Armageddon Conspiracy – The Missing chapter (?) and the River Of Lethe


Maybe i have gone insane now, presenting you this information as an Illuminatus.

Maybe i will lose any credibility, if i ever had any.

Matilda O’Donnell McElroy.

Ever heard of this woman?


Me neither.

She was a nurse. In Roswell 1947. Yes THE Roswell UFO shit we all “know” about. She was the only human being the alien communicated with. Ok, i see many leaving this post on its own by now, and maybe they do right so. Maybe not. Let me explain why i post this here:

In the Mike Hockney books we find the information that mankind was made. This is of highest interest. Some say the human body is constructed via 13 different genetic streams. Well… Back to the “real” thing.

An quick overview:

The “alien” called itself “Airl”. The typical “grey” look, is a non-biological spacesuit, which inhabits a so called “Is-Be”. Beings without a personal body, but with many “dolls” to use. The pure mind/monad/soul, so to say. After the alien learned the english language its starting to get interesting. The core informations presented are:

  1. Men are trapped gods, or “Is-Be’s”
  2. The “river of lethe” is real – a force sreen, controlling this part of the milky way, not only earth
  3. Religions, Politics, (false) Science, are potrayed as mankinds surpressors and deadly enemy
  4. There is an ancient evil force they call “The Old Empire” (OWO)
  5. To free mankind it has to be an “inside job” –  who can do the job?

The Illuminati of course.

This sounds all like a nice SciFi story. And to be frank, many information sounds total insane to me, for example the alien mentioning newton as a great scientist -it obviously never heard of Leibniz- , and that nikola tesla was an alien, one of them. Puhhh… Well, whatever – decide for yourself. Here is the complete 3 hour interview. You can jump in at 50min, and or from 1 hour 30 min – or simply watch the whole.

Whats your opinion on this issue?

And yes, i heard its fake, and i am sure it is to 99% – but listen, its sounds familiar to say at least.





4 responses to “Armageddon Conspiracy – The Missing chapter (?) and the River Of Lethe

  1. I agree with you that it is most likely fake, however, the information you present from it clearly lines up with the teachings of Illuminism, which is interesting. It makes me wonder if the person or people behind it were Illuminists themselves, perhaps from an earlier communication cell. That of course is a far fetched theory, but no more so than what is said in the video. I should point out I did not watch the entire video, but just a few different parts. I gave up “researching” aliens years ago, as it seemed to be a futile endeavor. There is already too much to figure out with the things happening on this planet without adding space aliens to the mix.

    • Exactly what i thought. Forget about aliens. Futile. But as you see, the infos given are fucking close to those of the Illuminati.


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