The ministry of silly walks welcomes “DJ” Trump – The last bling king

Thx VPRO for this amusing video:



6 responses to “The ministry of silly walks welcomes “DJ” Trump – The last bling king

  1. Hello again m6667. It’s been awhile. Yes the sheeple are stupid & deadly; which is why “persuading” them into Meritocracy probably wouldn’t work. The New “AC Authors” (Cimmeria) suggested this persuasion tactic in order to “defeat big data & social engineering”.

    Here’s how the conversation went:

    This might sound cynical, but the people won’t change until their comfortable lives are stopped.
    The conditions for the French Revolution were created when the people were literally starving to death on the streets of Paris, and the nobles did nothing about it.
    People of today (most of them) don’t starve, have food stamps & Social Security (myself included).

    It keeps people stable for the most part. Not to mention Education is really lacking, people don’t know what Meritocracy is yet. Most haven’t heard of it.
    In order to “defeat big data” and the Capital Elite: the people need to become far more intelligent, rational, and work together (combine all their thoughts, planning & Capital).
    If they do that they can establish Phalanstery Communities, gather resources, and eventually completely overthrow the OWO by highly organized military force – a smart army.

    Could you imagine if an organized citizen army (wearing royal blue military uniforms & phrygian caps) came in with advanced tanks & gear and arrested Trump & the entire Elite?

    That would be a great moment to watch.

    “This is not how we’ll defeat big data-driven advertising and social engineering. Your suggestions are way too “pie in the sky”. They concern an end-state, not how to get there.

    Meritocracy is about applicable, strategic, pragmatic, and operationalizable knowledge and ideals. That’s the opposite of what you’re suggesting.”

    I guess educating the people about the 5 Meritocratic Principles is the first step towards the Revolution based on those principles.

    I’ll see if starting in my own community might make an impact. As for my earlier suggestions; for the most part it’s an end-state.

    Education is the beginning-state.

    “It’s not about education. That is the end goal. Our means are of the persuasive variety.”

    * * * * * *

    Now I’m not sure, but Cimmeria’s “tactic” sounds vague to say the least. Although I could also argue that they’re required to keep secrecy, however most of their material regarding revolutionary ideas have been public for years now.

    Additionally the original AC material encouraged everyone to be skeptical & think for themselves; Illumination is about Ontological Mathematics & also about the advancement of ideas based on Illumination & Meritocracy – new ideas are a necessary part of the Hegelian dialectic process.

    Rejecting new detailed ideas & solely focusing on a vague concept such as “persuasive variety” isn’t Illumination.
    In fact with the way things are going I guess in the future there will be two groups of Meritocracy.

    1.) Those who support the Meritocratic Movement based on persuasion of masses & principles.

    2.) Those who support the creation of an advanced Meritocratic Commune; a commune based on the original ideals of the God Series & Original AC site. Examples are the Hyperborea2016 website & the Venus Project.

    Anyway I would appreciate a detailed reply about these issues; something that will clear things up.


    Regards: ~Ralpheal Kier~

    • Hello Mr. Kier
      I admit that i have no idea who is behind cimmeria / AC these days. I was in contact with the original “M” group, made of 3 people. But they have the AC administration, so i guess that they connected to the real Illuminati – in some way. I personally dislike their FB site and i surely do not understand why the original AC website content was deleted. Illuminism IS for EVERYONE. It has to be. Otherwise the Omega point will never be reached. Meritocracy? Fine. The perfect platform for all humans to evolve into god. Onward to Omega. Good that everything can be found here,on hex666.


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