Still complaining?

If this video does not bring out the tears, you should go and kill yourself.

( yep, and i know that children suffer in every corner of this shithole world, so fuck off)

…and these poor children praying the “lord”- FUCK THE LORD, KILL THE LORD, KILL GOD !!!

As an an Illuminatus of the 1st grade (can you even imagine what an illuminatus of the 5th grade would be capeable of?) it is an honor for me pissing on the “corpses” of every christian, jew and muslim bastard. Often i spit my venom of enlightenment right into their fucking faces here. But there is more damnable religion in this world. FUCK OFF hinduism and buddhism. And do not fuck with me you assholes of satan. They have their karma bullshit and their “castes” system. You robe wearing assholes are also slaves of satan. There where times when 40 % of a certain buddhistic/hinduistic country were “monks” – living of course of the food and goods of the already poor population. The believers give, and the took everything. Parasites. Exterminator is needed badly. Baghwan. Bomb it.

World leaders, religious leaders, leaders of the industrial military complex, the money system bullies, banker yuppie cocaine cocksuckers and cowardly pigs, the dynastic families around the globe will all be executed by  – our favourite execution tool – the guillotine of the 21st century. (something modern, the old version would take way too long to get rid of all these beings of evil)

Burn the garden of eden.


The 3rd temple of “jerusalem” is ours.

The temple of truth, gnostics, heretics / cathars, knights templar, the Illuminati and our allies, the jacobin order.


The skull of Simon Magus who became ABRAXAS, the “human number” 666

The left is not the left.

The average “leftists” are complete morons, inviting their own slayer, namely the murderers of islamic terror, religious terror at last. KILL GOD. Do not feel good because i shit on muslims again. The christian, the jew, the buddhist, the hindu, every single religion of the demiurge on this shithole planet will be sacrificed on the altar of the NEW WORLD ORDER, the end of the rich and privileged, the rise of the fallen. You and me.


…and so they will be our children.

And every single one of them will become an Illuminatus / Illuminatrix.





4 responses to “Still complaining?

  1. Without mother and without father

    It’s too bad to be without a mother It’s too bad to be without a father It’s too bad to be an orphan and stay alone in the world (x2)
    Chorus: My dear mother, my mother why did you leave me alone in the world. My dear mother, my mother orphan alone, I stayed. (X2)
    And in front of you I pray the Lord kinda why did you donate me with such fate that I stayed without my mother that I was left without my father.
    Chorus: (x2)
    On the street dusty with a bouquet of flowers and I come to you and I say Mommy sweetly go back home I look for your light.

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