Pho’ Rap versus Disörder Metal

A rare item of music for you. Two of the Illuminati’s own musicians/bands. One rap, one metal. No standard “rap”, no standard “metal” -who should/can/would listen to such a kind of music? Decide for youself!

Disörder – Grave of the universe (demo version) remix by Pho’.


2 responses to “Pho’ Rap versus Disörder Metal

  1. Total garbage. They say that the music someone is attracted to is a reflection of the state of the soul: discordant, loud music goes with discordant, fucked up hellish souls; pleasant, harmonious music goes with symmetric souls. It is absolutely horrible that this heavy metal shit music is what many “Illuminists” little boys seem to love, and is associated with Illuminism. What a fucking disgrace. The music is extremely high entropy, full of disorder, mostly noise, very little information content.

    Since you asked who would listen to this – that’s my assessment. It is the music of deranged minds.

    • well, then i am a hellish soul – which is completely idiotic.
      music does not have to be “nice” and symmetric. how dumb is that?
      the underlying math of a good standard metal song is superior to other music, besides classic and jazz.
      someone listening to pop(ular) music is a braindead one for me.

      “here is utter hell, satans dominion. heartless world full of slaves”

      very little information for you?

      you ARE blind.


      you and your words seem deranged to me.

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