Taking away god’s children.

Yes, taking them away. Away from the monstergod of all major religions, namely SATAN.  This may sound harsh, but is is not, on the contrary. Allah, christ, YHVH, shiva, etc. are all one and only being = the lord of this world, satan. How can this heroic task been done?

I must admit, that do not know how, i just had the idea, and i will let my thoughts flow on the subject.

A virus. A sickness. A destructive force against evil. Nanobots maybe. Creating a nanobot virus which is consumed by religious people without their awareness of the “ingredient”. Via food, drink, etc., simply everthing regarding consume. The bots are programmed in a way, that if someone is religious and really give positive emotion to the region we call evil, satan, they will be sterilised directly. So all believers would completely die out in the next generation, we handle the rest.

As followers of this Illuminati blog – what is your humble idea for taking away god’s children?



2 responses to “Taking away god’s children.

  1. Since it is practically impossible to “take away” a child from the negative influence of it’s parents, who are the only reason the children are exposed to toxic religions in the first place, I would suggest trying to educate the child so he/she is smart enough to see the abrahamic religions for what they really are. Of course the religious parents would want not want their child to be smart enough to think for themselves, as that would loosen the parents grip on their children. A possible solution? Ban the teaching of religion to anyone under the age of 18. By the time they reach an age where they can (hopefully) think critically and use proper judgment, they would have no interest in bowing down to an invisible tyrant. What adult, one presumably in their right mind, would follow the teachings of the bible, torah, or koran? The only reason most people do in the first place is because they have been brainwashed into doing so at a very early age. The older people get, the harder it becomes to change their beliefs. At least so it is for the weak minded people. However, I think the overall point you make leads into a much bigger issue. And that is that too many of the wrong people nowadays are having children. A lot of parents are fucked up in the head, either due to low intelligence, being brainwashed by abrahamic religions, having no concept of reason, progression etc. These people are having kids that turn out to be just like them ( in some cases worse), and people wonder why the world is going to hell. One needs only to look at the type of people occupying this world to see why it is hell. I think a lot of parents do not put enough time into making their kids “perfect humans” (if such a thing could even exist!) I suppose a “perfect human” would be one that has achieved gnosis and become a god, but if so, could said “person” still be considered “human”? I digress. To your main point, I think there are some solutions: 1) Include philosophy in the teachings of all schools worldwide, beginning in kindergarten or first grade. This will teach a child to use their intellect and reason. It will make them smarter and less likely to be brainwashed. It will teach them to rely on knowledge and not faith, as well as provide them with a healthy path in the search for the True God. 2) Make a law that requires a license or permit in order to have children. Both parents must be of certain IQ in order to reproduce. This will automatically prevent many abrahamists from passing on this disease to their offspring, as well as solve other problems not relating to religion. That’s all I have for now.

    • hello my fellow faustian

      your are objective and right/correct on all points.
      BUT: it all should happen without any knowledge of the “virus” for the religious murderers.
      Namely all kin of all major religions.


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