Living Illuminism and the “secret” movement

A while ago i posted “It’s the juwes…”.

Fellow comrade “SOL” commented:

““We should meet”. We should definetely meet sometime, this must be actualized reality between Illuminists so we can start doing something now, rather than just writing updates on Facebook or whatever or Tweet Illuminati signs. And im not referring to these weird, psycho-stalkers and moronic, narcissistic and self-proclaimed Illuminatus types (who in reality have a very sore ass still from Mike Hockney’s God Series). The type who likes to play two horses at once and follow the stream, waiting for the winner to emerge before supporting. I telling you my friend, if you go to Facebook and traverse into the Illuminism community there, you will mostly find there is a shitload of people claiming to be Illuminists, but are almost all total faker hypocrites in reality. Really last-man’ish, and some shit-faced Masons too that just talk shit about how great they are, and how they are the real Illuminati and blablabla. It is truly a fucking amazing mystery of un-explainable kind how ontological mathematics has not blown the scene yet to fucking dust. But these fuckfaces are so slow to understand the real thing, or maybe just will not admit that Masonry or Discordianism or whatever shithole they belong to is not a complete fraud and that Illuminism has nailed all of that shit to the cross, so to speak. Narcissistic psychopaths indeed, of which being the Illuminati is more important to them, than actually setting free Mother Gaia and its children and securing the future from the Old rinkled, bastard fuckers of the OWO. Then even also destroying, discrediting and intentionally totally ignoring the genius work of the actual Illuminati? Bro these fuckers are truly some weird beings, who like to be stuck with lies and hypocrisy, which is just pure disgusting rat human nature. Most never like the real truth, only censored and half-truths. So Ontological Mathematics and Illuminati-Meritocracy is totally ignored by almost all of the deluded pricks. This really is some shitty situation, where some dickhead fuckers lie must be protected so badly, that the truth must be supressed, and ignored. This is basically what all Discordant, Masonic bitches have done to online Illuminism. They truly to all in their power to supress Hockney’s work, and then come up with some RAW shit, or some Aleister Crowley or Albert Pike or whatever. Like Hockney pwned them all fuckers, and you know it, but they will still not give due credit where it belongs. They remind me of Hollywood stars, with the narcissistic psychopathism and self-worship hidden behind the altruist cover and philanthropist title. Fuck them ALL!
This revolution in the social media section has died, except for G300 which is now (sorry to say) but totaly shooting themselves in the foot. In my subjective estimation with relation to tangible revolution (not just R=0 social media revolution) they are also dead now. No hope in this social media. But I do not know if G300 is planning real life actions.
We need to fucking meet, learn eachother, talk and develop new ideals for the revolution, discuss, create bonds, progress dialectically and create something in the real world, a group of enlightened autonomous and heroic Meritocrats, who are all for the NWO. Real Illuminists only, and no more of this Masonic Zionist and Discordian pacifist bullshit. No more of this exchanging messages online, riddled words and trolling shit, no more NOT understanding and organizing eachother under the banner of the greater good. Fuck social media, we need to organize in real life and work from there. Only that way can we create the real connections and organized network of people, plus it is no more trolling. People do not have balls in real life for trolling the Illuminati, becus they are directly and verbally owned. Not behind a screen where they can set up thousand profiles and shit. Also solving issues and disagremeent in real life is much easier. But it must ofc not be for those that are not welcome, and seciruty measures must be taken for that.
I truly hope at some time that we can meet, an group of Illuminists together in real life and no, not to kill the Illuminati – I am no idiot after all!”

To answer you SOL, on this subject, here are 2 communications from true Illuminists, One is a close friend of mine, the other his “mate” so to say:

” “Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,
> That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
> And then is heard no more; it is a tale
> Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
> Signifying nothing.”
> Shakespeare (/Macbeth/)
> Social networking sites, ostensibly all about friendship and
> communication, are merely “opportunities” for advertisers to target
> otherwise hard-to-reach demographics. The founders of these sites are
> switched-on business people, playing the tried and tested capitalist
> game of exploiting the dumb masses. Have you been sucked in by the hype?
> The /Facebook/ devotees have the dubious distinction of being the first
> hyperreal generation, living in a fantasy world of signs of reality
> rather than reality itself.
> So, have you signed up to /Facebook, MySpace/, /Bebo/ or /Friendster/
> yet? What is it about these social networking sites that people find so
> compelling? As with most contemporary phenomena, the answer lies in the
> extraordinary philosophy of the late Jean Baudrillard. His great insight
> was that humanity has been steadily replacing reality with /signs/ of
> reality, leading to the creation of what he described as /hyperreality/,
> the “more real than real”.
> Advertising best illustrates the process. Take the /Virgin /
> /Media/ advertising campaign featuring Uma Thurman. Thurman’s image is
> one of supreme coolness (whether she’s cool in reality is another
> matter). So, the idea is that by linking a sign of coolness (Thurman)
> with /Virgin Media/ then /Virgin Media/ becomes cool too and people will
> feel compelled to purchase its services. This campaign is conducted
> entirely at the sign level. Thurman probably has little connection with
> her screen image, certainly doesn’t use /Virgin Media/ services,
> probably couldn’t care less about the company, and surely a company
> can’t become cool just because a “cool” person is paid a fortune to say
> that it is. You don’t hear /Virgin Media/ talking about the reality of
> its business operations: poor customer service, technical unreliability,
> expensive products, limited programming output (of inferior quality), no
> discernible advantages over comparable services offered by rivals.
> /Virgin Media/ wants us to consider its hyperreality and definitely not
> its reality. We’re supposed to swallow its self-chosen propaganda signs
> as accurately describing the truth of the company rather than its real,
> measurable performance.
> Advertising relies on our willingness to privilege signs of reality over
> reality itself. This process has accelerated in the last few years,
> driven by the unholy alliance of advertising, internet, TV, 24/7 news,
> tabloid newspapers, Hollywood and celebrity culture. All around us is a
> sea of signs, and these signs are disconnected from what they’re
> supposed to signify. (If you’ve ever had the misfortune to be a /Virgin
> Media/ subscriber, you know for sure that it’s not and never will be cool.)
> This brings us back to social networking. The essence of these websites
> is that your friendships must be visible to everyone else, indeed to the
> whole world. It’s not the friendships themselves that are important
> (i.e. the reality of friendship), but the fact that everyone can see who
> all of your friends are, how “cool” they are, what they do, how much
> they like you and how many you have (i.e. the hyperreal signs of
> friendship).
> *The /Facebook/ generation are the first hyperreal generation and have
> lost all contact with reality. A couple of decades ago, a friendship
> would have been considered an essentially private matter, something to
> be treasured, and certainly not paraded in public as if it were a cheap
> status symbol. A friend was someone you could confide in, a person to
> whom you could reveal your true, hidden self. Trust, discretion, and
> even a certain exclusivity were all required. These qualities are
> destroyed when they’re flaunted on the internet. Everything that defines
> friendship has been lost, replaced by the desperate plea, “Look, I have
> friends – no, /really/ – and these are who they are and this is how many
> I have.” Only a member of the hyperreal generation could find any
> pleasure in being stuck on a hundred /Facebook/ profiles, their photo
> forlornly staring out from web pages under headings of the ilk, “Mike
> Cool Guy has 168 friends.”*
> Nietzsche, one of Baudrillard’s primary influences, said, “We have
> measured the value of the world according to categories /that refer to a
> purely fictitious world/.” This could easily be applied to the
> /Facebook/ generation. Their measure of value is determined by the rules
> and conventions of social networking: a simulated reality, a fiction, a
> world of signs signifying nothing.
> No one pays to subscribe to these social networking sites, so how are
> they funded? The answer is advertising. Social networking is nothing but
> an opportunity for advertisers to reach a particular, lucrative
> demographic. The users of these sites exist to feed the advertising
> machine. They see themselves as cool, trendy, fascinating individuals.
> In fact, they are mindlessly conformist marionettes being yanked around
> by the capitalist puppet masters. The founders of these social
> networking sites have become multi-millionaires, and even billionaires.
> If you’ve ever heard them speak, you’ll know they’re pitch-perfect in
> the language of big business.
> *The people who flock to social networking sites are often the same
> people who protest about the war in Iraq, Global Warming, Animal Rights,
> G8 abuses, all the “right on” causes.
> Yet there they are feeding the voracious advertising industry, helping
> to create the finest billionaire capitalists. In other words, they’re
> doing everything required of them to sustain the capitalist
> military/industrial complex that they oppose so vehemently. This is the
> beauty of hyperreality. Capitalism, by judicious use of signs, can
> manipulate its opponents into doing its precise bidding, while managing
> to convince them they’re doing the opposite.*
> The truth is staring us in the face. Social networking is for losers.
> None of the users of these sites has any really friends. They are naïve
> and clueless individuals lacking any comprehension that they’re being
> cynically exploited by advertisers, and that their real, and indeed
> /only/, function is to create another handful of super-rich individuals.
> Sad, lonely, and desperate – that’s the /Facebook/ generation. They’re
> trapped in hyperreality, much as the unknowing masses were trapped
> inside /The Matrix/. But no Neo, no Saviour, will be coming along to
> free them.
> If you want to be a real person living in the real world, the first
> thing you must do is get off the grid. Take the first brave step and
> delete your /Facebook/ profile. After all, you surely wouldn’t want the
> words carved on your headstone to be: “I was registered with /Facebook/.
> I had 101 online friends (and I even knew a few of them). My current
> mood is: /Sad/.”
> Social networkers are, to use Shakespeare’s immortal words, walking
> shadows, poor players, strutting and fretting, raging furiously. They
> are idiots engaged in a game of signs that signifies nothing.
> (Final note to all the cool dudes hanging out on /MySpace/ – Rupert
> Murdoch, the unacceptable face of capitalism, is its owner. Ever feel
> like you’ve been swindled? Isn’t it time you woke up?)
> From the book: Mad as Hell: Why Everything is Getting Crazier (The
> Political Series Book1)


“The article is right in my opinion (but many exaggerations as usual – not all
“users” are the same kind for ex. this is referring to some special
types of users, which may represent the majority though). It also
reflects some of my own thoughts that I had long time ago when there was
no facebook but only myspace – fuck Mr. Murdoch, but it was a paradise
of individuality and creativity, compared to what we have now… it’s
become much worse.

The article covers only the details of some visible(!) interactions and
advertising/replacing reality with signs. I think the latter aspect is
of much more importance because first it is not only about visual things
and second it can easily be controlled/manipulated for society as a
whole, and we have a hard time to escape it by just quitting social
media. It’s not just about relationships, news and advertising. It’s
about total control. I will explain my view a bit more detailed (sry for
wall of text)….

I think we agree the web 2.0 is a bad thing beyond the surface. When I
talk to other people about it, they laugh at it (saying either it is not
important for their daily lifes, or you cannot change it anyway – which
maybe true, see below…) or (the uninformed) say I’m paranoid. Most of
the time it’s not the case that they are completely unaware of what’s
happening, they seem just not to care. “What else should I do?” –
typical answer. Leave it! Today I just wanted to check a practice and
interview date for -censored- – and boom, two hours gone. Not only that, I
don’t need to tell you how much these incorporations spy on all of us
and how deliberately people give away so much personal info etc (the
article scratches only the surface of this huge topic). Btw I must
include myself here and for the follwoing criticism, I’m not perfect in
any sense. Anyway, then the secret or semi-secret services (both, those
of the state and the so-called free market) can easiliy extract any
information they want. If the state did it openly, people would rage. If
you offer them some toys, all are happy and deliver. Same old story…
Now with whatssapp etc.

Approximately 1 in 100 persons I meet or talk with take the step like
you and leave, accepting the consequences (and this is much, cause my
life/world is pretty much biased a “non-conformistic” way). How many
people you know have no smartphone?

As a band or artist, it’s also a big dilemma because it’s so easy to
aquire new fans (or at least, people interested in your stuff – what
else would you want as a band??) and get live gigs and so on via social
media. Seems like nobody (ok, maybe some Black Metal fanatics) wants to
go back to the 80s or early 90s where people were sending tapes and real
hand-written letters. Some sessions ago, I handed over a CD to one of my
bandmates, and the answer was literally “I can’t use this at home”.
Everything now is dropbox, youtube, soundcloud, bandcamp, spotify etc. I
still have some of that old stuff collected, because as I began to
listen to metal, the whole tapetrading and writing stuff was still
actual (also self-made fanzines which almost all died except those
online). There is a strong old-school movement in the extreme metal
underground atm, where bands release tapes again and stuff. But with
“strong” I mean if you’re on top, you’ll sell like 300 copies. I’ve
recently talked to a label guy who makes tapes about that. So it’s a
two-edged sword.

So do we want all that gone? Is there a real chance to get rid of all
that without going back to middle ages, communication-wise?

A “traditional” answer would be yes, forums. Everyone can set up a
server and run some forum software to talk abour your pets, cooking
recipes, music or the next world revolution, whatever you are interested
in. All that without giving away too much information but a nickname and
email address. The problem is how to get people to use it nowadays if
you’re not already a big player.
Even if people start populating your realm, I think the best example is
the armageddon guys and the M movement soon encountered problems
specially related to online forums (maybe you had similar problems while
running the Mathmonism site?): The trolls… So, no perfect solution here.

I have some better technical insight now since I began studying not only
philosophy, but also IT. And the more I see there I start thinking
there’s no hope.

“Capitalism, by judicious use of signs, can manipulate its opponents
into doing its precise bidding, while managing to convince them they’re
doing the opposite.” This is especially sad but true.

Your internet provider will know where you are, what you do, they will
hand it on to other companies (usually with names not so well-known to
the public), those share it with facebook, google etc – there seems to
be no way out of their web. The Darknet? maybe, but get people to use it…

Did you know that if the density of WLAN capable devices reaches a
certain point, there would be no need for providers at all? A world
where everything is connected with everything, but without any companies
offering “services” except the hardware? This could be easily possible,
but I doubt we will live long enough to see it happen. Politics will do
anything they can against it pretending various reasons, “security” etc.
In fact helping the companies ofc.

The upcoming web 3.0 will be much worse in any aspect. Once google has
fulfilled their plan and everything that is worth more than a dollar
gets it’s own IP adress – including clothes, cars, furniture, literally
everything you could buy that’s not meant for instant consumption (they
will continue with that – food, medicals for ex. – if the technology
gets small and cheap enough). RFID will be everywhere, and most
technical devices already have it. You won’t get out of that unless
you’re totally quit any interaction with society – which means, you have
to build your own. Good luck!

You will not be able to leave this just by not actively using facebook,
twitter, or any social media. In the worst case, it will be a world of
total control where you’ll have no choice. For most of us, the so-called
“hidden self” which the article you sent me speaks about maybe gone forever!

So, the internet could look a lot different, but nowadays also
technically much is dependent on companies like google (and also
twitter, they play a role with their “bootstrap” CSS design platform
which makes more and more sites look the same). They have kind of taken
over the former W3C exclusive task to define standards – like AJAX or
HTML5 for example. Ofc from a programmer’s point of view they make stuff
easy and simple. And that is maybe the whole question: Do we want stuff
to be easy and simple? Yes, humans usually want that, because nobody has
time to waste. Ok then we will probably take the facebook, Google,
Amazon route…

I didn’t even talk about shopping (amazon) or search engines (in fact
so-called “alternatives” DuckDuckGo or others rely on google technology,
they are just tolerated). I guess you can figure out yourself what I
would say…. Funny thing to note: Even the article you sent refers to
an amazon link. So they’re not off the grid in any true sense.

So, SOL, as you see, we are not alone with our thoughts – we never were.

The secret movement.


Copyright A.W.E. 😉


49 responses to “Living Illuminism and the “secret” movement

  1. Social media is not designed to promote ideas that could destabilize the status quo, it is essentially designed to promote and advertise products and serve as a monitored platform to gather information and reach a wider target audience. Potentially, we could turn this to our advantage, but bear in mind that the people behind these social media won’t necessarily be pleased by that.

    People will ridicule and even persecute someone that contradicts what they believe. That’s why certain movements are secret.
    You will have a hard time starting a revolution online especially if people don’t know who you are; and therefore can’t trust you.
    Mike Hockney can’t be trusted by people, not because he’s lying or hiding something but because he’s not a “real” person. Although this generation is hyperreal, they can’t connect, trust and pay attention to a “ghost”.
    The meritocracy party? who are they? where can people find them?

    This has nothing to do to discredit the efforts of the authors and the people involved but it’s how people can respond to such movement.

    Conversations and meetings can make us feel less lonely but that has no true impact in the real world; unless we act.
    The only way out of this is finding the right leader(s) who can influence culture…
    a leader can’t be anonymous.

    Maybe some of the Illuminatus are out there doing their best and are public figures…

    • hello ant9
      thx for still taking part here.
      well, of course you are right, but on the other hand i think frankly not.
      its that introvert/extravert thing.
      there is no “trump” Illuminatus, for example. luckily.
      we do not speak in public, because: the Illuminati are still a secret society.
      the only reason for finding nowadys traces of the real pythagorean Illuminati on the web, has only to do with the “crazy” times we are all living in.
      the impact on the real world is obviously, when i read all the hate and kill me comments i recieve.
      i see 1000s of people from around the globe reading this blog, for 5 years now. only a few commenters are welcome.
      we should be thankful for the impact the AC website made. the sheeple will never learn, and they do not want to.
      the internet is real, for as long as it works so far fine for us.
      finally you can trust this blog, and therefore me, myself and i and the Illuminati Order.

      • Hello, thanks for your kind welcome.
        It’s not about me trusting you… I was referring to the whole illuminism movement (or any other for that matter).

        I doubt that articles floating the internet will have a great impact on the world unless they are exposed to millions of people.
        If a respected or at least a well-known person speaks, people will listen and pay attention, but if a nobody (no offense) shares his knowledge and views on facebook, only a few ,if any, will take him seriously. he/she will only look paranoid.

        I’m not sure about the secrecy of secret societies, what I know is that everything they preach and teach is out there (books, lectures, myths etc.), and in here, within us.

    • ant9, I’m no Illuminatus but I too have wondered how the masses will ever gravitate towards the ideas the Illuminati preach… it seems like a joke that any true Meritocracy movement can EVER begin, but perhaps it’s not time yet.

      Don’t get me wrong, the world is fucked and we need to reform it ASAP, but a large chunk of the population residing in the more fortunate parts of the world are far too comfortable to rise up. It’s true that change requires only a handful of people to be active, but the harsh reality is, if it’s ever to succeed it needs to become popular. Meritocracy is about equality. TRUE equality, and right now only a certain percentage in the third world are feeling the effects of unequality.

      Even if you’re poor in America, you could most likely find a way to pay for an iPhone or some other type of fancy product that most people associate with wealth. Most of us know it’s not wealth at all, but a form of enslavement for the mere fact us 1st worlders are able to enjoy all these trinkets, is due to the fact that corporations pay foreigners pennies to work and produce for us. THEY, the poor being used for slave labor, have no say and their assess are up against the wall. Their situation is such like this:…” today, if I don’t work for pennies an hour, me and family will go hungry. I have to work”.

      Meanwhile in America, we’re being sedated by social media and the need to be liked by others (i.e. extroversion being the dominant force in society)… the sheeple simply DON’T SEE the imminent danger WE see. Until something horrific happens, the sheeple won’t ever break out of their bubble. It’s frustrating because things don’t have to get worse, but we’re dealing w/ literally dumbed down masses. And even once a ‘catalyst’ happens the masses might be seduced by say, Libertarianism or some other kind of philosophy that won’t be able to carve out a proper path for Humanity…

      I feel like it’s a matter of waiting/preparing. I’m not saying it’s futile to take action, to make a FB account and become a ‘cyber’ activist… I’m just saying, there’s limits to how much you can actually accomplish on FB. And the fact that even so called ‘activists’ end up using FB and just treat it as a hub to ‘hang out’ w/ friends is stupid to me, which is why I don’t have a FB either. A lot of people believe in a happy, loving, hippy-esque revolution, when in fact, that mentality is the suppressor of any true REAL change. And change will only happen when the people are pushed so far they have no choice but to snap out of it, and take action. That’s when the battles of ideas begin… right now, Libertarianism is the popular ‘anti-establishment’ movement in America, and I suspect it will be for some time. I suspect it’s because Libertarianism preaches ‘prosperity’ in the form of liquid wealth, and so naturally, everyone wants a little money… so everyone is going to want a slice of the pie, so to speak. But we know Ayn Rand’s philosophy is inherently selfish and unsustainable for the whole world. I think in time (don’t know when), the truth will come out, and even dumbed down poor people voting for Trump for example, will realize they’ve been getting duped once the greed of the ultra rich reaches an obscene amount. They’ll begin to see ‘who’s really on their side’ – at least I hope so – that’s myself thinking positively in how this whole thing can play out, and why it’s not hopeless, just requires time and trial and error…

      Also, you mentioned: “Maybe some of the Illuminatus are out there doing their best and are public figures…”

      I’ve begun wondering about this when it comes to George Soros – you guys prolly know already all his history, but come to find out after some digging that he’s donated in total like $80 million to Marijuana Legalization in the US and Uruguay within like 2 decades… pretty much means his money paid for the advancement in drug laws this country has today. I find this odd since the Drug War is very ‘Old world order’ you know? And weed legalization is the straw that’ll break the camels back. I’ve asked myself, why has he donated so much to hurting the drug war? By doing so, he’s hurting the pockets of drug cartels and white collar people (bankers, politicians) who are involved with those criminals, isn’t he supposed to one of them? All the conspiracy theorists claim he is. I also see him donating a ton of money to Black Lives Matter which a lot of right wingers claim are trying to ‘create a revolution’ against the police (police in America are racist and dumb, literally. I’ve seen/heard many fucked up things happen to people because of those pigs). But really who knows, might be Illuminati, might be not. Still, marijuana being legal isn’t only good cos weed rocks lol, it’s good cos it destroys laws that prey on poor people (i.e. you’re black and the police caught you with a joint… 1 – 2 years locked up! or, if you’re WHITE and you have some weed, they’ll most likely stomp on it and let you go!) < – evidence for this is in the jail/prison numbers. Majority of people are there for drug possession, and they're minorities and or poor. So whoever this guy is, whether intentional or not, I see him doing something good… who knows.

      All I know is, there IS something to the AC site. I think it's made to look like some crappy 90's website on purpose. And I also think it isn't time yet… simply because nothing has shifted that has changed the masses lives permanently. Until that happens, no one will want to get off their couch. Instead, I think, the most productive thing any of us can do, is work to perfect ourselves even more. The more perfected we are, the stronger we'll be. So long as we get a goal and are driven, eventually we'll have 'something' to prove for it, and that 'something' will be a piece in the puzzle in toppling the OWO.


        George Soros is not an Illuminati!
        He is a PIG who aim destroy nations(race-mixing,culture-mixing etç),for what?
        He and all the elite aims control all the governments,and the first step is unite them in big blocks(EU,North America,Latin America…).
        For doing that,it’s necessary eliminate the diversity of the world!
        The result? Endless etnic wars arround the world,(neo-middle age),because earth is not prepared for this naturally!
        Only for the ambitions of few men’s like George Soros!
        George Soros finance the Ideology of genere,no frontiers world,libertarianism,heritance,monopoly,homosexual movements(left wing of OWO)….
        He is a criminal and you are a blind man!
        By the way,all the richest men in the world donate for charity only for a public image or tax evation(less than the amount they steal every day) !

  2. Hey A.W.E, Hope all is fine and thank you for this reply and repost. Just got finished reading through this message which was attached and it is surely a relief to know that there are others concerned out there, about how to spark a paradigm change and how social media is not as efficient as expected by most. I have been lucky lately and my financial position has been improved since a couple of months ago. So for this reason I am now currently just studying and using most of my time to expand the mind-storage. But even after writing my somewhat angry rant above, I have lately found myself gravitating more and more away from the whole idea of revolution. I guess this has something to do with my time spent on school and studying for it, while studying other personal interests as well. Which leaves almost no amount of time for the creation of something revolutionary. In other words I have been much static lately, and not really been travelling the waves of Illuminism. But just to make clear two things; I would never substitute the ideals of true progressive and philanthropic revolt, for the fat paychecks of super-douche capitalists. And ofc, neither did I mean to say that I have abandoned Illuminism. What I was trying to say was that lately I have been much focused on myself and the subjective, my own life and finances and carefully hidden Illuminism in a vault 😉

    I had played much with the thought of how hard it is to engineer the desired effect without money while I was slowly recovering from a harsh period a couple of months ago, and wished to do something and my response to this was that I need to raise a lot of money, keep my head cool, and then when I reach a respectable amount to start investing this money determined into projects that are meant to be milestones towards our New World Order. Knowing how nothing is accomplished without money, its as if my whole mind has been focused on this alone since then. Prior to all of this, I had no interest in earthly wealth, only in how to change the world for the better and get our future secured. So almost all of my energy was invested in activities which were related, but this in turn struck my financial situation down and not to mention how I fucking hate Mammons game. But then I decided fuck it, I will play his game to get what I want from it. So, in other words are lately just passing patiently through the educational program of my nation and aiming for the dirty prize and a tangible fortune to start gaining an influence.
    If I am able to go with this plan I have without trouble, then in 4-5 years time I will have the money needed to start realizing grass-roots projects for a shift of affairs.
    At which point ofc, connecting with other Illuminists to manage and create such projects would be essential. (Already know a number of true Illuminists on FB, as rare as they are, who would be ready to start such projects.)

    However, now after AC ended its book-publishing, coming to your blog always gives brightness again, and sometimes one hell of a laugh.

    All my fingers are crossed to the max for TSM!!!
    And sorry for the late reply btw, have been a little busy lately and had not crossed my mind to check for an update here until now.

    • First of all sorry for my horrible english!
      You sound like me hahaha!

      Good luck in your effort SOL!
      Remember Math control the Universe but the world is controlled by computing(math in some way of course) too!
      A long time ago I try some “illegal” companies and I have a little profit!
      But yes,if you want a lot of money for an “Illuminist project” it´s fully necessary “draw on” your workers in some way!
      That’s how capitalist system work’s!
      It’s a vicious circle,and very sad!
      But for me the final objective justified all the rest!
      Build a very strong “Assets” and live like a poor man!
      Maybe not in 5 years but in 10 years you can invest in good projects like a little vídeo making company and a little library with Illuminist books and a few group of students!
      Again,good luck and don’t leave your studies…Maths(Everything),History(The failures of others),Psychology and Philosophy (Human mind in some way),Economics(The Human money system) and Computing(The human technology System) are the most important in this world(At least for my experiencie)!
      If you want power for the NWO cause I recommend you one GREAT book:

      I hope you can understand my english :v (I’m a Spaniard)!

      • Thank you my friend, your English is good, no problem for me to understand. Yes, it is true there is a dreadful, really soul-sucking part to entering the capital circle in terms of building considerably large fortunes and/or savings, of course depending on the particular work, but most often there is always a certain downside to it.

        “Build a very strong “Assets” and live like a poor man!”
        Oh yes, definetely, the heavy flashing and showing is not me anyway, discretion and more calm style. I dont throw money in general to impress anyone, so no problem to maintain humble lifestyles. Plus with more money there is more opportunity for consuming things and developing habits which can lead one down the wrong road.

        “Again,good luck and don’t leave your studies…Maths(Everything),History(The failures of others),Psychology and Philosophy (Human mind in some way),Economics(The Human money system) and Computing(The human technology System) are the most important in this world(At least for my experiencie)!”

        I agree completely, life is boring without the standard intellectual stimulation which comes from Illuminism, knowledge – Logos. This is essential to create more purpose than pure trivia.

        Will look into this book as well, thank you.

        Btw, what do you guys in general think about the situation right now with Deutsche and its derivatives exposures? I worry this might turn out to be a European banking crisis much worse than what we saw in 08. One is DB being a GSIB bank, but also its connection to all other GSIBs in europe and US? This is a bit worrying. This article actually gives a good idea and contains some nice statistics too regarding Deutsche’s derivative exposures and default probablity etc. –

  3. Hello Everyone!

    I have been thinking about how I would respond to this post for some time. In my opinion we will not be able to defeat the OWO by social media nor by any other Internet means. Those whom we are fighting will simply unleash a deluge of idiotic obfuscation and our voices will be drowned out by their stupid trolls. Web 2.0 has allowed Lowest Common Denominator thoughts to dominate the Internet.

    My suggestion on how to proceed is two fold. First, some Illuminist Internet presence, even if it be miniscule, must always exist. There are some that will inevitably start following the same ” thought paths” as I once did and arrive at the same dead ends. Fortunately for me all my dead ends came to the armageddonconspiracy website! Each intelligent person we can activate with Illuminism is an infinitely valuable comrade. The God Series books should always be for sale! They are a veritable treasure trove.

    Second, those of us who already have figured out what is going on need to develop serious contingencies to preserve Illuminist teachings even in the event of total societal collapse. If the Internet goes “dark” due to some catastrophe the chances of anyone being able to discover Illuminism will become more or less impossible unless they happened to run into one of us…

    Frankly I do not think the OWO will able to achieve their Techno-Dystopia where everything is RFID chipped and the movement of every body and object is subject to constant observation and control. The scenario they wish to create is reminiscent of Michael Crichton’s “Jurassic Park”. In the original novel the antagonist, a extremely wealthy Scottish capitalist, creates a super high tech zoo/theme park that can be controlled in the most minute detail from a centralized command center. The main motif of the novel is that increasingly destructive resonance is created from seemingly small events that amplify in the structure of the overly complicated park system. This is visually represented by fractals created by a recursive function placed at the beginning of each successive chapter. As the chapters progress the park descends into greater chaos, the fractals become more complex, and a natural harmony is reestablished in the park.

    This is exactly what is happening in the world today. It is 99.99999999999999999% certain that a Jurassic Park scenario will occur on a global scale. Let us re-examine one of the most important paragraphs from the Illuminatus’ post;

    “The upcoming web 3.0 will be much worse in any aspect. Once google has
    fulfilled their plan and everything that is worth more than a dollar
    gets it’s own IP adress – including clothes, cars, furniture, literally
    everything you could buy that’s not meant for instant consumption (they
    will continue with that – food, medicals for ex. – if the technology
    gets small and cheap enough). RFID will be everywhere, and most
    technical devices already have it. You won’t get out of that unless
    you’re totally quit any interaction with society – which means, you have
    to build your own. Good luck!”

    In order for this plan to work, particularly in a my country the U.S.A., the Google men of the world will have to destroy all the old clothes, cars, furniture, etc. There is enough of that left over stuff produced in the 20th century that I will never have to buy anything with a RFID in it for my entire life. In fact, the old stuff is often better quality than the new! In addition they will have to ban cash transactions of all types. Yes, they are looking at ways to do this, but cash flows from illicit activities are one of the main pillars of OWO power. They would literally be cutting off one their own limbs if they were to ban cash. It will never happen on a global scale. If, hypothetically speaking, they did ban cash (which is becoming more worthless at an exponential rate each year) people would return to a barter system. A vibrant black market would arise the likes of which the world has never seen. As they solidify their control they become more ossified which means they become more fragile. The thing about greedy stupid Mammon worshipers is that they are their own worst enemy. The OWO will defeat itself. I think most everyone here will remember this music video…

    Bis Später


  4. There will be a change coming. With Nationalism.
    It´s slow but the ideology will grow.
    Im certain.

    • How will nationalism change anything? Do you advocate the formation of a meritocratic nation state? Do you understand ontological mathematics? That is the only ideology you should be concerned about at this point.

      • Evolution is a rational process and you know this. Nationalism is the concretization of the natural will. That is ontological mathematics.

    • Agree!
      For my,the defense of a meritocratic state only is possible with nationalism!

      -Expel Muslims ,jews of our countries and weaken christians(closed borders)!
      -Sovereignty for citizens(Expel Global Mafia).
      -Important rol of the State(That implies RESPECT and a lot of symbolism)
      -Good army for defend the republic of OWO states!
      -Separate different ethnicities(or their ignorance will bring wars)
      -Healthy competition with other states
      -Life with people close to you(same race,lenguage,culture=ARMONY and ORDER)

      That’s is impossible if you are not passionate with your country!

      Of course nationalism and rationalism are compatible(equilibrium with irrationalism and rationalism).

      A lot of people who studied Illuminism have the same conclusion and that surprise me!

      Of course that’s only my opinion,maybe i’m wrong!
      I’m only a student,not an Illuminatus!

      But nationalism is only while NWO is not complete!
      If all the countries of the world accept NWO,nationalism has no reason to exist!
      At least,not a nationalism for defense!
      Maybe a Global nationalism in the future?

      • Hi all.
        if “nationalism” means the “country” of the ILLUMINATI, the illuminist, mertitocratic world state – i would possibly agree.
        Otherwise FUCK nationalism – because of being one of the main pillars of the old world order.
        So – on which “side” are you all?

        You know on which side you will find me.

        On those of the


  5. Hey, you guys are geniuses! The best of the best, some of the most passionate, energetic, and brightest minds alive on this planet. About a year ago, I contacted the Gnostic Legion on Facebook (My name is David Kirchoff), and I was very appreciative of the fact that they gave me a response. At the time, I was interested in possibly joining the Legion one day, hoping to use my well-developed intellect to help the Movement in any way possible. Now, I am in dire need of help of my own; my personality is literally falling apart; I used to be a pretty strong empath, but over the past six months, my feelings of compassion and passion have been replaced with sadistic, psychopathic ones. I outlined all of this at my own wordpress, If any of you are especially savvy with psychology and/or neuroscience, do you think, if you had the time and desire, that you could read the most recent three posts on my blog and possibly help me notice a pattern or more that, as of now, I have yet to see?

    Thank you so much,
    David Kirchoff (Proditor).

    • I hope you understand my english,I’m a Spaniard!

      “replaced with sadistic, psychopathic ones”.

      This is natural in some way,but the “equilibrium” is necessary,if you try to “eliminate” the problem, this “out” in another way(Priests cannot accomplish the celibate and abuse of children for example)!
      So,you only can “regulate” this!(Freud dixit)!
      Persons who are addicted to sex have a problem(because is not compatible with their work)…Solution? Work for the sex industry!(You can do another things of course and more productive ones in your free time)
      Your solution?
      Redirect your psychopathy against OLD WORLD ORDER and his agents!
      Religious people,stockbrokers,rich thieves,establishment,lazy people,monopolies,fake NWO people….
      Of course you want to be a good and emphatic person again(only experiences with good and weak people can do it),but that’s is not necessary at all!The experiences of life, change you all the time,you only can redirect this!
      Don’t worry my friend!Good luck!

      • Out of all OWO components, I do genuinely dislike religious conservatives.

  6. If I were to be neurologically transformed back into my former empathic and proactive self, there is a lot of intellectual contributions that I could make you for the causes of Meritocracy, IIluminism, and the Gnostic Legion… 😦

      • I see that you were not pleased by my call for help. Desperation makes one do weird and desperate things, as I have done.

      • Hello “David”.

        1st: we are not here to “please” anyone. we just bring knowlwedge. try to understand or not.
        2nd: any answer you are seeking for will be found on the AC site and the books of mike hockney.
        3rd: did you ever thought about psychoactive substances to explore your mind and unconcious?

        i just read your oct 16 blog entry on your own blog. your “illness” seems to be serious. as i told you, we are not psychologists in general, me surely not. but my “tip” for you is “know thyself” – inform yourself about the so called “set & setting” regarding consuming strong psychoactivesubstances like LSD 25, Psylocibin, etc.. surely i do want want you to become a drug addict, which is by the way impossible regarding natural psychoactives. a “shaman” you should find. he or her will lead you safely through your trip. so, man. this is the only idea i have right now. take it or leave it, and make sure to read all the material mentioned above.

      • If kirchoff syndrome is fixed, I will join the meritocratic movement one day.

      • Thanks for the advice, man; sorry that I had to act annoying in order to get it. I may very well have to try the aforementioned substances in the future.

  7. I hope you understand my english!

    m6667,the best for you and our Illuminatus collegues arround the world!

    Do you know REAL nationalists HATE the system?
    For my nationalism is MERITOCRACY,pay taxes,free schollarship,free health care,strong state,100% heritance tax,equal opportunities….This is incompatible with OWO!
    Of course we have a “fake nationalists” who defense Catholicism,Cronyism,Globalism,Kings,Richest people…..
    Nationalism is love for your FOLK and fight for them to bring all the best(Meritocracy and Illuminism)
    But some people think the best for his country is christianity for example,don’t blame my for that!
    Of course,nationalism not immplies hate others! I simply understand my “role”,I cannot defend Germany against OWO…Because I’m not leave there,but I can defense Spain!
    Nationalism is practicism in some way!
    I hope you will defense Germany if is necessary,against inculture,religion,rich abuse….OWO!
    Everyone have their role!
    But of course,all the “Illuminatus movements” around the world should help in the other countries if it’s necessary and more urgent!(I think is urgent in USA)
    That’s is only my opinion and my particular nationalism!

  8. Where did all these “nationalists” come from? Spaniard, do you not understand that the whole concept of “Spain” is defined by a christian king and the catholic church? The fact that you are so attached to this concept of “Spanish” and “Spain” shows that you do not fully understand what Illuminism is all about! How could one possibly be the ¨meritocratic king of spain?” This title is an oxymoron. One of the main tenets of Illuminism is NO MORE KINGS!!!!!!!!.

    Kings fucking suck

    Leading a meritocratic state should be the most difficult and least desirable occupation in the world. Search inside of yourself, and be honest to the real reasons you want to be king. Do you want power over others? Do you want to be worshiped and lauded? Do you want to feel special and above others? If that is the case than you still have some shit to sort out INSIDE of you.

    How many of you have truly gone over all the material in the God Series and the Armageddon Conspiracy site?

    The WORST kind of people are those who skim the material, and pick out the sections to fuel their own selfish egotistical pursuits.

    Only those of the purest intentions will ever find the Grail!!!!

    • Can’t say I’ve read the entire armageddon conspiracy book yet, but I’ve read enough of the website alone with the God Series books to summarize a handful of the material.
      Before I post the summary in this comment I’ll reply to the topic about being a leader. There are many reasons why being a leader of a meritocratic state would be less desirable.
      1.) The workload: It takes a lot of work to manage things, even if it’s reduced to your specific field; they’ll be plenty of paperwork and decision making.

      2.) Responsibility: With great power comes great responsibility. As a leader you’d have to make decisions that benefit the commune as a whole, even if they go against your moral views.

      3.) Secrecy: This one only applies if you’re living in a meritocratic commune that has to be kept secret, due to the OWO.
      Any meritocratic commune first emerging will have to protected via secrecy. Since the leaders are responsible for taking care of the State/community; they’ll have to keep the community a secret so the enemies won’t know.

      So yes being a leader won’t be what it’s cracked up to be. It’ll be one of the hardest things you’ve done. I personally don’t want to be one..

      Anyway below is a quick summary of the material in the 38 God Series books:


      Let me know if I left any important details out after you view. Thanks.

  9. Hi D-503,

    My vocabulary in english is very limited(and bad) but I try to explain to you!

    “The WORST kind of people are those who skim the material, and pick out the sections to fuel their own selfish egotistical pursuits”

    Is not the case,is only a strategy!

    I know Spain and their people more than anyone my friend(thats why the revolution in Spain only will came from spaniards and not from an American ignorant!)
    And in the others countries too,only an American will bring the Illuminism in America!
    The order applied the same escheme in all countries,ignoring(and hating) the diferent cultures and obviously fail!

    Yes,Spain was a christian country(today is agnostic in their youth) and their nationalism was forged in religion!(I accept,not reject)
    Solomon was a king and “Illuminist” too!
    But for me the word “King” is not a person who came from powerful family,is the most intelligent and meritocratic of the country!
    President=King!(Only in the transition of course)
    Why I prefer the name KING?
    Because Spain is a Kingdom and had a great history of Kings,and maybe we can “wake up” the spaniards arround the mitology of Kings(collective consciousness)!
    Of course I fucking hate Rex Deus and their royal families!!!(But we need “change” some history in our profit)
    If we want a meritocratic country(for extend the revolution arround the world) we need powerful and charismatics leaders of transition, and we can take “profit” of Rex Deus mitology and seduction metods!
    The OWO only can be destroyed from inside,and we need nationalist people who support us!We don’t need people who only take care from their own family(almost everybody)!We need people who aim serve the entire country!
    If we said to the people:”Hey forget all your past” is impossible to accept Illuminism!
    But if we said:”The past with successes and failures need a great evolution”,maybe people accept Illuminism!
    I only want Illuminism arrive to all the people!This is only a strategy!
    By the way,I’m not a nationalist at all,nationalism is only a transition state!
    OWO use nationalism against us(And win)!But hey,we can’t?
    But Hey D-503,if you don’t want any real change in society that is ok!You can read all the Illuminist books forever in your bedroom and do nothing!
    I’ts not my case,I’m 22 and I study every fucking day Leibniz,Hegel,Nietsche,Goethe,Plato,Baudrillard,Jung,……..
    And yes,I aim to be the fucking king of the fucking Spain and build a strong meritocratic country!
    And I have the master plan,If I fail that’s okey,but I try!
    Your plan?
    Maintain Illuminism chaste and pure in your bedroom!
    No one change in the world,no strategy,and OWO continues in power!

    “Leading a meritocratic state should be the most difficult and least desirable occupation in the world”

    Your thoughts
    are mediocrity!

    “Search inside of yourself, and be honest to the real reasons you want to be king”

    Help people and change the system(the incompetence and ignorance of state right now is unbearable for my)! If I do a great work and people admire me I am not an Hypocrite,I accept and feel happy for that!

    The last thought and the most important:

    Catalonia put 2 million people at the street for the independence from Spain every year!

    When goverment eliminate social rights only a 1% of the 2 million protesters are in the street!
    You understand why?

    Because people don’t like thinking,they like feelings!

    We need a “expropiation” of simbolysm and history for win people’s hearts!

    So I want use nationalism like my whore, for build Illuminist state and obliterate OWO!
    Time will prove me right!

    Sorry for my bad and limited english!
    Good luck my friend!

  10. By the way D-503….

    “Where did all these “nationalists” come from?”

    Armaggedon Conspiracy—>Nazism references in the book—>Misunderstanding—>Esoteric and Gnostic Nazism—>Nationalism!

    Of course is not my case!!!! I accept nationalism because is the effective plan to wake up people(Illuminist nationalism)!People love feelings!

    • Guys.
      anything wrong with you?
      calm down, i see you, we mean the same. and using “nationalism” as a “whore” (without saying anything bad about them) is ok, i think.
      so, grab a cold beer or a big blunt and relax yourselves and be happy to be part of the neo illuminists movement. fuckers.

      • No worries m6667. I was just trying to see where the Spaniard was going with all this talk of Kings and Nationalism. I should read his posts closer, but I generally becoming leery when I see such stuff.

      • Yep,calm down,sorry for the inappropriate discussion!
        But I’m very passionate about the best way to create a Meritocratic State!
        And my conclusion is very clear,and I think,accurate!
        Only with using feelings,sensations and emotions will bring the support of the people! The reason can infiltrate this and emerge from inside,and finally obliterate the mask of irrationalism and ignorance!
        Of course we need Illuminists who lead the project from the beginning and stop a possible future OWO infiltration!

  11. It´s just silly. It could not have been written outside western society. Not outside western culure. Not outsidee western philosophy. Not outside western science. Not outside western mathmatics. See you on the next Bardo.

    • somehow you are right. even as an Illuminatus i wonder about “far out” countries, where and what is their kind of “illumimism”?
      strangely it is somehow “western”, even the order originated in what is called these days palestine. nonetheless i found – at least for myself- the greatest truth yet with the illuminati order.

      By the way: i have reached the 3rd “bardo” via psilocybin…

  12. We must be more specific. What are we referring to when we say ¨Western”? I understand what you guys are getting at with the nationalism and defense of “Western values”.

    My main concern, and I do not think I have made this explicit enough, is that we make sure the average dumbass Spaniard, German, American etc. does NOT equate Western values with disgusting Christianity. What made Europeans the dominate group on the planet was the rediscovery and development of old mathematical and philosophical knowledge. This knowledge was Indo-European.

    Western can be equated with Indo-European. Who are these people? It seems they appeared out of nowhere on the Eurasian Steppes. They were horse people with technology that surpassed their neighbors. Does Illuminism originate with these people? Were they survivors of Atlantis that somehow ¨crash landed” into the steppes? They spread far and wide over Eurasia and dominated regions that are today occupied by very different people.

    I am going to assume that most of us here are men of Indo-European descent. Our soul lines run parallel to each other. The irony is I think everyone of us here has known the other face to face in a previous life thousands of years ago. In my dreams I remember the civilization that we use to have. We lived in the NWO! It is so close, yet so far away. Soon our Atlantis will return, and it will be destroyed again. Over and over and over.

    I remember the biting cold wind and the warmth of the horse underneath me.
    I remember the sound of the frosted earth crushed under hoof.
    I remember the bowstring biting into my fingers and the arrows singing in the air
    I remember the isolation and the realization of imprisonment on a seemingly endless sea of Earth.

    “67. Chaque portion de la matière peut être conçue, comme un jardin plein
    de plantes, et comme un étang plein de poissons. Mais chaque rameau de la
    plante, chaque membre de l’animal, chaque goutte de ses humeurs est encore
    un tel jardin, ou un tel étang. – Leibniz, La monadolgie”

  13. The Egg (sehr kurze Kurzgeschichte) von Andy Weir bietet zwar nur ein offenes Ende, bildet aber eine ausgezeichnete Grundlage für die neue Religion: Reinkarnation bei nur einer einzigen Seele, die alle Existenzen durchlebt. Diese Religion macht den kategorischen Imperativ ganz ohne Zwang zur Pflicht und lässt sich mithilfe eines Neuanfangs nach dem göttlichen Selbstmord so modifizieren, dass sie zu einer geschlossenen Religion wird, die mit ontologischer Mathematik kompatibel ist.
    Damit etwas derartiges richtig zündet, muss es, wohl oder übel, von einer Person oder Personengruppe beworben werden, die Ansehen und Aufmerksamkeit oder direkte Macht genießt. Der Zweck solcher Treffen sollte es sein, funktionierende Strategien herauszuarbeiten, um diese Aufmerksamkeit zu bekommen.
    Mir fällt Kunst dazu ein – und ganz primär Musik. Ich denke nicht, dass wir darauf spekulieren sollten, einflussreiche Persönlichkeiten für uns zu gewinnen, sondern darauf, kollektiv zumindest eine solche Persönlichkeit hervorzubringen.
    In ist bereits Musik, die ich nur ungern mit ins Grab nehmen würde. Ich bräuchte Leute, die die nötigen Instrumente spielen können. Melodien habe ich, einige Texte auch und genug Gesangstalent, um zumindest verständlich darzulegen, wie es klingen soll. Damit daraus vollwertige Songs werden können, brauche ich aber echte Musiker, die das Handwerk am Instrument (Musikprogramme zählen inzwischen wohl auch dazu) beherrschen.
    Ich bitte nicht um ein Band, um ein Star zu werden – tatsächlich ist es mir ein Seelenstriptease überhaupt nur vorzusingen und mich derartig zu öffnen und erst recht nicht mein Wunsch auf der Bühne zu stehen – ich biete an, euch etwas zu zeigen, das womöglich Potential hat, uns die nötige Aufmerksamkeit zu bescheren.

    Das Abraxas-Gedicht von mir fandest du ja nicht übel. Vielleicht würden dir auch einige meiner Melodien gefallen.

    • hi juri.
      gut von dir zu hören.
      kein thema, lass uns mal was zusammen machen.
      wir (meine band) arbeiten mit “reaper” und “dropbox” – informiere dich darüber, wirst es brauchen. zusammen proben können wir auch, gib dir dann meine adresse in nrw.


      • Ich schau mir mal die 60-Tage-Testversion von reaper an.
        Werde voraussichtlich wohl noch diesen Monat in Düsseldorf sein.

      • reaper kannst du ewig unter testversion laufen lassen. “still evalulating” – simplay press the button in the rectangle window. das fenster muß angeklickt sein, sonst gibts keinen count down.

        dropbox ist bis 2,5 gig kostenlos. werde dir dann nen zugang einrichten.

        ich hoffe dir ist klar das ich metal musiker bin. kein interesse an pop, rap oder ähnlicher scheisse.


      • Dass du Metal Musiker bist, ist nicht zu überhören. Dass du all den Rest sonst für Scheiße hältst, kauf ich dir nicht ab. Außerdem wäre das schon mal eine Beleidigung gegenüber ‘Pho.
        Ich habe von Metal nicht viel Ahnung – das metal-mäßigste das ich höre, ist wohl Dope’s “Die MF die” und Marilyn Manson Zeugs, welches aber wohl nicht wirklich Metal ist.
        Keine Ahnung als was du meine Musik einstufen würdest, aber es dürfte wohl nicht wirklich passen, wenn du bereits so einseitig festgelegt bist. Vielleicht kann ich mich aber entsprechend anpassen. Und vielleicht könnte ich mit Texten helfen. Jedenfalls hätte ich, trotz der Erwartung, dass unsere musikalischen Geschmäcker anfänglich inkompatibel sein dürften, dennoch Interesse an Treffen mit ähnlich gesinnten Menschen. Immer nur übers Internet zu kommunizieren, ist, wie du ja selber merkst, weder befriedigend noch fruchtbar.

        😈 Friend, I’m here to speak with you tonight
        I’ve a question – hope you’ve got an answer
        Lucifer, please guide me to the light
        Wonder if you’d do what I’ve been asked for

        Destiny’s loaded dice are rollin’
        Their old values are falling apart
        Wonder if I should face the old world order
        And burn it down

        😇 Brother, what has taken you so long?
        You look tired and hungry for redemption
        Seek my answer, so you get it wrong?
        You don’t want no answer but attention

        Though I’ll give you a chance and I’ll listen
        Though you’re lousy and wicked and lame
        Though it’s you who created this world order
        Though you’re to blame

        😈 Would you sacrifice three lives or four,
        To lead humankind to its salvation?
        What if it would take some Billions more
        To establish final liberation?

        I see aggravations rising
        I see chaos spreads everywhere
        And the lesser I do, lesser they realize
        That we actually care

        😇 You’re as crazy as you’ve been before
        You’re the same old prince they call Jehova
        You abuse the reason as your whore
        After causing much too much disorder

        Destiny’s loaded dice are rollin’
        Your own values are breaking apart
        Face yourself, you’re the cause for all the wars
        ’cause you’re a coward…

      • ich beleidige pho nicht, nur weil ich seine musik scheisse finde.
        denke es geht um den textlichen inhalt.
        sich persönlich zu treffen ist sicher schön, aber auch schwierig.
        du könntest schliesslich jemand sein der mich killen will.
        nun ja, da du musikalisch einlenkst könnte ich das auch tun. mal sehen was rauskommt…

    • “du könntest schliesslich jemand sein der mich killen will.”

      Hehe, solch isolierende Befürchtungen kenne ich auch^^ Daher wäre ein Treffen auf neutralem Boden (irgendeine Kneipe oder ein gut belebter Platz) wohl am angenehmsten. Ich würde niemanden töten, wenn ich nicht wüsste, dass ich damit davon komme würde, oder wüsste, dass das Opfer, welches ich durch Aufgabe meiner eigenen Freiheit und Unversehrtheit bringen würde, sich auch wirklich lohnt. Wenn du mich also gerade nicht in einen Raum voller Politiker-, Monarchen-, Theokraten- und Plutokratenschweine lotst, werde ich auch nicht um mich herumballern – versprochen.
      Es ist deine Entscheidung, A.W.E.
      Fühl dich also nicht genötigt, wenn du es nicht willst.
      Ich meld mich noch, um dir zu sagen, wann ich in NRW sein dürfte. Überleg’s dir…

      • hi juri

        sorry for the delay. haben am WE gitarren für unser 3. album aufgenommen.

        was unser musikalisches projekt angeht – lassen wir es einfach mal auf uns zukommen und schauen was bei rauskommt.
        seelenstriptease… – lach
        ich war etwas voereilig bzgl metal. eigentlich habe ich längst eine entscheidung getroffen, die besagt, das metal, pop und rap alles die falschen plattformen zu sein scheinen. ich denke an coole sounds/melodien und deine texte sind absolut brauchbar. instrumentierung: drums, bass, keys/synth, guitars and vocals. und dann die suppe kochen.

        frage: wie alt bist du? ich bald 50 – teenies arbeiten nicht gerne mit opas… lach.

        neutral? in einer kneipe? wolltest du da was vorsingen? lach

        du musst dann schon meine hallen des schreckens (proberaum im haus) betreten.

        are you ready?

    • We are gnostics and we seek to gain salvation
      We‘ve been planning for so long – now we begin
      We delight the world with our inspiration
      We are heretics – our truth they‘re calling sin

      We‘re the League of Liberation of Nobodies
      We are here to kill John Galt and set you free
      Bring to justice all the rich men who have done this
      We are the destiny


      We made our way through hordes of odds unto his palace
      His guards won‘t bother us – they are all dead
      We watch inside his pompous bedroom, from the terrace
      We see the naked king – he will regret

      We’re the Midas-Killers, righteous men – our voice is:
      The voices of men and women who haven’t been heard
      The voices of starving children you haven’t noticed
      We’re the guilty conscience of the world


      He’s crawling in the corner, holding a flask full of poison
      We stand in front of him, with ropes in our hands
      We tell him, it is easier to swallow than being forced to
      Stop weeping, fucker, and die – you deserve what you get

      We’re the brotherhood of reason – we’re enlightened
      We are smashing all the scepters, all the crowns
      Revolution is incoming – don’t be frightened
      We burn this old world order down


  14. Ok AWE, meine geplante Reise nach NRW fällt jetzt wegen eines Krankheitsfalls flach, aber ich hab vom 24. bis 28. frei und könnte vorbeikommen.
    Wenn du immer noch Interesse hast, meld dich bitte unter der angegebenen eMail-Adresse.

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