ArmageddonConspiracy vs. Beavis & Butthead

I must post this new vid from the AC site here. It is absolutely insane. Idiocracy movie has been proven correct. I thought the most dumb and stupid thing i saw in my whole life yet, were short clips from “jersey shore”. (these are only known to me for 1 (good) reason: i watched the “new” B&B season 8. I can only recommend this season, it differs from all others, its much more politic and media agressive, even beavis has lots to say during this season.) Well, i have been proven wrong. The real astounding thing is her talk, her “communication”. What fucking language is that? Is that english? The dumb cannot even talk, how could they without thought and mind. But they sure do not want to think. Look at her, she would kill someone for a chewing gum and the just committed murder would be of no interest to her, she will feel fine. Chewing. Forever. Demon. Leviathan.


7 responses to “ArmageddonConspiracy vs. Beavis & Butthead

  1. I normally don’t watch the videos put on the AC site, but since you posted it here, I gave it a look. Watching it made me remember why the majority of people on this planet (especially Americans, in this case) should not reproduce. What is the point of having kids unless you aim to help make the child a GOD, or at least a Nietzschian Superman/woman? I wonder, in a true Meritocracy, will ANYONE be allowed to have children, or only a select few? In any case, I think we should remember that the girl in the above video most likely ended up as the pathetic waste of carbon that she is because, like most people, she was brainwashed into her current way of thinking, so that is probably all she knows. Notice she tries to talk with a black accent, meaning she probably tries to live the gangster/thug lifestyle. Ironic considering she more than likely comes from the white suburbs.

    As time goes on, it does seem as if the movie “Idiocracy” is in fact a sort of prophecy. But it is a prophecy that will not come true. We will not allow that to happen.

  2. stupidity and evil, the 2 sides of the same coin, stupidity leads to evi and evil to stupidity!!to copy the words of an old philosopher.he nailed it!!

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