Illuminati quotes…

…some of you might find intersteting. For me it is nothing else than pure, ultimate knowledge of the greatest secrets of all time:

“Illuminism is reducible to an incredibly small set of ten rational assertions,


1) As Pythagoras said, “All things are numbers.” ALL numbers are included in

this statement. None are excluded. All numbers have ontological reality. An ontological

number is an energy wave; the number being the frequency of the wave. (The precise

nature of the “zero wave” is one we will defer for now.)

2) The universe of numbers provides a self-solving, self-optimizing equation,

proceeding by way of the dialectic outlined by Heraclitus and Hegel.

3) The universe, objectively, is based on mathematical Logos (reason).

4) The universe, subjectively, is based on will, feelings and desire: these are

the inner, living experience of mathematical functions.

5) The arche, the fundamental substance of existence, is ontological zero, the

monad, as described by Leibniz. There are infinite monads. Each monad contains infinite

numbers (energy) that sum to zero. A monad is an unconscious mind capable of

becoming a conscious soul and finally of becoming God.

6) All objective properties of the universe sum to zero and the universe is

subject to absolute symmetry to ensure that all properties sum to zero.

7) The “material” universe is produced by the interaction of the energy of

monads; the monads themselves provide a perfect Cartesian grid – an absolute reference

frame – against which all events are measured and registered.

8) The material universe is contained within a mental Singularity – the Genesis

Singularity. There is in fact no such thing as the material universe. It is actually a

universe of objective mental mathematical relations. It is its objectivity – the fact that it

exists independently of our wishes, thoughts and feelings – that makes people think it is a

physical “thing” that endures whether we are present or not. What scientists call

materialism is actually mathematical objectivity, which has exactly the same features as

materialism, with the exception that it’s ultimately all contained in the mind of the

universe. The whole of existence fits into ONE DIMENSIONLESS POINT – THE

GENESIS SINGULARITY. That’s all there is: one point comprising infinite

souls/minds/monads/ potential Gods. To achieve a full mental understanding of the

Singularity is to become God. All you have to know is the mathematics of infinite

monads of infinite energy, all located in a single existential point constituting a perfect

existential plenum.

9) The universe is seeking to become perfect, to reach its omega point where it

becomes Absolute.

10) Every monad starts as blank potential, as the simplest possible set of

functions and with the barest information. When it reaches its omega point, each monad

becomes completely actualised. It has been transformed from the simplest to the most

complex set of functions, corresponding to optimal information. It has become God.

When the universe has become fully divine, it has reached the end of a Cosmic Age, and

must start again. This is the moment of Divine Suicide, which, by the symmetry of life, is

also the moment of Divine Rebirth.

Key Illuminati narratives:


King Solomon and the Holy Temple (dedicated to Sophia, Goddess ofWisdom).


King Arthur, Merlin, the Sword in the Stone, the Lady of the Lake,

Excalibur, Lancelot, Guinevere, the Lady of Shalott, Galahad, Bors, Parsifal, Camelot,

the Round Table, the Perfect Knight, the Siege Perilous, the Spear of Destiny, Klingsor,

the Grail King, the Grail Church, the Fisher King, the Grail Castle and the Holy Grail.

3) The Pied Piper of Hamelin



Other important texts:

The Emerald Tablet

The Corpus Hermeticum

The Rosicrucian Manifestos:

1. Fama Fraternitatis

2. Confessio Fraternitatis

3. Chymical Wedding

The Divine Comedy by Dante

The central figure of the Mystery Degrees of the Illuminati: SIMON MAGUS.
Instead, the basic things of existence – numbers – are both

dynamic and static. They are dynamic in their ontological form (as energy), and they are

static in terms of the rules of how they relate to one another (the laws of mathematics).

Existence consists of the following ingredients:

1) An infinite number of monads (zeros). Monads are dimensionless,

immaterial, mathematical points. They are static. They are subjects – centres of

experience and thought. They are eternal.

2) A monad contains an infinite amount of energy, but this infinite energy sums

to zero. There is infinite positive energy (real numbers), cancelled by infinite negative

energy (real numbers) and infinite positive energy (imaginary numbers), cancelled by

infinite negative energy (imaginary numbers). A number is ontologically an energy

frequency, and each monad contains all possible frequencies, all cancelling to zero.

3) A monad is zero in two senses. It is zero in terms of being a dimensionless

point, and it is zero as the resultant of a perfect balance of numerically opposite energies.


So, the number zero paradoxically occupies no space and yet contains

infinite energy in all mathematical directions (which all sum to zero). It is both nothing

and everything, and what could be a better unit of fundamental existence than that? Every

monad contains all possible numbers.


By virtue of containing all possible numbers, monads also contain the

complete laws of mathematics i.e. every monad perfectly understands the mathematical

DNA of the universe since each one is itself an existential encapsulation of that DNA.

Just as all the cells in the human body contain the DNA instructions for constructing the

whole body, so all the monads in the universe contain the instructions for generating the

whole of mathematics. When any two mathematical entities encounter each other, the

laws of what will happen are already encoded in both of them.


Monads are eternal and so are the laws of mathematics that are encoded

within them. These provide the necessary and sufficient conditions for everything else

that will happen in the universe. They pre-exist everything else.


Descartes believed that all human knowledge could eventually be

mathematized. He was right.


Mathematics is inherently universal because it is fully encoded in the basic

units of existence. Everything in the universe is mathematical. It is the common language

of existence. Any rational alien species would be able to understand us via mathematics.


Mathematics is the same everywhere, in every part of the universe. There

are no exceptions, no places where mathematics does not apply. There are no gaps. There

are no non-mathematical entities. There is no non-mathematical God. There is no entity

that creates mathematics. Mathematics is everything. Mathematics is alive. Mathematicsis mental, yet also gives rise to what we observe as the material world.

10) “No one quite knows what mathematics actually is, and some

mathematicians aren’t very sure themselves. It’s still not clear whether mathematics is

something we invent or something we have discovered.” – Dave Robinson. Mathematics

is ontology. Mathematics is ontological. Mathematics is what IS. There is nothing else.

We ARE mathematics. That is what we discover when we are sufficiently rational. We are

all expressions of mathematics. It is impossible for human minds to construct something

as infinitely rich as mathematics, that so successfully describes our universe down to the

finest detail. Given that it is impossible for anything else to describe our world so

accurately, it is also impossible to conclude that the universe is not mathematical.

11) It is inconceivable that any Grand Unified Theory of Everything would not

be expressed entirely mathematically. All of the great theories of science are all expressed

entirely mathematically. Science could not exist without mathematics.

12) All investigators of reality are ultimately mathematicians decoding the

mathematical secrets of the universe.

13) Mathematical “relativists” or “formalists” are those who believe that

mathematics is a human invention. They claim that it is a closed and empty system of

deductions generated from a set of self-evident initial axioms. They say it can model truth

but never be the truth itself. Yet, of course, they present no alternative to mathematics as

to what the truth really is, and they don’t even have any remotely plausible candidate, so

their denial of mathematics being the truth is irrational. They claim that mathematics

merely “models” some other truth, but how can it? What could mathematics possibly

model that was not in fact mathematical itself? Of course mathematics is a CLOSED

system. That’s the whole point! That’s why it can give us the absolute and definitive

answer to existence. There is nothing outside it. It is closed and contains all answers. To

say that it is “empty” is absurd. On the contrary, it is “full”. It contains everything there is

to contain.

14) The critics of mathematics say that because it is a closed system, it’s

impossible for it to provide us with “new” knowledge about anything other than itself.

Again, the critics fail to grasp that there is NOTHING that is not mathematical. By

providing knowledge about only itself, it in fact provides ALL knowledge.

15) It’s useful to compare chess with mathematics. The infinite monads provide

the “board” on which the cosmic God Game is played. However, the monads are also the

chess pieces. Moreover, they are living chess pieces. Each piece comes complete with all

the laws of the game encoded within it. The only thing that remains is for the game to be

actually played.

16) The universe is a self-playing game, a self-organising, self-optimising

system. The universe is solving itself. It is the ultimate multi-dimensional equation. It is

an equation so complex it requires the whole universe to solve it, and it takes an eon to

accomplish it. As soon as it arrives at the solution, it begins again! This is an equation

that has infinite variables (monads), and will go on solving itself for eternity. It is an

equation that can never end.

“Abraxas” is defined by the Illuminati as the First God – the first monad to succeed in

converting all potential into actuality. Every monad can join Abraxas.

In this world of ours, Simon Magus, the “holiest” Grand Master of the Illuminati, is

regarded as the first human being to become an Abraxas (God). Every Illuminatus seeks

to emulate Simon Magus. The three Mystery Degrees of the Illuminati (the highest

degrees) all revolve around Simon Magus.

Yet Abraxas can be defined in another way. He can be the paradoxical “God of non-

existence” who reflects all of existence and yet is greater than existence. He is the Gestalt.

He is greater than the sum of his parts. Abraxas in these terms is called the Monad, or the

Monad of monads, or the Megas Theos (Great God), or the God of Gods. He is, in a

sense, the scientific zero (Monad) that acts as the container of all the ontological zeros

(monads). As each monad becomes God, this is reflected in the Monad. Eventually, it

reflects the divinity of infinite Gods.

This is the Illuminati’s equivalent of the Abrahamic God, yet Abraxas is the culmination

of cosmic evolution, not its initiator. The universe created Abraxas. He did not create the

universe. God is NOT a Creator. God is an outcome, an omega point, an Absolute

condition at the conclusion of a dialectical process.

So, which God will you follow? The Creator or the Created? If God is created, he is

not our master and we are not his slaves. If God is the Creator, he is our master and we

are his slaves. Nothing is more important for freedom than that the Creator God should

not exist. Fortunately, mathematics – the divine subject – proves the impossibility of the

Creator God and the certainty of the Created God.

The Created God is a reflection of us ourselves, of all of us. We are all part of him,

and he is in all of us.

So, the Illuminati celebrate two Gods: Abraxas, “the First God”, and Abraxas, “the

Last God”. Abraxas is the true Alpha and Omega.

This is the manifestation of our soul in the material world, in the domain of space

and time. Behind it stands our true soul – the Self – outside space and time. The ego is the

Self’s agent in this world. The ego perishes when we die (because it’s tied to this world),

but the Self endures.

The Jungian archetypes are the mental scaffolding that allows the ego to exist, and

to be connected to the Self. Just as archetypal processes are involved in creating the

conscious ego in our infancy, so archetypal processes kick in at the end of life to reverse

the process i.e. to return consciousness to the unconscious domain. The “death archetype”

manages the transition of your mind from ego-consciousness (which is rapidly expiring

as your last hour approaches) to Self, which will assume control and begin the search for

a new body for you to inhabit (via reincarnation). The more evolved your Self is, the

better it is at identifying the best host in which to reincarnate. The Self is the element that

can become God. The ego is its temporary, mortal aspect.”


The Cosmic Code

eix = cos x + i sin x

eiπ + 1 = 0

“something” = “nothing” (the mathematical secret of existence)

In Hoc Signo Vinces



8 responses to “Illuminati quotes…

  1. Mmmmm

    “The more evolved your Self is, the

    better it is at identifying the best host in which to reincarnate”…..

    Rich children???Kings????Handsome people???Best DNA people(no genetic diseases)???WTF???

    In 5 years I will be fucking bald,so I’im not the best identifying host hahaha(joke)….Damn!

    Great post anyway!

  2. Through Ontological Mathematics we can evolve to Become Gods & Goddesses; finding your Self and evolving it is one of the only ways to escape this planet as physical death of the Ego dies.
    We’re truly immortal, but can’t remember our past incarnations.. Also Earth can’t be the only planet we reincarnate on; there are other worlds. Perhaps that’s the meaning of the quote:
    “Neither by land nor by sea shalt thou find the road to the Hyperboreans.” ~Pinder Illumnatus~

    Though the quote also could have another meaning; perhaps we have to build Hyperborea ourselves; literally building up our own nation. It might be difficult, but it’s not impossible, especially if we all placed our resources together.

    Either way we will succeed using Reason and Ontological Mathematics.

  3. Much of the text seems vaguely familiar. Was this taken from one of the God Series books? Either way, it is great information. Most people cannot, and indeed will not, grasp the truth of ontological mathematics. It is just too hard for the average person to understand. I am still trying to make sense of some of the math presented in the God Series. Nevertheless, we seekers must keep trying to understand it ourselves and, when we can, help spread the message of Illuminism, though Illuminism is definitely not for everyone.

    @jeromekier888: Your website is impressive. I look forward to seeing more of it as it develops. If you ever manage to build a modern day Hyperborea, I would surely like to live there.

    • Glad you enjoy the website; turns out that the closest thing we can get to Hyperborea in terms of having (an Illuminated paradise) would have to be in North Greenland in the Arctic Circle.
      It’s a place where the Sun shines 24 hour days during Summer Solstice for about 7 months.

      • maybe

        hyperborea “space” = point at infinity from riemann sphere model ?

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