Follow the Pentagram : Gateway to immortality and eternity

As we all know, there is a deadly, venomous poison in this world and troughout the whole universe – it is called RELIGION. Religions of death, torture and mass murder, genocide. Religion IS satan.

I found this astounding good video on YT from enlightened brother (where are our enlightened sisters?) Ambassidor Ehani, so his YT channel is named. I want to share it with all of you.

You, we, them, are never alone. We are all one – we simply do not know yet, or do not want to accept this universal truth. I am here, you are here, the Illuminati and the Jacobin Order are here, we are all here. But we won’t stay.

AD ASTRA – To the stars (we go)

Adam W.Eishaupt, Ancient order of the Illuminati, 1st Grade.


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