Hail niggaz

Regarding my last post = the being calling himself “illuminatus pythagoras” is an abomination in my opinion to the order of the Illuminati. He is a dangerous fraud. Ah, FUCK YOU by the way. The Illuminati shit on so called “dangerous ones”. At least me. Dangerous so far, that he is spreading lies and half truths, with his “critical” mind. There are so many “illuminists” outthere, who understood nothing of the true and real Illuminati. Well, no pearls for the swine, as we say in germany.

“SOL” commented:

“I and a few comrades have had a great opportunity lately. The installation of an Meritocracy Party in Nigeria have been made sometime ago. The plan to spread this have been commenced by an most brave and honourable Soul/Monad from that country. I and comrades have been financially supporting this cause and doing as much as we can. The people of this nation and in contact with comrade from that nation, seems very bright. Even some Abrahamist are now behind Meritocracy, supporting this, because they have at least understood it is the only cure to fix the insanity of democracy/freemarkets. Yet it seems stalled in terms of setting this party up completely with offices all over the nation for now. Because it is limited finances we are all in possession of, not to mention all of the bullshit expenses simply to survive an decent existence on the face of this Satanic planet. The OWO are probably loving every second of this – sick bastards. Anyhow, we will find ways to maxmize profits through whatever means ( I have considered speculation in currency markets lately, alongside great comrade. Who have understanding of this). To finally make a great contribution to the spread of Meritocracy in Nigeria. Comrade from Nigeria called the nation Hellfire, an true punishment for mankind.”

God-damned brave beings.

To give you some musical back power, here are the legendary Mother’s Finest. Can you ROCK, just like a negro? Well, i can. Turning the stereo on 10 – what else.


12 responses to “Hail niggaz

  1. You ever consider that this universe is a weapon? In terms of Gods with godly power, wouldn’t something like an entire universe be just the type of weapon they would create? For what? For destroying other souls, at least in terms of disrupting their energy patterns. The function of this universe is to maximize the entropy of a soul’s energy pattern, thus rendering the soul ineffective and impotent even though the soul still exists as a monad and eternally etc. This universe is a weapon designed to lure souls into it, and if they don’t escape, and 99.9999999999% don’t, then their energy pattern eventually ends completely entropic. And if fact that process may be used as some form of power source for the soul(s) who designed this universe for that purpose. Sex is one of the main lures and the reason is because sex is such a mathematically strange/curious/novel operation from the perspective of a point-monad. Imagine being a point within points – nothing would be stranger than an annulus! And then, nothing would be stranger than an annulus that stretches, and that is stretched with a protrusion. That’s got to be the strangest mathematical operation from the point of view of a monad. The lure of sex explained via ontological mathematics. Are you the stretcher or the stretchee?

    • hello king99…

      50/50. i do not see the whole universe as a mind/soul destroying apparatus, but maybe parts of it, like our unfortunate solar system. gnosis and the illuminati gospel explains the demiurge – the evil force. the ungod. i think you are referring to this kind of archons. we are phosters, the antidote. remember that the universe is BECOMING god. archons are assholes and psychopaths who like to play deadly games. in an environment ruled by archons, i agree with you. but they are not the (infinite) universe.

      sex. curse and “blessing”. abstract topics need abstract answers. point and ring. what do you get putting them together? one of the oldest symbols on earth. the point within a circle. the invisible soul/monad the point and the material universe the ring. there is no universe without the beyond outside time and space. we should be both: stretcher and stretchee.

      i am a mathematical singularity of pure energy, outside of space and time.
      only my ass (body) belongs to satan.

    • Hello George, actually sex is the precise opposite of what you mentioned. It is not a lure, it is not a trap of satan. Had you ever been a member of one of satanas religions, you would know surely that the boring, non-satsifying, shameful, guiltridden mentality is concerned with sex in those “philosophies” of the archon assholes. I think your possession with annulus is a bit too exagerated, perhaps think more of how you can unite yourself with a beautiful being of the opposite or same gender, if so you prefer that kind.

      The Universe is not destroyer of souls, seek to understand the reasons for the dualism. Although this is surely a very hard thing to do when almost only darkness surrounds an Illuminati everywhere. Evil is the required antithesis of good, and to reach maximum perfection is to overcome all evil. Evil and bad horrible bullshit of the demiurge and archons is there to perfect our soul and fulfill our journey. Parts of the game towards God. So yes, it certainly destroy one, but it on the same time create one. Remember Nietzsche?
      “To be a creator, you must first destroy yourself”.
      This is the function of evil, destroying us, so we may create even better.
      But by that, does not mean any excuse for evil, or the fucking assholes archons and all who support them in one way or the other.

      Sex is number 1 road to perfection, fulfilled beautiful and consensual sex.
      Surely sex can also be a bad thing, an hell, we have seen this in form of, trafficking, destroyed libido via abrahamic bullshit faith, crass disgusting materialism of mammon etc.

      The omega point, godhood is not easily attained friend. We fight everyday.
      Our mind has full power to control anything we like and be in one with the acts we do. Our task is to become perfect creators of perfect reality.

      I remember once, someone told me the universe is in two ages: One for irrationalism, archons forces and psychopathism etc.
      One for rationalism, phosters light, and maximization of all potential of the whole. I look forward to see our great age of rationalism and meritocracy.
      But before that, things will get worse, something screams the loudest when it is about to die.

  2. Whoa! Excellent question by George; also the responses by M and Sol were both stellar.

    I want to give my own response to George. First, no I do not consider the universe to be a weapon. Weapons are artifacts and come in both physical and mental form. (ARtifacts?, ARtificial?, ARmaments?,ARcons? coincidental relation between the words or something else……?????)

    From a purely mathematical standpoint the universe is neutral. That is 0=0. Or more precisely e^(i*pi)+1=0. The universe is one giant tautology that is constantly solving itself because it has an infinite number of variables and values in all 6 directions.

    From a philosophical standpoint he Universe when viewed in the entire r>=0 domain is a god factory. It is constantly producing new gods and destroying old ones. Monads exist in all forms within in the 3D complex plane and are always changing. Or as Leibniz said in ‘The Monadology’, perceiving other monads and being perceived themselves. What he was talking about was mental movement!

    If you have not gone over Mike Hockney’s God Series where the groundwork for Illuminist metaphysics is explained you must do so ASAP.

    Sex is used as a weapon in our world primarily because of abrahamists. It was never intended as weapon just as a way for monads to continue the dialect. It is extremely powerful and needs to be treated with respect albeit without all the abrahamic neurosis.

    Go out and fuck your brains out. It is good for you. See it as a way to tell Saturn/yahweh to go get fucked himself. See it as a fun way to bond with another soul. Take away the abrahamists’ powers through sex. sex for salvation

    *****Oh, and this is for everyone.*****

    illuminatus pythagoras is a shithead and the most vile opportunist of all time. I have been following the previous posts by M, and also first saw some of illuminatus pythagoras’ videos over a year ago. it is immediately apparent to any real illuminists that this guy is a deranged psycho who has an ego of insane proportions.

    it is shitheads like him that not only sabotage beautiful work such as Illuminism with their own narcissistic bullshit, but also intentionally pervert magnificent causes into malignant self serving cancer.

    i usually do not give worthless self serving scum like this any mental energy, but i have to call this motherfucker out for one extremely important reason.

    he is actually somewhat intelligent. I have listened to some of his shit and have determined he is just smart enough to use his arrogant rhetoric and plagiarized AC website knowledge to sound convincing to the weak minded.

    one of the main problems that will plague the meritocratic revolution once it begins to unfold in the r>0 domain is people like this fetid shit bag. he is familiar enough with the illuminist material and skilled enough in rhetoric to position himself in a minor leadership position where he will begin to plot against the true revolutionaries for his own petty self gain. he will pay lip service to the true meritocratic, non-self centered and enlightened principles of the revolution while secretly assembling his henchmen to launch his coup d’etat. he will without mercy eliminate the productive officers and visionary high ranking members in the most horrific and violent way he can conceive while using his insane psychopathy to crush any dissent from below. after he has consolidated power for himself he will rewrite the narrative with his own bullshit version of illuminism and declare ontological mathematics false.

    See, there it is everyone! I have laid out his plot even if he hasn’t consciously planned this far in time yet! My calculations also estimate that he was formerly or still is currently involved with the libertarian movement in the States and that he is focused on fitness and weapons training as well. He will be a formidable opponent and one should not underestimate him. He will be quick to use violence and act subversively when given the opportunity! Know thy enemy!

    Of course the preordained harmony of the universe returns to us the Jacobins just at the instant the are needed to deal with assholes like pythagoras illuminatus. I hope he familiarizes himself with Dr. Guillotine’s invention and reconsiders his position. However, psychopaths like him never reconsider and will spout their venom without cessation until the steel bites into their neck


    HAIL HAIL !!!!



    • Hi D

      i absolutely agree with you regarding illuminatus pythagoras. if he wants it, he will get it. “He will be a formidable opponent and one should not underestimate him” yep. But we also should not overestimate him. But he is “talented”. Nonetheless he is a liar, an evil being, an abomination. But we see his supposed “plot” so others will see. The times of lies are over. As far as we all have internet connections. This taken away – everyone of us could only work and discuss illuminism locally. This would be desaster. We should use mail doves or something, hahaha…


      • You are correct A.W.E.

        You are correct in ascertaining that we should not overestimate him either.

        It is so unfortunate that someone like him found Illuminism, yet he was so mediocre that he decided to use it for personal material gain. If he only knew the power of ontological mathematics. The power to achieve gnosis. Soul liberation should become the number one focus of anyone who truly takes interest in illuminism. It is because of assholes like illuminatus pythagoras the true Illuminati must be extremely secretive.

        I have often thought of what would happen if the Internet connection for the world became unstable. From a personal standpoint I have always been
        ” in tune” with Illuminsim since the day I incarnated on this planet some years ago. However, the power of the Internet has allowed to fine tune and rigorously prove my intuitons as well as connect with badasses like yourself and the few other free souls on this planet.

        I have often thought about what might happen if the Internet were to go down. I agree that if we were to lose the Internet then Illuminism would suffer a major setback. However, the irony is that all the important groundworks of Illuminism are in print in all the major university libraries in the USA in front of everyone’s face. Loss of Internet would be a major setback for our cause, however, if the loss of the original texts (Leibniz, Jung, Göthe, Fourier, Gödel, Euler, Plato etc.) occurs then we are truly fucked. I already have contingency plans to salvage the most important texts if the fucking stupid savages surrounding us start to destroy everything.

        If shit gets really really really bad (as it has in centuries gone by, Fuck this retarded Planet) I will be take our “holy books” and attempt to establish a meritocratic village somewhere in the interior of North America. Let us use our reason to see that this doesn’t happen.

        SALUS, A.W.E and all our Brothers and Sisters of Reason!


  3. Almost forgot. This is a classic “Fuck you yahweh” track from Denmark. I know M is familiar with it

  4. “Go out and fuck your brains out. It is good for you.”

    If only. Sex is the number 1 hardest thing to find in this universe. I’ve come to believe that it doesn’t actually exist. It’s make – pretend, like movies. I wish I never knew about sex.

    Who are you supposed to have sex with to fuck your brains out?! No one does that.

    • dear george. you are welcome here as you see. but plz try to stop being scared. because this is what you are. scared.

  5. That’s a good insight. For the last few months I’ve been coming to understand that I am still a child emotionally and in many ways intellectually too. I’ve been understanding all of the poor women who had to date a child in a man’s body…lol. I wonder when they realized that they were sleeping with a child!? And that is why I wouldn’t and don’t do certain things in life, etc. Yes I am indeed a child, my emotional and mental development was arrested at some young age, that halted my development. Coming to understanding that I am a child in an adult body is one thing, sure, but understanding that I am a child because of fear is added knowledge. I guess that makes obvious sense now but I didn’t put it that way. Up till now I’ve been sensing an emotion of disgust when thinking of what it must like to be an adult, how ridiculous it must be. Taking things so seriously. Taking life so seriously. Taking yourself so seriously. Having self-respect that you take so seriously. Taking sex so seriously, etc. It all seems so limiting. Well, some things become ingrained and you can’t do anything about. Some things require a whole other life to get over or do over again. I’m 40 years old and still a scared child quite on my sleeve, and I feel disgust at what it must be like to be an adult – they’re so fucking stupid, they believe in themselves so fucking much but there’s nothing to them anyway. But, that’s what you need to be to have sex I guess…some fucking idiot adult that takes it so seriously. I was imagining the other day what it must be like to be an adult woman, taking so seriously an adult man in between her legs fucking her, as they both take it so seriously and think it is such a serious thing…bleck…yuck…makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Disgusting.

    Coincidentally, last night I had a dream where I was in my adult body, but my feelings were that of a scared innocent child. I was captured in some barn yard with a barn, like a livestock barn on some farm, and I was with a group of people who were being slaughtered…killed, skinned, gutted, and bled to death with knives, by some awful people. I was bawling and crying like a hyperventilating child as the people I was with were being killed in various ways, while I was avoiding being the next one in line until I was the last one, and I knew it was my turn and there was nothing I could do about it. I tried to demonstrate my child-like innocence and fear by my sobbing and crying, and acting like a child trying to run away, but not really seriously running away…just moving my legs like that’s what I was going to do. The people doing the killing then rushed around me, and as I fell to the ground they started stabbing my legs and arms, and I realized why they were doing that instead of killing me and I sobbed in my child’s voice:

    “So that’s why you’re just stabbing my arms and legs, so that I can’t runaway?!”

    The bad people were really enjoying it, of course. I was filled with the sense of the innocence of a child, in fear for its life, understanding why people would take one course of action in their process of killing you rather than another. They were stabbing my legs so that I couldn’t pretend to run away. And since I was the last one anyway, my next place was to be strung up to be gutted and bled out with the knife.

    I guess the dream was about my realization that I am still a child, and now seeing your comment about my being scared…I guess that scared child needs to “die”. That’s what some people would conclude about the dream meaning. I however conclude something else about the dream meaning: that adults are truly vile, disgusting fucking creatures, the lowest sickness possibly imaginable, and that that is the last thing that anybody should become. It takes being an adult, to be that disgusting of creature as I witnessed in my dream.

    • an overwhelming post.
      your “child” does not have to die. fear has to die. on the contrary: let your child be, for example, badass like. like beavis and butthead. they are pure luciferian, because of their destructivness to all things “normal”, ok, they are dumb, but that what makes my inner child laugh.

      we are all adult disgusting creatures, because we have been programmed into this. thats all, more or less. sex should be normal, cool, and open with each other(s). it is not a problem in the 21st century to make your sexual needs simply and nice clear to someone, who finds you, or vice versa, sexual arousing. so simple it can and should be. this would be normal, everything else is lies and betrayal. in eso- and exoteric view. get of of programmings. in your clear mind. lie to the false ones. because it is exactly what they wanna hear. you are finally fitting “in”. of course you do not, like a secret agent or sorts… hahaha…

      i can highly recommend beavis and butthead season 8…

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