When the osman brotherhood declares war (officially…) on germany/europe, they will open the gates for flooding europe with religious terror, murder, rape and bloodshed.


Every freethinking man and women and child are welcome in”my germany”. Every motherfucker and whore and child of satan (believers in jahwe, jesus, allah, shiva,buddha, etc.) are not welcome in “my europe” – by the way, personally i shit on terms like this. It is the world, the whole, nothing else, at least in the 21st century. The old forces are at their end. Religion fights its final struggle. With all power it has and this power is not to be underestimated.

The shit won’t stop. The people fleeing their horrible environment are not shit to me. Shit are the warriors of god, the dumb, the believers. Of course “we” cannot differ between the good and bad people are coming to europe. Europe? Let me tell you something you refugees: you think you can roll over europe and take everything you want? Fuck europe it is an old, fat corpse. Ok. This is your idea. But on the other hand what makes you think that these old world order powers allow you to do so? You are pinballs. We are all pinballs. Make this absolutely clear to yourself. Your leaders are also of the owo. Do you think merkel and erdogan have really a problem with each other? Think again. They are both deciples of the owo, of satan.

I do not want to bother anyone – but i want everyone to be enlightened.

War will come. The one or the other way.

It is time to set our sails and leave behind the old. It is time for the new.

All others will perish themselves.

Still complaining?

If this video does not bring out the tears, you should go and kill yourself.

( yep, and i know that children suffer in every corner of this shithole world, so fuck off)

…and these poor children praying the “lord”- FUCK THE LORD, KILL THE LORD, KILL GOD !!!

As an an Illuminatus of the 1st grade (can you even imagine what an illuminatus of the 5th grade would be capeable of?) it is an honor for me pissing on the “corpses” of every christian, jew and muslim bastard. Often i spit my venom of enlightenment right into their fucking faces here. But there is more damnable religion in this world. FUCK OFF hinduism and buddhism. And do not fuck with me you assholes of satan. They have their karma bullshit and their “castes” system. You robe wearing assholes are also slaves of satan. There where times when 40 % of a certain buddhistic/hinduistic country were “monks” – living of course of the food and goods of the already poor population. The believers give, and the took everything. Parasites. Exterminator is needed badly. Baghwan. Bomb it.

World leaders, religious leaders, leaders of the industrial military complex, the money system bullies, banker yuppie cocaine cocksuckers and cowardly pigs, the dynastic families around the globe will all be executed by  – our favourite execution tool – the guillotine of the 21st century. (something modern, the old version would take way too long to get rid of all these beings of evil)

Burn the garden of eden.


The 3rd temple of “jerusalem” is ours.

The temple of truth, gnostics, heretics / cathars, knights templar, the Illuminati and our allies, the jacobin order.


The skull of Simon Magus who became ABRAXAS, the “human number” 666

The left is not the left.

The average “leftists” are complete morons, inviting their own slayer, namely the murderers of islamic terror, religious terror at last. KILL GOD. Do not feel good because i shit on muslims again. The christian, the jew, the buddhist, the hindu, every single religion of the demiurge on this shithole planet will be sacrificed on the altar of the NEW WORLD ORDER, the end of the rich and privileged, the rise of the fallen. You and me.


…and so they will be our children.

And every single one of them will become an Illuminatus / Illuminatrix.




ArmageddonConspiracy vs. Beavis & Butthead

I must post this new vid from the AC site here. It is absolutely insane. Idiocracy movie has been proven correct. I thought the most dumb and stupid thing i saw in my whole life yet, were short clips from “jersey shore”. (these are only known to me for 1 (good) reason: i watched the “new” B&B season 8. I can only recommend this season, it differs from all others, its much more politic and media agressive, even beavis has lots to say during this season.) Well, i have been proven wrong. The real astounding thing is her talk, her “communication”. What fucking language is that? Is that english? The dumb cannot even talk, how could they without thought and mind. But they sure do not want to think. Look at her, she would kill someone for a chewing gum and the just committed murder would be of no interest to her, she will feel fine. Chewing. Forever. Demon. Leviathan.


Here we see a dog of satan = allah. Without question this is one of the “holy warriors” of satan himself. In Berlin, Germany they having fun with kicking people in the subway stations, hitting them, so the fall down stairs, or get hit by a train. WOW.

Let me tell you this: the “holy warriors” are the most cowardly pigs ever. As the “holy” ever were. Crap as blood, and being possessed by satan and his liturgies of madness, insanity and genocide. FUCK GOD for all eternity. FUCK SATAN. Make yourself clear that the “holy” are all right wingers.

The extreme left invites no one. To make this absolute clear. It is us or them. Get that plz.

Fun fact:

media tells us the attacker is”strikingly strong” *fart* Look at his picture… *laugh*

all hail lucifer

all hail prometheus

all hail abraxas

all hail pythagoras

and hail to all of yourselves

A living goddess

Religious people. You know what they are “worth” to me. One of the biggest problems with religious people is, that they have simply no idea what is all written in their holy books. Why? Because millions can not read, but think of themselves as true believers of their “own” god. Which is laughable in itself, because their “individual” god(s) is always one and the same. Known to all mankind as satan. Here is a true female incarnation of the goddess Sophia (meaning “wisdom”) which goes by the name “Samina Ali”. Let’s hear what she has to say about the koran:

Spitting blood in the face of god

Death sentence to all religious morons on this fucking shithole planet. Believers are the pestilence, the perverts, the psychopaths, the murderers, the rapists, childfucking asshole wanker shitfuck persons, slaves of satan, the evildoers. Burn them all with the light of lucifer and give them all a chance to be reborn for the better.