Truth or fake?, Or “The gravity thing”

If you research this item you will find flat earhters – abraham’s idiots and evildoers. Found in a copper cylinder. monks, etc.. Cool, sounds like old indiana. Of course only a drawing from the supposed “original”. Everything stinks like fake. Nonetheless i find this map somehow strangely interesting. Some hints: 1947 Byrd’s high jump, Nazi 1939 Antarctica, Nazi Tibet expedition, Nazi antarctic undersea ice routes maps  from 1945 KGB, etc..  Plz comment your opinion.



2 responses to “Truth or fake?, Or “The gravity thing”

  1. SALUS M!

    I too find this topic interesting. However, I have all but given up trying to penetrate the mysteries of Antarctica and the NSDAP expeditions thereto. In addition, the various Ahnenerbe projects in Tibet and around the world are, in my opinion, some of the most heavily guarded secrets in the world. The fact that there is so much disinformation about this topic suggests there is some mind boggling material about what really happened in recent history.

    If there is one historical episode that should provoke cries for investigation it is the ¨suicide” of the first Secretary of Defense of USA James Forrestal. Forrestal was the Secretary of the Navy who was in charge of Admiral Byrd and Operation Highjump. Forrestal was institutionalized in a psychiatric ward in 1949 after a mental breakdown form years of opposing the cretin Harry Truman who lead the USA to become the indisputable HQ of the OWO.

    The official account is that Forrestal fell out of his 16th story hospital window with a cord around his neck.

    No. The murderous agents of the OWO killed Forrestal. The same people that killed Forrestal also killed Kennedy, they killed Hess and they continue to eliminate those people who pose a threat to their diabolical plan to convert this entire planet into their personal torture dungeon.

    Is it possible that there are authentic maps older than the Age of Exploration that depict all the continents of the world? It would appear that this is so as there are many maps showing a “Terra Australis” in the south of the globe. This in itself is non-trivial because it begs the question,” how did someone 1000 or more years ago know about this? ”

    It is my opinion that there has been and continues to be a group of highly advanced people on Earth who have been able to develop Ontological Mathematics to such a degree that they can travel the r>=0 universe by actually manipulating the the r=0 domain in such away that their craft appear to defy the laws of Scientific Materialism. These people, their knowledge, and their artifacts have been subject to the highest level of censorship, destruction, and disinformation since the disgusting abrahamists began to enslave the world thousands of years ago.

    It is this exact knowledge that was the most sought after by the Ahnenerbe in their explorations of Tibet and Antarctica. Why has Antarctica all of a sudden become a popular travel destination for Kerry, Aldrin, and various others? It seems to be there is something of interest on the continent that is presented as an icy wasteland with nothing more than snow and penguins.

    As you very well know the West is going to destroy itself. In particular the US are going to crash EXTRA HARD now that the orange clown is president shitbag holder for the implosion of the capitalist shit show. I am expecting there to be chaos the likes of which has not been seen in centuries perhaps even millennia. When this house of evil does come crashing down I expect that the din of the motor traffic will cease, the air will be cleaner, people will have their false world ripped away from them and meritocracy can begin a full frontal assault to bring about the the Final Enlightenment. In my part of the country the carnage will be extra brutal and I am certain that gunfire will be almost non-stop. Here in the unbelievably stupid Confederate States the people are gleefully cheering on their own demise. In all honesty if I were an obese retard with no life I would want to end it all as well. Personally, if I use my reason and have the favor of the gods then I will be able to avoid Saturns sickle.

    However when this time comes I will be keeping a keen eye to sky because I am relatively certain we will be able to see a new type of traffic that is so often dismissed today as swamp gas.

    Stay alert brothers and sisters!


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