Hail niggaz

Regarding my last post = the being calling himself “illuminatus pythagoras” is an abomination in my opinion to the order of the Illuminati. He is a dangerous fraud. Ah, FUCK YOU by the way. The Illuminati shit on so called “dangerous ones”. At least me. Dangerous so far, that he is spreading lies and half truths, with his “critical” mind. There are so many “illuminists” outthere, who understood nothing of the true and real Illuminati. Well, no pearls for the swine, as we say in germany.

“SOL” commented:

“I and a few comrades have had a great opportunity lately. The installation of an Meritocracy Party in Nigeria have been made sometime ago. The plan to spread this have been commenced by an most brave and honourable Soul/Monad from that country. I and comrades have been financially supporting this cause and doing as much as we can. The people of this nation and in contact with comrade from that nation, seems very bright. Even some Abrahamist are now behind Meritocracy, supporting this, because they have at least understood it is the only cure to fix the insanity of democracy/freemarkets. Yet it seems stalled in terms of setting this party up completely with offices all over the nation for now. Because it is limited finances we are all in possession of, not to mention all of the bullshit expenses simply to survive an decent existence on the face of this Satanic planet. The OWO are probably loving every second of this – sick bastards. Anyhow, we will find ways to maxmize profits through whatever means ( I have considered speculation in currency markets lately, alongside great comrade. Who have understanding of this). To finally make a great contribution to the spread of Meritocracy in Nigeria. Comrade from Nigeria called the nation Hellfire, an true punishment for mankind.”

God-damned brave beings.

To give you some musical back power, here are the legendary Mother’s Finest. Can you ROCK, just like a negro? Well, i can. Turning the stereo on 10 – what else.

The strange fruits of illuminism

Oh yeah. Strange fruits and branches are born by the return of illuminism to mankind, paying still the highest respect to the original AC website and all souls who were and are being part of this massive and well meant project. Unfortunately it did not do what was expected. So they left. The Illuminati left. The original “M” group was ascended to the mystery degrees and the AC site was shot down. I have no idea who is behind AC “cimmeria” right now, neither the pythagorean Illuminati FB site. Personally i think they are all “1st graders”, meaning the 1st of the new 5 Illuminati grades. I also see a lack of quality of the above mentioned, compared to the monstrous amount of given information to the public on the original AC site.

Ok, ok, ok, you are right, i am not a hint better, doing nothing but spitting venom into the face of the OWO.

“You will know them by their works”

Here is a pro trump voter, nationalist and with an interest in illuminism. He has done much work. Check him out and plz comment on the subject:

Truth or fake?, Or “The gravity thing”

If you research this item you will find flat earhters – abraham’s idiots and evildoers. Found in a copper cylinder. monks, etc.. Cool, sounds like old indiana. Of course only a drawing from the supposed “original”. Everything stinks like fake. Nonetheless i find this map somehow strangely interesting. Some hints: 1947 Byrd’s high jump, Nazi 1939 Antarctica, Nazi Tibet expedition, Nazi antarctic undersea ice routes maps  from 1945 KGB, etc..  Plz comment your opinion.


Where is “Hyperborea”, the land of the Illuminati located?

“Let us look one another in the face. We are Hyperboreans — we know well enough how much out of the way we live. ‘Neither by land nor sea shalt thou find the road to the Hyperboreans’: Pindar already knew that of us. Beyond the North, beyond the ice, beyond death — our life, our happiness…. We have discovered happiness, we know the road, we have found the exit out of whole millennia of labyrinth. Whoe else has found it?” Friedrich Nietzsche The Antichrist: Curse on Christianity

thx fellow commenter “simpson” for inspiration.

2017 and cheers

The year when the OWO starts to cook up the world (again) with their idiotical ideas and pervert, life-threatening terror permanent war shit. They will lead us against each other and we shall become raging beasts which can not be called rational, reasonable, intelligent “human” beings anymore. Is that what you are imagining for yourself and your surroundings? Are we to blind to see? What do we wanna be? The decision is as always yours. Do not go to any war. You die.

But let’s start “our” 2017 in an illuminating manner, and therefore i have this remarkable documentation for all of you, friends and foes. Beer invented mathematics. No? Take a look: