The “good” vegans and the flesh devouring broccoli (and Beyond Meat)

I am sick n tired of the modern food discussion. It is all so moronic. It is pure luxury to think about what your “dinner” will be. Ask one of the 1 billion humans, without access to normal freshwater. 1 BILLION ! What their “dinner” would look like?

Vegans are intolerant assholes. As long as you stop eating meat. And then they are still assholes. Because they “love” their enemy so much. Selfish cunts who do not understand how things really are. I had a girlfriend back in the day, we had good times, we were “cool” with each other. As long as she decided to become a vegetarian/vegan. I decided not to be vegan. It took a week or so, and we were singles again. Why? She had become insane. I was a terrifying monster, a killer, a taker of life, evil itself. Love is hate. What a cunt. I understood nothing of her tornado of hate while eating my “Mettbrötchen”…

To eat you have to kill on this planet. Maybe on all planets, because you always have to kill for food in the one or another way. Unless you are a suneater or something even more spectacular. Plants are living beings too, like cattle, fish, goats etc.. But it is no problem to cut off a broccoli, because it does not scream nor bleed. And it bleeds. The “blood” is just not red. Ever heard of the “mimosa” plant? Interesting. A plant completely in our space and time “matrix”. If you blow hard against the plant it nearly disappears, reacting direct to the touch of your hand. Trying to hide, escape from the predator.  A venus flytrap also reacts directly when the meat comes around. Eh, what? A moment please. How can THIS be? A carnivorous PLANT? Damn to hell with them. Bastards. Hey vegans, another enemy for you. Out of your own food source. Plants hate you. All vegan/vegetarian PRODUCTS are tasting like shit. Spoil it down the toilet and cook yourself some good pasta. With or without meat, to your taste.

By the way: i was vegetarian by myself for 7 years.

For my personal taste, there is nothing tastier than fresh grilled meat of all kinds. I am fully aware that something must die, so that i can eat it. Thank you animals for your sacrifice unto me. You keep me alive. Thank you for being godlike to me, because you are feeding me. Hail the 4 legged. Hail the hunted meat. Luckily i found a hunter in my region, who sells meat. He shoots it, i eat it. As fresh as it can be. The animal never suffered a minute in its life in the woods.

Mass Cattle Production.

THE argument, and they are damn right. In this case, i am a”vegan”. These KZs must be destroyed under all circumstances. For europe especially in spain and germany. These are true KZs for cattle. Born in hell, raised in hell, killed in hell. For your nice barbecue with your friends, children and family. Bon Appetit! I won’t even imagine how much more horrible for animals it must be in all the parts of this hellish planet, vampire earth.

We are in hell and we are ALL eaters of the dead.

Carnivore or vegan.

Is there a solution to this problem?

Yes, there is.

An american company named BEYOND MEAT. Exclusively for the U.S. yet, which fucks me up. Truly. Their concept is revolutionary and they are widespread in the U.S. by now. Inform yourself, simply visit their web adresses. It is vegetarian…




27 responses to “The “good” vegans and the flesh devouring broccoli (and Beyond Meat)

  1. There is much I could say on this topic, but I will try to keep this brief. First, all people living in the west should be grateful to have the access they do to the variety of foods that are available to them. As you say, many people on earth do not have this luxury, and it IS a luxury. Here in America food is drastically taken for granted. This explains why Americans are so fat (except for yours truly) and why there is so much food being wasted here (John Oliver did a good story on this a while back: I work in food service and the amount of food I see wasted is absolutely criminal. What do I do about this, you ask? I tell people to buy less, so that little or no food gets wasted. I do what I can on my end to minimize waste, but it is not a system I can change on my own (perhaps I should quit and get a better job!). This planet is out of balance. In some parts of it, there is too much food and the people living there eat like fat kings. In other parts of it, there is little or no food, and people are malnourished and starve. Welcome to earth.

    Regarding veganism/vegetarianism, I say to each their own, however if one chooses this way of life, they must refrain from imposing their beliefs on others and also must stop saying things like “eating meat is murder”. According to that logic, we can conclude all animals who eat other animals are “murderers”. I personally have not met any vegans or vegetarians, so I don’t know how much of an asshole they can be. In evolutionary terms, humans are meant to eat meat. It is how our brains evolved. Our early ancestors ate a high fat, low carb diet. Today most people eat a low fat, high carb diet.

    Mass cattle production is all about quantity over quality. You get what you pay for. I’m sure most of us here have seen the documentary “Food Inc”. I do not think animals are more important than humans in any way, but there is no sufficient reason for animals to suffer before becoming our dinner.

  2. A great article about food with a flavoring of AC style writing. I’m not a vegetarian, but that Beyond Meat burger looks delicious.
    Also there’s something that wasn’t mentioned in the article; it’s that some meats are contaminated with germs due to mass processing in unsanitary conditions.

    The mass production of cattle is causing an over population of cows vs Buffalo. Buffalo are leaner and much healthier for us which is why it’s more expensive.
    Sadly healthy food isn’t cheap, but I at least found I can go to my local Safeway and buy Beyond Meat to make burgers.

    Once again great article m6667.

    • as i said. they are more “grounded”, more in your face. With the original AC site the Illuminati confronted the reader with the highest knowledge, occult secrets revealed, truth finally been told about your soul/being etc.. The jacobin order seems to focus more on the meritocratic concept. A political agenda, not a spiritual agenda. But we live in this world and we have to “deal” with it… no, we have to change it with the power one been capable of.

      And by the way: look at trump. he looks like hitlers dream of the blond, blue eyed master race. And he is the lead of the USA by now… don’t you think a modern, evolved, high tech hitler would not like this?

      (And for all)
      Blonde and blue eyed. Darkness, is the answer. Let me explain:
      Blonde hair and blue eyes are genetics based on people living in darkness, meaning they live(d) in areas which had not much, or no sunlight. The “north” for example. It is also an albino mutation. So, if you see the hot blonde, boobed chick, remember her ancestors were “creatures of darkness”, living inthe ice, eating everthing they came across. Like the blonde chick, she will devour you, as soon you are divorced, hahaha. Please do not misunderstand my things here. Darkness, because of having no, or not much sun. Their hearts must have been warm, to get trough all of this survival with their kin.

      • “And by the way: look at trump. he looks like hitlers dream of the blond, blue eyed master race. And he is the lead of the USA by now… don’t you think a modern, evolved, high tech hitler would not like this?”

        Hitler(Socialist,High culture,low class man) was the opossite of Trump(Capitalist,low culture,rich class man).

        Everyone was racist in some way or another,even Montesquieu…but heyyy,blame Hitler!

        Immanuel Kant:

        “The yellow Indians do have a meagre talent. The Negroes are far below them, and at the lowest point are a part of the American people”


        “It is a serious question among them whether the Africans are descended from monkeys or whether the monkeys come from them. Our wise men have said that man was created in the image of God. Now here is a lovely image of the Divine Maker: a flat and black nose with little or hardly any intelligence. A time will doubtless come when these animals will know how to cultivate the land well, beautify their houses and gardens, and know the paths of the stars: one needs time for everything”


        “It is true that climate has influence, in that sense that neither the warm zone, nor the cold zone, are favourable to the liberty of man, and to the apparition of historical peoples”


        “The highest civilization and culture, apart from the ancient Hindus and Egyptians, are found exclusively among the white races; and even with many dark peoples, the ruling caste, or race, is fairer in colour than the rest, and has, therefore, evidently immigrated, for example, the Brahmins, the Inca, and the rulers of the South Sea Islands. All this is due to the fact that necessity is the mother of invention, because those tribes that emigrated early to the north, and there gradually became white, had to develop all their intellectual powers, and invent and perfect all the arts in their struggle with need, want, and misery, which, in their many forms, were brought about by the climate. This they had to do in order to make up for the parsimony of nature, and out of it all came their high civilization”

        At one point Nietzsche suggests that black skin may be a sign of lesser intelligence as well as a sign that one is closer to the apes. Nietzsche clearly shares some of the basic tenets of nineteenth-century race theory … In On the Genealogy of Morals, Nietzsche writes that Negroes are representatives of prehistoric men.

        Some races are less capable for a lot of reasons,no matter what!

        Is good the mixture of races for a Meritocratic,superior and intelligent world?

        Or maybe is a great mistake for the evolution of humankind?

        Equal oppourtunities and rights for all,no matter your sex or your race,but fuck off mixture of races.

        Forgive me for existing but is my opinion!

      • hi king
        i cannot accept your opinion, because its bull bro. are you so stupid that i must explain this to you? i do not think so. there are no dumb races. it is ALL about environment, education, culture of gnosis. it had reasons why nietsche never was invited to be an Illuminatus. Likemany others who were able to “see”. but this is not enough. wanna be a phoster or archon? ask yourself that. tyrant, killer or friend and saviour? it is MORALITY what we are also looking for, besides intelligence. Like a few other things.

        “It is true that climate has influence, in that sense that neither the warm zone, nor the cold zone, are favourable to the liberty of man, and to the apparition of historical peoples”

        the mediterran, etc. are the optimal major climate zones. the healthiest people on earth are the italians.

        back in the day, pythagoras would have had a hell of a time being reincarnated in the frozen north, lets say alaska. he would not have come far, because of the daily struggle for food and survival. a too harsh and wrong environment for enlightenment. this also counts for the deserts.

        the problem you are referring to is the already done slave creation. in this case there are different “races”, races of the mind. ideology. religion. you know all that. so what?

      • Donald Trump is a joke, something like bulgarian prime-minister Boiko Borisov- absolute clown. There is no place to comprasion between Hitler and Trump. The modern society is anxiously society, how can be afraid of clown like a Trump. Why the most of the people point Hitler, but don’t point Stalin. Stalin was a mass murderer more bigger than Hitler. In my south country have many people with white skin like a milk, blue and grey eyes, blond and red hair, and most of them are very nice and cool people. And what is that deviation into communism? In Eastern Europe the most rich and powerful people are from the former socialistic and communistic parties, the notorious 1% in Russia and former USSR republics and Eastern Europe countries are from the bloody red “nomenklatura” and “aparat”. In those mentioned state the most importаnt positions are occupied by this red criminals and theirs children and grandchildren. If someday the revolution( if it happens), the rage will be targetet against thats criminals and their heirs. Let me not be misunderstood, there are many poor communists in my country, but they are old and sick, and they still love the old criminal regime. The young communists and socialists are fans of the criminal mass-murderers like a Lenin, Trotzki, Stalin, Mao, Chruschov, Tito, Dimitrov, Chаushesku, Jivkov and etc., there are so little young and old communist who are familiar with the history of the marxsist-socialistic ideology. I will ask you? – This guys will lead us in the fight against the Elite? I feel so conufused, the old AC was shining with intellect and erudition, but now the AC site stink on meanness( maybe for you are “grounded”, but for me it’s mediocre ). The old AC memories keep mi to the ideals, but I don’t know how long? Where are the old authors, because the new ones…
        I am not your enemy, I am not hostile.

      • Thx for taking part again. Here is my opinion:

        “We are the light. We are the Light of Reason. We are the Enlightenment itself. The world shall be wholly illuminated one day. Everyone in the world will belong to the Illuminist cause. We shall build the Society of the Divine, the Community of Gods and Goddesses. We shall leave none behind. In this sign we shall conquer.”
        in hoc signo vinces

        So. What do you miss? The Illuminati already “did” their thing and left the building. The extreme left wing of the jacobin order took over. why? because there is no other way. And at least me, i am “happy” to see the AC site alive.

        I am fully aware of the mass murderers and warmongers around the globe. They are the servants of the devourer. Hitler was a vessel for an archon. Remember that.

  3. For the first time I will use the google translator to express the most complex thoughts, I hope you understand.

    We agree that the breeding ground of humanity is the same.
    However the environment has created separate breeds within the same species.
    Therefore, we must ask ourselves if those breeds that are more backward in the environment have been affected in their genes in a negative way, and how long it takes to “rehabilitate” these races once they live in temperate climates.
    South Africa is the richest and most white country in Africa, although it is much more isolated than the rest.
    In Bolivia the same thing happens, the white people of Santa Cruz are the most productive in the country.
    In Latin America the climate is the same for all (optimum), however its great minds have always been descendants of Spaniards and Italians.
    There are never any indigenous minds or especially prodigious creoles.
    And I go further, the countries with the most white of all America are always richer, always coincides.
    Therefore, if a black man or an American Indian is going to live in Italy for example, he does not wake up his mind automatically, maybe it would be centuries before that.
    What you are telling me is that Illuminatus should ignore the evidence.
    The only thing I have said is that the mixture of races could hinder the plans of an evolved world dominated by reason in several centuries.
    And I sincerely believe it is a widespread opinion in the world of illuminism and meritocracy that can lead to a split.
    To the point where the AC website denied that they had anything to do with the “white supremacists”.
    The problem they want to ignore is that a lot of people have come to the same conclusion
    White = development = meritocratic world
    It is possible that we are wrong in spite of everything.
    And the site AC should be pronounced extensively on this topic and clarify everything in detail, is imperative.
    If enough arguments and evidence are provided, many people would be willing to racially mix, leaving behind the fear of “involution.”


    “This does not prevent all human beings who inhabit the globe from being all of the same race, which has been altered by different climates, as we see animals and plants CHANGING THEIR NATURE and becoming better or DEGENERATING”

    DEGENERATING, the fucking key of everything.

    And the fucking key question:

    Do we degenerate if we mix with a “degenerate” race?

    Surely the gnosis will take more time in the words of Leibniz himself!
    We can help all the rest races in a position of force and knowledge than a weak one,this is the best strategy in my opinion.

    • wow. cool post.
      i think at least we agree in most points. its maybe a bit of a translation problem. learn correct english goddammit, hahaha. i can accept the term “degeneration” in so far, for example, an Illuminist would never having a religious or uneducated person as lover, partner and friend. so never a degenerated “breed” could be born.

      we have to change this world for the better, because nobody else will / would do.

      by the way. i wanna make “holidays” this year in spain. can you help me out or give me tips for “worthy” locations?

      • Of course man….What can I do for you?
        Toledo is the city of ancient “Alumbrados”,very interesting place(I live near).
        Also I recommend Barcelona and Sevilla,the most beautiful cities of the country.

        ” its maybe a bit of a translation problem. learn correct english goddammit, hahaha”

        This summer I will put my mind in to it haha.

        By the way,when you come?

      • “i can accept the term “degeneration” in so far, for example, an Illuminist would never having a religious or uneducated person as lover, partner and friend. so never a degenerated “breed” could be born.”

        I agree,we need a carefully selected “mother” for our children!

      • “For example an Illuminist would never having a religious or uneducated person as lover, partner and friend. so never a degenerated “breed” could be born.”
        I would disagree with that statement entirety. Two stupid people can produce a smart person & two smart people can produce a dumb person. Personally I’m the product of two stupid people mating and I turned out pretty well; granted with a few disabilities, but those are genetic.
        Bad genetic traits create bad genetic offspring; good traits create better offspring.
        Intelligence & morals are determined by upbringing & life experiences.
        Something would have to cause a person to become smarter & rationally moral. For me that was experiencing suffering in the form of kids & adults alike verbally abusing me over the years cause of my teeth & blank facial expression.
        Also seeing other people when I was homeless exposed me to a lot, including how selfish & stupid people can be.

      • dear jerome.
        i understand. i was never really homeless, but very close to. i also expierenced the horror of the “normal people” in all its “glory” of selfishness, arrogance, violence, etc.. i disagree with your opinion in general. people like you are the exception. to be honest, what (ex) homeless person will ever meet the Illuminati / an Illuminatus? normally never. because they do not cross. would you like to have a dumb, religious fanatic unawakened monad beside you? i your home? in your life, in your bed? i do not think so. And you are surely aware of me being not a nazi.

  4. Yes I know about Hitler, but the archons of the dark had many vessels in XX century, like a: Lenin, Trotzki, Stalin, Churchill, Stalin, Roosvelt, Isenhower. I guess the extreme left jacobin wing will make some noise and nothing more. Тhe time will tell us, I can be wrong.

      • Hello m666 thanks for the reply. To be honest you’re right about your last statement regarding homeless people.
        I’ve noticed most are mentally ill & selfish.
        The only reason I was homeless was cause of my mom. I wouldn’t like any selfish crazy people in my life; we have too much already on Earth.

        With that said I’m aware you’re not a Nazi & neither am I. It’s just me trying to find ways to solve the problems of human stupidity.

        I’m a Jacobin; a Jacobin supporting the overthrow of the OWO & replacing it’s stupid laws & rules with rational laws based on Meritocratic values & regulations stated in the original AC website.
        I support a Meritocratic State; a state where all parents need a State licence to raise kids; where people can’t vote unless they’re educated in the field they vote in; a State that provides Equal Opportunities, & Basic Income to all it’s citizens funded by %100 Inheritance Tax on the rich; a State where the only religion is Illumination based on Mathematics; any irrational religions should be outlawed & citizens should be “reeducated”.

        Either way we look at things Jacobism must be successful. The Second Enlightenment will not fail.

        Give me Liberty, Fraternity, and Meritocracy or give me death.


      • I am an illuminatus of the 1st grade of the new 5.
        Are you connected to the Jacobin Order which is moderating the new AC site? if i might ask?

      • Unfortunately I am not a member, but the new Jacobin group isn’t an official organization yet either.
        I’m a Jacobin only in regards to supporting their ideals; that’s all really.

        My main focus right now is New Hyperborea (a meritocratic commune) while the New AC focuses on the Meritocratic Revolution.

        The best I’m doing for them is providing them with some of my unique ideas, such as “Modern Hyperborea”; a term from my website that they mentioned on the new AC site.

        (Note: Also due to the nature of how dangerous leading a revolution will be; I won’t be a leader, but just an adviser, suggesting plans.)

  5. I’m so inconsolable about this schism going around among supporters of Meritocracy.
    I understand what “FutureMeritocraticKingofSpain” says and fears, and unfortunately AC seems not to be willing to debate this very important questions soberly enough.
    The current AC-guys, as self-proclaimed ambassadors of the Illuminati, should show more empathy towards the white populations of Western Europe (which indeed have reasons to fear to be bred out of existence) if they don’t want a too harsh swing to the right among former supporters. When it comes to public relations AC seems not to be fit to keep the blocks together and prevent a division.
    Intelligence aside, the people of Europe increasingly fear to vanish together with their cultures (which, except of the lack of rebellion against their own governments, are relatively superior, compared to the rest of the world). That’s a fuckin’ reality, that’s the point and above all it’s the Illuminati who must understand that reality shall not be ignored. How could they lead the people anywhere if they don’t talk the language of the people?
    The current behavior of AC will unfortunately strenghten the believe that they are part of an anti-white agenda, strenghten the nationalist parts of the movement and strengthen the division – but they are the Illuminati after all, maybe that’s what they want.
    AC plays it like a considerable part of former AC-supporters now really supports Trump or Le Pen. But the truth is, the people are so sick of all the shit that any change seems to be better to them than the same old slow cooking. And some already just want to see the world burn.
    100% inheritance-tax means that there is no inherited sin either, right!?
    Look at the numbers, as Mathematicians should. Compare the current numbers of the populations based on their ethnicity. Also note the expected demographical development based on current reproduction-rate.
    Fuck, don’t tell me, white Europeans shall not be afraid of the s.c. ‘cultural enrichment’.
    It’s not a secret that the populations who are now coming into Europe have less Neandertal-DNA in them – so it looks like more genocide against a whole species which the homo-sapiens has not wiped out entirely yet.
    Just look at the variety and diversity in eye- and hair-colour among indigenous Europeans – and at the fact that most of it is genetically recessive and would be dominated by dull sameness if the current development goes on. Isn’t it about unity in diversity? Isn’t Meritocracy more than a competition of who’s able to shit more suckers into the world?
    Big parts of Russian populations are not what we would call white, but Eastern Asian, Turk-Mongolic, etc.. Western and Eastern Europe are the last bastions of this race – and they are in danger to be forced into a third distructive war against each other, or against Russia (which still is pretty tolerant, but only because Putin has been raised by intelligent Jews and spend a long time among Germans – otherwise the shit probably would have hit the fan long time ago or Russia would still be like it was under puppet Jeltsin).
    It’s not a secret that the populations who are now coming into Europe have less genetic diversity because inbreeding (the main cause of degeneration) is much more common among them cousinfuckers. Additionally racism is just a shape of xenophobia, but inbreeding is an even more xenophobic form of the same.
    It’s obvious that it would be so insanely much more easier to fight patriarchy of their fucked up religions if we dealt like Gentlemen – if it comes to help: “Women and children first!”
    So I absolutely understand those who don’t agree with the Muslim invasion of Europe. If my parents wanted me to live in a Muslim shithole they wouldn’t have immigrated into Germany but into goddamn Saudi-Arabia.
    America is no model for Europe. America is a fucked-up swamp. And all the US-Multiculturalism, which is still a mess of exorbitant injustice, had a long story of violence which we shall not want to repeat in Europe as well. Though it already started: In Germany rape-charges grew by about 110% and child-molestation-charges by 130% in just one year (2015 compared to 2016). Today less than 60% of the people in Germany are what you could call indigenous Germans, though this already brutal figure neither includes most of the migrations from Eastern and Western Europe before the first world war, nor the rapes done by Soviet soldiers.
    The people of Leibniz, Weishaupt, Hegel, Goethe and Nietzsche are dying a slow death, but they’re dying nontheless – it indeed looks like a slow genocide. For what? Inherited Karma, an original sin, only hysterical degenerates, brainwashed by too much disturbing Holocaust-literature believe in?
    Sorry that I speak only for Germany – many European countries have the same or very similar problems – but I’m from here now, and “FutureMeritocraticKingofSpain” may give you an insight from another unfortunate nation.

    I know that our own governments, the ones WE have not extinguished yet, are responsible for so many wars, which cause the trouble that makes many people hate whites and come here. I know it is our fault that we have not brought them to justice yet. But eventually they are also the ones who enforce the ‘cultural enrichment’ – and I understand how the mere implication that the people should stfu and rather like a culturally enriching banker puppet, instead of a nationalist banker puppet, appears like treason to so many Europeans who have children and are genuinely frightened about the future.

    Against the real Nazis we should argue with the idea of a genetically modified Übermensch who makes even the best among us appear obsolete. Maybe AI can become that Übermensch. The ego of the real Nazis is clearly too prideful.
    But when I see people, who once cheerfully helped my family to adopt, now being exhausted, desperate and scared, I know that the helpfulness this people has been overwrought by far already.

    USA can’t send Afro-Americans back to Africa – it would obviously be absurd. But Europe still has the chance to say that not everybody is welcomed (exklusive circles like the Illuminati should understand that^^) and make an ethnic Re-Volution, which right now seems so much more important than a Revolution against laws, which at the end are just words on the paper, while genetics are written into blood.

    “Das Größte will man nicht erreichen,
    Man beneidet nur Seinesgleichen;
    Der schlimmste Neidhart ist in der Welt,
    Der Jeden für Seines-Gleichen hält.”

    – Johann Wolfgang Goethe

    • In this fucked-up situation, when for the people chaos like Trump or Le Pen seems to be the only tangible ways to some desired order, how do the Illuminati dare to express no drop of empathy for the frightned people while they increasingly lose them to real Nazis, precisely because they seem to give a fuck about them?
      Weren’t they the ones who taught us about the importance of psychology?
      The current authors of AC should think about psychology and about the effects their p.r. may have.

      What a messed up time – seems even the Illuminati are stupid nowadays.
      Or are they just wicked liars who don’t have the balls to tell us that they don’t envisage us in their utopian future and why exactly?

      “4 Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.”

      The excuse for my overdoing in expressed thoughts and rhetorics is that I am a nobody. My carelessness is less grievous and primarly a harm to myself. But they speak in a higher name. And I don’t like how they do it.
      I surely think it’s the same spirit. But I think the spirit may have become too starry-eyed…

      • I can definetely relate to some of the informations here that you have so eloquently expressed. The dangers of a multicultural mass is a severe drain around the progressive order of any secular society precisely because it by itself, in assumption of being multicultural (vastly different cultures all fighting eachother), an prelude to the endagering of any such secular societies as alien cultures are at the forefront of the migration wave. Such alien cultures may hold a powerful political doctrine at its spiritual, if one wills, core and may from here work with rigorious and rapid movements to install fifth-columnist groups within a society. Which is itself a prelude to clashes of cultures, being a degenration of mankind and all of that which is beautiful about the vast diversity in human culture. So from this particular viewpoint it becomes clear that this mutlicultural swamp, quicksand around the feet of a free and educated mankind is a neoliberal economics ideology in one aspect.
        While it certainly also serves as a severe diminishing tactic of the average intelligence levels associated with secular societies. Meant to dumb down the whole populace to make them fit for an dark form of ugly, psychopathic human civilization resemblant to the hordes of mordor.
        With regards to race, in this context, ethnicity itself. This is a grave degeneration insofar that ethnicity is to be a measurer of intelligence levels and potentials. Multiethnic societies are no problem. Multicultural, on the other hand, are a severe problem to the future of mankind and the intelligence level of average humans. Our intelligence can be vastly dominated, controlled, or rather adjusted, via constant repetitive trends, mannerisms, issues, difficulties, degenerations, in order to block the progress towards divinity. It appears that it is in such a context that the multicultural issues of our civilization is undergoing.

        With regards to the AIR creations, I can only agree that the revolution they partake in may be having certain unsuccessful approaches, but on the other hand, politically we see a clear agenda in favour of Jacobinism, of that, sweet, strong, rigid, dedicated, Robespierreian kind.

        Let us see what happen with their political revolution.

  6. Pythagoras was a vegetarian nd was strongly advising his followersto abstian fromeating meat. how dare you to go against your Master’s words.

    • hello earth.

      i am one of the akusmatikoi. we are “allowed” to eat meat, so my master orders. what the fuck is wrong with you, abrahamist or what? pythagoras: friend – not master. even he will be grandmaster of the Illuminati soon again. and of course you obviously understood nothing of the post you are “commenting” on. your email address seems like a joke to me.

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