuminati are not the “boss” – we are the opposite. Just FUCK the owo.
      4. it seems you see fantasy writer tolkien as an “enlightened one” – fuck fantasy, fuck lotr.
      5. the Illuminati and their allies are the opposite of ignorance.
      6. enlightenment. the inner alchemy. you will never understand.
      7. you have no idea of the true meritocratic vision and perfection.
      8. i am far from perfection, i am a 1st grader. i learn. you should learn too. everyone.
      9. you are the/a monad. a spark from god, to be reunited with all beings have become god.
      10. IQ and MORALITY
      11. illuminism is the opposite of dogma.
      12. yes. you will be surely sorry to have said this.
      13. no one has to “bow” to the illuminati or someone else. my blog follows a certain “tonality”, it is called sarcasm for example. i have no idea who you are but your words are bad ones.
      14. what the fuck is the “cosmic order”? you really know nothing about the Illuminati.

      • Hi,

        Thanks for the reply. As I said earlier I agree with you on many/most points, but I’m concerned about your attitude toward ‘normal’ people, who for some reasons have no clue…

        To clarify my position:
        1/ If you are not archons, how could you implement a new world order without using force without being authoritarian (being a boss)?
        2/ Yes I did. I just have a different perspective on a few subjects.
        3/ (see 1)
        4/ I just agree with Tolkien (on this particular quote), it doesn’t mean he’s enlightened. Fantasy can be a reflection of reality, or at least it can lead us to a better understanding of reality. the Armageddon conspiracy book is fiction, right?
        5/ You might be knowledgeable and smart but you don’t embody “the opposite of ignorance” as individual(s).
        6/ do you fully understand it?
        7/ Perfection can be subjective.
        8/ I agree
        9/ I believe we are all part of the monad, but as individuals we are not The Monad.
        10/ and Wisdom
        11/ I hope so.. many belief systems started that way but then it transformed into a dogma.
        13/ Your version of the new world order might not be as perfect as you think it is.
        I might have said bad words, I might be a bad person but I’m learning to become better. I never claimed to be illuminated.
        14/ The cosmic order refers to the governing laws of life/reality. which is already merit-based.

      • hmmm.
        what should i say?
        i will try.

        at 1st: thx for being polite.

        “I might have said bad words, I might be a bad person but I’m learning to become better. I never claimed to be illuminated.”
        i found this kinda impressive, because it is exactly that what i think of myself. An “occultist”, a (re)searcher for 25 years who “stumbled” upon the AC site. I made contact and access was granted for me. Nonetheless i am a first grader – with 48 years by now… *laugh*

        you refer to the “normal” people. why? it is clear that only who search, find something. if someone never feels the urge to change its life, they will remain “normal”. of course i am aware of the underlying problem you referring to. without enlightenment of the “masses”, nothing will change unfortunately. fortunately not all have to be “enlightened”, but only a certain amount of “knowers”. the “vortex” will be so immense, that the un enlightened, become enlightened – if they want or not. at least i am sure, that it is for the “good” of all mankind.

        to understand “archons” you must be also been aware of the “phosters”, the sparks of all penetrating “light”, the total opposite of the forces of darkness and evil, the so called archons. these 2 forces are the numbers 36 and 144. as you notice both numbers are the same:
        3 + 6 = 9 and 1 + 4 + 4 = 9. the 2 sides of the coin. duality. ying yang. on “good” planets there are 144 phosters and 36 archons. on “bad” planets there are 36 phosters and 144 archons. you can easily imagine on what body we are incarnated.

        your point “4” – i agree.

        your point “5” – slowly i think yes by now, it is immense to me, hard and beautiful somehow.

        fiction is not that bad.

        we have different views on the “monad”.

        to overthrow the old forces of evil without becoming the slayers they are, is an illuminatus aim. my words are anger and hateful many times. but its nothing more or less the horror which is all around mankind and so many love to be in the world of horrors. “demons” so to say. weak foul enemies, but their strenght is their fucking amount. as always, the few against the many.


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