… i just wanna invite you to laughter. The world is a shithole, so it is good to laugh as much as possible, instead of crying.. Being an old school “metalhead” by myself, let me share some funny thoughts:


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  1. “Here let me help you Mr Brewer” – “Don’t you touch me! This is how we did it back in the day!” XD
    They might have done it great back in their day, but they’ve become so metal that it’s gotten rusty. It’s too bad they don’t have a band called Plutonium; that’s the heaviest metal. lol (Not to degrade Metallica in anyway).
    Here’s the new metal the “kids” are listening to:

    Enjoy. ^_^

    • “The Enigma TNG – Black Star” was really kinda cool. Korn experimented with skrillex once. the interseting thing new/dub metal is, that they are all slow. speed metal / thrash & death metal are tempos not gonna be played. on the other hand, “real” metal bands of today are so fast (decrepit birth f.e.), one cannot listen nor bang the head to the stuff. yayaya, the old – 80’s were the golden age of metal, and the best albums were released during this period. wheelchair someone? hahaha…

      • Glad you like it; “the Enigma TNG” makes a variety of music. It makes sense that new/dub is slow; a slow beat & tempo. I’ve had a chance to listen to the old 80’s metal; Guns N Roses, Metallica, ACDC, ect; when listening to modern & new/dub metal I noticed there are changes to the genre; over time it’s developed sub genres, like Metalcore (a broad fusion genre of extreme metal and hardcore punk.), Metalstep, Thrashmetal, and Electroncore (a stylistic fusion of Metalcore and/or post-hardcore with electronic music.)

        Metal itself is a mixed bag and it sounds fantastic. XD It’s music that people in wheelchairs will be head banging to; even in their graves. hahaha

        Also below are examples of Metalcore, and Electroncore:

  2. When I was younger I had the idea that everything had to be a math equation deep down inside, that even we were just equations.

    Some years ago I had some mystical near death experience, and after that I developed an explicit gnostic world view. Overnight I felt like this world was a horrible place, and I felt like a lost soul trapped in a body in a strange place. I developed a deep interest in King Solomon out of no where, and then Plato, and the Cathars, the Templars, Freemasonry, alchemy and other mystical philosophies and groups. I began an interest in rationalist philosophy.

    I was always paranoid to talk about my gnostic turn, I felt if I was right the demiurge would attack as some super being that was sometimes reading the minds of its prisoners. Despite having a reverence for math as being spiritual for dealing with non physical things I was very mythos and regrettably still am. There were times when I abandoned my gnostic outlook, but it was always my base that I returned to. I even had the sense conspiracy theorists were right, that there was an illuminati out there trying to become gods but they certainly weren’t ruining the world, but opposing its power, and conspiracy crap was part of the deception.

    In July of this year I bought some Illuminati books, and couldn’t believe it. All of my favorite philosophers, and movements in history, my sense that gnostic inclined intellectuals have been saving the world, was right and many were all connected.

    Around this time I was visited by some spiritual presence, some sort of incubus or succubus spirit. It harasses me most nights. I assumed it was connected to the books. I went running into Abrahamism looking for an exorcism with no luck for months now. I don’t know what to do. Do you know anything about this? I have a bit more to say, if you could email me I would appreciate it whether you know anything or not.

    • “I went running into Abrahamism looking for an exorcism”
      Why the fuck should i answer an “possessed” abrahamist?
      I think you wanna trick me in a way.
      Nonetheless i will give you an answer:
      Incubae/succubae are sexual related.
      “Believers” always have a big problem with their own sexuality.
      If not, then you must be talking “demons” and stuff.
      There is no evil in Illuminism – only in the major world religions which are the forces of “satan”.
      There you have you answer.
      Good luck.

  3. Regarding the “Communications” last comment; Illumination isn’t “evil” in fact it’s the most rational religion of Ontological Mathematics. “Good” & “Evil” are just irrational moral viewpoints; as is with demons, possession, spirits, stories, ect. What’s good to one person could be evil to another; Ontological Mathematics doesn’t give a fuck about good or evil; it’s only about Reasonable Knowledge; it’s beyond good & evil.
    Logically those “spirits” are the bicameral aspects of your own mind telling you things. I recommend re-evaluating yourself & get psychological help before delving into Illumination; it’s not for everyone.

    Best of luck.


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