An apology to David Icke and a Fuck Off too:


  1. I once wrote that Mr. Icke is an idiot – i apologize for that. He “knows” many things, but:

Oh man, Mr. Icke. Why do you not stop throwing things wildly together and still give no valuable information which is useful to the people at all? Bla, bla, bla,. And by the way: it is IMPOSSIBLE that he does not know the Armageddon Conspiracy Website ( So, if he had ever read and understood anything written on the AC site, the video would have been much more interesting. But no, instead of understanding the ways of the true Illuminati, he does not give a fuck at all. Hm. Why is that so? How could this be?

2. here why FUCK OFF

The only possible answer coming to my mind, is that he is a part of the OWO conspiracy.

The only reason why i am mentioning this here, is because i posted some while ago “The saturn death cult” – which differs “lightly” from Mr icke’s ideas.


7 responses to “An apology to David Icke and a Fuck Off too:

  1. I think you are completely correct to classify David Icke as an agent of the OWO. Although there is some true material in his presentation it is mixed with false statements, and his presentation wildly jumps from thought to thought.

    For example he made the statement that, “Saturn/Satan is Lucifer.” WRONG! He is promoting one of the abrahamist’s biggest lies right there.

    Is Saturn also Venus, Mr. Icke? What a fucking idiot. To make such a huge mistake while explaining the nature of Saturn is damning. There are many people who have strong intuition and poor thinking skills that become mislead or distracted by people like Icke. These people are often Myers-Briggs INFJ, INFP types. Their intuition is strong enough to take them down the rabbit hole, but they become caught up in big dramatic presentations like Icke’s, and say “I don’t care about the logic nor the details because the “HEART” emotion is there.”

    Everytime Icke said “heart” where he was suppose to say “mind” or simply shut the fuck up It made me want to throw things.

    It is of my opinion that Icke initially started out with the intention to find The Truth when he began researching decades ago, however he became popular and famous ($$$) so now he would rather fill his ego and his pocketbook rather than be a mouthpiece for The Truth.

    There are many like him such as Benjamin Fulford (Fullfraud). Fullfraud is a particularly interesting type of evil. Not only did he and his idiot yugoslavian friend try to rip off the AC website, but he has a network of co-conspirators as well who have some influence in the world today.

    For example there is a new age charlatan named David Wilcock who, much like Icke and Fulford, is on a delusional ego trip of massive proportions. I would not even bother mentioning this retard’s name if it wasn’t for the fact that Wilcock says that the OWO are “Evil Luciferians” and receives some of his “intelligence” (what a fucking joke) from Fulford. Throw in some insane stories about reptiles and aliens…. POOF!!! Now we have some New Age disinformation that is not only incorrect, but it distracts people from the task at hand. Human programming was done so well that the humans will act like docile prey animals (sheep??!) in front of the predators that are ready to eat them. The predators aren’t magical interdimensional crocodiles. They are the fucking “world leaders” right in front of our fucking faces!!!!! The fact that my country is becoming fired up about “elections”, and think there is some honest difference between the two OWO minions shows that the majority of humans are fucking doomed. I do not see a way this is going to end well. Mass death is coming to a many people. V.V Putin has already warned repeatedly that if the OWO force called NATO keeps pushing up to RU borders there will be war. There are idiots in my country who think that war with Russia would be a good idea and would be “winnable”.

    There is a huge difference in the OWO gatekeepers (politicians, generals, CEOS etc.) in the USA from the Cold War era and the ones we have now. For the most part, the ones during the Cold War understood and internalized Mutually Assured Destruction. They knew that a war with the Soviet Union would END ALL LIFE AND NO ONE WINS. All of those men have died and now there is a dangerous, arrogant, techno wizard group at the reins. They seem to not understand that:

    1. Russia is just as deadly if not MORE deadly than the USSR. In the states we hear this idiotic meme (all memes are stupid to be honest) that, “The Russians have rusting Soviet junk.” This is simply not true.

    2. In spite of all the “technological super advances” ICBMs from the 1970s are still more than capable of destroying the planet. Those missiles are still ready to go in their silos….

    3. Russians never have and never will allow foreign aggressors to stomp over them. All these fucking American idiots need to is read about Napoleon and Hitler. Oh, wait…. I forgot… we are special and history/logic/decency does not apply to us.

    The intelligent rational thing to do would be to have meritocratic revolution and dismantle the old corporate political structure. We need to execute or jail those responsible for it and begin implementing new energy technologies to save the humans and this planet. This is imperative or there will be bloodbath.

    We will see what the silly humans choose….


  2. The “Illuminati.Site” is a website managed and controlled by a person which was mentioned as a part of the troll network in one GS book, whose name I dont remember, and affiliate of the anti AC propagandists. Namely Jamie O’Connell. FB Profile picture includes a Tetraktys. Also used to have a profile (FB) called Nob Ody. Later changed to Nobie Bodies. Seems to be gone now.

    I am also sorry to mention this, that I have withdrawn all affiliation with this cause, since I am facing a challenging period in my physical life and found that I was not welcome to support activism in the 300 group. I wish for the best in the future, and am sorry of our situation. Have lost all hopes for this fallen, disgusting and satanic race of ours. Yes it is sick, but I cannot help it.

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