The Illuminati. Want to become “god”?

Reaction to comments with political agenda:

“Yes. This is what we are and ever were: The Illuminati. Did anyone really understood the original AC site, so much mentioned these days? Hardly. We are NOT a political group. We are a secret society by all means. We are here to save YOU, the lost soul in this hell. This is our aim. The more TRULY enlightened souls, being aware of themselves as immortal monads, the better. This is the plan, this is the way out of hell. We found the way. Who else found it?

Do not look outside. You know that it is all crap. Look inside. The only way you can REALLY trust and go. If you find nothing inside: kill yourself. Otherwise you might become a serial or of sorts. Intuition. Dreams. Become master of your dreams. Dreams are the answer to everything – Mike Hockney. We are not here to “save” the world. We are here to enlighten them.  The hurting light of change. Question everything.


Death is everywhere. It surrounds you. It is natural. Even god dies at the end.

There is no political solution towards the evil demiurge god, the archon. There is no political solution to black evil magic. The blinders, the liars. The famous loved ones. The slayer of billions, the child devourer, the cosmic perversion king. The world IS evil. Nature will kill you without remorse.

A meritocratic world state? Are you kidding me? It is a vision for the better. A new atlantis, venus project, utopia, etc.. A vision for evolvling monads, much better than lady gaga, fuckbook, and the like. Mankind is far away from that. Since religion, state and armies are still the dominant here, we are being hindered to evolve. The IT shit is curse and blessing at the same time.  As we see here on this blog.

If i remember correctly, meritocracy was not even mentioned on the original AC site, it was a later “update”, when the subject appeared. You could not read between the lines, and you are of seriously no occult scholarship at all. Magic. Overpowering the demiurge. The tower of babel. BABYLON RISING !!!

So, you are the one who thinks of himself / herself, i become god. Like Simon Magus. Abraxas. 666. Well, good luck to you all. Left, right, up, down, life, death? Your tiny mind is at hard work with the alchemical work of cooking your emotions to make gold out of the dirt you are. I am far beyond that.

And i do not care what you want to be.

Be it or leave it.”


Adam W. Eishaupt, Illuminatus

The “good” vegans and the flesh devouring broccoli (and Beyond Meat)

I am sick n tired of the modern food discussion. It is all so moronic. It is pure luxury to think about what your “dinner” will be. Ask one of the 1 billion humans, without access to normal freshwater. 1 BILLION ! What their “dinner” would look like?

Vegans are intolerant assholes. As long as you stop eating meat. And then they are still assholes. Because they “love” their enemy so much. Selfish cunts who do not understand how things really are. I had a girlfriend back in the day, we had good times, we were “cool” with each other. As long as she decided to become a vegetarian/vegan. I decided not to be vegan. It took a week or so, and we were singles again. Why? She had become insane. I was a terrifying monster, a killer, a taker of life, evil itself. Love is hate. What a cunt. I understood nothing of her tornado of hate while eating my “Mettbrötchen”…

To eat you have to kill on this planet. Maybe on all planets, because you always have to kill for food in the one or another way. Unless you are a suneater or something even more spectacular. Plants are living beings too, like cattle, fish, goats etc.. But it is no problem to cut off a broccoli, because it does not scream nor bleed. And it bleeds. The “blood” is just not red. Ever heard of the “mimosa” plant? Interesting. A plant completely in our space and time “matrix”. If you blow hard against the plant it nearly disappears, reacting direct to the touch of your hand. Trying to hide, escape from the predator.  A venus flytrap also reacts directly when the meat comes around. Eh, what? A moment please. How can THIS be? A carnivorous PLANT? Damn to hell with them. Bastards. Hey vegans, another enemy for you. Out of your own food source. Plants hate you. All vegan/vegetarian PRODUCTS are tasting like shit. Spoil it down the toilet and cook yourself some good pasta. With or without meat, to your taste.

By the way: i was vegetarian by myself for 7 years.

For my personal taste, there is nothing tastier than fresh grilled meat of all kinds. I am fully aware that something must die, so that i can eat it. Thank you animals for your sacrifice unto me. You keep me alive. Thank you for being godlike to me, because you are feeding me. Hail the 4 legged. Hail the hunted meat. Luckily i found a hunter in my region, who sells meat. He shoots it, i eat it. As fresh as it can be. The animal never suffered a minute in its life in the woods.

Mass Cattle Production.

THE argument, and they are damn right. In this case, i am a”vegan”. These KZs must be destroyed under all circumstances. For europe especially in spain and germany. These are true KZs for cattle. Born in hell, raised in hell, killed in hell. For your nice barbecue with your friends, children and family. Bon Appetit! I won’t even imagine how much more horrible for animals it must be in all the parts of this hellish planet, vampire earth.

We are in hell and we are ALL eaters of the dead.

Carnivore or vegan.

Is there a solution to this problem?

Yes, there is.

An american company named BEYOND MEAT. Exclusively for the U.S. yet, which fucks me up. Truly. Their concept is revolutionary and they are widespread in the U.S. by now. Inform yourself, simply visit their web adresses. It is vegetarian…



The Balloon

An example why i still believe in the greatness of mankind:

I just had to use my towel to wipe the tears of joy out of my eyes. Mankind is still crazy enough to achieve everything. Look at this video: professional astronauts/cosmonauts, on a space station above earth, and they find it a great idea to celebrate the cult of “Towel Day” in respect and honor to the great late Douglas Adams floating in space with the head down.  Douglas would surely had loved this.

On the other hand, there are the evil old forces. For example the disastrous outcome of political bullshit in turkey. Goodbye turkey. The doors of the EU are closed for you now. 51% were pro erdogan, 49 were not. Turkey is split in itself it seems. The “young turks” are now the opposite and soon will be the hunted.  To the modern turks: leave your country a.s.a.p..

There is a balloon called the (esoteric and exoteric) universe. The universe (god) moves on and on and on towards perfection. We are all sparks of the becoming universal supermind, armageddon, the final unity of souls/monads and the following divine suicide to create the next wiser and better universe, becoming GOD again. There are those who try and think that they can hold the balloon back, pulling it DOWN again. Since the universe/god are BECOMING, the old forces are going to be sacrificed on the altar of the new world order, hyper humanity, the society of gods. The balloon rise cannot be stopped. Agreeing with all this, we, you, i, can call ourselves without remorse THE ILLUMINATI.



Vivre Libre Ou Mourir and the Necromancers


The old Jacobins.

Beheaders of kings, slayers of the old world order. They were the executioners of the french revolution. The final solution to the old world order back in the day. Hopefully we can reach our goal this time fully in the 21st century. Lucifer rise.

Good guys.

As you my fellow readers surely know, is that the armageddonconspiracy site is updated and now officially in the hands of the jacobin “club”. The jacobins are not the Illuminati, obviously. But they are deeply connected and interwoven. The jacobins are more “gounded”, meaning political actions of merit, the truly great vision of the venus (lucifer) project, the meritocratic world state. Illuminati illuminism is surely not for all – as we now know. Maybe, and just maybe, the “easier” way of the jacobin order will make an greater impact on society as the original AC site could (not) do.

To those it may concern:

The name “Jacobins” has at least 2 versions of supposed origin:

  1. In honor of Jaques de molay, last grandmaster of the real and true knights templar.
  2. A moronic bible story about a jacob and an esau. Burn the bible. Destroy everthing of abrahamic faith.

Kingkillers are one of their names.

The jacobins see themselves as patriots.


In the light of new directions and old connections, i also have something to say:

Long before i became an Illuminatus, i am/was that what is called a Necromancer. I studied and praticed the “black arts” of so called necromancy. And no, i did not rose a corpse in chains and i am not a necrophile.  Necromancy is a part of (ancient) witchcraft. There are TRACES, nothing more, of gnosis and illuminism in witchcraft of old. Simply remember the pentagram – the symbol of the Illuminati in the 21st century. The pentagram is also one of the oldest symbols in witchcraft, you know how far the 5 pointed star can be traced back. Symbols and rites transported the hidden knowledge, gnosis, through the ages. Witchcraft unfortunately also has much, much bullshit to offer. Most of the witches, alchemists, warlocks, were insane because of intense drug use and inhaling all kinds of poisonous gases. But some were not.


Hail niggaz

Regarding my last post = the being calling himself “illuminatus pythagoras” is an abomination in my opinion to the order of the Illuminati. He is a dangerous fraud. Ah, FUCK YOU by the way. The Illuminati shit on so called “dangerous ones”. At least me. Dangerous so far, that he is spreading lies and half truths, with his “critical” mind. There are so many “illuminists” outthere, who understood nothing of the true and real Illuminati. Well, no pearls for the swine, as we say in germany.

“SOL” commented:

“I and a few comrades have had a great opportunity lately. The installation of an Meritocracy Party in Nigeria have been made sometime ago. The plan to spread this have been commenced by an most brave and honourable Soul/Monad from that country. I and comrades have been financially supporting this cause and doing as much as we can. The people of this nation and in contact with comrade from that nation, seems very bright. Even some Abrahamist are now behind Meritocracy, supporting this, because they have at least understood it is the only cure to fix the insanity of democracy/freemarkets. Yet it seems stalled in terms of setting this party up completely with offices all over the nation for now. Because it is limited finances we are all in possession of, not to mention all of the bullshit expenses simply to survive an decent existence on the face of this Satanic planet. The OWO are probably loving every second of this – sick bastards. Anyhow, we will find ways to maxmize profits through whatever means ( I have considered speculation in currency markets lately, alongside great comrade. Who have understanding of this). To finally make a great contribution to the spread of Meritocracy in Nigeria. Comrade from Nigeria called the nation Hellfire, an true punishment for mankind.”

God-damned brave beings.

To give you some musical back power, here are the legendary Mother’s Finest. Can you ROCK, just like a negro? Well, i can. Turning the stereo on 10 – what else.

The strange fruits of illuminism

Oh yeah. Strange fruits and branches are born by the return of illuminism to mankind, paying still the highest respect to the original AC website and all souls who were and are being part of this massive and well meant project. Unfortunately it did not do what was expected. So they left. The Illuminati left. The original “M” group was ascended to the mystery degrees and the AC site was shot down. I have no idea who is behind AC “cimmeria” right now, neither the pythagorean Illuminati FB site. Personally i think they are all “1st graders”, meaning the 1st of the new 5 Illuminati grades. I also see a lack of quality of the above mentioned, compared to the monstrous amount of given information to the public on the original AC site.

Ok, ok, ok, you are right, i am not a hint better, doing nothing but spitting venom into the face of the OWO.

“You will know them by their works”

Here is a pro trump voter, nationalist and with an interest in illuminism. He has done much work. Check him out and plz comment on the subject: