…needless to say, that the Illuminati do not “like” Donald J. Trump.


3 responses to “SHOWTIME UPDATED

  1. I can see why; it’s cause he’s a Billionaire; an idiot with no merits or any real contributes to the people (other than himself & his family). Normal anti-social Pyshopathic behavior.
    Good thing his Presidency is making the people rally up and protest; but that’s also the thing. Is this just another Occupy Wall-street?; another “Black lives matter”?

    All these protest have one thing in common(hating Donald Trump), but their political views may be different (if they have any other than anarchy).
    Sadly most see Anarchy as a “solution”.

    So question is, how will we turn these mere protests into the Meritocratic Rebellion akin to the French Revolution?
    I think spreading flyers may be a good start, but there will also need to be organized leaders like the Jacobins.
    If you have a plan for these things I would love to hear it. 🙂


    • Hello Ralpheal!

      First let me welcome you to the most awesome information on the entire internet! It seems that you have already begun to grasp the world changing power of Illuminism. The question you are asking, “How do we create a Meritocratic Rebellion akin to the French Revolution?” is undoubtedly the most important issue to us right now.

      The nature of what the Illuminist revolution is at the most fundamental level is what makes it the most difficult revolution to accomplish. What we seek is nothing less than transforming each and every individual soul on Earth! This is the most personal and deepest transformation one can immanentize. The Meritocratic Rebellion starts as a personal rebellion. It is a personal rebellion against false information and false “mind patterns” for a lack of a better description. From there will we see the fundamental mental rebellion begin to manifest itself into the physical world.

      Firstly I would recommend that YOU, yes you, begin the revolution. Do this by reading all the God Series, read the AC website archives (there is a link somewhere here at m666s wordpress), practice your musical instruments, go out into nature indulge in a mind altering substance of your choice, and have mind blowing sex with a partner who is down to fuck. Stop watching TV, stop participating in the society of the spectacle, cut yourself off from the damned legions of sheeple that spend every waking moment in it and know nothing else. Do these things and you will realize you are the alchemist and you’re mind is the thing which upon you do your alchemy!

      After you know that Illuminism is the truest set of ideas in existence find one person that you think may be receptive of the Truth. Slowly lift them into the light and see if they take flight on their own. If they are not ready simply smile and know that sometime, maybe many lives from now, they will eventually reach the Omega point. Move on and repeat. This my friend is how you will start the Revolution!

      Go forth and bring the light with you! The Time is now!


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