Neither by land, nor by sea…

…you will find the Illuminati.

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8 responses to “Neither by land, nor by sea…

  1. Hello, M6667. Do you think that, someday in the future, if I can figure out my complex mental problems, cure myself of psychopathy, read all of the books in the Adam Weishaupt series, and head on the path towards enlightenment, that I could become some sort of member, or at the very least, a trusted ally of the Meritocracy Movement?

    • I would add that I would have to become much more mature on an emotional and intellectual level, as well.

    • well man, i can barely answer that. personally i would of course recommend all illuminati books and the whole AC website. but if it will heal you i surely do not know, but i definitely “hope” so.

  2. Hi, I have read some books from the god series .. and they are very conviencant with respect to the world today, I think you are right .. that of course this world is infected with psychopaths, but I have a question ..

    I am not an euler, or Pythagoras, but there is a question:

    Assuming that his enemies like those of mankind are authentic .. That there is a sinister group behind the dynastic families like rothschild etc … and the Wall Street bankers that keep us at a loss ..


    If you join the Mafia and learn their inner workings and assuming you escape alive .. is not it true that you tried to create a similar organization and then to emulate them? Of course you will control certain businesses, but it will not be up to the mafia, right? As they are in number and power far above ..

    And the problems would come if it disturbs the mafia’s operation .. and I thought .. but if you are right: why do not you reveal the operation of your enemies, then everyone will know where we are? .. that would be How to leave behind an organization that in theory is criminal, right? ..

    Why there are so many theories of aliens and psychopaths .. free trade that I really do not understand .. and the reasons I will say next:

    I see around me a kind of balance between evil and good and I feel “like everyone” in a machine .. that’s why I wonder: is not it better to reveal the functioning of the mafia? Or let’s say about this society behind the curtains?

    At this moment I would find myself according to his books in a sort of mission erect to assassinate certain people ..

    According to my calculations and concluded according to their books the 99.9% of humanity would be in the hands of a few Freemasons.
    Masonry would be an extended organization .. and that of course its modus operandi would be divided in degrees .. its final mission is the “enlightenment”, it is a sort of organization meritocrata and would have as final responsibility some supernatural power (so I understand it ), And I see that at the moment it seems a childish organization .. because as a law and I think, it is totally perverted ..
    Today it is a mobile species to manipulate money .. and the victory of a certain “agenda” .. which in the light of the sun generates a kind of division between what is considered “good and what is considered bad.” I do not know if I watch Facebook: it reaches the interior of hell and masonry: I want to ask this question why free market capitalism is so hostile and aggressive … which looks like an emergency on this side of the universe. I imagine there are certain people .. with super powers on this earth, but I do not understand why we are told the functioning of society behind the curtains? .. There is a certain book and the phrase is “I am the man” that led me to believe that there is really an invisible enemy .. the enemy who is stripped down with all of us.


    The question came to me because if you turn on the television any day and you get the proposals of some candidate for president who is nauseous .. in the sunlight will try to avoid everything that is .. then:
    Why not reveal the functioning of the mafia and then we would all know the power of our enemy? .. I know that no one swallows the tale of the bush family or the lackeys of the “old world order” since they are really “incredible” .. but I have seen things that any sensible man would produce panic .. as unscrupulous people And faustic powers, a great spell that is beyond the capabilities of a mortal .. so a go through or in the direction of an “American dream” or maybe “the lighting” is a nightmare ..

    Why not reveal the location of the soul? It is undoubtedly all the problems that afflict mankind and what you mention many times ..

    All this of the enlightenment arrived at my by obligation, and I have but that constant failure, both personal and public .. is a hell ..

    Finally anyone will discover the terrible truth of not having an identity.

    I think you understand.


    Sorry for bad English.

      • Disulpe, I have already been able to answer my question, but I will still tell you about the Mafia:

        If you joined the mafia at one time, you would have to fulfill a series of obligations and “meticulous” instructions regarding your conduct and responsibility, because this would be based on hierarchies. It would be an obligation to know the “terrain” You could be from a simple “mule” to a high office: a president.
        On the other hand, if you managed to escape from this, and get out alive, you would probably try to create a similar organization, which would not look like anything at all, but you would already have certain players on the ground, control some neighborhoods and municipalities , Your business would say this is in progress, the modus operandi would be the same and a motto as “less curious and more money”, continuing in this scenario, if you become a police investigative agent, and goes behind those, I would discover, perhaps, that they are not the “big boys”, but I would say that they all look alike in operation.

        I thought based on this .. if you as a police officer, could neutralize an organization that is like a brick in the pyramid, would be turning a blind eye.

        If you find out that the candidate for president of a political party is really a scammer, then he would not hurt you to vote, you would get nauseous, I would try to avoid it.

        I have read his website at the time: “armageddonconspiracy” and was a simple don nobody.
        Over time I understood the content and discovered another point of view: the “enlightenment”, a whole world of wonders and gifts, but after a while .. I began to have doubts about my position, about the reality I was discovering .. This moment had seen an invisible war, the war that is invisible to the common mortal remains like me ..
        In any case, I did not go wrong, and I continued as a child.

        These themes were germinating in my mind and increasingly towards more mature points of view. But I found myself in the incredible position of “the salvation of my own soul”, in discovering the terrible truth: To be a pile, a gear or failure in the system, to be devoured by this.

        I wondered: now that the struggle between good and evil is visible, I enter the bad and what is right … between the poor and the rich.

        Why not reveal the workings of your enemies, who are anyway our enemies too, and then we will all know where we are? And we could see them in the light of the sun, just as it happened to the King of France in his time?

        I imagine that it is some kind of malicious organization masonic, and that the main culprit would be some masons.

        On the other hand:

        I also discovered the indiscriminate arrogance of a group like Goldman Sachs and that people do not understand its nature, I mean that .. they are not amateurs, they are like rather “archons”.

        On the other hand in the book “i am the man” that I name, I see a strange relationship like “puppeteers”, “shadows”. And they would be like the strange artificial beings conceived in the alchemy, that can possess a human being for some time.

        But after a while I answered my question .. this war is fought in the “soul of the world”, an impassable barrier to 99% of humans.

        Now I thought I’d make a comment, but you do not have to answer me and it’s the following:

        I have seen this image of William Blake

        And I have discovered something of its encoded nature.

        My comment is:

        Am I too stupid not to realize the truth? Do I miss the wings or did not I still grow up? They got me and they do not grow back? Or have not I paid the fee for it? ..

        Because sometimes I think that I am in a forest surrounded by dangers and silence, others that I will be crucified.

        Does this work thus? In short, the search for the higher self is not simple.

        Thank you for your time and sorry for the inconvenience.


      • “Because sometimes I think that I am in a forest surrounded by dangers and silence, others that I will be crucified.

        Does this work thus? In short, the search for the higher self is not simple.”

        FEAR helped no one yet, so far. And yes, the search for the higher self is the ultimate goal, to become “GOD”, meaning following Simon Magus / Abraxas. The illuminati cannot “free” you, we can only help seekers with the knowledge we provide and protect. You are welcome, seeker.

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