Hi christians. Wanna rumble?

Blasphemy of the holy ghost.

As i always said on this blog, jews, christians, muslims, buddhists, orthodox, masonic, etc. are all the same bulk of shit. Gruesome, fearsome cocksuckers and dry cunts. And i also said on this blog, that satan lets its religions clash on each other to build the false new world order, the neo old world order of course. One planet under one god, under one religion, under one government. Well, we the Illuminati follow nearly a same pattern, with the difference that every man and women and child and every other lifeform on this shithole planet, being FREE. The Illuminati’s “new world order”: Abraxas (Simon Magus) as the role model, or “god” for the dumb, if then there any left of the dumb – hopefully not. Government: Meritocracy. The most intelligent and most moral should lead the rest.

We are the future.

We are hyper humanity.

We will leave those behind who do not know.

We are the faustians.

We are the ILLUMINATI.

We will never stop until freedom is reached.

You can count on this.

An immense amount of the true teaching of the Illuminati is available these days via the fucking web. Those who study and understand are welcome, all others must leave the hall forever. The unenlightened are our chains.

We break every chain – sooner or later.

Expect us. (nope, we are not anonymous or cicada…)

Here an typical example of a fucking orthodox christian behaviour, “gods” own ppl:

2 well known music acts played some gigs in russia. At the airport, orientating themselves, they were harrased by a christian moron. Look for yourself.

Needless to say, if this happend to me, i would have nailed the morons head to the floor. Turn up your stereo for this one:



18 responses to “Hi christians. Wanna rumble?

  1. From the looks of how the video was shot, I would say the christian asshole was hoping to provoke a fight. Clearly he had his buddy filming the incident in the hopes that the dude from Belphegor would take a swing at him. Little did he know that metalheads are some of the coolest, calmest people in the world, even in the face of instigating christian scum. The irony of this video is amazing. Most people would expect the frontman of a “satanic” metal band to be quick to resort to violence in this situation, yet he chose to be the bigger man. Sure, being spit at on the face is enough to piss anybody off, and even make a lot of people resort to violence, but I think the Belphegor dude knew that was what the fucker wanted, so he chose not to give him the satisfaction. On a side note, is it just me, or does Karl Sanders just come off as “silly” in the video? Either way, Nile still rules \m/.

  2. What an extreme example of Abrahamic idiocy, a complete moronicChristian scum indeed. I am so tired of these Abrahamics and their shit-belief. Slowly but surely the people are waking up, I have tried campaigning and gaining some attention on FB platform and trying to make some people around my own neighbourhood and city also become aware of this great thing of ours (Illuminism+Meritocracy) which united us all regardless of old shitty brainwashing systems and OWO. Days are sometimes dark for us, and I do agree so much that we have been betrayed by almost everyone. Those fucking Masons have honestly turned into some love and light shit, and are in complete mind-control system of the Archons. Truly some untasteful and weakling fuckers like you describe them. Sorry for this language. But my hate for these sick fu**ing traitors and softies cannot be described using words. They are inhabiting permanent fantasy worlds. Not aware of just how deeply mind-fu**ed the OWO have made them all become. No disrespect to any real Masonic Bro’s, of who’m there is maybe only 0.1% of the Masonic establishment. Ofc Illuminism is the Highest of all, and most of these freaks are kidding themselves that this cause of ours is not the true Illuminati, and they are instead into some satanic mindwash of dynastic families. Truly some thing to puke over. Am transitioning into pure fighting mode now – no more passivity and resting on the laurels. This blog is a great inspiration for me personally in this fight. The light will conquer! Take care.

  3. I have few questions if you don’t mind answering:

    What is freedom? Is freedom doing what you think is right regardless of truth?
    is what you consider truth is really the objective Truth? is enforcing a “utopian” ideology down people’s throat will lead to freedom?
    Who would decide who is the most intelligent and most moral?

    Most (if not all) religions influenced modern day illuminism, the person who uploaded the video used the right word “orthodox”, whether Muslim or Buddhist, religions can lead to enlightenment if the person have some deeper knowledge, Freemasonry knew this and I personally don’t perceive them as orthodox or dogmatic.

    • hello ant9, welcome back.

      the question “what is freedom?” is surely one of the most difficult to answer. i will try.

      what is freedom, what defines freedom, dos freedom means the same to anyone? i can answer this only in my personal view:

      1. freedom in your head, your thought, your logic, the master alchemist of emotions.
      2. freedom to expierience “unsupressed” incarnation(s). pain is normal to expierence, torture is the demiurges hell.
      3. “Who would decide who is the most intelligent and most moral?” = The ancient order of the pythagorean Illuminati.
      4. not religion influenced illuminism, the opposite is the truth.
      5. you don’t percieve masons as dogmatic? …you should reconsider this thought.

      • Hello,

        I have said freemasonry not masons themselves. I agree that some of the modern free masons probably have no clue of the roots of their organization and are not really “free”.

        All forms of belief systems and religions are part of our journey to understand reality, the cavemen and the shaman didn’t really perceive reality as Pythagoras or Leibniz does, so that’s why I believe religions influenced illuminism.

        I’m not sure about your understanding of freedom but I tend to link it to spiritual liberation which is irrelevant to this particular post…
        But let’s agree that rational thinking is freedom; Attacking irrational people is irrational in itself, it would only make things worse, the Belphegor frontman didn’t want to start a fight and that’s the wisest thing to do.

        If the ancient order of the Pythagorean Illuminati will select the ruling individuals, how is this different from oligarchy?

        Anyway, we need more metal bands with the same attitude, anti-dogma yet intelligent in behavior, but I doubt that this kind of music will ever be popular at least not as it used to be.

      • “If the ancient order of the Pythagorean Illuminati will select the ruling individuals, how is this different from oligarchy? ”
        Because we are no oligarchs.

  4. SALUS!

    These devil worshiping christians do not understand they are the cosmic joke. While enlightened musicians will sail towards the Omega point the yahweh loving retards will keep coming back to the meat grinder over and over to be tortured by their evil deity. They are so stupid they do not consciously know this is a happening to them.

    Many of these weak and primitive souls came to this rock to fuck like wild animals. Carnal fun is the classic trap of the Demiurge. Unfortunately, most of them were mentally fucked by abrahamists at a young age to be fearful of sex and thus they develop all types of mental diseases and perversions. This mental handicapping assures they will keep coming back. The more I learn about the nature of things the more I come to respect the Archons for the ingenious ways they manipulate mass thought patterns (imaginary sinusoidal frequencies) to control the Demiurge’s prisoners.

    For example, they confuse the distinction between mind and matter at the highest levels of discourse (look at modern science). In fact, the most devout scientists disregard the notion of mind entirely. They truly are the mindless. While the Archons trap the more intelligent souls in atheistic materialist empiricism they use abrahamism on the subconscious hordes. The average human is not skilled enough at mathematics to use numbers to examine the physical world around it, and therefore will never begin to ask the questions the more intelligent and inquisitive scientists ask such as “Where do imaginary numbers come from?” and “Is matter truly solid?”. In order to conquer these weaker average souls the Archons turn their senses against them just as the Archons do against the scientists. Abrahamists come to believe their soul is finite and not of their own possession and that a cosmic dictator will punish it if they do not obey his idiotic contrary commands. It is almost impossible to get an abrahamist to reason that they have an immortal, immaterial soul that is, at the most fundamental levels, completely under their control.

    Enough philosophy for today. I too am a metalhead. Here is classic from “Paradox” for everyone to enjoy. It fits the occasion


    • man, you are my fucking man !!! horns up !!! true words of a true metalhead, who always searched for “answers” in music, like me.

      • Cheers m6667! If we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear then the answers are all around us!!!


  5. Hello, Im puzzled by some thoughts. And I wonder if you can give some answers:

    1. Nationalism.
    I Think your ultimate goal is to abolish Nationalism and patriotism. But right now thats the only thing that keeps Europe togheter. Without the European nationalistic parties Europe would certainly collapse to massive immigration. Do you care at all about nations?

    2. Islam.
    Most of theese immigrants have strong faithin Islam, and some are even extremists. How do you Think we should deal with it? To criticize Islam nowadays means being labelled a racist.

    3. Rational revolution
    From Reading some of the GS I feel myself drawn to nationalism. I can´t help that. It seems the most rational thing right now. How do you Think a rational revolution would take Place?

    4 OWO is the NWO
    What if the OWO is the NWO? You claim to be Illuminati, what if you are in reality controlled. Is it not easier to first take over the World and then make a revolution? Because your goals are initially the same? Claming you are the resistance but in reality you really are not. Why is a United World government better than for instance a dialectical World, with two great competing superpowers, like the one we somewhat have right now. Theese two superpowers make the human race evolve. A one World government would make the World stagnate.

    The US uses all means to take over the World. By funding Nationalists in Ukraine and Jihadists in Syria. A filthy buisness. What is your opinion about that?

    • hello magnus, welcome.

      1. we care about all worlds people. i posted something answering your question. rise of the new nazi empire.
      2. extremist religions are racist and nothing else, hitler is their hero and all killing monstrous motherfuckers.
      3. if its under a controlled level it will help out europes actual situation, normally it would lead to war. nationalism is dumb, the “leaders” always decide the IQ of their slaves. the system creates the monsters.
      4. the owo stole the phrase nwo, the old evil never wants something “new”. we are pestilence to the old forces. the universe is the dialectic, and our minds. think big, dude. the new world order meritocracy would rise mankind to its highest levels, if you do not get that, you are a complete moron. the us lives on war, not the us, the fucking owo, old blue blood and their archon masters. war is the biggest moneymaker, thats what i think.

    • Hi There,

      I cannot give you any answers to questions 1-3, but I can answer your question 4.

      We can be certain that the NWO from the armageddonconspiracy website and the various books the Illuminati published is NOT the OWO in disguise. If you have not thoroughly familiarized yourself with this material then I highly recommend you do so. The website was fortunately copied before it was deactivated and the link to it is in one of m6667’s previous posts. The books can be purchased from amazon. You should start with the God Series of books. In fact, one cannot understand Illuminism without reading and, most importantly, internalizing the priceless information presented in those sources. Illuminism is the most consistent and complete theory of knowledge that currently exists on this planet today. To understand it will take countless hours of research and study. It is the tautology of the most complex arguments humans have developed on this planet. If you are successful in learning Illuminism you will be transformed in the most awesome way. You will literally become a God.

      Now I will provide my own answers to your question 4.

      i. “Is it not easier to first take over the world and then make a revolution?”= No it is not. You have the order of operations backwards. If you want to “Take over the world”, as you state, it is first required to have a revolution. Not all revolutions are iron, fire and blood. In fact, the most effective revolutions are revolutions of the mind. For example, the revolution in astronomy that occurred in the 16th century when natural philosophers began to shift from a geocentric model of the solar system to a heliocentric model.
      Also, the term “take over the world” is a bit crude and vague. If we do our job correctly there will be a phase shift in consciousness and the world will “take over itself”. There are over 6 billion of us and 6000 of them. Never forget that we heavily outnumber them.

      ii. “Because your goals are initially the same.”= NO they are not. The OWO uses power to concentrate all energy (both dimensional and dimensionless) in their hands so they can make Earth a sick and evil torture dungeon. We seek to liberate Earth so that all souls have the opportunity to maximize their potential and have the opportunity to explore and learn in ways that respect other souls’ free will and autonomy. We want the best of possible worlds.

      iii. “Claiming you are the resistance but you are really not.”=This statement reveals you have not familiarized yourself with Illuminism or you have no idea who the OWO is. If you cannot clearly distinguish the Illuminati and the OWO you need to study a bit harder.

      iv.”Why is a united world government better than for instance a dialectical world with two great competing super powers like the one we somewhat have right now?= First off, there are no great competing superpowers in the world right now. Right now we have a variety of insane semi feudal oligarchies fighting over loot, slaves and land. Same as it ever was. You need to study the idealist dialectic (the dialectic of ideas NOT matter which is where Marx fucked up). It is completely possible to have an idealist dialectic within a unified one world meritocratic government. The two are not mutually exclusive. The three main tenets of a unified one world meritocratic government are, to me,

      1. Ensure the most intelligent, rational, selfless and hardworking people become those with the power.

      2.Ensure that material goods are efficiently produced and distributed to the people of the world based on basic human need and, after basic needs are met, merit. Also, we must ensure that no individual, group of individuals or any formulation thereof excessively hordes material wealth for their own selfish gain.

      3. Ensure that all abrahamist, atheist scientific, or capitalist guerrilla movements/counterrevolutionaries are crushed and unable to subvert the meritocracy.

      v. “The US uses all means to take over the world.”-Wrong. The OWO uses all means to take over the world and currently uses the US as their proxy. Almost all people of the US are completely unaware what their country is being used for right now. The US population has been since the beginning mostly isolated from what goes on outside of the borders. In the previous century the OWO began to utilize the US as their primary base of operations with the UK and Western Europe acting as secondary bases. Within the United States the people are subjected to the most intense brainwashing on the planet with the exception of maybe N. Korea and some muslim countries. It begins at about age 5 and does not stop, ever. In addition the OWO has kept alive some of the most heinous abrahamic cults in the US. In particular, extreme protestant cults and extreme jewish cults are acceptable and even applauded in public. Also, the people have easy access to cheap consumer goods and are flooded with non-stop mind destroying entertainment. Most of the mainstream consumer products are sinisterly designed to incapacitate the consumers. For example, many commercial food products contain high fructose corn syrup. This ingredient is the main reason why Americans are so fat and it causes a myriad of health problems. Lastly, the OWO enforcement/injustice system in the USA is brutal. It has the highest incarceration rate per capita in the world and violence usually only seen in war zones is routinely employed on civilians. Some of the most violent cities on this shitty rock are in the US.

      Hopefully this clarifies things a bit.


  6. I dont live in a future Dream World, i live right now. There are maybe.. 10 people? who has read anything about mike Hockney in my country. That´s certainly not a revolution. The way you initiated this movement was wrong all along. The patway to reason must be easy. It must be exiting. And it must be fast. And after that it can become a growing Lifestyle. That is how you build a revolution.

    You don´t build a revoultion on a few supernerds. How is that ever going to change anything?
    The only ones that make change in europe right now are nationalists, and they are stupid and dangerous. You need to do better.

    Your gang spends endless hours, Days, years discussing. For what??
    This fucking shithole we live in will have to get alot worse Before anything real is ever going to happen. And then it will probbly be in the wrong direction.

    • Dude, I agree with you that we need to try many methods to effectively deliver the information. Also, I agree that shit will get a lot worse before it gets better. However, I disagree with you that “the pathway to reason must be easy”. Reasoning is not easy for humans. Easy, exciting and fast is for consumerism. Anything of high value is created by intelligent hard work. What is most important is that we do not let the truth content of Illuminism be corrupted by charlatans and subversives. Most people are cheap and petty and will use cheapened versions of golden ideas for self aggrandizement and egotistical purposes. This is EXACTLY what happened to the “Movement” and why the Illuminati has removed so much information from the public space.

      Our struggle is uphill and heavily opposed. You have to accept that fact that none of it will be easy and failure looms heavily over us. We are in it for the long run. Once you realize how long we have been on this planet (thousands of years) you will understand that we are not going anywhere but forward.

      Our revolution IS built on “supernerds” because the information required for the revolution, particularly the mathematics, requires exactly those people to understand, discover, and disseminate it. The question I pose to you is, “How do we make the most complicated and hated subject on Earth (math) the most desired and sought after thing for everyone?” We want a whole planet filled with what you call “supernerds”. At the minimum the supernerds need to be in charge.

      We WILL be successful in transforming this planet whether it is next year or 10,000 years from now. The dialectic guarantees it.

      By the way we do not do much discussing nowadays. The intellectual groundwork has been laid for a meritocratic future. We are just trying to find a way to get 6 billion people to pull their heads out of their asses.

      Got any ideas? We are looking for the best.

      By the way I forgot to formerly welcome you to m6667s wordpress. He has established a small pin hole of light in a sea of darkness. As long as you seek Reason and maintain a forward looking positive attitude I will try my best to write helpful things for you and everyone else.

      Welcome, and I wish you the best for your journey. See you at the Omega point.


      • hello d-503 and magnus.
        unfortunately you are both right. magnus said correctly that “the pathway must be easy”, well, lets not say the pathway, this will not be easy as d-503 explained, lets say the “entrance” to illuminism and mathematics. d-503 said truthfully: “How do we make the most complicated and hated subject on Earth (math) the most desired and sought after thing for everyone?” Thats a task. both movement installations failed, as i heard often regarding to the movement, they lose of personality issues. So, both of your thoughts are right, what can we do with this to get synthesis?

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