A logical, mathematical impossibility?


Just a thought experiment.

Mankind is the the dominant species, the self reflecting ones, on planet earth, as it is called for now. This is unlogic. Why? Therefore: landmass 30%, ocean 70%. Yet explored of the seas 5 – 10%. And the oceans are full of life.

Why should man be the so called ruler of earth? Maybe true, he rules earth, rock and stone, but not the seas. Partly on the surface. I would like to hear what submarine crew members, ship crew members can tell us about the unknown damn deep ocean. And the ocean is one, man parted it into several seas.

The ancient alien stuff easily could also interpreted as diving suits and submarines. Just a thought. And as we all “know” all life began and came from the sea? And? Remember anything you clams? Hahaha…


The Balloon

An example why i still believe in the greatness of mankind:

I just had to use my towel to wipe the tears of joy out of my eyes. Mankind is still crazy enough to achieve everything. Look at this video: professional astronauts/cosmonauts, on a space station above earth, and they find it a great idea to celebrate the cult of “Towel Day” in respect and honor to the great late Douglas Adams floating in space with the head down.  Douglas would surely had loved this.

On the other hand, there are the evil old forces. For example the disastrous outcome of political bullshit in turkey. Goodbye turkey. The doors of the EU are closed for you now. 51% were pro erdogan, 49 were not. Turkey is split in itself it seems. The “young turks” are now the opposite and soon will be the hunted.  To the modern turks: leave your country a.s.a.p..

There is a balloon called the (esoteric and exoteric) universe. The universe (god) moves on and on and on towards perfection. We are all sparks of the becoming universal supermind, armageddon, the final unity of souls/monads and the following divine suicide to create the next wiser and better universe, becoming GOD again. There are those who try and think that they can hold the balloon back, pulling it DOWN again. Since the universe/god are BECOMING, the old forces are going to be sacrificed on the altar of the new world order, hyper humanity, the society of gods. The balloon rise cannot be stopped. Agreeing with all this, we, you, i, can call ourselves without remorse THE ILLUMINATI.



Truth or fake?, Or “The gravity thing”

If you research this item you will find flat earhters – abraham’s idiots and evildoers. Found in a copper cylinder. monks, etc.. Cool, sounds like old indiana. Of course only a drawing from the supposed “original”. Everything stinks like fake. Nonetheless i find this map somehow strangely interesting. Some hints: 1947 Byrd’s high jump, Nazi 1939 Antarctica, Nazi Tibet expedition, Nazi antarctic undersea ice routes maps  from 1945 KGB, etc..  Plz comment your opinion.