The middle ages/dark ages vs. the control police state

“Germany axe attack: Afghan ‘refugee’ wielding axe on train injures passengers in Wuerzburg”

A man armed with an axe injured 14 train passengers after he went on a rampage on a train in southern Germany.

The attacker, named as a 17-year-old Afghan by a German official, injured four people before he was shot and killed by police as he tried to flee.

Early reports suggest he entered Germany as an unaccompanied refugee. He has not been named.

Wuerzburg police said on their Facebook page that three of the victims suffered serious injuries and one was slightly injured.

Another 14 people were being treated for shock.

ATTENTION EDITORS - VISUAL COVERAGE OF SCENES OF INJURY.Blood is seen at the scene where a man with an axe attacked passengers on a train near the city of Wuerzburg, Germany, early July 19, 2016. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach
(Picture: Reuters)

The Bavarian minister said the axe attacker was a 17-year-old Afghan.

Police said there was not yet any information on the motive behind the attack, nor details on the identity of the attacker.

The train was on its way from the Bavarian town of Treuchtlingen to Wuerzburg, which is about 60 miles (100 kilometers) northwest of Nuremberg.

epa05431128 Blood stains are seen on the regional train on which a man allegedly wielding an axe attacked passengers in Wuerzburg, Germany, 18 July 2016. Reports state that a man allegedly wielding an axe injured multiple passengers on a regional train in Wuerzburg. The attacker was shot by police. EPA/Karl-Josef Hildenbrand ATTENTION EDITORS : GRAPHIC CONTENT BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE
(Picture: EPA)

Pictures shared on social media show emergency services gathered at the scene.

Train routes between Wurzburg and Ochsenfurt have been temporarily suspended.”


Yep. This 17 year old uneducated, dumb, religious fucking cocksucker DARED (of course he was on drugs) to attack harmelss germans riding a train. Imagine that: after a super stressy day on your job, you jump on the train to go home, to friends, wife, family etc. and the shit train is as always stuffed with people, stress shit in itself. And then SUPER MORORN appears and wields an axe to kill you, for his superidiotic thoughts and religious crap. FUCKYOU, good that you are dead. This will be fun for you in hell, since you realize what the 72 virgins really are – the 72 demons of so so called “Goetia” – whishing you a hell of a time.

(Every) religion is based on bullshit ages old and the superrich of the middle/dark ages. Religious people KNOW that they are wrong, but they are too stupid to get a grip on reality, science, high philosophy and ultimate knowledge, namely ILLUMINISM and of course and above all mathematics. They FEAR the future, because they know there is NO PLACE for them there. The islam, the christian, the jews, the hindus, buddhists, etc. and all other cults of crap try to decrease intelligence of their public men and women. They try to drag us down to hell again, to stupidity, to unawareness – this is their one and only goal. This will not happen. Why? Because they are stupid.

You think maybe i am a “fan” of my “homeland”, germany? I can assure you that this is not the case. Germany has become a shithole of american/jewish influence and i hate it without remorse. Germany is more or less complete under control of the owo strategic war forces. German chancellor angela merkel is an owo swine (without discriminating the animal…) and shall be executed for the lies and horror she unleashed upon the german people. She was the “whore” (without discriminating the whores…) of german ex-chancellor helmut kohl (henoch kohn – a JEW) – he called her “my girl”. Luckily the Illuminati are also here. And we bring you, the old shit down. This is a promise. An old promise by know, ages old. But we were never closer. This was for example the reason for building up the AC site some years ago.

And by the way you fucking religious extremists: Thanks for nothing. Because of your moronic behaviour and actions, we will get a total control police state, much more worse than george orwell ever could had been imagining. FUCK OFF & DIE you fucking idiots. You should never underestimate the german people. At least those who can write their own name, and can count to three, know who their friends and enemies really are, regardless of all lying media crap.

A 17 year old afghan irregular refugee/alien with an axe and on speed?

I hack wood.

Lots of wood for the winter. It is a good training for strenght, targeting and executing, working with a good big wood axe. How strong could a 17 year old afghan could be? I would have hacked him with his own axe to little pieces. If you come ever to such a situation, be ice-cold, be logic totally, do not let your emotions rise. Look, target, defense.

Fuck you all.

A.W.E. Ancient Order Of The Pythagorean Illuminati


2 responses to “The middle ages/dark ages vs. the control police state

  1. It’s a shame; no absolutely pathetic! The state humanity’s in right now is beyond belief; it’s something akin to a horror movie with zombies, except the zombies are religious nuts, and dumbed down consumers.
    These people (if you can call them that) are clearly insane and infected with the stupid virus. Haha
    But seriously stupidity is the deadliest thing we’ve ever encountered as a species. At this point it’s reached a global pandemic and people are too stupid to realize they’re even infected. It’s angering to see people acting like apes instead of humans, but it’s also expected since society is dumbed down & is run by an elite group of parasites (the Old World Order).
    I guess the good thing is these stupid people are killing themselves by doing stupid things. Haha
    Hence how the axe murderer was shot by police after trying to kill people for no reason.
    Another good thing to note is that we have a global cure and always had one; it’s knowledge, and knowledge is power. Your books provide a great source of that.


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