The smell of hell


Here another example of “competent” posting, this time from a religious insane female “SA(nynix)”:

“So if you would like an Illuminatiesque threat, then here it is: Your kind has been being tortured to death for thousands of years, for millions of souls, just on the principle of your professing to know important things which you tell others you know, and then refusing to inform others what those things actually are. Do you know how many of you have been tortured to death, then revived again, then tortured to death again, just for doing that? Do you not realize that you raise the indignant spite and ire of the people to whom you profess to know important things, while not telling what the supposed things actually are? Don’t you get that that is anti-social behavior? Do you know how many of you have met terrible deaths for doing that?

You want to know the feeling of being threatened, you jerk? Go tell a group of Muslim men when they come out of their mosque to fuck off with their insane fucked up religion, and tell them that their god Allah is Satan, and that you wish to end their entire religion on the planet and stop all Muslim worship for good. Then let’s see if you think that I’m threatening you, you stupid fucking piece of shit!”

Aaahhh, i like that smell of hell – their home. Good that they will stay here, and all the Illuminated ones will leave.


5 responses to “The smell of hell

  1. Hey m6667 I have been on a roll lately so I will throw in another posting.

    I read the semi coherent ramblings from this SA woman on your Alien Interview post. As much as I find the UFO/extraterrestrial entity phenomenon interesting I generally stay away from it because of the insane people it always attracts. It seems that the mentally unstable are always circling around websites that deal with this topic. Many of them profess new age beliefs mixed with abrahamism and become extremely hostile when they are confronted about their bullshit.

    My speculation is that some of these people have been subjected to MKULTRA style brainwashing. My knowledge is limited, but it appears to me that after WW2 there is connection between OWO secret societies (The Brotherhood of Shadows, perhaps?), the hippie movement, new age religion, and the UFO/ET thing.

    If you read this SA…..fuck off you stupid cunt. Go be crazy and retarded somewhere else.

  2. Greetings, just read ur comment 503, and with regards to this ET’s thing, I saw a video today in which a woman describes the whole thing as a project by the OWO to set-up their false NWO version, using fear and paranoia. Think about the fact, that such a thing could unite people regardless of their differences as well. Then there is also Willam Cooper (apart from his paranoia of socialism, he seems very “in” on certain things as well. for example mystery babylon book reveals alot of this, but he erroneously ties in Illuminati and Weishaupt as the bad guys). I will leave some links to vids describing the ET thing: : Besides SA is clearly completely brainwashed into some weird abrahamic “answer” to life.

    • Thanks for the video links, Persian. I have seen this material before, but I had forgot about it. I have this gut feeling there will be something big and public regarding ETs and the associated technology soon. I hardly ever trust feelings, but there is something very strange brewing at the highest levels right now. I do know that applied ontological mathematics could theoretically produce machines that would be able to do amazing things. Here is an article by USMC Major Keyhoe written in 1966.

      Even though this article is 50 years old there are some interesting points discussed. For example, if Vril machines (flying saucers) used any type of conventional propulsion systems the crew inside would be liquified due to what empirical materialist physicists call “Gravity forces”. This obvious clue was told to Maj. Keyhoe by Hermann Oberth. Oberth was instrumental in early rocket development and was senior to the more famous Wernher von Braun. In the article Keyhoe states,

      He [Oberth] is now of the opinion “that energy, inertia and gravitational fields are only aspects of one and the same thing” and that it will prove impossible to separate them from each other. What he has in mind, he says, is “not yet known fields of force” which can be used to accelerate material objects in a way similar to the force of gravity.

      Now, did Oberth and Keyhoe just leave a massive clue (maybe unintentionally/subconsciously?) to those with the eyes to see? “What he has in MIND, he says….!!!”

      MIND is the “not yet known…force which can be used to accelerate material objects in a way similar to the force of gravity. ” The English verb “accelerate” in this context is completely misleading, however, and shows the effects centuries of Newtonian nonsense has done to natural philosophy.

      These flying saucers are not accelerating like a bullet from a gun or a Saturn V rocket like in classical mechanics. In fact, what they are doing is accelerating everything around them. Flying saucers are time machines! They “move” by manipulating mental space, not physical space. When a US or Soviet radar operator detected these machines appearing to do impossible acrobatics their visual senses (amplified by high powered electromagnetic waves) were being deceived. The radar men were the ones being “accelerated”, haha. The operators of the flying saucer do not feel any different than a gamer sitting in his super advanced flight simulator…

      This is my take on the flying saucer phenomenon. I have not shared this insight anywhere else, and I will not do so. I do not want to draw attention from the wrong people, and If I have any further information it will not be going on the internet.

      Now, my view about the political implications of this technology.

      Will this technology eventually be publicized to the general population?=Yes

      Does the OWO want to do so in a way to cause mass fear and panic so they can manipulate the population say to create a a neo-OWO. For example, a staged “alien invasion” Orson Welles “War of the Worlds” style?=Yes

      Will they succeed?=NO

      In order for this plan to succeed ALL the nations of the world have to be on board with it. Here is a hypothetical scenario.

      In the next year the OWO decides to implement its ridiculous “scare the stupid slaves with spacecraft” plan. Large advanced ships belonging to the OWO appear over the USA and Western Europe. Perhaps they vaporize a city or two and cause mass fear and panic. Their evil abrahamist minions start whipping up a frenzy and everyone now has to “repent and submit” to the OWO power structure in order to save their worthless lives. However, interestingly enough, there are no “aliens” attacking the Russian Federation nor the PRC. In fact, because of the Internet, we in the West learn that one of these ships attempted to pass over Russia and was annihilated. Also, the Internet is flooded with footage showing that this “ET” invader actually has a Terrestrial origin and is connected to corrupt factions in the Western governments. The farce would immediately be OVER. In fact, such an event as I describe above would be, in my opinion, a guarantee that the OWO would be guillotined by the people.

      Note: I do not think the Russian Federation nor Putin are the “good guys”.

      Here is how I think the technology will be “revealed” to the people of Earth. There will be a continuation of the economic and political degradation that is currently occurring. Eventually a breaking point will be reached and the system will simply “poof”. “Just In Time Delivery” will stop and there will be general chaos on Earth, particularly in the “Most Developed” countries where most people have forgotten how to make food if it does not come in a plastic wrapper. There will be limited conflict with small arms. There will not be any conflict involving weapons greater than artillery or tanks because the infrastructure will simply not be there to run it. There most certainly will not be nuclear war because there are entities that have the power to swiftly and effectively disable these weapons before they are even launched (pro-Illuminati flying saucers?!). This has been going on since the 1960s. Here is a pretty straightforward interview about it by the OWO mouthpiece “King” haha.

      After the dust settles non-OWO groups will slowly introduce this technology to communities that would be receptive to it. After some time people would begin to realize that there are terrestrial and extra-terrestrial forces that have this technology and want to use it for the benefit of all in the context of an enlightened meritocratic world community! Doesn’t that sound familiar?


  3. Very interesting 503, and i for sure hope that the end of it will be to the advantage of the people, for the first time in world-history and not the old perverts of the OWO. Will look into this.

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