The Illuminati. Want to become “god”?

Reaction to comments with political agenda:

“Yes. This is what we are and ever were: The Illuminati. Did anyone really understood the original AC site, so much mentioned these days? Hardly. We are NOT a political group. We are a secret society by all means. We are here to save YOU, the lost soul in this hell. This is our aim. The more TRULY enlightened souls, being aware of themselves as immortal monads, the better. This is the plan, this is the way out of hell. We found the way. Who else found it?

Do not look outside. You know that it is all crap. Look inside. The only way you can REALLY trust and go. If you find nothing inside: kill yourself. Otherwise you might become a serial or of sorts. Intuition. Dreams. Become master of your dreams. Dreams are the answer to everything – Mike Hockney. We are not here to “save” the world. We are here to enlighten them.  The hurting light of change. Question everything.


Death is everywhere. It surrounds you. It is natural. Even god dies at the end.

There is no political solution towards the evil demiurge god, the archon. There is no political solution to black evil magic. The blinders, the liars. The famous loved ones. The slayer of billions, the child devourer, the cosmic perversion king. The world IS evil. Nature will kill you without remorse.

A meritocratic world state? Are you kidding me? It is a vision for the better. A new atlantis, venus project, utopia, etc.. A vision for evolvling monads, much better than lady gaga, fuckbook, and the like. Mankind is far away from that. Since religion, state and armies are still the dominant here, we are being hindered to evolve. The IT shit is curse and blessing at the same time.  As we see here on this blog.

If i remember correctly, meritocracy was not even mentioned on the original AC site, it was a later “update”, when the subject appeared. You could not read between the lines, and you are of seriously no occult scholarship at all. Magic. Overpowering the demiurge. The tower of babel. BABYLON RISING !!!

So, you are the one who thinks of himself / herself, i become god. Like Simon Magus. Abraxas. 666. Well, good luck to you all. Left, right, up, down, life, death? Your tiny mind is at hard work with the alchemical work of cooking your emotions to make gold out of the dirt you are. I am far beyond that.

And i do not care what you want to be.

Be it or leave it.”


Adam W. Eishaupt, Illuminatus


5 responses to “The Illuminati. Want to become “god”?

  1. The first thing to become “God” Is to realize the miserable situation of this world. You have to feel outside of this world and everything you do( drinking, sleeping, eating and etc.) to repel you. I know very rich people who have millions of cash, fancy cars, but they are feel empty inside. The drugs, the drinks, the bitches don’t fill the gap. The Gnosis tease you with questions ” Why I am here, to eat, to sleep or to shit this planet – am I a worm?” or something like that-everytime! And than you got to look inside you. The Gnosis come with suffering(inner suffering-mostly), not with plesure. The loved by us, the our families, the our friends and the dreams for better future оccupied much of our life, but this things are not the most important things in our life. For every gnostic the most important thing in so cаlled “life” is reaching the Gnosis . You may be the great politician, the great revolutionist, the great philosopher, or the illuminatus with the highest degree, but you will be like the other lost souls (monads) in this miserable swamp if you don’t seek The Gnosis with all your being. It’s difficult to achieve Gnosis, but is not imposible. When i found the old, the original AC site I was a hard boiled old style orthodox christian, I was agree in 90% except all about the Holy Trinity, the Bible and the christianity and I resisted long, but I surrendered at last. That is because the old authors and their writings cast a spark in my soul. The old AC was a so sublime and supernal, the texts were giving to me something like a “mystical power”, 99% from the articles gave me spiritual strenght in the hardest times of my life, but cimmeria is so malicious with all that everyday bullshits : the clown Trump, the nazis, the commies, the right, the left and so on. But I will keep in my mind the old memories and I will give all my thanks to the old authors if I meet them someday.
    It is easier to change the world, but is harder to transform yourself. I will say thе following to every poor human being like me:
    To transform the outer world it’s enough one live, but to transform the our inner world are not enough a thousand lives.

  2. I hear the death of a person’s own Jungian Ego is an important process to Becoming God. The ego is largely responsible for feelings of identity and continuity.
    Killing your Identity separates your consciousness from your senses. Once your consciousness is separated from your senses, your brain naturally believes that it has no body and seems to let go of all material needs.

    Ego death is the sensation of real death itself, and it sheds you to your core features and values. Everything that you know to be known in the material world fades away.
    I’ve heard it’s a scary sensation & it might be at first. The only things I would be afraid of from such an experience is going through a schizophrenic uncontrolled seizure and then getting amnesia afterwards.

    But personally I desperately need an ego-death; it’ll help me get over my social anxiety, depression, & free me from material needs; after that I’ll be limitless as if I’m a God.
    This also brings me to my two questions: How do I experience an ego death?
    What steps will I need to take?

    I hear psychoactives are involved in altering the psyche, but I’m uncertain of which one’s to take; there are so many stimulants out there.
    Comments on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • So you want to “know” yourself, right?

      1. you could try to meditate. but what you are looking for seems more “instant” to me. deep meditation will take a long time for westeners. we are not ancient natives. we are a technology breed. unfortunately.

      2. there is another way, you also mentioned it: psychoactives. this is IMPORTANT: there is a difference between psychoactives and so called hallucigens. use the psychoactive way. it is even in the name what it does. making your psyche ACTIVE.

      3. as you surely have read, i am familiar with many psychoactives. it can be a fast way, often too fast for many.

      4. how to: i only can tell you what i think is best, to get into your mind, based on my own personal expierences, with certain substances, in our case know, we will talking about psylocibin and lsd25. the original hoffmann mixture, maniacially spread by “dr. leary” – the enlightenment seller. good or bad – whatever.

      5. lsd25. hard to get. can you trust the product? where does it come from. what is on it? use it only if you find a trusted source. if: cut it into 4 pieces and eat one after the other. if needed.

      6. psylocibin. magic mushrooms. get them. they are ancient, and they won’t harm you. taken correctly. how to take, when to take and where to take: the classic “set and setting” culture of the 60 – 70’s. a good trip will be assured (mostly) in a relaxed, cool, trusted environment. your personal cool room, like you were a kid and prayed to your pop/rockstars on posters and vid and stuff. your magic room. filled with goodness and power. or maybe you just dim the light in your room. correct set and setting is the best you can do. if you know a trusted, expierenced person on psylocibin, invite him/her and ask him/her to be your guide. you can also ask your girlfriend or buddy to watch over you, but they must know what is going on, and what you are up to, and they also must know “everything” about tripping on shrooms. mostly you will do it alone.

      7. recipe. the amount of shrooms to consume differs mostly from 2 – 6 grams, depending on their strenght. i mostly expierence the so called mexican mushroom. it is strong, but is control able so far. use 3 – 6 grams of dried mexican shrooms. this amount will be normally 10 – 15 dried shrooms, depending on their size and weight. legend has it, that you always eat them in pairs. they taste like crap. chew them, drink them down. the emptier your stomach, the faster and intense the shroom works. eat 2 shrooms and wait 10-20 minutes. if its good, stay, if nothing happens, eat 2 more. and so on. always wait a bit, so can easily control its strenght. if you can not stand it anymore: simply have a glass of pure lemon / citron juice around. it will neutralise any psylocibin in a very short time.

      8. where to get it: the internet. personally i recommend shroom grow boxes, so you always have them fresh at hand.

      9. I do not recommend psychoactive drugs. they are a key to unlock your mind (maybe) in a “guillera” way so to say. so the more you know about it, the better.

      10. let be your trip a good one. but even it would be bad, it all will not hurt you. you will “wake up” changed, but still knowing yourself, better than ever before. it is impossible to get addicted to psychoactives.

    • I think so, the ego not must be killed – the ego must be transformed. The ego can be something useful, and you as illuminatus ( if you are real meber) got to know that. I will give some bible-esoteric example “Jesus enter in Jerusalim riding a donkey”, and let me explain. The lower self, the ego or whatever is developed enough to me, now I must to develop the higher self, the hyper ego or whatever. When the higher version predominates over the lower version, I will feel the Gnosis. You have to shrink, but the other one inside you must to grow. In the real life there is no start and finale, the real life is endless. The truth are not static, the truth is alive and dynamic, the old chinese wisdom says “The only thing that does not change is that everything changes.” Imagine that: me and you, we are living in the planet Earth, day and night, the sun and the moon everything is so clear good and bad, right and wrong. But imagine how one day some archon ore other power take as to the stars, then we will feel the universal perspective, not the earth perspective, then we will realize that there are things beyond day and night, sun and moon and evil or good. The ego loves “the borders” like a right and wrong, black and white, left and right, big and little, I can and I can’t, the limits set by the ego make him feels comfortable. Have you noticed how infinity scares us in some moments? This is because the ego is afraid of dissolving into a infinite universum. Even some of the abrahamists are scared by concepts for eternal time and space Paradise or Jannet, where will be endless plesure. Imagine, how today I am scared sometimes by the eternal Absolute (99999999,99999,9999….). The psychoactives may give to you some bonus, but be careful because in one moment you maybe become adicted junkie, this shortcuts help, but also harm. The ego must be transformed in everyday life by awareness. Fisically when you make push-ups and when you reach the limit of your strength make five more, when you read a book do the same, read five more pages. And when you experience an emotional drama, тry to accept things as they are. Everything experienced in our lives is an experience for our soul or loading our monad. The ego always will say : “Stay on 50 volts, so you’re fine”. Instead of obeying it and saying: “Let’s see what we can bear!” or “Why we stay on 50v, lets try more than this?” The illuminati want to save the humanity with their teachings in the centuries, but now the modern human ego will say: “I don’t want salvation, I do not want to meet the suffering, I do not want to know my whole being, I don’t care about the divine nature of the human! I want to take drugs everyday, I want to drink everyday, I want to smoke every hour, I want to play videogames 24/7, I want to fuck eternally – I don’t want to know nothing about myself, now I am fine – no thx!”. Whit this sweet suffering-adiction we want to run away from ourselves, from the God. The sin Is useful until we begin to get attached to it.

      • You both have some great points regarding the “death” of the ego. Though honestly death is just another term for transcending the ego; after it “dies” it becomes aware of itself.
        With that said unlocking the potential within us involves suffering, but also surpassing our limits; physical & mental. I remember in my younger days I used to push myself and walked a lot until my body ached and I felt numb to the pain. When ever I walk my legs experience pain; a type of tightening or pinching sensation. I also walked from Ballard WA to Shoreline WA; 6.5 miles non-stop, while experiencing the tightening & also experiencing blurry vision. The motive for that was simply getting home & finally relaxing.

        There was even a time I did the same thing, but in the snow & cold, yet all I was wearing were jeans & a long sleeved shirt cause my body was sweating instead of being cold. My motivation was hanging out with my girlfriend at the time & I kept focusing on my goals the whole time.

        Because of that I can now withstand immense physical pain now. It’s funny this one time this guy Antonio stole my bike and I was so mad I ran & fallowed him (even though he was several blocks away) and caught up to him.
        I straight up ran to him and hit him so hard in the head that my hand was bleeding, but I felt nothing; just pure rage & I demanded to know where my bike was. He said he didn’t know and I was like: “Okay that’s fine.” and before I left I hit him in the stomach saying: “That’s for knocking the wind out of me earlier.”

        Yes I was tougher back then, but this anxiety made me weak & soft.
        The only thing I have to work on now is getting rid of social anxiety & depression.
        In order to face this anxiety I’ll need to be exposed to people more (rather my ego likes it or not) perhaps mood stabilizers will help too. I find I’m more effective working with small groups than large crowds of people, perhaps that may be a key to overcoming the anxiety along with taking mood stabilizers.
        Additionally a combination of surpassing physical limits plus a psychoactive trip will enable me to transcend my own ego.

        Thank you both for your advice. I’ll be working on it and let you guys know of the results from it.

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