The Balloon

An example why i still believe in the greatness of mankind:

I just had to use my towel to wipe the tears of joy out of my eyes. Mankind is still crazy enough to achieve everything. Look at this video: professional astronauts/cosmonauts, on a space station above earth, and they find it a great idea to celebrate the cult of “Towel Day” in respect and honor to the great late Douglas Adams floating in space with the head down.  Douglas would surely had loved this.

On the other hand, there are the evil old forces. For example the disastrous outcome of political bullshit in turkey. Goodbye turkey. The doors of the EU are closed for you now. 51% were pro erdogan, 49 were not. Turkey is split in itself it seems. The “young turks” are now the opposite and soon will be the hunted.  To the modern turks: leave your country a.s.a.p..

There is a balloon called the (esoteric and exoteric) universe. The universe (god) moves on and on and on towards perfection. We are all sparks of the becoming universal supermind, armageddon, the final unity of souls/monads and the following divine suicide to create the next wiser and better universe, becoming GOD again. There are those who try and think that they can hold the balloon back, pulling it DOWN again. Since the universe/god are BECOMING, the old forces are going to be sacrificed on the altar of the new world order, hyper humanity, the society of gods. The balloon rise cannot be stopped. Agreeing with all this, we, you, i, can call ourselves without remorse THE ILLUMINATI.




15 responses to “The Balloon

  1. Morning A.W.E

    Been receiving your posts for quite some time and thought I’d share something back with you.

    Tell me to fuck right off by all means, but still. Here it is.


    SUPER73 – Monkey See, Monkey Do – OFFICIAL VIDEO The OFFICIAL video for MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO. Released worldwide on digital download on 14/04/17. OFFICIAL SITE: Official Merchan…

    You might like, you might not, neither is really important, it just is.

    Thought I’d share all the same.

    Take Good Care.



    • Hello mark.

      I am not telling you to fuck off, i say g r e a t. Your vocalist is extremely good, wide range. You are more than welcome here. Thank you very much for the good music. If you like i will post it here. Cool, professional vid. Hope to “see” you soon.


  2. Perhaps I am wrong, but it seems to me that the closer we (humans) get to heaven, the further towards hell we are dragged. It is as if we must experience the highest highs and the lowest lows with the same capacity for both sides. If this is true, it is quite a paradox. The examples you give, A.W.E., of the astronaut in space and of Turkey are appropriate, and of course represent the highs and lows of humanity. Since you made a post about astronauts in space, I must ask/share this question that I’ve thought about awhile: If someone dies in space, does their soul return to earth, or is it liberated from earth? I would be curious to hear people’s thoughts on this. I would think that it would not leave earth, because I have to think that it is impossible to leave earth without first achieving Gnosis.

    Maybe there will always be the dark forces in this world, perhaps as a result of the unfolding dialectic. If this is so, then there must always be a counterbalance to these dark forces until the time comes when the dark forces are eliminated or obsolete.

    Regarding “The Hitchhikers Guide…”, I read the book when I was a kid and found it entertaining. Perhaps I should read it again with the eyes to see…

    • hailz brother mike

      good to hear from you. its been a while. i had to solve some problems, but now i am back, so to say. of course especially for you, man. dying in space. cool question, and i must admit that i do not know. Lets see what others maybe have to say. i will tune in later. our great work is still not finished, faustian. its still in the 1st stages of mixing. of course you will be informed immediately when something moves. Best regards and head up high.


    • Sorry for my english,I don´t have time to study it well!

      Simple formulas, variety of situations,that’s how nature works.

      If earth is destroyed someday by a meteorite or something like that,our souls still exist and need to incarnate,so we are “compatible” with other planets,that’s for sure.
      Nature never wastes energy,never complicate itself.
      The most easy way in that case,is you incarnate in the closest planet of your death.
      Of course with similar advanced brains to earth,because you are an “optimized monad” in some way.

      Just my opinion!

      • Hi king of spain

        Thx for your opinion.
        I think i can / would agree with you.
        Lets hear what others might have to say.

    • Hail Drummer!

      I have been thinking about your question a bit. “If someone dies in space, does their soul return to earth, or is it liberated from earth?”

      The answer is no different than if a person dies on earth. Because the soul belongs to the r=0 domain the location of bodily death has no bearing on where the soul goes after the fact. Where the soul goes is dependent on the mental development (or degradation) that has occurred whilst the soul was incarnated into the r>0 domain.

      Let us use a thought experiment to illustrate the statement. It is not impossible to think that someone could be born into a self contained illuminati underground bunker community complete with all the amenities to learn ontological mathematics. This person could never leave the subterranean yet still gain the knowledge necessary to achieve gnosis. This scenario although not impossible is also not compossible.

      Another much more likely scenario to think about is a rich douchebag who is born as a self centered, materialistic, and sociopathic individual. Although this person has all the material means to furnish himself with an illuminated education he will instead pursue vapid pleasure seeking egotistical escapades. On a whim he purchases a space rocket to fly into space for attention seeking purposes and explodes 100000km away from the surface of the earth. Although he has died further away from earth than any known human he is most certainly not going to achieve gnosis.

      Now there is another implicit part of your question that I have not answered. The question explicitly can be state, “if an earthling dies does that person automatically go back to earth”?

      Our king of spain thinks that a soul goes back to the closest inhabitable planet after death because “nature never wastes energy”. Although nature never wastes energy I must disagree with the kings assessment.

      First, when we speak of souls we speak of mental energy not physical energy. It is difficult to remember that the soul is not somehow inside of the body. When one dies the soul does not fly out like bird back to the origin to join another body. in fact the soul never leaves the origin (0,0,0). Because the soul never leaves the origin it does not have to be concerned with the newtonian energy expenditures that would be required moving an object with mass through material dimensions. It requires no more physical energy for a soul to reincarnate in another galaxy than down the street from its previous physical manifestation. In fact the amount of physical energy required for both of those incarnations to occur is in fact 0.

      However, the soul does not waste mental energy (thought) and will reincarnate into whichever host is the most suitable for it to continue progress to the omega point. The new body may be in the same town where the previous body of the soul inhabited or a completely different planet millions of light years away. Regardless the soul movement occurs at the speed of thought and is not bound by material constrictions. Nonetheless, it will require a lot more mental energy to reincarnate as a mathematician philosopher down the street than a insect in Alpha Centauri!



      • Very good post D.

        “Nonetheless, it will require a lot more mental energy to reincarnate as a mathematician philosopher down the street than a insect in Alpha Centauri!”


      • Addition:
        imagine yourself being capable of choosing your next incarnation. imagine yourself so far evolved. for whatever reason you decide to reincarnate as an insect on alpha centauri, whatever kind of insect alpha centauri would provide or not. lets say yes. so, would you easily control the body or would you have to learn to control it? is it possible at all? being a phoster like monad in an insect? i do not think so. you surely could take over an insects mind and experience certain qualities of the insect. maybe all. or does the monad / soul already has the genetic information of even insectoid being, because its been already through this form of life? how far is the monadic way of a soul becoming aware of itself from dog (being one of the closest animals to man since ages) to human?

  3. Thank you King and D-503 for your well thought out and intelligent opinions. Your comments made me remember the 1st law of thermodynamics. If it is true for physical energy, then it must be true for mental energy (as above, so below).

    @D-503, the question and theory you raise is very interesting and worth thinking about. If what you say is correct (that an earthling who dies on earth won’t necessarily reincarnate on earth, but in fact could reincarnate elsewhere in the universe) then that would mean the earth itself is not “keeping people trapped” so to say. If anything is trapping us “here”, I suppose it could only be either our bodies and/or the material/physical universe, with the former coming from the latter (“we’re made of star stuff”). Or maybe it is us ourselves. Your statement “Regardless the soul movement occurs at the speed of thought and is not bound by material constrictions” was particularly illuminating. It reminds me of a lyric by Photon (I assume you know of him?): “The speed of light is slower than the speed of the mind”.

    Coincidence or not (NOT, I don’t believe in coincidence), earlier today I was reading the new article on the AC site titled “open your eyes”. In that article, the writer(s) list 14 points found in papers of Kurt Godel after his death which sum up his overall philosophy. The 5th point stood out to me as relating to our discussion: “The world in which we live is not the only one in which we shall live or have lived.”

  4. Fuck yeah I am really enjoying this thread! OK, so first I want to answer AWE and his thought experiment. So let us premise that there exists a soul (monad) that is mathematically advanced enough to actively select the next physical body for it to control for a certain amount of time (imaginary space).
    I agree that it would not be possible at all for a phoster like soul to take over an insect body. A highly mathematically developed soul will already possess all the insect like qualities of an insect soul.

    If I remember correctly, there was actually a section on the AC site that described Paul D. MacLean’s Triune brain theory. This theory states that the human brain could be effectively divided into three seperate entities. The reptilian, basic mammal, and sapient (neocortex). Certainly the insect brain would be a family of functions within the reptilian brain that all higher forms of life would also possess.

    Often I wonder if the herd behavior in humans is not a deeply rooted function that originates in insects. Indeed, the masses of humans here in the US that swarm the landscape and consume excessive amounts of resources remind me of cockroaches or locusts.

    As far as dogs are concerned I remember the AC website also saying something about how close souls of dogs and humans can be. Intuition tells me that there is frequent crossing of souls between the two life forms. I can imagine many bad humans who spend a lifetime scavenging, fighting and fucking like wild dogs whom reincarnate as canines in a subsequent incarnation. Also, I can imagine a loyal and obedient dog soul that serves his master well and is reincarnated into a peasant or soldier to obey the orders of his ruler!

    In response to the drummer, no, I do not think that the earth itself is trapping souls here. The earth is simply a location for souls to become trapped. I think that your last sentence on the topic, “Or maybe it is ourselves.” is the correct answer. Specifically souls trap themselves in certain frequencies. Souls are Aristotle’s prime movers. No soul can directly trap another soul. It must be done through enticement and deceit. There is another way that I think the OWO is keen on utllizing and that is controlling souls through manipulating the body.

    In my mind the earth is a prison in the sense that it is a wonderfully alluring maze. It has been elaborately constructed to lure in souls so they wander around for eons and forget what they are, where they came from and what their purpose is. The desire of the soul to explore the material world combined with the infinite and eternal dialectical idealism that powers the universe guarantees that souls will trap themselves in places like the earth. However, right now, we on earth are reaching the right mental location where humans can live like gods. This is why we will bring the final enlightenment and unlock the science fiction future.

    I have not read the new AC content yet. Gödel will be wonderful.



  5. “is it possible at all? being a phoster like monad in an insect? i do not think so.” -I took this to mean that it is not possible for an insect to have phoster like qualities or intelligence, which I agree with. There would be no sufficient reason for a phoster like monad to reincarnate as an insect. However, I think a phoster could take over the mind of an insect or even a human and control it, if the phoster was so inclined to do so. There is a reference to this in one of the original AC articles.

    “or does the monad / soul already has the genetic information of even insectoid being, because its been already through this form of life?” – This is the most likely scenario. A soul would have to start out at the bottom and work it’s way up, from unconsciousness to consciousness. I think it is safe to say that all humans have already lived the life of an insect at some point. Therefore the monad/soul is already encoded with the genetic information of said insect. But only a really advanced soul could ACCESS AND USE that information in order to become one with another life form and/or temporarily take over the mind of that life form.

    “how far is the monadic way of a soul becoming aware of itself from dog (being one of the closest animals to man since ages) to human?” -This I do not know. I suppose it would depend on the individual monad.

    Regarding D-503’s theory “soul switching”, I think it’s inevitable that souls advance, but find it implausible that a soul would regress and go backwards to a lower life form, though I am not dismissing that possibility. As yet, I do not understand how or why this is possible. Let us suppose that there is a switching of souls between higher and lower life forms, such as humans and animals. Let us also suppose that our monadic souls could choose our next incarnation. To me, these two theories are not compossible. One is therefore left with the simple question of why. What reason would a soul have for returning to a lower life form once it has been in human form? I will try to answer this via some theories: 1) The soul was not fully self aware during it’s incarnation, thus did not fully develop itself enough to choose it’s next incarnation. 2) Because the soul was not fully developed, it had to “compete” with infinite other souls in the dimensionless domain, similar to how sperm “compete” to fertilize the egg of a female. During this time, it could not find a sufficient human host, so it was forced to adopt an animal host. A far advanced soul wouldn’t have to compete with other souls, but instead simply bypass the competition. 3) Only advanced enough souls can choose their next incarnation, all other souls “take what they can get” (this seems the most likely possibility, as it reconciles the two previously mentioned theories).

    • “I think it’s inevitable that souls advance, but find it implausible that a soul would regress and go backwards to a lower life form, though I am not dismissing that possibility…”

      Here is an excellent opportunity to clarify my position. It is true that when one takes the limit of a soul function when time goes to infinity that the function evaluates to a god. However, I think that soul functions are compositions of sinusoidal functions and can oscillate within a certain range for a giving period of “time.”

      What this means is that there may be a few incarnations of a particular soul here on earth that may oscillate between dog and human for example. This period would probably only last a few centuries at most, which, on a time scale of billions of years, is nothing but a small blip on the larger soul graph.

      Most soul incarnation is done subconsciously. Even in humans most people operate on a primal subconscious desire to feed, fuck and fight like a reptile.

      There are places on this planet to this day where life can become savage and primeval that the distinction from man and beast is blurred.

      This is just what I reason to be true from what l know.


      • “I think that soul functions are compositions of sinusoidal functions and can oscillate within a certain range for a giving period of “time.””

        This makes perfect sense, and gave me a much better understanding of your position. I vaguely recall reading something similar in one of the GS books. I am convinced these books are a kind of guide for achieving gnosis, but only for those smart enough to understand. I can tell you clearly do.

        Regarding soul incarnation, I agree that it is done subconsciously, but I think there are conscious things we can do throughout our life that will aid our minds once they leave our bodies, even if our “death archetype” was not properly activated and given the time to “process”. In a way, I think that life should serve as a preparation for death. Therefore, the best things to do in life are to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible. Knowledge and experience are the only things that we have any chance of taking with us when we die.

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