A logical, mathematical impossibility?


Just a thought experiment.

Mankind is the the dominant species, the self reflecting ones, on planet earth, as it is called for now. This is unlogic. Why? Therefore: landmass 30%, ocean 70%. Yet explored of the seas 5 – 10%. And the oceans are full of life.

Why should man be the so called ruler of earth? Maybe true, he rules earth, rock and stone, but not the seas. Partly on the surface. I would like to hear what submarine crew members, ship crew members can tell us about the unknown damn deep ocean. And the ocean is one, man parted it into several seas.

The ancient alien stuff easily could also interpreted as diving suits and submarines. Just a thought. And as we all “know” all life began and came from the sea? And? Remember anything you clams? Hahaha…



3 responses to “A logical, mathematical impossibility?

  1. Well its definitely a possibility. We haven’t even explored the entire ocean; its something of great mystery. Who knows what’s down there. Also when I first seen those suits I thought they were aliens too. Haha

  2. If water is the birthplace of life it makes sense that those who left their cradle are the leaders. I can hardly imagine a broad technological development under water. We have the brain and the thumbs that make us superior. Though the octopus has nine brains and eight fine graspers. Why hasn’t the octopus developed a higher culture than apes? Well, water, which prevents our finest art from working properly, is no land and any underwater species survives only in certain pressure levels. Unless some extremely high mountains and cold regions man can virtually live on any land, but the underwater-creatures can only live on a certain level of whater which has mostly no ground and especially no solid ground for creation.
    Btw. water dominates only the surface. Altogether there is still more solid ground than water – though there is even much more liquid rock (maybe that’s why demons rule the planet^^).
    Struggle is probably a very important point here as well. There was less struggle for the octopus staying under water than for the creature that left the water leaving this birthplace and cradle. So the chances are low to find something underwater which is culturually highly evolved and evolved right there rather than coming from above. The next zone of comfort we should leave is the earth. We could go back under water and sure ancient aliens, if there were any, could have been wearing underwater-suits instead of space-suits. But what is this limited amount of water anyway, compared to the vast land we could discover outside?

    Just don’t forget that indigenous land of aliens is not another no man’s land to conquer!

    • Look at this hardworking guy.
      He hasn’t even a chance to make the evolutionary step. No solid ground – and by the time he accomplishes his masterpiece he has to start all over again because the water otherwise corrodes it.

      If the current environment is too harsh, there is no chance. If it’s too soft, there is no reason.

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