Mothership has returned. The Illuminati have landed. site has been updated.

Let us see ourselves for what we are.

We are Hyperboreans.

We know well enough how we are living off that track.”



Been posting about this great movie a while ago. If you did not see the film yet, get it, do not miss it.




2 responses to “Mothership has returned. The Illuminati have landed.

  1. Here are some serious initiatives to get rid of the Old World Order:

    The plan B:

    German Center:

    Instead of crying around, they simply delete trolls if necessary. Moreover, they don’t waste time with maths. Instead, they analyze the system’s faults and suggest alternatives. That’ what we need. Let’s see if they are open to the 100% inheritance tax.

    • Hi “V”

      thx for the info. my answers:

      “The plan B” – I am fully aware of Andres Popp and his crew. My opinion is they are for the rich. All living in canada, big house, big money, big possibilities. Not useable for the average huan being. And i took my time with A. Popp.

      “German Center” – are they awaere of anything besides “scratching the surface” of thing truly are? They should read this blog and the armageddonconspiracy site. And yes, will they accept 100% inheritance tax? I do not think so yet.


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