Fuck this planet

Yep. The original AC site came up once with this object, i will repeat it in my own words here because of its uttermost importance. Who is the director of your life’s “movie”? You, or someone else? Mostly it will be someone else. STOP THIS RIGHT NOW.  I can only talk about my own, personal expierences. After all the things i have done to the old world order world, i came to the following conclusion:

The more bad and evil you are against things threatening you, the better the outcome will be. With “evil” i mean of course evil against all things owo, which is “good” in our case. Your wife or man man threatens you? Leave her or him, with all consequences of course. You always have to be strong, meaning a certain mindset, that of an ILLUMINATUS. We do not bow, we do not serve. NON SERVIAM. Your neighbour threatens you? Fuck him or her. Your boss is threatening you? Be “sick” go to the doctor, and search for a new better job. Someone wants to hurt you? Give certain people a 5er and they will free you of this problem. Etc, etc, etc.. So list goes on endlessly. Burn churches, temples and mosques, by the way, they are threatening all of us. OF COURSE do not act like a moron. For example: 3 against 1 will be always a bad outcome if you are the one. In this case you better run. Which is the logical conclusion. After running you can call the 5er guy.

What do you fear? No, job, no friends, no girl, no community? Think. Did you ever really had all or one of all this? And if so, for what price? You will be always the one who will pay, so or so. FUCK THAT. So decide for freedom. Live on welfare, every religious extremist does so.  There is no need to ask for things owo. Take them. Steal what you need. It is all yours. You, your dad, your granddad and so on had paid more than enough to take everthing you need simply from the unrightfully rich ones, the elite. They are no elite, they are all crap. They have taken all and are parasites which must be exterminated. The enemy. Never forget this. All warn you to “fit in”. Fitting in means being a servant slave. An  Illuminatus mindset is clear, about the poison surrounding us. “THEY” are all the enemy, until the enemy becomes enlightened by him or herself. Like in our 1st part (the only acceptable one) of our beloved matrix movie.

You should know the following information: it is “magic”:

If you handle things like in my above example, your mind enters a different wave form. You will attrac other powerful minds. When you free yourself, even when it seems you are at first “being lost in this world” – you always were, until you stumbled upon the real Illuminati. Soon new minds/people will appear in your life. I think you can imagine what i am trying to say. Now you are on your way to become Superhuman.

We are the ones who clap hands with the antediluvians.

We are the heretics.

We are the luciferians.

We are the ILLUMINATI.


2 responses to “Fuck this planet

  1. Death to the owo at the hands of the enlightened ones is the greatest medicine for humanity. Destruction to the establishment, to satans empire of religious shitstains, is the precursor to positive construction for the new eden. So if you are on the side of freedom, Illuminati, you will see your owo enemies pain and death, as an increase in your power, it is the good fight, for your life. Do or die, become or stay behind, change ot perish, as it goes.

  2. Death to the owo is medicine for humanity. No evil in seeing the bad pass away to the good, to healthiness coming from the eradicaton of sickness.

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