Armageddon Conspiracy – There is no missing chapter (yet)…

‘ALIEN INTERVIEW’ by Lawrence Spencer

Unfortunately, this book is a hoax. This is definitive.

Lawrence Spencer is careful (presumably for legal reasons) to offer the written disclaimer that ‘Alien Interview‘. should be regarded as a work of fiction, but it does the UFO community (and the Scientology community – see below) no favors when Spencer maintained on subsequent radio talk shows, some with sizable audiences, that the purported “interview” really happened. It did not.

Conveniently, the claimed source, “Matilda MacElroy” is “deceased” – and Spencer “destroyed all the original documentation”. So we’ll just have to take his word for it… and his word, publicly stated, is that he is portraying real events. Sadly, his word is not very honorable, and he is lying. I don’t often deploy that unpleasant word, but here its use is accurate and fair.

Any Scientologist with any experience will instantly recognize the very large number of terms and concepts directly borrowed from (and sourced by) L. Ron Hubbard.

These are literally too numerous to list, starting right at the start with “doll bodies”, “what’s true is what’s true for you”, “If you were looking for Hell, the Earth would suffice”, liberal use of the term “Space Opera”, the concept that the Earth is a prison planet, and much, much, much else. Find any friendly Scientologist and they will be pleased and intrigued to go through the book line by line with you. There’s a smoking gun on almost every page.

Spencer has maybe made an unfortunate judgment, and written an interesting work of fiction (and don’t get me wrong here: many of the metaphysical concepts, formulated by Hubbard, may be valuable and have a great deal of truth to them) – but has then fallen into the trap of using his idea of journalistic license to portray the concepts in the framework of a “true story”.

This does not help genuine UFO research one iota, and further confuses the complex Roswell issue – in which real, elderly witnesses, with great courage at the end of their lives, have come forward to tell their very real stories. Spencer discredits and dishonors these fine people by what he has done. This is my issue.

Almost as an afternote: there are many other problems with the book – many of which are already cited by other reviewers. Use of the terms “carbon dating”, “computer”, “database”, “alien” (the Roswell survivor was called an EBE, or Extraterrestrial Biological Entity), MacElroy being a “Senior Master Sergeant” – and more – are all anachronisms: the words or terms did not exist in 1947, and show clearly that this is recent writing. The date stamp is also wrong: the author uses the English notation of 9.7.1947 for 9 July 1947… a little slip, written by Spencer, who although American is very familiar with England.

Lastly, consider what the alien’s name (‘AIRL’) is an anagram of.

The final nail in the coffin is this e-mail, written by Spencer himself in 2000:


From: Lawrence Spencer
Sent: 07 November 2000 02:12
To: Graham Hancock
Subject: Your victory

Dear Graham,

Congratulations to you and Robert on your victory regarding the BBC 
attack! Well Done! I commend you on your courage and persistence.

I am the author of “The Oz Factors” (I sent both yourself and Robert a 
copy of my book last spring), so I certainly do have some first hand 
knowledge how the mainstream academic vested interests operate to 
suppress the truth. My book discusses this subject as one of the 12 
”Oz Factors” which prevent our civilization from discovering answers 
to the mysteries of our existence.

I have been a Scientologist for 31 years. A good deal of my book is an 
application of the principles of L. Ron Hubbard as regards the fields 
of study into which you and Robert have so bravely advanced. Perhaps 
the material in my book will be of assistance to you at some point in 
your research.

Keep up the good fight!

Very Best Regards,
Lawrence R. Spencer
author of “The Oz Factors”


Read this book as the metaphysically fascinating work of fiction that it is. Spencer’s post-publication behavior, however, elevates this “fiction” to the level of a dishonorable hoax, for which he should be ashamed. He could have handled this much, much better.

I’m a UFO researcher myself. If you want the truth, there are many other places to find it. And if Spencer wants to contact me, he can through Project Avalon or Project Camelot (

I’d be interested to know privately what possessed him to go so far and to paint himself into such a corner, from which escape is now almost impossible without him continuing to deceive his readers.

Bill Ryan


23 responses to “Armageddon Conspiracy – There is no missing chapter (yet)…

  1. The book is a really good metaphor for understanding the human condition and the bullshit that goes on on planet Earth. It works with Archons being from the Old Empire and Phosters from The Domain. It also works with “prisoner” souls being trapped in matter on Earth until they learn how to live in a civilized, higher, more rational society. If the Illuminati want something “crazy and zany” to virally infect the mass consciousness to effect directed change, then something like this might work great. After-all, there is already a large amount of “literature” out there that can be co-opted for the purpose, and people could spend countless hours figuring out what is consistent with The Domain & Galactic Codex philosophy (and underneath, Illuminist metaphysics and meritocracy), and what must be lies from the Old Empire. An obvious plot twist would be to interchange the Old Empire and The Domain, with the Old Empire actually being the “Galactic Confederation for Universal Enlightenment” (or whatever) and The Domain being the evil ones who are tricking humanity.

    The last Hyperborean video said “The Time Has Come”. It seems like “The Time Has Passed”, actually. The time has come for what? More of the same. Hopefully the Donald can begin the process to get humanity on track to Meritocracy, and the stars.

      • Donald Trump, the rationalist INTJ American Meritocrat who stands to be the last best hope for saving the West from the forces of Islamic Globalism & Globalist Capitalism.

      • hello “nynix”
        …of course i knew you meant trump.
        What should i say to your words, proclaiming trump as a good man.
        Let me answer this way:
        He will start war like all others would do, so it does not matter if its him or someone else.
        politicians are puppets without any real power.
        Religion -for example- is a major true problem, not the muslim etc..
        religion and education should be run by the Illuminati – and none else.

        So, how far can you really see nynix?

  2. What use is someone being able to see, if they are stupid, and if they can’t see the veil that continues to cover them? Just because someone can see, does not mean that they are not still stuck behind veils. Unfortunately, almost all the wrong people can see. They will be found, and dealt with. Again.

  3. “They will be found, and dealt with. Again.”

    Sorry, that doesn’t mean anything. Just angry this afternoon…lol.

  4. “He will start war like all others would do, so it does not matter if its him or someone else.”

    There has not been someone with his anti-capitalist, pro-government & meritocracy platform on the world stage in a long, long time, if it has ever happened. If this is all a fraud, then it is such skillful fraud that we are undoubtedly left in the same position as we are now and with no recourse except enhanced slavery or mass bloodshed; if however he is legitimate, then the West stands a chance against Islam & capitalism. If a war starts under a legitimate Trump platform, it will be the globalist Islamists and Capitalists who do it out of retaliation or preemption for their threatened loss of global power.

    “politicians are puppets without any real power.”

    If despite whatever pretenses and intentions there are, politicians have no power, then the people have no power, and so then the only recourse for the people is bloody revolution. In the USA, this would end in something like a capitalist theocracy. Working with a legitimate Trump platform is a safer path.

    “Religion -for example- is a major true problem, not the muslim etc..”

    How can you possibly say that as a supposed Illuminist? Islam is indeed a problem, and the Muslim is the problem. Just as all the Abrahamists are the problem. However, within the field of Abrahamism, there are certainly some better than others, and Islam is by far and away the worst.

    “religion and education should be run by the Illuminati – and none else.”

    It is not possible to have widespread Illuminist religion & education without first having to physically kill a very large percentage of the human population. Even if you tried to take a number of compatible people and start a meritocratic city state, the other humans wouldn’t allow it. Even if you did kill them, via reincarnation your new society would soon become infiltrated with the souls who will not adapt. The long-road to slowly transform all humans and human souls into rationalists must be taken, and that road could start with something like a Trump president. If not, then why worry about trying.

    • “He will start war like all others would do, so it does not matter if its him or someone else.”
      His fraud is skillfull because he is obviously a capitalist, and i am sure he is a small crumb of the so called old world order.
      Islamists are fucking morons like all religious fanatics. Just remeber the middle ages in europe. Christians. Remember salem…
      All of “mankinds” his-story is written in its own blood.

      “politicians are puppets without any real power.”
      As i said before, marionettes of the military industrial complex. The people “are the power”, but they are controlled, betrayed, misled, brainwashed by insanity.

      “Religion -for example- is a major true problem, not the muslim etc..”
      I do not agree your point. IS is actually the problem. But look what all major religions have done to the millions slaughtered for shit all over the centuries. Every religion must be wiped out. They are all part of death, supression, terror and lies, the owo. Evil. Nidhoggr, the serpent which can not be fed. I still remember the flames of the siege of montsegur, i remember the inquisition, i remember my no remorse hatred for the enemy, the old forces of superior evilness. Satan. The lord of this world. The god of all religions on this fucking shithole planet.

      “religion and education should be run by the Illuminati – and none else.”
      I agree halfways. Maybe we should not kill them all, instead using our knowledge and technology of the highest grade. Nano technology could help us out, simply creating an “enlightenment-virus” so to say. On the other hand i agree. I also posted something once, that the “unenlightened” must be exterminated. Your reincarnation thought is good. There had to be something like a neo birth control. I still have my problems woth DT.

  5. “So, how far can you really see nynix?”

    I don’t see at all. I only reason. From all the “seers” I’ve met, the ability seems quite useless, and irrelevant.

      • If you think Trump is anti-owo, then what about Bernie Sanders? I can picture him supporting a 100% inheritance tax on billionaires if the people pushed for it… Somehow my gut tells me Trump is possibly an owo shill being used to divert independents from supporting more leftist ideas/leaders… I can’t see Trump putting an end to the elites money. I mean, I’ve heard Trump say a few things here and there that I agree with, but that’s what’s fishy about him. He seems to possess an intuition that allows him to say certain things to certain crowds, having everyone like him… Could he be using that as a weapon to trap the more ’emotional’ of us – (not saying above person is emotional btw… ) into his con game? He got a one million dollar loan from his Dad to help start up his business… And who knows if his family gave him more $$$ under the table? Trump is fishy to me is all. And he comes from the owo IMO.

      • I apologize, I meant to respond to SA in regards to his comment on how Trump is a Meritocrat etc (implying DT’s a force for good). I should’ve clicked ‘replied’ to him, not you. Miscommunication, sorry.

      • I do not believe you. I do not believe that you agree.

        Look here: You don’t know who I am, what I may or may not know, and what my intent might be – all I am is a girl who gave an assessment of the book of the OP, and who commented briefly about Trump.

        YOU then taunted me with a question of: “How far can you really see?”

        That was YOU that did that. So whatever it is you think that “seeing” is, it is obviously VERY important to you. It obviously defines a very significant part of your life. It obviously defines how you choose to interact with other people in the world. It obviously defines how you assess and value other people in the world. It is obviously very important to you, and you obviously do not think that “the ability is useless, and irrelevant”. It is in the forefront of your thought processes, at least in the context of this blog.

        Thus, here is an innocent challenge to you, given that I have no idea what your question means, and since you asked me first:

        Tell me what you mean by being able to and “how far I can see”? Explain what you mean by that. Explain why it is important to you. Explain how it is useful. Tell us how far you yourself can see, how you assess the “distance” you can “see”, how you use it, and to what ends.

      • good girl !
        are you a kind of wanna be hobby psychologist?
        what the fuck is wrong with you?
        i am haunting you?

        i do not give a fuck about the world and its inhabitants.
        red or blue pill?
        you took the wrong one, to say it with our beloved movie “the matrix” – you can make fun of this too.
        it IS of great importance to me if someone is a dumb motherfucker/cunt.
        i owe you nothing.
        when i say i agree, it is so. no mumbo jumbo.
        i see the world as it is, satans dominion, and fuck off trump and his billions.

      • “then what about Bernie Sanders?”

        Bernie Sanders is a merit-less retard. What the fuck has he ever done in life besides get into government? Nothing. He is the worst possible type of person to get into government and especially the worst to promote meritocracy.

        “I can picture him supporting a 100% inheritance tax on billionaires if the people pushed for it… Somehow my gut tells me Trump is possibly an owo shill being used to divert independents from supporting more leftist ideas/leaders…”

        Trump’s policies are leftist and social capitalist, are anti-right wing laissez-faire capitalist, are pro-culture, pro-diversity, and are in many ways nationalist socialist. Inheritance tax doesn’t solve the social problems that exist nor the scale of the economic problems facing the US. Trump’s policies do by breaking the power of the international corporatist elites. Inheritance tax is something you do after you fix the actual fundamental economic problems, which subsequently makes inheritance irrelevant, hence fully taxable.

        “I can’t see Trump putting an end to the elites money.”

        His nationalist trade policies do exactly that. More than that, they remove the elite’s power over government and puts the rich elite in their place, at the service of a country’s people. They will allow the international corporatist elite to pursue their interests…just not at the expense of the people.

        “I mean, I’ve heard Trump say a few things here and there that I agree with, but that’s what’s fishy about him. He seems to possess an intuition that allows him to say certain things to certain crowds, having everyone like him… Could he be using that as a weapon to trap the more ’emotional’ of us – (not saying above person is emotional btw… ) into his con game? He got a one million dollar loan from his Dad to help start up his business… And who knows if his family gave him more $$$ under the table? Trump is fishy to me is all. And he comes from the owo IMO.”

        The main-stream media is controlled by the OWO, and look at the way they treat him. Who gives a crap if he had a loan from his father, at this point and in these pre-conditions of society? Irrelevant. And his father was still alive anyway, this wasn’t inherited money – it was a loan. This is allowed in meritocracy. And did it even come from his father anyway? Not relevant. A 1-million percent increase on his initial loan is amazing performance, and demonstrates merit.

        Asking rich people for their money is totally, 100% meritless.

  6. I said: “Asking rich people for their money is totally, 100% meritless.”

    Without first founding a culture of meritocracy and an ability for the people to assess merit within that culture, and without first inculcating a meritocratic government, then inheritance tax levied by a corrupt government controlled by special interests and international free-market capitalists who own the media and who direct the culture will only serve to impoverish everyone except for the governing class and their elite controllers. If they are in control, and they currently are, then it will be damned sure that inheritance tax will not apply to them, or indeed at least won’t matter to them.

    The pro-social economic fundamentals and the national culture need to be solved and established first. It can not be done the world-over together in one system because there are independent and incompatible cultures around the world with different goals and perspectives; these independent cultures should remain independent for the sake of diversity, mutual respect for independent development, and for the sake of peace. And Nationalist, instead of Globalist, trade policies then ensure that international capitalists will not be able to take advantage of different cultures for their personal gain – as for example exploiting slave labor in 3rd world countries and then selling those products back into the 1st world. The scale of the Nation State corresponding to geographical areas of independent culture is the optimal scale at which to implement new forms of government, and someone has to be the first to try it.

    Rich people giving their money to their kids is hardly the problem, although I agree that ideally this will be irrelevant in the future. You can take all the people’s money you want, and it won’t matter one bit if the government is full of meritless apparatchiks, you have a lowest-common-denominator society, and international capitalists can exploit whatever countries they want.

    You do 100% inheritance tax after you fix the fundamentals, otherwise it is pointless. The 0.0001% international elites would love nothing more than 100% inheritance tax on the 99.9999% below them. What they will hate, however, is having their power for international capitalism be rejected by sovereign nation states.

    • ah.
      your 1st usable output of your recent comments.

      everything you say is wrong to me.

      you understood nothing of the Illuminati and their true aim.
      you cannot read between the lines.
      stop boring me and this blog with your pro owo shit and stop threatening me.
      this is obviously the wrong platform for you and your “thoughts”.
      owo style.

      “know thy enemies”



    • SA,

      But how can you come to the conclusion that Trump is actually even legitimate? To me, he is nothing but a celebrity looking for more fame and power – he even had a reality TV show, and as for ‘merit’, he likes to put his name on stuff and sell it (he has his own brand of bottled water even… ‘Trump Water’ and he labels all his shit w/his name), as well as doing business and exploiting the same bad trade deals he claims he’s against and filing for bankruptcy, then leaving the aftermath to his suckers he called investors. Or what about the SCAM that’s Trump University? You can also YouTube an interview of him from back in 06, prior to the recession that began after 08… he spoke of how he hoped a housing crash would happen, cos ppl like him would stand to gain from it. All I see when I look at Trump is a straight up pathological liar – he doesn’t even articulate his words well when he speaks, let alone really go deep into what he knows – I doubt he even ever wrote a book, let alone read one.

      As for Bernie, he may very well end up to be a liar too… but compared to Trump he has 30 years experience as an independent and is the lowest paid Senator in Office, while his colleagues have found ways to acquire a million dollar plus salaries selling themselves…he also constantly slams wall st and the banks calling it all a FRAUD – as for Trump the world may hate him thanks to the media, but I think the media is secretly in love w/ Trump. They may call him racist, sexist, a baboon whatever… but surely they must enjoy all the money that comes from ratings… they couldn’t care less if he won or not. Or maybe they WANT him to win? That’s why he’s on TV 24/7?

      “Any publicity is good publicity”

      It’s like Trump was sent to mobilize all the Alex Jones ppl into voting in mass (have ya’ll seen Jones and how in love w/ Trump he is?Promotes him every episode – called him George Washington material one episode lol…

      That’s why I say the whole thing reeks like fish – Trump speaks half truths (like how he confronted Jeb Bush about his brothers administration on live TV, and how they let 9/11 happen. Jeb stepped down like a day later. It was humiliating. Lots of ppl credited him for bringing 9/11 truth into the mainstream after that) and that’s how he’s gaining the support of a lot of conspiracy theory types, as well as anyone feeling disenfranchised… he’s very good at arousing ppls emotions – and when they connect w/ him they turn blind and ignore all his contradictions. That’s all I’ll say -theres nothing else to say, simply compare them both, research and you’ll see one of them is an entitled prick with a history of bankruptcy multiple times and FULL of contradictions.

      A snake oil salesmen.

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